Dynamic Duel: DC vs Marvel

Worth your time

I am 12 years old and I love this podcast so much. I have never seen or heard two comic book fans talk about the thing that they love the way they have. And when you do it like the way Joe and Jon do you get the best out of rivals. The thing I love best is the humor intertwined with the content be all know and love. I want to buy all of your (Marvel) merch. My two characters I want to see, not against each other but just in general are Gambit and the Shazam family (Maybe you should do Shazam family vs Fantastic Four). Gambit is the best. My favorite episode is all of them. I wish you guys would come out with an episode every day. I can’t recommend it enough. Up, up, and away. True believers.


Aug. 13, 2020 by LXBucago on Apple Podcasts

Dynamic Duel: DC vs Marvel