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Nov. 24, 2020

Batman: The Movie Review - Special Guest The Blast From Our Past Podcast

Batman: The Movie Review - Special Guest The Blast From Our Past Podcast

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• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:04:02 - No-Prize Time • 0:07:40 - WB releasing Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters and HBO Max this Christmas • 0:10:32 - Molyneux Sisters hired to write Deadpool 3 for the Marvel Studios • 0:13:02 - Question of the Week • 0:13:35 - Batman: Soul of the Dragon trailer • 0:16:16 - Batman: The Movie Review • 1:07:30 - Sign off








Executive producers: John Speas, Jace Crump, Ken Johnson, Isaiah Bethune, Zachary Hepburn, John Starosky and John Bechinina

Clash Defiant, Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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[Music] heads up guys marvelous joe here at the top of the episode to let you know we made a card game that’s right and not just any card game a card game that pits marvel against dc inspired by the classic card game war with the dynamic duel twist we’re announcing the launch of dynamic duel war this friday which is black friday november 27th and it’ll be available at  just 27 this weekend only dynamic duel war is available exclusively to our patrons to find out how to get the game please visit dynamic duel and sign up for one of our tiers and check out a preview of the game by clicking the youtube link in our show notes get hyped guys get the game and let’s get on with the show [Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m marvelous joe and i’m his twin brother johnny dc and in this episode we are going to review the 1966 film batman the movie starting adam west and burt ward it was based on the popular  just spoiler warning it’s not a great movie but we have one hell of a time reviewing it with our good friends john and adam speas from the blast from our past podcast yeah if you guys have never checked out their show they run a nostalgia based podcast it’s actually great it’s really great especially if you’re a child of the 80s and 90s yeah in addition to the 80s and 90s stuff they also touch on marvel and dc stuff occasionally in fact next month i think they’re counting down their top dc stories of all time so definitely check those guys out and look forward to our discussion of the movie later on this episode before that we’re going to break down the comic book movie news from the past week and holy crap we have some doozies to talk about you guys yeah we do including the fact that wonder woman is indeed coming out christmas day this year 2020 and it will be released theatrically and on hbo max simultaneously and i’m so happy yeah we also got the big news that deadpool 3 has made its official first step in its pre-production now that marvel has hired the molyneux sisters to write the film and lastly we got a trailer for a new animated batman film coming out mid-january called batman soul of the dragon we’ll get into those topics later as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic we want to give a shout out to user the bat pig for leaving us a rating on apple podcast thank you very much for the kind words but guys even more important than a rating or a review this week though is a nomination for one of colorado’s podcast awards called the hoppy awards now last year jonathan and i got the most nominations out of any podcast in colorado and we dressed up and we went to the awards and everything and we didn’t win a single award as a matter of fact the first time people announced the name of our show dynamic duel dc vs marvel there was some laughter in the audience and it made us feel really bad do not feel good at all no but i think the organization actually felt a little sorry for us maybe because the type of show that we have is not the type of show that wins awards they introduced a new category this year called best fans and i absolutely know that we have the best fans in all of podcast history so if you guys could check out the show notes and click on the link that takes you to the hoppies and vote for dynamic duel dc versus marvel especially within the best fans category it would mean the world to jonathan and myself it would be nice to get some official recognition and maybe hopefully this year we’ll see this show can actually win a colorado podcast award but with that out of the way quick to the no prize so a no prize is an award that marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that i personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week and last week’s question was in regards to the news that one division will be coming out in january and we asked what classic sitcom would you like to see one division parody and what would that look like and these answers were incredible it was so damn hard to pick a winner out of these options guys great job going back through the decades and picking your favorite shows because i think they were all interesting we did pick a no prize winner but first let’s run down our list of honorable mentions our first honorable mention goes to bruce flansberg who said that he would like to see a tie-in to friends that way we could get all kinds of cameos from the other avengers and i thought that would be really cool like all of them just like sitting get like a coffee shop or something like that with a laugh track that’d be amazing yeah it would be similar to the shawarma scene but instead of at the restaurant it would be at a coffee shop and vision would probably be ross and scarlet witch would probably be rachel but that would be hilarious just them hanging out in new york city uh calvin john de la merced also gave the answer friends great answer guys our next honorable mention goes to michael hagerty who said that one division should parody that 70s show where vision takes on the role of hyde and scarlet witch as jackie because you know jackie was always trying to convince hai that they were in a relationship and it would play out the same way on the show which i thought was pretty brilliant plus michael said it would be funny to have like the circle set up where the camera like spins around at the different characters as they’re like getting high which i think would translate really well with superheroes i think that would be hilarious jeff miles jr also gave the answer of that 70s show again great answers our final honorable mention goes to colby hinches who gave the answer of one of my favorite sitcoms seinfeld where vision would be jerry wanda would be elaine and he said captain america could be george and hawkeye could be kramer i’m already sold and he also said that whoever the series heavy is would be newman and i have to say that would be fat thor [Laughter] so good i would love to see all those shows thanks guys for your answers thanks to everyone who answered including hannah b jp lunai shane hobazine george krinitis joshua smith paige barger ken johnson mickey madden gehen and richard mcgrew you guys gave great answers too a few of them which i actually think will be included in the one division show yeah including like i love lucy bewitched and full house yeah i would be surprised if full house was included in the actual show considering that elizabeth olsen’s sisters mary kate and ashley were the popular twins that grew up on that show yeah maybe her twins will be like the mary kate and ashley twins yeah and that was suggested by george kranatis actually but yeah i’d be surprised if it’s not actually on the show but the no prize this week goes to nathaniel wagner who gave the answer of married with children he would like to see vision as al bundy and he’d have an american accent and he just wouldn’t give a [ __ ] about anyone for the episode and wanda as peggy she’d be really lazy and reality would just fall apart and married with children was one of my favorite television shows growing up and those two characters are just such the antithesis of vision and the scarlet witch that i think it would be absolutely hilarious to have them in that type of sitcom yeah that’s when you would know things were going wrong on the show but congrats again to nathaniel wagner you win this week’s no prize if you the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news [Music] okay so for the past few weeks we had been hearing rumors that warner brothers wanted to push wonder woman 1984 once again for like the seventh time to next year but in a surprise bit of news we’re still gonna get a chance to see wonder woman in 1984 on christmas day both in theaters and on hbo max for no additional cost that’s huge that’s an even better deal than what disney was pulling with the mulan movie yeah the premier access [ __ ] where you had to pay like 30 extra dollars for a service you already paid for and then you know that flopped that really did not work out for them it was a huge black eye and we’ll see if they ever do that again they may not at t obviously learned from that lesson which is why they’re giving it to hbo max subscribers in the us again for no additional cost if you’re outside the us you’re actually going to get to wonder  which makes sense that’s a fair trade-off i think so this will be the second dc theatrical film to be released this year after birds of prey i didn’t think we were gonna get another one i totally thought that one room in 1984 was gonna get pushed so when i heard the news actually from our patrons in our private discord i was so stoked my whole family was we were basically all cheering and crying and hugging what we learned gross oh yeah hugging your family is gross okay over wonder woman yeah it is it’s beautiful now when i heard this news i totally thought you know what i’m gonna go see in theaters but now the more i think about it i might actually just stay home especially as covet cases increase and honestly i don’t even know if any movie theaters will still be opened by christmas yeah we’re seeing a record number of cases now so it’s probably best for everyone to just you know stay put relax at home chill kick your feet up take your pants off watch the movie subscribe to hbo max if you’re in the us if you’re not i’m sorry please don’t pirate this film it needs all the money it could get this was going to be a billion dollar film uh-huh it was uh-huh whatever dude it totally was and you know warner brothers i think is absolutely going to take a loss with this move and that’s why i think i appreciate them all the more for it if it could boost their hbo mac subscriptions though it’ll mean more dc content in the future and there’s plenty of other cool content on hbo max to check out so subscribe for wonder woman but stay for shows like watchmen and doom patrol and everything else that they have on there it’s a massive library really good films i cancelled netflix and i’m just doing hbo max for now i don’t regret it yet we’ll see how that turns out once stranger things comes back though and maybe then the witcher i may have to bite the bullet there in other big news we learned that marvel studios has made its first big step in the production of deadpool 3 by hiring the molyneux sisters to write the third film and this is massive because up to this point we weren’t sure what marvel was planning on doing with the deadpool property we had heard vague statements from people like kevin feige saying that he’s a fan of deadpool and stuff like that but we never got anything concrete up until this moment it’s still gonna start ryan reynolds and the molyneux sisters are hilarious writers who worked on shows like bob’s burgers and they’re about to put out their newest show the great north which looks hilarious the big question though is will this be in the mcu i think it will be but that also means that this will be almost like the mcu’s first x-men movie exactly will deadpool 3 introduce mutants within the mcu or will we get a setup prior to that film if deadpool 3 is in pre-production now that means it’s likely going to be released either in 2022 or 2023 and considering the lineup of films that are coming up beforehand if mutants are not set up in deadpool 3 then the next likely candidates are eternals or maybe one division or even doctor strange in the multiverse of madness either way this news means that we are going to get mutants sooner rather than later within the marvel universe this is something that we’ve been looking forward to for more than a decade now it’s finally coming to fruition if i had to bet money i think it would be eternals i mean that’s very likely considering that the celestials planted the genetic seeds within humankind for evolutionary mutation according to marvel lore yeah and maybe like the trigger for genetic mutation or evolution would be like the threat of extinction and with thanos’s like snap maybe that jump starts mutation in humanity that’s a great theory great theory now i’m wondering if deadpool 3 is going to be rated r early reports when marvel first acquired the property said that they would keep it rated r but we also know that the once upon a deadpool movie was a test to see if audiences would still accept a pg-13 deadpool and it turns out that they would yeah because that was pretty successful yeah personally i do hope for a rated r deadpool 3 but i wouldn’t be too upset i guess if they went pg-13 because i didn’t think that once upon a deadpool was that bad but i’m so excited for deadpool 3 not just because i’m a fan of that movie series but because it means mutants in the mcu i’m excited about the writers that they picked up for it and really excited to see what the story will be and who the villain will be and that brings us to our question of the week who do you want the villain to be in deadpool 3 and why there’s a long list of villains to choose from especially now that deadpool has the entire mcu open up to him so it’s not just x-men villains that he could go up against it’s any of marvel’s villains so let us know and post your answer to our instagram twitter facebook or email us at dynamicduelpodcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media okay in the last bit of news we got our first trailer for the animated film batman soul of the dragon which is going to star not only batman but richard dragon lady shiva and bronze tiger a veritable who’s who of dc’s martial arts masters yeah if you listen to our bronze tiger vs white tiger episode you’ll know that bronze tiger trained with lady shiva and richard dragon and it looks like bruce wayne as well in this film they all trained under osensei in the comics and it looks like he’ll be making an appearance as their teacher which is really cool i love that story the angle they’re taking with this almost seems to be like batman meets bruce lee in like a 70s kung fu film like i almost wish that this was a live-action film because the concept is so great yeah unfortunately there is something a little less impressive about animated martial arts action especially in this bruce tim style honestly like i would have much rather seen this in like an anime style i think they have been way cooler absolutely i thought we were kind of departing from that style with superman men of tomorrow but it looks like not for this film at least now it looks like batman bronze tiger lady shiva and richard dragon will be going up against the cobra cult which is pretty cool yeah the whole movie looks like it’s actually a flashback i think the training is a flashback i think taking on the cobra cult is present time oh gotcha i’m really glad that they made richard dragon an asian character yeah yeah he’s like bruce lee richard dragon has always been kind of like a boring character to me he’s always been more of a chuck norris than a bruce lee yeah absolutely absolutely that’s a that’s a great way to put it and his origin story is almost like snake eyes from gi joe just not as cool as snake guys i think taking a bruce lee approach definitely fits the character especially with the name like richard dragon absolutely yeah now mark dicosco’s from john wick chapter 3 is going to be playing richard dragon kelly who will be lady shiva you may remember her from x2 as lady deathstrike and michael j white is doing the voice of bronze tiger he also played the character of bronze tiger in the aero tv series batman is going to be voiced by david guntoli who was in the grim television show the coolest casting i think is that james hong is going to be the voice of os sensei you may remember him from roles in big trouble little china and blade runner that’s like an ideal cast right there that’s really good yeah it’s gonna be cool we will be reviewing it when it comes out in january and we’ll probably pair up a duel episode to it uh pitting lady shiva with her swords against shang chi with his nunchucks i’ve been looking forward to a shanxi duel just to learn more about him before his film comes out so i’m definitely looking forward to that so get hyped people and i think that does it for the news for this particular episode so let’s go ahead and get john and adam’s speeds from the blast from our past podcast on the line and we’ll review the 1966 film batman the movie [Music] okay so batman the movie was released in the summer of 1966 and it was of course based on the hit television series that debuted the same year now there are many fans of the series out there many people remember watching it growing up myself being a child of the  remember seeing the show two or three times maybe i think like on nick at night or something so there wasn’t really a nostalgic factor for me to draw upon when watching this film luckily our good friends at the blast from our past podcast john and adam speas are here to help us review this film how’s it going guys good how’s it going hey jonathan and joseph hey guys so tell me were either of you two fans of the 60s batman tv show growing up i absolutely was i watched it on reruns all the time oh you’re perfect yep one of us was well it’s great to have you guys on the show uh if you guys haven’t heard us talk about john and adam speeds from the blasphemous past podcast then you must be new to the show because we absolutely love these guys we used to work with adam back in the day and they’re great guests and they put on a great show and they’ve had us on a couple of their episodes too so definitely check them out yeah and you may remember the swiss brothers from our x-men origins wolverine review that we did and i know a lot of our listeners also listen to the blast from our past podcast but you guys also hosted the throwback trivia takedown podcast that you started just this year yeah and you guys were our first guest yeah that’s right great episode plus so far it is the episode of that show that has the most listens now granted it’s the first one and that’s usually has the most episodes but i like to think that it was because your fans came over and really listened to you and our most listened to episode of blast from our past is still the x-men batman episode yep that we had y’all on as well so you our only success is thanks to dynamic duel hey adam tell us about your voice yeah um so i got the coronavirus and it has sucked and i’m about two weeks in and it’s been lingering and i did so much coughing that it absolutely destroyed my voice and i’m still not sure what was more painful two weeks of the coronavirus or an hour 45 minutes of batman the movie [Laughter] so honestly especially with like having chronovirus at him i don’t know how you guys do it with multiple podcasts i feel like i barely get any sleep with just one podcast i actually fell asleep watching batman i had to dose myself in a caffeine and rewind it that doesn’t surprise me because the story itself is almost non-existent it’s less of a plot and more of just a sequence of events it seems like they tried to take an episode and expand it into a movie like it would have made a fun just single episode but i i think they tried to do too much with it yeah if you guys remember apparently with the format of the show is that they originally wanted to have hour long episodes but the network was like no we only have room for half an hour so they would film an hour episode and then split it in half air the first half early in the week and the second half later in the week so it’s almost like they could have done that with this film just like split into i don’t know four episodes maybe probably not even four probably just one hour episode there’s a lot that could have probably been just cut down absolutely like the whole bomb scene getting rid of the bomb i mean that’s an iconic scene but it’s like okay dude we get it we [ __ ] get it it went on for like 20 minutes too long okay we saw the same goddamn nun and the same ducks like five times while he was running around right it was the same gags over and over now as a dc fan i will admit that there are some films that are just really bad that dc has put out there and this is one of them i’m not gonna lie i really don’t like this film i know it has its fan base but i am not a part of it and actually this is a spoiler review but if you’ve never seen this movie i don’t really give a [ __ ] because i’m not going to recommend it i think it’s fun if if you grew up with the show for nostalgic purposes you can look back and kind of reminisce to the times that you were a kid and you you know pretended to be robin i know jonathan you and i used to do that did you guys ever used to play batman and robin when you were kids uh i’m not sure we ever played batman and robin i’m guessing that adam would be robin if you did [ __ ] [ __ ] you no i mean yes but because i did dress up as batman once so for halloween but i was spider-man at the time yes marvel all the way jonathan and i we used to get our grandma’s dish rags and tuck them in our shirts and then we would get other dish rags and wrap them around our faces to whereas like ninja masks i don’t know what superhero that was but i just remember at that time fondly and the best thing about this movie is that there is some enjoyment to be had because its approach to superhero crime fighting and everything with is just a very much like childhood approach to it whereas a bunch of people throwing fists like three feet away from other guys faces and you know the biff and the pow and stuff it just reminds me of the playground activities that we used to have with my classmates and friends and stuff the nostalgia of it is really kind of like why i was excited to go back and revisit the movie i kind of knew in the back of my head that the movie itself was not great but it’s more for sort of that series and those characters that i fell in love with when i was a kid i definitely watched a lot more older tv than adam did because by the time adam was kind of old enough to really you know like watch the later tv shows nick at night wasn’t as much of a thing but when i was eight nine ten i would watch nick at night and i would always watch batman they actually i think they would also show batman on like saturdays during the day yeah and i would i would watch it and that’s where i kind of fell in love with batman just the idea of batman and all the characters and you know why i have such a nostalgic love for the series and and why i like the campy [ __ ] yeah john john always gravitated towards this series where i didn’t we didn’t have that connection adam west was never my batman even the rogues gallery was never one that i really cared for like john did so it was always an interesting little thing where he clung to this far more than i ever did and so i didn’t definitely didn’t have the excitement of going into watching this like jon did i think i’ve seen this movie maybe once before but like even early on you see batman in the water with that shark biting at his leg and i’m like oh [ __ ] the shark repellent’s coming the bat shark repellent is coming jesus christ i love how everything was labeled like necessarily that that was a bad ladder unless it had a sign on it that said bat ladder so i’m really grateful that they were so helpful with their labels i like to think that early batman helped me with my reading when i was a kid because of that there you go definitely the word bat right yeah no i’ve only seen this movie like once before also like i saw it once and i was like never again like never again but right when i saw like the bat ladder i was like okay i remember how shitty this movie is this is gonna be a good time here’s the question is it so shitty that it’s funny is it so shitty that it’s good no there were definitely parts that were horrible that made me laugh because they were horrible so i would say in some ways i’d like to say yes on the whole i’d say no it’s funny that you john were a fan of it but you know adam wasn’t the show apparently was aimed at teenagers so like older kids not not the really younger ones we also could remember it was the 60s you know everyone was writing kind of for the base level then if you go back and watch some of those old shows i mean not there is no nuance there i mean especially if you go back and watch like old star trek all the over acting that just goes with it you know and our parents were at the basest [ __ ] level then if this was writing for them you know because they were teens at this time so i feel so much smarter than any of the generations before me i think actually if this batman movie was actually cut down to a half hour episode length i would enjoy it so much because i think i did have a really fun time laughing at the movie within the first half hour and then it got pretty old after yeah i mean nowadays this is the sort of thing that you know like cw reserves for like a big crossover event with all the villains together and i could see them having you know if they’d made it a big like sweeps week event where you know maybe you had four episodes for the whole week where all the villains come in and and they you know combine them together instead of trying to put it into a movie but then again things ran differently in the  with like 2020 tv sensibilities where we have like really awesome television going on right now yeah you know it’s this is the i think this is the prime time for television it has been like these last 10 years probably last 20 years absolutely i agree yeah it’s like a renaissance apparently though the producers of the batman show wanted to start the series with a film that would lead into the series see that makes sense yeah i guess like 20th century fox didn’t want to commit to something like that until they knew that it was a hit though so just a little bit more background on the batman 60s tv show real quick it was originally intended to be a spy type show like the man from uncle or the avengers but when 20th century fox got the rights to produce the show they hired a man named william dozer to serve as the show’s main producer now the batman comics of the 60s weren’t like the dark edgy batman comics of today they were kind of goofy thanks in part to the comics code authority limiting violence in the comics and the fact that the superhero genre became much less popular after world war ii so producer william dozer who apparently had never read a comic before looked at the batman comics of the time for research and was like look at this silly [ __ ] batman isn’t a cerebral spy action show it’s a [ __ ] comedy you didn’t actually say that i could just imagine him saying that though which which is true for the time yeah this absurdist campy take on batman ended up being like a huge hit and it was so insanely popular that it ended up tarnishing the credibility of comic books for years comic fans would be like these stories are serious and the general public would be like yeah yeah pow bonk wham and it’s kind of ironic that the same people who loved the show for its silliness would be some of the same people to dismiss comic books decades later as being too juvenile yeah yeah this was made definitely before the days of richard donner and his verisa militude approach to superman which was yeah this stuff could be corny in concept but if you approach it from a real world standpoint there’s a lot to delve into the superhero genre they just hadn’t reached that realization by the point that this movie was made yeah yeah yeah we haven’t gotten alcoholic tony stark yet we haven’t gotten uh hank pym beats janet you know van dyne yet all that kind of stuff no marvel comics was just like starting out at around this time in the 60s they were just becoming a big thing it was just the start of the silver age yeah and marvel introduced the concept of making their heroes uh relatable as opposed to these icons you know which is what dc does and i i think a healthy dose of realism and relatability would have helped the character of batman quite a bit yeah because he was just he was weird he was weird man it was [ __ ] weird wayne was a strange cat it had to piss off other people like it did me where even he couldn’t tell the difference between the russian lady and catwoman and it’s like one little piece of cloth in front of her face and you can’t tell come on well it’s like the whole superman thing yes i know but i just hate it every time what’s funny though is that they were able to recognize the penguin yes true so because the film is a reflection of the comic characters from the time it’s hard to justify criticizing the characters with a modern lens like if i was a batman fan in the 60s i’d probably love this movie five stars but batman in the comics started going back to his dark roots in the 70s and fully embraced them in the 80s with frank miller’s dark knight the batman in this movie is not the batman that i know and love this movie is absurd and i will freely admit that i’m not the best interpreter of absurdist humor especially in regards to things that i consider sacred batman definitely being one of those things the challenge for me comes in that i can say the show is ridiculous and fans will scoff like you don’t know it’s supposed to be ridiculous and it’s like oh no i get it i just hate it like i don’t appreciate it you know and that’s on me because i hold batman sacred i’m going to have a hard time appreciating most if any humorous take on the character unless it’s like lego batman apparently or or robot chicken or something like that but in regards to batman the movie or the 60s tv show i guess i should clarify i don’t appreciate the storytelling specifically there were some things to appreciate primarily the hammy performances but also the production design like everything from the sets to the props to even the costumes it all exists in this over-the-top fantastical and fun world that’s both unique and memorable like i remember as a little kid on the playground sliding down a pole and imagining i was a costumed crime fighter when i reached the bottom and again i’d only seen a couple episodes of this tv show but i heard you slide down the pole a lot though [Laughter] still do work it got to make money in these times somehow yeah yeah i mean you gotta appreciate the color palette of this movie um it is so different than all the stuff is obviously the snyder verse stuff that we see now which is shades of grey and vomit but it does pack that comic book vibrance in this film and that is one of the things that i can’t appreciate yeah the sets were ridiculous so are the costumes i can’t get over batman’s ears no nubs no absolutely i can’t get over the brow lines that to me is unforgivable that cowl needs to be burned like with the costume designer wearing it you mean burned into everyone’s memory as being iconic no no i mean i mean the opposite but that batmobile is still a damn good-looking batmobile i agree yeah i’d argue that the batcave and the batmobile here in this movie are better than the modern film versions i’m not sure i’d say that about the cave itself but um i mean i did appreciate the batmobile you know you get stuff like the bat boat the bat copter yeah and they’re always just like conveniently placed where like apparently no one’s gonna find them right and like just steal them but he but he kept the bad copter on like a regular um airplane hangar and like other people were taking care of it so it’s like he had a lot of trust in people right well i mean he was like unlike other batmans in this world he’s fully deputized yeah yeah he’s not a vigilante it’s crazy so he’s yeah he’s part of law enforcement he doesn’t work against law enforcement or in spite of law enforcement this was such a different gotham city like as he’s flying through the air in his back copter you have people like lounging at the park no crime really and some guys like just makes a guy feel good knowing that they’re up there it’s like what the [ __ ] kind of gotham city is this somebody punched somebody it’s so weird it’s that ideal 60s mentality you know everyone has to have that cookie-cutter house and you know the perfect suburb life and stuff like that so that really just speaks to the time i remember seeing this for the first time just being super weirded out at seeing batman during the day yeah and everyone knows him everyone loves him like you said it’s just it’s so bizarre and so counter to what i know and love about the character i love the bat cycle yes it’s so iconic to batman and robin like i remember when joseph and i were kids we used to build like a bat cycle out of these chairs and sofa cushions and we’d argue over who had to stand the sidecar my my daughter grace watched the batman movie with me when she saw that she got excited and was like daddy can we get one and i was just like yes now i i always hated going the sidecar because i think i would usually be robin when you and i will play batman and robin but that was before i remembered that the sidecar ejects a little go-kart which is a badass yes it does which makes no sense also i think it makes perfect sense thank you very much it’s not bad yeah it gives robin something you know you put a little uh batarang turret on that thing and that thing’s gonna be you know badass to go oh yeah those bad rings man i love how batman was like don’t run or i’ll throw our batarangs at you like one shot kill shots yeah but all the badass vehicles in the world can’t save a film with a barely their plot like the film tries to set the stakes early on when batman’s telling commissioner gordon that oh there’s four of them that must mean they plan on taking over the world and that’s not even their plan it turned out they didn’t want worldwide power or control they just wanted ransom money what a leap it was like okay one of them can take over something two of them will take over all of gotham three of them the u.s but four of them it’s the world baby oh my god [Laughter] the batman villains like really drive the narrative like baman and robin really just react to what the villains do the villain’s main goal for a majority of the film is just to kill batman so he can’t stop their larger plan you know whenever they happen to get to that it creates this cyclical string of events that really doesn’t progress the plot at all and it makes the film feel longer than it probably is yeah it felt a long long long [ __ ] time to finish this film just to talk about the the characters now batman bruce wayne was played by adam west and he apparently got the role because he was the only actor who auditioned that could say the lines without laughing or smiling yeah i believe that william dozer the producer wanted adam west for the role after seeing him play a james bond type spy character in a nestle quick commercial adam west to me has always been like the american roger moore and i think he would have made a great serious batman if it wasn’t for the show’s writers because again he didn’t smile or laugh he played the character straight you know when he didn’t have to do the batusi there was a lack of batusi in this movie i have to say i agree i was disappointed yeah that was kind of disappointing i’m not gonna lie now beyond trying to stop the united underworld batman’s goal in the film was to rescue miss kikka he had a romantic arc that sometimes got a little uncomfortable like when bruce wayne was telling ms kitka about his dream he was having and he was like oh oh it’s about to reach climax i know too much information i know that was crazy so [ __ ] bizarre he’s like a horrible horny actor like his version of horny was like freaking serial killer [ __ ] yeah like the way he kissed her like what the hell kind of kiss was that that was a 60s tv kiss that’s what that was oh really i think batman is just like so lonely and just so like out of practice of being around other people than robin [Laughter] the romantic arc culminates when batman realizes that catwoman was miss kitka and you could feel the heartbreak man i think that moment was adam west’s best acting moment in the whole film his line right after to robin where he’s like such is the life of a crime fighter it just gets you like right in the fields and that says a lot about the rest of the movie that that was the best one the best acting it does anything else about batman about how about batman’s um suit it was just they didn’t they didn’t give him much to work with you know there was no intimidation factor he looked he looked like he needed to go to the gym just a little bit more to have any kind of intimidation factor on his uh villains i don’t know he could pull it off better than i could i mean yeah you could like see his nipples through it the original bat nipples yeah exactly i think he definitely had his cardio down he did a lot of running he was very sprightly and he did a lot of lifting with that bomb he did a lot yes his shoulders very swoll yeah yeah yeah both him and robin were kind of visibly out of breath in the last scene when they were running to the building they’re like oh jeez how many blocks do we run like four i can’t yeah but wouldn’t you yes absolutely no i’d be done after two i’d be like i’m good batman i’ve got a stitch well hopefully it’s a stitch in time that saves nine members of the world security council who writes this [ __ ] so moving on to robin aka dick grayson he was played by bert ward who like adam west has become iconic to the role so iconic in fact that both had a hard time landing other acting jobs after the series ended in 1968 and that’s you know that’s the famous premise for the batman the animated series episode the great ghost which is a fantastic episode um i mean because adam west eventually had a bit of a resurgence with family guy and some other stuff has anybody seen anything else that bert ward is in apparently he got individuel effects oh really yeah he had his own vfx studio but i think it’s closed since since it started in the early 2000s i believe that’s cool my favorite character aspect regarding robin was how prudish he was in this movie like he didn’t want to see batman kissing people like he got offended by the concept of people drinking like he was like i can’t believe you didn’t kill those people at the bar with the bomb batman they freaking drink kill them and batman’s like no they may be drinkers but they’re still human beings or something like that it was so bizarre yeah i wanted to know where that camera was that was following batman on his date the entire where the hell was the camera right you know robin got like so uncomfortably upset like visibly yeah by batman when he and alfred were watching bruce kiss on the screen or talking about climaxing yeah like it was it was weird to see him get so visibly hurt by what he was saying and alfred alfred on the other side though was like he was into it alfred really wanted to keep watching he’s like no no no let’s keep watching are you sure you’re not sure enough are you sure i think though the way robin is like uncomfortable watching batman speaks to the quote-unquote secret relationship that everyone imagines that they had oh yeah what was the psycho analyst’s name who made that case in court dr frederick wortham or something like that yeah he’s the one that kicked off the comics code authority yeah he wrote a seduction of the innocent that’s what it was yeah like batman and robin were secret lovers superman was like a bully with a power trip and wonder woman was just i guess too feminist for him or something like that what an [ __ ] yeah yeah seriously he probably set back comics by a couple decades but by doing that yeah with the comic code authority yeah no question yeah comics didn’t drop that really until the early 2000s i believe yeah which is unfortunate one last thing i want to say about robin just kind of looking at a photo of the two of them i will honestly say i really think bert ward fit into his costume better than adam west fit into his costume yeah like burt ward looks more believable as a robin than i think adam west did has batman as far as just the look of it i would say he’s almost more iconic in the role of robin than adam west is as batman because we’ve had other batman’s we haven’t had too many other robins right fair enough i guess burt ward was also paid like the minimum wage for a member of the screen actors guild on this movie and show so the directors often had him perform his own stunts because it was cheaper for him to do it than for the stuntman wow although i think it was definitely a stunt double when he went into the water at the end of scene off the sub he got thrown off by a catwoman i think yes it looks like a person those were all professional divers let’s not get ourselves they wanted to go into the water they were begging for it now robin’s role in the film is really just to state the obvious and act as an audience surrogate for batman to explain his plans because we wouldn’t have any idea what batman was doing half the time if you didn’t explain it out loud vocally to robin like if i could just probably lose my utility belt transmitter i could reverse the polarity send out waves of super energy it’s like what is exactly the idea of tell don’t show or like the opposite of how you’re supposed to do it they mentioned every land but the thing is if they didn’t i would have been lost right absolutely everyone would have yeah for sure moving on to catwoman a.k.a catania irena titania karenska alison or miss kitka she was played by lee merriweather who played the character in place of julie newmar who was catwoman in the first two seasons of the batman tv series only for eartha kitt to take over the role in the third and final season from what i’ve seen of these three actresses lee meriwether was probably my favorite catwoman from the era she was a better actress than julie newmar and she didn’t have the over the top of eartha kit well i did that horribly no i think that was perfect yeah she was kind of like the no-nonsense member of the underworld united you know while the joker and the red learned the penguin were always fighting she was there to restore order and dish out orders and she also had the best like outfit yeah yes you look good i know but go ahead with that she’s an attractive catwoman that’s for sure yeah everything but the eyebrows oh yeah the eyebrows are weird but like also it’s kind of hard to find curves like that outside of a comic she she filled that costume very well they definitely wrote her like she was the smartest one in the room whenever she was with the villains which i think was nice because especially nowadays with the way things gone i would feel like they would always put like joker as like the head you know if those four got together but here he definitely didn’t seem like it he took a backseat joker was completely a backseat in my opinion um where i felt all three of the others were the leader at some point but the joker never really shined for me right yeah well it was kind of strange because the other villain characters they almost acted like the joker and how they were like constantly laughing and kind of goofy you know well they were acting like how we see the joker now yeah yeah you know this is there’s like  and now so you know things have changed so much in these characters since for sure  weren’t really as well defined as they are today for sure absolutely now speaking of the joker he of course was played by caesar romero like famously he’s famous for refusing to shave the mustache for the role which i love you could see it under the white makeup in the film like the whole time like so clearly it’s so obvious especially in like profiles you can see it would just stick out a little bit extra and just like come on come on man i still think that’s the best part really i don’t know why production would let him get away with that like apparently there were a ton of actors who wanted to play the joker role like including frank sinatra like apparently like there was a huge feud because frank sinatra didn’t get the joker role oh interesting if i was a producer i would have been like caesar dude if you don’t shave it there’s a long line of actors who would yeah yeah but cesar romero was a huge matinee aisle star in like the 40s and 50s oh really yeah like we don’t see caesar romero because he’s not other than batman he’s not in anything we’re familiar with but he was in a ton of movies in the 40s and 50s as kind of like that latin matinee idol type and that was the draw as far as i can tell i really do think that caesar romero’s performance of the joker is fairly iconic especially in his laugh delivery because i feel like all joker laughs that came after that are if not derived inspired by it i hear i’m just going to say this and this is going to piss adam off i hear cesar romero’s laugh in mark hamill’s laugh then i see that that’s wrong there’s a level of maniacalness with mark hamill that caesar mayor doesn’t have and it’s not even it’s barely inspired again i did not say that mark hamill ripped off and i’m caesar romero’s laughed i said i hear it in his laugh which means i hear the inspiration and i said i said i don’t think there’s much inspiration there um yeah okay just because two people laugh and one person laugh before the other doesn’t mean he inspired that other person’s laugh john mark hamill took his own laugh and he made it a bajillion times realer and better and that is the joker laugh reeler yeah reeler but i think that rona’s getting to your head but i i think it would be hard to argue that they didn’t in part inspire any of the joker’s laughs because he was the first one to do it you know it was the first time we heard it i think was there not like a radio show or anything like that first well there were the film cereals but i think they were silent if i’m not mistaken i could totally be wrong i don’t know i don’t even know if the joker was in the film cereals i don’t think he was yeah moving on to the penguin uh he was played by burgess meredith who of the cast went out to have the most notably prominent acting career he won several emmys and was nominated for an academy award twice once for mickey in the first rocky movie which is probably his most famous role yeah that’s right i didn’t even recognize that is him it is it blows my mind every time remembering that mickey is the penguin yeah oh my god every time i heard him go where where i was waiting for it’s over [Laughter] you’re a bum batman the penguin was probably like the most competent of the villains like he provided all the transportation he provided all the equipment and all of the henchmen like compared to him the joker and the riddler were just kind of along for the ride he definitely seems like he has the best organizational thing because as you said everything belonged to him penguin has never been a character i’ve liked at all i like him in this series because he’s always funny but i’ve never enjoyed him in the comics i’ve never enjoyed him in any of the other iterations that they’ve ever done of him and i don’t know i’m waiting for someone to give me a good take on it because i don’t know just the idea of the penguin he’s a villain that i’ve had the hardest time taking seriously and connecting with yeah and the comics penguin has always been sort of like the uh black market aspect of the criminal underworld like he’s the guy with all the connections he’s the guy you go to if he needs something you know he kind of walks the line between the criminal underworld and you know the the wealthy establishment yeah he’s kind of i mean reminds me of kingpin but that’s why the two of you guys had them duel each other yeah exactly exactly he is sort of like the criminal kingpin he gets much less respect than kingpin but yeah he’s he’s definitely that type of character but i agree though like it’s kind of hard to get penguin right you know i don’t think danny devito the tim burton version of that character wasn’t quite right he was more like like a mutant kind of figure burgess meredith’s take is a little bit more of like the aristocrat yeah but i find it difficult that anyone would find him threatening you know i’m actually really looking forward to seeing colin farrell’s take on the character in the upcoming batman movie i think that’s going to be really cool i agree i think that’s probably got the best potential for that character on film i’m excited for the uh the possibilities that could arise from it i’d like to be wowed by the character and i hope he can do it last but not least uh frank gorshin played the riddler and he seemed to have like a blast with this role like the entire cast seemed to have fun throughout the entire film but especially frank yeah he definitely went over the top and he had a good look for the riddler too like to me it came like he was like straight off the page oh yeah totally i often wonder how much the look of these characters have influenced like artists throughout the decades i’m sure they influenced them quite a bit because yeah when i think of the riddler i think very much of a frankie gortian type figure we were talking about how the joker had influenced subsequent incarnations of the character and i could easily see where jim carrey got a lot of his influence for his version of the riddler oh absolutely yeah yeah you can see that for me the the riddles and the way that they got from one thing to another like they just it was immediately just like oh here’s a random riddle oh it’s a uh you know a writing banana okay and then here’s this other thing and then we’re just gonna mash them up together and it’s just like they always got it on the first thing and it made no [ __ ] sense and they’re just like oh this and then that leads to that and then okay you know shoot stupid [ __ ] like that that made no [ __ ] sense there was no logical flow not a single [ __ ] thing flowed in this movie and i you do have to appreciate the insanity i i guess yeah what’s yellow and writes a ballpoint banana must be the world unity building even exactly must be i i can’t overstate how much i hated the riddles in this film like that was the riddler’s only job you didn’t have much to do in the film except set up clues for batman to follow them and follow their plans as stupid as hell but the riddles themselves like what weighs six ounces sits in a tree and it’s very dangerous a sparrow with a machine gun oh [ __ ] off yeah that was terrible that’s the worst it’s the worst and then what gobbles up a bird with a machine gun oh a cat obviously so this has to do with catwoman that makes no goddamn sense either no no no and i love how like the other villains kind of got annoyed with his riddles they’re like just [ __ ] make it clear he’s like oh yeah i’m gonna set up some riddles and they’re like no no no we want ransom money none of your stupid ass [ __ ] keep it clear but he’s just he’s compulsed he can’t he can’t not yeah yeah i mean each of the batman villains they sort of represent an aspect of mental illness i’ve heard and the riddler is sort of representative of of ocd he’s obsessively compulsed to perform these actions and prove that he’s you know more intelligent than anyone else moving on to the plot breakdown the film starts off with bruce and dick out for a drive russian come to wayne manor to change into their costumes only to get back on the road in the batmobile and drive to the back copter so they can investigate commodore schmidt laps kidnapping aboard a yacht okay i gotta ask this and maybe i just admittedly i was like half watching this movie and half playing a game at the same time i was doing this did i miss something why in the world did they keep that dude alive oh the inventor of the dehydrator yeah no the schmidt lab was he the inventor well his company made it yeah okay that’s a great question why did they keep him alive and go through all the trouble of convincing him that he was at sea exactly yeah they weren’t ransoming him or anything you’re right they just should have just thrown him off the [ __ ] boat yeah but they they went through this whole elaborate thing of making him think he was on like a cruise and delivering him tea great yeah plot hole they needed somebody to knock over the vials of dust at the end that was pretty hilarious i thought i would love to know if they got to that point in the script they realized they needed somebody to accidentally do it and then went back and retro wrote him in to the whole movie just so they can get him to this point if that happened i would have a newfound respect for how horrible it would be it’s like [ __ ] we can’t have robin do it it’s too cruel just write in a schmidt lap guy what’s his name [ __ ] schmidlaugh i don’t know would not be surprised the yacht thing was so weird i still don’t understand why the villains would do that in the first place i guess it was the riddler who did that but it was just [ __ ] bizarre yeah but any of the stuff that ever happened in that tv show as far as the motivations of the villains never really made any sense they just like [ __ ] with batman yes yeah exactly that’s kind of they just like pissing people off is really what it is moving on as batman investigates the yaw it vanishes revealing that it was a holographic projection and batman is forced to take out an attacking shark using shark repellent bat spray always handy to have on hand he also had whale repellent and i think maybe dolphin and orca or some other stuff too see i don’t know what you’re gonna talk about i keep a can of bat shark repellent in my car at all times just in case especially because i live in the desert especially because you never know when that shit’s gonna pop up those desert sharks man i know i want to know why there was no blood on batman’s leg as he was getting it swallowed up by a shark but they removed the t so it was just gumming him yeah there you go yeah at the police station batman lies to the press including miss kitka about the whole ordeal after which it’s determined that the whole preceding event was fishy implying the penguin’s involvement of course catwoman must have been involved as well because it took place at c like the letter c the shark pulled on batman’s leg which was determined to be evidence of the joker and the riddler was involved as well because reasons we’re only 10 minutes into the film and i’m already tired of it [ __ ] yeah yes exactly the flow the mental flow of batman to connect everything is so tough to grasp all four of them the commissioner it was robin it’s like apparently they were all smart enough to deduce this and we’re all just dumb shits for not recognizing that because it took place at the sea that obviously catwoman is involved i mean obviously how does that not make sense it’s all stupid we learned that the villains do indeed have the commodore and batman and robin investigate a buoy nearby where the yacht projection was they find the projector but get trapped on the buoy when the villains fire torpedoes at them the dynamic duo are rescued off screen by a dolphin who sacrificed itself to protect batman and robin by swimming into the path of the torpedo who wrote this i was dying that wonderful dolphin saved their lives by jumping in front of the torpedo where the [ __ ] how did they come up with that and this is my scenario as to what happened with that you know they wanted to leave it mystery and like maybe in the original script you don’t see it they just they escaped it’s batman robin they escaped and then some executive was like well how do they escape we have to have some reason here write this in they just write it in tell them it was this it’s definitely [ __ ] reason yeah well again like the show because it was split the first half of the episode that played in the early part of the week always ended on a cliffhanger right always and then when they picked it up again baman and robin somehow found a way out of their ordeal i think they were just too cheap to get a dolphin they were like [ __ ] we spent all of our dolphin money on the shark what are we gonna do just do it off screen don’t worry about it they had a million different ways to solve that and having a sacrificial dolphin was maybe the worst [ __ ] way to do it it was absolutely it was it’s so sad heartbreaking batman and robin go back to police headquarters where for some reason they deduce once again that penguin joker riddler and catwoman have teamed up i don’t know why they needed that scene again uh in the villains hideout though the riddler comes up with a plan to use miska as bait to kidnap bruce wayne and use him to lure batman for a trap it’s like a bait of a bait after a romantic night out miss kitka successfully seduces bruce wayne and the other villains overpower him taking him back to their lair now miss kitkat was also successful in seducing me whatever dude don’t even pretend like you didn’t find her attractive liar don’t lie to yourself [Laughter] stop lying say something i love the i love the jet pack umbrellas in this scene i thought that was pretty hilarious it was they weren’t even like jet packs they were like witch brooms yeah i thought they were gonna be like actual things that strapped to their back now it’s just something you ride really no one’s gonna say anything about catwoman okay i i told you catwoman’s hot lean merry weather hot russian lemurian weather hot all right that works that i just want to make sure i’m not the only one [Laughter] she was a woman in a tight suit what more do you want from us we’re men yeah if you think i was watching and didn’t go into incognito mode and typed up lee mary weather nude you’d be wrong that was absolutely true it absolutely happened while i was watching the movie because she’s hot all right is that what she wanted to hear because that’s what happened yes that exactly you see what you did see how you broke him down [Laughter] how are you going to recover from that one jonathan oh god quick changing the subject to the no prize [Laughter] bruce manages to escape and comes back with robin only to find the villains have fled after using their dehydrator ray on some henchmen the villains left behind a bomb and after batman manages to eventually dispose of it he and robin are confronted by the penguin disguised as commodore schmidlab not fooled by the villain’s disguise batman and robin take him to their bat cave for a retinal eye scan where the penguin tries to attack them using his rehydrated henchmen but they vanish because he accidentally used heavy water apparently to resuscitate them let’s let’s be honest they popped yeah they didn’t just vanish they popped it was so anti-climactic i hated it yeah it’s like why why even do the whole damn bit why even do it exactly i just all i wanted was like the penguin to realize he could have sold that technology you know yeah he kidnapped schmidt lab who created but he could have taken that dehydrator sold it for like you know to airplane places um and they could have like packed in so many more people and then dehydrated them for the flight and packed in like you know a million people onto a flight and they could have they could have had a lot of uses they could have mailed people they could have been a billionaire uh from that but instead they i don’t even know what the hell they wanted to do because this movie is [ __ ] awful but i mean like they could have sold that [ __ ] to governments governments would have paid a lot of money to be able to do that kind of thing true oh they did pay for it billions of dollars now batman allows penguin to knock him and robin out with gas in order to follow him back to miss kitka the riddler manages to accidentally hit the bat copter with a missile but batman and robin are saved when they randomly crash into a large pile of foam rubber [ __ ] the united underworld dehydrates the world leaders of the united world organization security council and the villains escape in the penguin submarine which is chased by batman and robin in their bat boat i like how nobody was fazed by people just disappearing yeah they just kept on arguing just kept going like the last guy even he was still talking like he didn’t even see that they weren’t there he was just still arguing nobody noticed them walk into the room or that and why was joker wearing a mask in this he’s already got paint on his face why did he have a mask on yeah i don’t think that’s hiding his identity as the joker the green hair kind of gives it away there exactly on the sea robin fires bat charges at the submarine forcing it to surface leading to an all-out climactic scuffle between the heroes and the villains that’s that’s really just people getting knocked into water that that’s all the scene is i did appreciate seeing the iconic like pow and biff and boom onomatopoeia sound effects things yeah that’s always novel i think yeah this was like the only time of the film when they really did that wasn’t it pretty much yeah yeah i think so yeah but i agree you know what because you don’t want to watch this and then not have that if you’re going to go into this film you want all the camp yeah exactly yeah you want the spinning bat logo between scene transitions you want the biff the pal the whole nine yards after batman and robin discover catwoman was miss kitka they rescue commodore schmidt lap but the vials containing the dehydrated remnants of the world security council are broken batman and robin attempt to separate and rehydrate each of the world leaders but when they’re reformed it’s revealed that the leader’s minds have been switched batman and robin quietly escape out the window and the film ends yeah he even said something like uh you know maybe this is all for the better or something like that which is really weird because earlier on like robin even was like shouldn’t we like tweak them maybe to like make the world a better place and damn it was like no no no that’s that’s unethical it’s against the laws of nature and then when it actually happens he’s like maybe we just did like the best thing we could ever do go out the window i did like how they were trying to be inconspicuous about their escape that was pretty funny yeah well all the people were just like yelling at each other immediately again once they’re rehydrated yeah that’s what’s gonna say it’s like they never stopped their conversations yeah it’s kind of a parody they’re like a satire in that way maybe it was like commentary just on the state of the world during that time you know during the cold war and everything i think you’re thinking way too much into that it needs to be that it needs to be that otherwise it’s just ridiculous at the end of this movie it said the end and then they came up with the living end dot dot dot like what the hell did that mean can anybody explain that i don’t know that was so weird by that point i was just so like done with the film so i don’t even care anymore the living end uh okay so moving on to uh our final thoughts on the film in the end i thought the film was fun but its jokes are stupid and as much as i want to appreciate it as a work of its time i think the whole approach was ill-suited toward the character and both the movie and the show ended up doing more potential harm than good to the comic book industry and the superhero genre overall now i say this with the hope that the superhero movies made today are not seen by future generations as being as ridiculous and absurd as i view batman the movie in the meantime i give the movie two stars i think if this movie has any value it’s purely nostalgic people that grew up with the show watch this movie and harkens back to a simpler time for them possibly back when they were young kids even the not so young like when the show was in syndication and stuff like that but um i think outside of the nostalgic value it doesn’t have much else so i agree with the two star rating so what i wanted my plan was to load up on whiskey um to watch this movie because i know that i knew that was gonna help me get through it uh you know and this is the kind of film that needs whiskey and i have about 40 bottles and i wanted to chug them all but the [ __ ] coronavirus meant i shouldn’t and i didn’t drink any of it and so i had to die to watch this sober and that sucked and it was a damn shame um now this movie has validity it has drunk validity and i would say get together with your dumb friends and talk over a movie validity something like the room something like even like rocky horror that kind of thing where you watch a campy dumb thing and just kind of like enjoy being around people and being around alcohol especially the alcohol and i needed that and i didn’t get it because of the [ __ ] coronavirus so [ __ ] 2020 and [ __ ] batman the movie i i give it a one out of five holy [ __ ] this movie always killed adam um i am not gonna dispute that this is a horrible movie it really is um i really think this would have made a much better just episode of the tv show yeah um so this should have just been some sort of you know season ender or something like that i don’t think that it was as bad for comics as you say i understand the point in it but everything that’s happened in comics has led us to where we are right now in comics and i think the last  far as some of the stories we’ve gotten and i we have to remember there’s always going to be dips and stuff like that so yeah for its value as a as the television show and i’m really speaking more of the television show than i am the movie i really did have a nostalgic love for this it was perfect for me for the age when i watched it which was about seven or eight i think if i started to show my kids the tv series they might get into it i don’t think my kids could have sat through a whole you know movie of it i don’t think i don’t think it would have had the patience that’s a fair point actually my daughter like i mentioned earlier she watched it with me and she said that she would give the movie like a three or four stars which surprised me i was like oh i thought you were smarter than that so i need to show you better movies apparently i i think you make a good point john when you reference the last 40 years of comics or so would we have had the great stories of like the 80s if that pendulum swing from the campy [ __ ] wasn’t necessary you know i like to write music and i’m going to kind of try and make this a parallel i found especially when i was in college and i was having to do composition assignments they would put restrictions on it and i know a lot of people like hate having to have put restrictions like you can’t restrict you know my mind blah blah blah but actually i find that having restrictions creates more creativity because you really have to think how can i make this as interesting as possible within the box that i’ve given there are definitely times to just leave the box behind and just go all out but sometimes you get the best stuff out of having to think how can i make this interesting within the box i’ve given and i think when we started to get stuff like the dark knight and all these cooler stories they had to work within this stupid code that everyone said they have now i’m glad the code is gone because i think it was a dumb thing but i don’t know that we would have gotten those same stories if people didn’t think how can i tell this story within these stupid rules that they’ve given me john i think what you’re saying is it’s absolutely valid you know sometimes it requires more creativity to put like a square peg into a round hole and i’m sure it sucked for the writers at the time to be hamstring by this and i think only seeing it through you know eyes 40 50 years later can we appreciate okay it sucked when we went through that but this is the good that we got out of it at the end you can’t see that while you’re going through it unfortunately yeah what tremendous insight we got from such a shitty movie you would have known i guess there is somewhere to be had after all to swing back around since i didn’t actually say i think probably two stars is probably a good rating for this i don’t think i would give it any higher than two i think that does it for this review john and adam do you want to remind our listeners where they could listen to you guys sure uh you can find us on the blast from our past podcast which you can find on any pie catcher you can find us on throwback trivia and you can find adam on cartwright a seinfeld podcast if you’re a fan of seinfeld sorry adam i figured i’d step in since your voice was getting a little raw there thank you uh and if you want to find us on social media you can look for at blastpasscast on pretty much any social media or go to where you can find links to all of our shows plus all the other ones that are on our bfop network or bfop network as we like to say for sure definitely check that out check that out [ __ ] twins twinning well thanks guys for coming on we look forward to uh 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