These guys are the best

Quality Marvel and DC topics, reviews, and BATTLES?!?! These guys truly are the best at what they do, and what they do isn't just nice, its Incredible! It's Fantsastic! It's Astonishing! All comic tie-ins aside, Joe and Johnny are great hosts, and so knowledgeable in the worlds of Marvel and DC, both in comic and televised media! Definitelly a top shelf podcast!

The brothers are awesome and have a good deal of solid interaction...though Johnny can be blinded by his love of DC.

These guys are great. Their very enthusiastic about marvel and DC (some more than most) and are very entertaining. If I had to pick something to listen to for the rest of my life, this is it. Love Jon, love Joe, love that Jon called me a little shit, 10s across the board.

DC rules Marvel drools


Wowza wowza wowza I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It helps me learn the backgrounds of my favorite DC and Marvel characters and then WHO WOULD WIN! This podcast gives us a beautiful example of what superhero crossovers SHOULD BE ABOUT! THANOS V DARKSEID! THAT ALONE SHOULD MAKE YOU WANT TO LISTEN! This is the perfect podcast for both Marvel AND DC fans, and it’s sure not to disappoint.


This podcast is amazing amazing amazing I am I love this I am a nerd and I just love hearing these back stories and seeing perspectives on reviews in movies it’s just an all-around amazing podcast five stars

The best podcast EVER

I found this podcast from a recommendation from my dad. I started listening, because I was curious, from the first episode I listened to, I was HOOKED. I love how much detail you guys put into in the fights. (My favorite part) whenever I see a new episode I want to listen right away. When I listen, nothing can distract me. you guys go into so much detail on the characters backstory and I think your ideas for which characters you choose to pit against each other is fabulous! I would definitely recommend this to friends, and can very truthfully say that this is the best podcast that has ever been created. Keep up the great work! (Go DC!) (P.S, my favorite episode is hellcat v catwoman. Funniest one yet! :)

But dat backflip doe

Sinister Six plus one versus Legion of Doom. That includes Professor Zoom, Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Deathstroke, Cheetah and Malcolm Merlyn and Black Manta

Dynamic duel

Podcast is amazing.

Entertaining and engrossing

You can never get bored listening, whether you’re finding out more about characters or enjoying the rival banter between the brothers’ opposing Marvel and DC views. Easily favourite podcast as a comic book heroes and villains fan.

Amazing Podcast people for all Marvel and DC Fans Alike

As an obsessive marvel and DC stan who watches and keeps track with all Marvel and DC Films, Shows and Comics every week this podcast is just brilliance. The matchups selected are great and the reviews are must-hear. Overall, it is a show that I listen to every week and enjoy. My love for this podcast is increasing every episode. the music during the history's for each character is very good. What's not to like. P.S. :- the team matchups are one in a kind

Fun and informative

As a superhero movie fan it’s wonderful to learn backgrounds on my favorite characters and ones that I don’t know either. The duels are a blast and I love the banter between the hosts!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can!

Director Hayward versus Jim Gordon

It works!!!!!!

Apple podcast subscription works! My happiness is immeasurable!


Great podcast. That is all


Dc for life, again

Hey The Batpig! You wanna go I will rip you to shreds! How dare you give 4 stars


This podcast brightens my day!

Love this podcast

If you are a fan of Marvel or DC this podcast is a must! Such honest and informative dudes. I love the fact that I learn something new about my favorite characters in every episode. Thanks guys!

Ive listened to about 20 of the brothers podcast and am finally getting around to rating. Its an excellent show and I hope you get to experience it as well

Dc for life, again

Thanks for the shoutout John and Joe!

Dc for life

Dc is so much better but their films are bad but their characters are much better than stupid Marvel.

Great Podcast

These are two fanboys through and through, and their love for these properties is contagious. Recommend for those who love the MCU… DCEU fans are quickly going extinct from their recent disasters, so no point in appealing to them. Go MARVEL!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Such good content #DC for life

Thanks John and Joe

I am currently 15 years old and listen to this podcast constantly and I really appreciate learning about characters I only know from the MCU, DCU, and video games. I know most of your stuff is movies but I would love to see some things off of video games if any new ones from Marvel or DC release. My age group missed the best of the comics age and your podcast helps me understand them the best you can without actually reading the comics. I would like to see more of bad character teams such as the Rogue Gallery, the Crime Syndicate, the Legion of Doom, and the Sinister Six in team duals. Sorry for the rant, but I really appreciate you guys doing this. Thanks so much👍👍👌👌🙏❤️❤️

why I love marvel

hi im a fan

You guys are awesome I love dc and also marvel to some extent you guys really talk about the things I wanna hear👍🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻

So well spoken and nicely build. Like both tur reviews and duels. Keep up guys. Up up and away true believers.

Love this podcast. They know their Marvel and DC characters.

Love the nerdy content

Love the detailed breakdown and this show is a unique idea.

This is my favorite light content podcast. I really enjoy learning about all of my favorite characters from my youth. Particularly as they all are finding a place on screen. The chemistry between the brothers is fantastic. They love each other but constantly are jabbing each other. It’s just plain fun. ( and keeps me ahead of everyone on DC/Marvel knowledge) Not to mention the business tidbits that I use to help make investment decisions.

Great podcast. A weekly listen for sure.

Awesome podcast. Very well researched and the battles are pretty dang close. Keep it up guys! From your pals at Nerds United.

Been listening to these guys for some time, the podcasts are hilarious, fun and very enjoyable. You can tell these two are true fans.

Great podcast, I really love the duel episodes.

I've been listening to this podcast for almost 3 years. They've become a weekly staple. I've learned so much about the comic book world, and get to hear fantastic speculative duels between beloved characters. Awesome show. Highly recommend!

Awesome show with great hosts! It's like checking in with two friends each week!

This podcast has become a weekly ritual, new episodes drop on Tuesdays, but I listen to it the following day. I have yet to be disappointed in an episode, to be so consistent with their content is a feat that rivals Thor or Superman. If you want insight on superhero news that comes from a couple of dudes that holster some serious knowledge look no further. If you want history on your favorite DC or Marvel comics Characters and then listen to them compete in a no holds barred fight to the death this is the podcast for you. Keep them coming gentlemen and I'll keep listening.

What do I think of this Podcast? I think these 2 very well versed brothers have something special here. They bring to us weekly reviews, news, battles, and fun banter that is unmatched. They give us, the comic fans, that What If? Scenario that no one else can do in the way that they do. What do I think of this Podcast? I think that they are the ONLY podcast that provides there brand of entertainment, and I listen to it daily. YOU SHOULD TOO.

I have no complaints with this podcast if you love superheroes and superhero movies and series’s this is the best podcast ever the witty banter and creativity during duel episodes is fun to listen to and imagine and review episodes give accurate ratings and arguments.

Dynamic duel is an amazing podcast. I've been listening for almost 2 years now and I haven't missed a week. Their movie reviews and battle simulations are super entertaining and their news segment is informative and funny. I highly recommend this podcast.

Excellent podcast. Been a long time listener and started my podcast really because I loved how much fun the hosts have

Such a great podcast! Have been listening for quite some time, and figured they’re due for a review. I love the rivalry between them, and love how they don’t take into account “uncharacteristic feats of strength”. Their episode format is also very nice, and sound quality is great too!

Amazing show!

Great podcast! A lot of fun to listen to, while learning all about your favorite and new favorite comic book characters!

Fun, educational, often hilarious.. genuinely a quality show pitting Marvel and DC characters against each other in mock battles. Also love the film and TV reviews.


A great podcast for fans of Marvel, DC, or geekdom in general.

This podcast is perfect for any comic book movie fan- Marvel or DC. They are great to show you new and interesting characters and movies you may have never heard of before.

Awesome podcast with great news and entertainment. Exactly what I was looking for since I enjoy both DC and Marvel I get all the news and get to cheer for my favorite characters on both sides as they pit them against each other.

Absolutely love these guys! Best segment has to be “question of the week”. It’s so engaging and makes the audience feel like part of the show.

They’re funny and entertaining! Their show has a great mix of Superhero news, movie reviews, and updates, and of course their scientific method battle simulations. Great show! Well done!

Finally, a podcast that covers Marvel and DC

The Dynamic Duel Podcast is the perfect show for fans of Marvel and DC Comics, or movies. The hosts are both great, and have a perfect format for the show. (DC forever)

This is my favorite podcast!

It is good to listen to on breaks. It keeps you up to date on current marvel and dc news, and gives good in-depth descriptions. They also have a fun dynamic and are very funny.

Just pure fun

I’ve now listened to every duel episode since they started (thank you pandemic), and I so appreciate what these guys do. Everything about the podcast is fun, professional, fun, compelling, and most of all fun. While they play up the Marvel/ DC animosity, both brothers clearly love superheroes in all their forms, and that enthusiasm comes out in their work. Keep up the great work!


The best podcast I’ve ever listened too! I would highly recommend this podcast GO DC!!!! Oh my god!! Thanks for the shoutout!


I love this podcast I tried to get my twin brother and myself to do something similar then I found you guys great show and great idea

Worth your time

I am 12 years old and I love this podcast so much. I have never seen or heard two comic book fans talk about the thing that they love the way they have. And when you do it like the way Joe and Jon do you get the best out of rivals. The thing I love best is the humor intertwined with the content be all know and love. I want to buy all of your (Marvel) merch. My two characters I want to see, not against each other but just in general are Gambit and the Shazam family (Maybe you should do Shazam family vs Fantastic Four). Gambit is the best. My favorite episode is all of them. I wish you guys would come out with an episode every day. I can’t recommend it enough. Up, up, and away. True believers. GO MARVEL

Omega Level Showdowns

This show just happened to be one of the first 3 podcast subscriptions I found when I started listening to podcasts. Wanting to pass time at work I found Dynamic Duels, a great premise that blew away my expectations. In depth knowledge of both sides sets the stage for some great Speculative Matches with backstory that helps you care about the characters in question. Having gone through 75% of all episodes I can tell you there isn’t a bad one yet.

The best podcast EVER

I found this podcast from a recommendation from my dad. I started listening, because I was curious, from the first episode I listened to, I was HOOKED. I love how much detail you guys put into in the fights. (My favorite part) whenever I see a new episode I want to listen right away. When I listen, nothing can distract me. you guys go into so much detail on the characters backstory and I think your ideas for which characters you choose to pit against each other is fabulous! I would definitely recommend this to friends, and can very truthfully say that this is the best podcast that has ever been created. Keep up the great work! (Go DC!) (P.S, my favorite episode is hellcat v catwoman. Funniest one yet! :)

Best Comic Book Podcast

I’ve been looking for an accessible podcast to listen to for Marvel/ DC movies from the past and present. Then I came across this show on Spotify and couldn’t believe how entertaining this really is, not only you guys drop some knowledge and reasonable opinions on the super hero media, but you cover up news that I can easily catch up on regarding the comic book universe. Not to mention the fascinating duel battles between Marvel and DC, I would totally recommend this podcast to my friends and anyone else who are into movies and tv shows based on comic book heroes. Keep up the great work.

Simply the best!!!

It’s beats out all other comic/pop culture pods in my opinion. Finally answering questions I’ve argued countlessly with my friends at diners at 2 am. Good guys, with knowledge and comedy to boot. P.S. DC FOREVER!!!!!!!

Such a great podcast

I started listening a few weeks ago and I got to say, I’m hooked. Love the content, the battles and the best part may be how these brothers are competitive for their side but they really know how to laugh. They are so enthusiastic for their side but know how to take a joke and to not take anything too seriously. That is refreshing. I listen pretty much every day on my drive to work and just want to thank you both for making life a little more fun these days (I work at a hospital). I’m a loyal fan now and plan to support the pod and look forward to the latest content! Up up and away True Believers!

Great Show

As an avid comic book fan bored of scrolling threads on comic vine I have been searching for a podcast just like this. The hosts are the perfect blend of knowledgeable and witty. I could not stop laughing when I listened to magneto vs sinestro play by play which at one point became magneto using the metal on sinestro’s ring to force him to punch himself while Sinestro simultaneously using magneto’s severed hand to slap himself in the face multiple times.

Great podcast. So glad I found

My son, who is 12, and I found this podcast and love it! We listen every night before bed and learn a lot and love to hear the battles. Thanks guys, has become a real bonding time for us!

Good stuff guys!!

I am kind of new to podcasts, but I am really interested in superhero’s and I was trying to find a solid podcast to listen to while driving to and from work. I listened to this podcast a few times and started to like it a lot! Now I’ve been listening for the past month and I am hooked! You guys have really done a great job. I’m a semi-nerd when it comes to superhero’s I grew up watching and reading more of the marvel characters but with this podcast it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the DC side of things. Only issue I have with DC it seems to me every one of their hero’s is OP in their skills. A lot of the characters on the DC side seem to have a lot more abilities per character. I leave on this, I do love the podcast now and I do appreciate the in depth analysis of both universes! Keep up the good work fellas! For future reference a duel cast between a couple of characters would be nice to listen to are Punisher vs Red Hood Lex Luthor vs Iron Man Batman vs Black Panther Ghost rider Vs Constantine Bullseye Vs Green arrow (I know you’ve already done a couple of casts with these characters but still be interesting to see) Also it’s be fun to see/hear a tournament between the two universes through your podcast and see who would be the ultimate champion between the two!

Learn something new every listen!!!

This is a great, well researched show!!!

all love

been listening for awhile now and kove the show! finally got an apple device to leave my review! congrats on getting the 200 reviews and happy new year!

Luv Podcast

You guys have a great podcast, and I especially love the duel episodes


Got a work phone! Second rating

Stole my Wife’s Phone

Hey boys! Darion Sykes here jacked my wife’s phone so I could help you get the 200 goal! You guys deserve it all! Excelsior True Believers!

Perfect for fellow geeks

Love this podcast and can’t wait to catch the next episode.

Fun Podcast

Great fun podcast. Love the duels. Go DC!

Great Comic Podcast!

These guys are great! Very funny and knowledgeable about all things Marvel and DC. I love the backgrounds and histories they give for each character in the duel episodes. Their movie reviews are thorough and professional and offer good insight and perspective. I highly recommend this podcast if you are a MARVEL (me) or DC fan (me also, but more Marvel--sorry Johnny)!

Good good times

I love it!



Love it

These dudes kill it!

Pornstar names

You guys probably get this a lot but marvelous joe and Johnny dc sound like pornstar the podcast tho.


Great podcast with knowledgeable hosts.

Great podcast

If you’re a comic book fan, a comic book movie fan, or both this podcast is a must listen. The movie reviews and news segments are my favorite!! Thank you guys for what you do it doesn’t go unappreciated!!

Duels are fun, Reviews are really great

I like the different duel episodes. Learning the weird backstory of some offbeat characters. But what I really like are the reviews y’all do. They’re well thought out and clearly from fans, as opposed to generic movie critics.

Great podcast

Love the podcast, thank you sharing such great content. I hope you reach your goal of contributing to Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomato Meter!

Best comic podcast

One of the few podcasts I can listen to and not be bothered by the traffic surrounding me.

Hell ya baby

Make it happen. Best dang podcast west of the Missippi

18 outta 10 would recommend

Dope podcast! Cant get enough!


Best podcast out! Everyone would enjoy this

Love the podcast!

Amazing podcast that’s filled with heartbreak and laughter! The show contains new and exciting news, good in depth character backgrounds, and entertaining showdowns between Marvel and DC. I also love the Monte Carlo battle stat simulations that show who wins how many fights out of 1000.

Fun for all

Fun podcast for all. Not sure how DC is supposed to hold its own against Marvel, but every hero needs a nemesis. Go MCU!

Awesome show

This podcast is great for people that are not that knowledgeable in the comic book world! They cover both DC And Marvel also the twins are freaking hilarious! Really enjoy the show! Oh I’m all marvel!!!!

Very fun show for someone who just recently got into Superheroes

Not only is it funny but it's genuinely informative. There are A LOT of superheroes in both the universes and this show goes into their background, powers, and general knowledge of each of their universes. This show has introduced me to so many different heroes. I definitely recommend the show!

Very Cool!

Really cool podcast by two guys who clearly know their stuff. The best part is the background and storytelling of each individual character before the duel. Let’s get these guys to 200! Need some real fans in the Rotten Tomatoes gang!

Awesome podcast!

Hells yeah!

Amazing podcast

I’m a huge DC fan but I also enjoy Marvel. This podcast has put to rest many arguments I have had with my friends over the years. No matter what side you are Marvel or DC, I will guarantee that you will enjoy this podcast.


Amazing podcast! Helps me get through the work days!

Should be waaaay bigger

I love this podcast so much and it deserves the much more attention for how good it is!

Great podcast

I love this podcast, and how it goes into the histories of each character. Highly recommended!


It is good. Very good. I love it

These guys

Wow is all I can say. These guys are both on the same level as some of my others podcasts and review shows. Keep up the good work Thanks Mike G

Love the show

Great listen, love the real reviews. It’s not just some fan boy stuff

Love this podcast!

This is my favorite podcast right now! I love how knowledgeable they guys are about the comics. I’m actually reading comics now because of this podcast. Thanks guy!

Great podcast

This is actually the first Marvel/DC/Superhero podcast I listened to and still one of my favorites. They have a great rapport and keep me engaged throughout the entire episode, highly recommend.

Very cool and amazing

I am 17 years old and even now I think this podcast is amazing it’s the best thing I’ve ever found and I think that my favorite part is actually listening the the detailed backrounds of all these heroes and villains. I constantly listen to this even when I’m working or walking or anything! Amazing fight would be Onslaught the evil mutant created from Magneto and Professor Xavier vs. the anti-monitor the DC villian in infinite earths crisis.

This show is amazing!!!

Hi I’m 13 years old and a HUGE fan of superhero movies. One of the biggest reasons that I love your podcast so much is that I’m always arguing with my friends over who would in fights and I always are comparing Marvel heroes to DC heroes. I have this thing where I always have too much energy to fall asleep, and it was very stressful to my family and I, but ever since I started listening to your podcast, it has calmed me down enough to get to sleep, and I thank you for that. (And even though DC is awesome, I still would choose Marvel over it 😄😄).

Great show

Great fan interaction Great news Great reviews Great battles

Great Podcast!

My boyfriend and I stumbled on this podcast on a 14 hour drive. It’s been making the drive go by so much faster and it’s interesting to listen to!! Definitely recommend.

The Best!

You guys are Awesome! I can’t wait to go to work to get my dose of comic news, Marvel getting whooped by DC, and delightful banter between brothers!! Keep it up, keep digging for odd heroes to battle, and continue to keep us in the loop!! Up, Up and Away, True Believers!!

Love The Show

Finally A Dhow for Comic Love!

Never miss an episode

I love this show. Occasionally I have to push off listening to episodes that are spoiler reviews when I haven’t had a chance to see movies yet. The duals are hilarious! Go DC!

Great podcast

This is one of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. The twins do a fantastic job of keeping you up to date with marvel/dc info; also, the battle episodes are fun as hell!

Fun podcast

Really enjoy show keep it up guys!!!!


I am so psyched to have just found this podcast. You know it’s good when you pinch the last 10 episodes in one day.


Best podcast ever really enjoy, ps you should do more duel episode


There’s not nearly enough superhero related content in my life and this podcast certainly filled the hole. They are absolutely hilarious and charming, love their dynamic. This podcast deserves a way bigger audience!

Best Supahero show online!

I always listen to these guys as soon as their new episode comes out. So interesting to hear their often contrasting but knowledgeable perspectives on all things Marvel & DC. I love both comic houses though, so I enjoy their friendly rivalry has humorous commentary. If you like comics, comic animation or films, this show is meant for you! 👍🏽💯

Great podcast!

You guys give me my fix of both Marvel and DC with no bias

Excellent podcast

If you like comic books this is a great podcast. They stay true to the characters and provide a great outlet to your favorite superhero stories. Give it a listen

A Great Podcast

I have listened to the Dynamic Duel Podcast for a while now and I felt I needed to write a review. The dynamic duel podcast is voiced by Marvelous Joe and Johnny D.C, the two share the news about Marvel and D.C. their personal opinions of events going on or in the future and other things aswell. It’s a great listen if you like Marvel or D.C. I look forward to keep listening on in the future, let’s get to 200 ratings!

Wonderful podcast

Great job guys!

Get these guys to 200 reviews!

Very fun and informative podcast! Very indepth. These guys are trying to get to 200 reviews so their movie reviews will count on Rotten Tomatoes. They bust their butts to research every week, so the least we can do to "pay" for the free podcast is to take a minute or two to write a review. I'm a Marvel fan so it's nice to learn about DC characters too and it's the ultimate fan boy fantasy to imagine Marvel characters stomping DC!

Great work

I’m a big fan of both marvel and dc and this podcast is exactly what I was looking for when I started listening to podcasts. I’ve listened to almost every duel episode in the passed month and they’re so awesome and in depth, involving character matches I never would’ve personally thought of. I’ve been a fan of both companies my entire life and this show is showing me that there’s still things I could learn about the characters. Also I love the use of actual statistics as opposed to assumptions or fan votes. 5/5 stars from me, keep up the good work Johnny and Joe!

Does whatever a spider can...

I love the passion these brothers have for all things comics related. Keep it up!

Love It

Absolutely love the podcast it every dual you ever want

A must have podcast for geeks everywhere

In todays world, everyone can have a podcast. So theres not alot of originality. But Im happy to say that there is nothing out there like Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel. Any geek would love this podcast. I highly recommend it to everyone.

It’s great

I found this podcast on Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights’ podcast reviews, and I’m glad. This podcast has what others don’t; in depth reviews spoken clearly, professionally, and enthusiastically. It makes other comic book and movie podcasts look like amateur hour. My one criticism is that they don’t pronounce the Ts in “mutant.”

Quality discussion of the genre

I’ve tried a bunch of superhero podcasts and Dynamic Duel has quickly become one of my favorites. So far I’ve been catching up on reviews of new Marvel and DC films, but I’m looking forward to digging into the coverage of DC-Marvel matchups. Also, the episodes move at a good clip and the audio quality is excellent. / Update. The duels are excellent. For newcomers, I recommend Brother Voodoo v. Constantine.


This podcast is great and I like that both DC and Marvel are represented. The hosts are likable and reasonably knowledgeable. The duels are a little dorky when they talk out one of the possible scenarios but tolerable. The character backgrounds are really well done and the simulations are pretty interesting. I think it’s cool they went back and re-recorded the backgrounds for be older duels to improve their quality. I also like that they enjoy both the cinematic and comic universes for the companies they each support. I will keep listening.

I kinda absolutely love this show

It’s super hero celebrity death match with a scientific twist among all of the up to date news on all of or super hero’s both Dc and Marvel alike great show

5 Stars!

These guys are great! If you are even remotely into Marvel or DC Comics, there is no reason not to at least check them out. They know their stuff! Their movie reviews really get your thoughts flowing and give you new perspectives on every side. The duel episodes are great because they give detailed back stories of each character and are really fun to listen to. They're twins, so they have great chemistry together and you'll get a good laugh. Highly recommended.

Where have you been all my life?!

I can’t stop listening to these guys. Every time I see anything from Marvel or DC I now literally can’t wait for the Dynamic Duel review episode to come out. Whether you’re a lifetime comic fan or a casual filmgoer, do yourself a favor and give this podcast a listen. I’ve been missing out all this time, but I’m making up for it by listening to several episodes a day.

Fun listen

Listening to these guys remind me of the days of arguing over who would win with my brother and friends. I love that they use timestamps because going through old episodes it’s nice to be able to skip over what’s now old news. I almost like the character breakdowns more than the face offs, it’s a good way to get an overview on characters that I don’t know much about. They’re fights are usually kind of ridiculous, sparking memories of “I shot you no you didn’t I had a shield up ya but I gave an anti shield gun” that devolves into fighting with your siblings, but that’s what makes them fun to listen to!

Good podcast!

Big fan, and love the format!

A truly joyful listen

They may not have insider information, nor be particularly connected to the industry but Mavelous Joe & Johnny DC are a pure delight to listen to. They have the hearts and souls of true fans who love these properties. Their honest opinions are shared thoughtfully each week, and they can deliver criticism when deserved without being snarky or immature. Their archived review of the Dark Knight was one of the best out there, by anyone. Thanks bros, keep up the great work, and looking forward to rocking a custom Tee soon!

Great Comic Book Podcast

I am so glad I found this podcast! I was on a 16 hour road trip and this podcast definitely made my drive more enjoyable. The news is great and very up to date. The battle speculations are so entertaining and fun! I really appreciate how balanced and unbiased the battle result are since the results are science based. Keep it up guys!

One of the best podcasts out there!

A great idea and show! They really take the time to make each episode feel like your hanging out with friends. It’s so good I stole my works Iphone just to rate it. Relax, I’m going to put it back... After I listen to the latest episode! Subscribe now!

Fun Listen

Great podcast! Glad to see it growing in popularity as I’ve been listening to it for a while.

Marvels Better

Who would be a good match from the DC universe for Venom?


Great show!

Get Pod

The guys are always ontime. every week. The duel episodes always hit. I don't always agree with their reviews but always respect their opinions.

Favorite superhero podcast

Best superhero podcast I've found. Started listening for the vs episodes but their reviews episodes have become my favorite. Plus you always stay bought up on current marvel and DC news. Great podcast.


This podcast is fantastic! I look forward to new stuff every week. Thanks guys!!

Top of the Line Casting

Marx1684 here. Finally got my Apple device. This show provides a ton of knowledge on all types of Marvel & DC Comics goodness with a hearty amount of humor. A weekly go to for me that I could easily see fitting in the schedules of many others.

Awesome Pod

Always entertaining and informative! Great chemistry and timing. Their enthusiasm for the Marvel (clearly THE best) and DC universes and characters comes through in EVERY episode.


Listening to Marvelous Joe and Johnny DC argue every week reminds me so much of my own close friend group! In high school the ongoing argument was always Thor vs Hulk (not technically DC vs Marvel), so hearing mathematically-backed outcomes for these fights are great fun! Besides being entertaining you can tell that these two care about their content and about their listeners. Great podcast and I recommend anyone who has ever watched a comic book movie or read a comic book listen to these two!

Smart, funny, informative

These guys crack me up. They have deep knowledge of all things superhero, a funny and engaging style, and sibling rivalry -- not just brothers but TWINS, y'all. This does not happen every day. Check it!

New fan and lovin’ it!

I just started and I’m already a huge fan. It’s like listening to your friends talk, if your friends are awesome comic fans

You're going to love this.

This is a podcast that I accidentally stumbled upon and it is the happiest accident to ever happen. I'm a huge Marvel fan and the most common fight I get into with my brothers is who would beat who in a fight. And these guys, though biased in their own way, give us the best possible answer and do it in the most entertaining way possible. Whether you are a Marvel fan, a DC fan, or somewhere in between, you are going to love this podcast and look forward to every single episode.

I listen regularly!

I enjoy your content! This is one of my favorites in the genre. Hope you get to 200 soon!


I discovered this podcast about a week ago on social media and decided to start at episode #1. I have been binge listening at work and I'm already caught up. The concept is great and I love that they use actual stats to determine which superheroes will win. Now I can actually tell my friends that they are wrong when we have these debates because the facts are within these episodes. Also, DC rules!

Nerd like me

I’m 40, what am I doing listening to 2 guys argue about comic book characters like there is an answer other than “depends on who is writing it”? I’ll tell you what I’m doing, laughing, arguing, and LOVING this podcast. Keep up the good work.

Keep my day going

Thank you guys for all the efforts you put into this podcast. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

DC rules

Thanks for making this awesome podcast and shoutout for Johnny DC

Organized, thought out and funny

I’ve listened for a few months now and this is the best VS. podcast out there if your a Marvel(for life) or DC fan you found your home.

A dope superhero podcast!

I stole my girlfriends phone just to leave a review for this podcast I’ve been listening to forever. Shout out to marvelous joe for repping the superior marvel brand. ✊🏾✊🏾

Awesome and Intriguing!!

I would consider myself and comic book fan (mostly Marvel) but these guys answer the questions you all want to know and also gives you information you had no idea about! Me and my Wife always debate who we think would win before we listen to the episode! GREAT JOB GUYS!

Love it!!

Great podcast very entertaining

Great deep dive into the world of comics!

Joe and Johnny have a great dynamic and I could listen to them talk for days. With a combination of the super hero fights we debated as kids and keeping us updated on news from upcoming TV shows and movies, this is the definitive super hero podcast!

Great mix of fandom and stats

Love this podcast, the banter is always awesome. Enjoy all of the reviews and duels!

Love you guys

Been listening about a 8 months now. You guys save me from long days at work an free laughs an legitimate knowledge with a humble twist. After listening to 2 episodes I was hooked went back all the way to episode one an now almost 10 episodes from catching up! Keep it up. And here’s that 5 star!

I love these guys

Johnny and Joe do an awesome job picking battles and explaining the origins of the characters. They also do a great job keeping up to do date with the news and reporting it back weekly. I listen at work every week and it makes the time fly by! Keep it up guys

Duel Review

The brothers of the Dynamic Duel. Are funny, informative and extremely entertaining.

Very good podcast

The two opposing opinions presented provide great insight. Very humorous hosts. I really like the review podcasts!

best genre podcast

title says it all


This podcasts is the best guy for a in-depth, fun and new way to learn not only marvel and DC(👎🏽) character but news on each fandom... keep up the good work guys.

Pure awesomeness

This podcast is one of my faves right now.👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

This show is killer

The fact that they break down the stats and figure how the battle would go is pretty cool and intuitive no theoretical situation just what would happen it’s great !!!

This Show Is Outstanding!!

I started listening to this show about a week ago and immediately waxs drawn in, the opening theme is attention grabbing and awesome and then the two hosts introduced themselves and i come to find out they are brothers which immediately sold the show, to me family is everything and the fact that these two guys are not only close but they found a fun creative hobby to enjoy together!! These guys definetely know nerd knowledge and are cleaver and lighthearted, id definetely give this show a listen and HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

Knowledge center of super hero’s!

These dudes are killer and very entertaining!

Love Marvel and DC!

Great podcast! I've loved Marvel ever since I was a kid, but Johnny DC is slowly pulling me toward the middle. I love the banter between the two brothers. The characters they pick for the duels are fun and their reviews I think are insightful.


I've never been a big comic book reader, but I love going to the see the movies. Not only do these two brothers make it easier to appreciate the movies (I really appreciated their profile on Black Panther before I saw the movie), but their conversations and back-and-forth banter are hilarious!! 🤣

Love it!

These guys are so funny and obviously passionate! Keep it up! 🤓

Fun Nerding Out!

Marvelous Joe and Jonny DC do a great job of filling me in on the latest comic related news. The episodes are fun and engaging. I'm a big fan of the duel segments, though I love to hear their reviews too. These brothers put out a quality cast, and I'll be listening for as long as they continue to do so.

Entertaining and educational

These guys are fantastic. Very knowledgeable and compliment each other well. Hard to tell them apart sometimes but they are brothers. They are very passionate about their podcast. I have learned so much about some of my favorite DC and Marvel characters from these guys. From movie news to comic book reviews they have it covered. The battles are fun and interesting to listen to. Keep up the good work on the podcast.

Look forward to every episode!

As a non-comic book reader Johnny & Joe explain everything clearly and are easy to follow. They are very passionate & knowledgeable about there favorite comic book charatcers. I move each episode to the top of my list when they come out. Keep up the great work!

Dynamic Duel is one of my favorite comic based podcasts out there. I love their commentary on the news they do each episode. When they do their versus episodes I find myself conflicted and wanting to argue with the results at times, but always have to admire the way they get to them.

Very entertaining!

Always fun to listen to and both hosts are very knowledgeable of their respective comic book allegiances.

Great Podcast!

A very fun podcast for comic fans by comic fans. As a longtime comic fan of both Marvel and DC comics for over 45+ years, I simply get a kick out of the two hosts. The reviews are cool and the battlecasts I enjoy quite a bit. Most times I agree with the results, a few times I don't, but every time I have a fun time. Up, up and away, true believers!

Fun and in-depth comic talk

These guys are great. The show is lighthearted and funny while combining current comic book movie news and reviews with analysis relating back to their source material.