Good stuff guys!!

I am kind of new to podcasts, but I am really interested in superhero’s and I was trying to find a solid podcast to listen to while driving to and from work. I listened to this podcast a few times and started to like it a lot! Now I’ve been listening for the past month and I am hooked! You guys have really done a great job. I’m a semi-nerd when it comes to superhero’s I grew up watching and reading more of the marvel characters but with this podcast it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the DC side of things. Only issue I have with DC it seems to me every one of their hero’s is OP in their skills. A lot of the characters on the DC side seem to have a lot more abilities per character. I leave on this, I do love the podcast now and I do appreciate the in depth analysis of both universes!
Keep up the good work fellas!

For future reference a duel cast between a couple of characters would be nice to listen to are
Punisher vs Red Hood
Lex Luthor vs Iron Man
Batman vs Black Panther
Ghost rider Vs Constantine
Bullseye Vs Green arrow
(I know you’ve already done a couple of casts with these characters but still be interesting to see)
Also it’s be fun to see/hear a tournament between the two universes through your podcast and see who would be the ultimate champion between the two!

Feb. 20, 2020 by Adub1521 on Apple Podcasts