Marvel or DC: Who is superior? Twin brothers Jon and Joe debate the answer through film reviews and mathematical fight simulations. New episode every Tuesday. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app!


About the Show

DC or Marvel?

This question has been one of the greatest debates among fans for over 75 years, when characters such as Superman and Captain America first debuted in comics. It has gone largely unsettled since then, but twin brothers seek to end that once and for all through their podcast: Dynamic Duel.

Duel Episodes

In the show, Jonathan (Johnny DC) and Joseph (Marvelous Joe) discuss a matchup between two comparable characters from each fictional universe. The winner is determined through a probabilistic model known the Monte Carlo simulation. The simulation randomizes each character's statistics along a normal distribution and compares the numbers to simulate 1000 duels. In the end, a percentage of wins for each character is calculated, and the one with the most victories is declared the champion.

Review Episodes

Besides their duel episodes, the brothers review recent (and not-so-recent) films and binge-able television series based on Marvel and DC comics. They break down how the big-and-small-screen adaptations compare to the source material, as well as give their thoughts on the plot. Jon and Joe rate the film or show on a five-star scale.

About the Hosts

Jonathan and Joseph Garcia were born and raised in Denver, home of one of the nation's largest comic book retailers: Mile High Comics. Their mother was as a librarian when they were children and once brought them home a book titled Marvel: Five Fabulous Decades of the World's Greatest Comics.

Through the book, they became immersed in the world of Marvel superheroes and developed an appreciation for the characters and stories. At age 12, Jonathan discovered DC Comics through a neighbor, and decided to forego Marvel and read up on the world of Superman and Batman – due in part to Jonathan's effort to differentiate himself from his twin brother.

A sibling rivalry was established then that goes on to this day, where the brothers would often pass the time together by debating the outcomes of battles between the fictional comic book characters. With the emergence of DC Films in 2016, the twins knew that DC was starting a shared film universe that could rival Marvel's already impressive movie lineup.

On their 30th birthday, the twins decided they would start a podcast based on the conversations they were already having on a consistent basis, where they would debate the outcomes of Marvel vs. DC matchups and discuss the latest comic book movie news.

Fact Sheet

  • Launch Date: January 2016
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Intended Audience: Adults
  • Number of Downloads: 15k+ monthly

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About the Hosts

Johnny DC


Jonathan is older (and wiser) by 1 hour and 8 minutes. He used to be a Marvel fan, but then he grew the hell up and recognized DC's superior stories and timeless archetypes.

Marvelous Joe


Joseph is the younger and better looking twin. He knows two things for certain: That with great power comes great responsibility, and that DC sucks a bag of d*cks.

John Speas

Executive Producer

John is the host of several podcasts including The Blast From Our Past Podcast and Throwback Trivia Takedown. He'll fight anyone who claims to be a bigger Deadpool fan.

Ken Johnson

Executive Producer

Ken is a certified DC badass and amateur podcaster (Check out "You Call Those Tactics?"). He's friendly with both Marvel and DC, and a lover of all things awesome.

Jace Crump

Executive Producer

Jace is the galaxy's biggest movie fan with a penchant for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's a Mechanical Engineering major – so basically the next Tony Stark.

John Starosky

Executive Producer

John is a Marvel fanatic and all-around comic book TV/movie fan who specializes in coming up with fan theories and spoiling things for other fans. Also, his rap game is 🔥.

Zachary Hepburn

Executive Producer

Zach is a huge DC, manga & anime fan. He's the proud papa of both a sweet newborn baby AND a sweet-ass superhero film collection. (He also often claims to be Batman.)

John Bechinina

Executive Producer

John used to have a beard and 'stache, now he doesn't. But sometimes he gets it back. Depends on the week, mostly. Also, he thinks Marvel is A-OK.

Mitchell Phipps

Executive Producer

Mitch loves Marvel & DC, with an affinity for MCU movies and DC Comics. He tries to be neutral, but will side with Marvel when forced. (Yes, he was forced.)

Dustyn Balcom

Executive Producer

Dustyn is a massive DC fan and family man. He's a data analyst and future cyber security professional – so he's like the podcast's manly version of Oracle.

Salvador Hernández-Contreras Jr.

Executive Producer

As a high school teacher, Salvador shapes the young minds of the future – to love Marvel and DC. He wins our teacher of the year award every year.

Levi Yeaton

Executive Producer

Coming Soon!