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June 18, 2017

Cyborg vs Iron Man

Cyborg vs Iron Man

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:05:10 - Trivia question • 0:07:42 - Death of Adam West • 0:12:04 - Black Panther teaser trailer • 0:34:42 - Danny Elfman to score Justice League reshoots • 0:39:54 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast and director announced • 0:48:10 -...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:05:10 - Trivia question • 0:07:42 - Death of Adam West • 0:12:04 - Black Panther teaser trailer • 0:34:42 - Danny Elfman to score Justice League reshoots • 0:39:54 - X-Men: Dark Phoenix cast and director announced • 0:48:10 - Cyborg vs Iron Man intro • 0:52:03 - Iron Man profile and powers • 1:06:49 - Cyborg profile and powers • 1:17:41 - Fight speculation • 1:35:46 - Duel results • 1:41:17 - Sign off

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[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast where we discuss all things DC and Marvel related we review superhero films and debate who would win in Marvel vs. DC matchups I’m Johnny DC and I’m as twin-brother marvelous Joe before we actually get started into it Jonathan real quick what I’ve always wanted to do is we’ve never given a shout out to Kevin MacLeod right for writing all the fabulous music that he does on his site that we use for our duel episodes such as this one cyborg versus Iron Man which we’re going to get into later you guys like a music savant he is like all the stuff if you haven’t been to in Capitec definitely check it out then anyways all the stuff that is royalty-free it’s great if you know if you run your own podcast it’s just insane you might be a variety he has that he’s able to just compose on his own yeah and it’s all free he has if he gives you a Creative Commons license to use it for free and we use the song take a chance for our theme I didn’t know if you knew this though but that song actually has lyrics our theme song I’m so waiting to yeah yeah if you want to get the lyrics yeah yeah I wrote it myself I’ll just play this song got my phone real quick let me see okay here there it is time for dynamic you well a time for dynamic duel PT sucks dynamic - whoa Marvel rock Stein and make food wolf die yeah make cool DC sucks and then it goes into that’s how this I don’t know if you knew that those with the letter together lurks in mind when you wrote it pretty sure he did but yeah shout out to Kevin MacLeod thank you for everything that you do and we will continue continue to attribute you in all of our episodes gets up so you’ll hear more of his music later on in the episode as this is a duel episode and so you left the I realized episode we mentioned like you know how do we we going to do for this battle and how do you really follow up like a great a list match like one room in the Thor with cyborg versus Iron Man that’s how you do it yet another a-list match well let’s I work haven’t really been a list until probably the new 52 came out yes like promoting from a Teen Titan to like a full-fledged member of the Justice League yeah founding member of the Justice League which I mean it’s controversial there’s some comic fans who just don’t want to see him outside of the Teen Titans right what she was a part of because you know that’s they grew up with him that way uh-huh I really I think it’s his rising to sort of a low status is because of Iron Man I think so too is because the success of Iron Man and just like sort of like the direction the world is heading you know Tech is like this huge thing so the Justice League sort of you know not only do you get like it like it because it’s like a young relatable Iron Man who you know it brings more diversity to the team there’s just a lot of good reasons why he’s on there doesn’t bother me I actually really like the fact that he is on the Justice League I mean a lot of people yeah I think a lot of people who are who are stuck on him as a Teen Titan probably I don’t know if they I think a majority of them grew up just like in the Teen Titans cartoon yeah but I think he serves a much better role in the Justice League yeah yeah I mean he kind of supplanted Martian Manhunter but marshal mentor to me was always too close to Superman anyway yes he brings a little bit more variety how degree with that yeah so I do like Martian Manhunter though yeah yeah if we reverses Ironman later on in the match before that they are onto the episode later on in the episode yes I look forward to that the way we do our matches is similar to the way the old spike TV show Deadliest Warrior did them where we take the statistics from the characters we go into their background we simulate a thousand matches and whoever wins the greater the majority of those matches wins right right that’s this will do later on before we get into the main event we’re going to go into the news though yeah so this this episode we’re gonna be talking about the recent passing Adam West and the tribute that they paid to him we’re going to talk about the new black panther teaser trailer we’re going to talk about Danny Elfman being brought on for the Justice League reshoots and then there’s a ton of x-men Dark Phoenix and news casting news and things like that yet last episode was New Mutants or the past few episodes this time it’s x-men Dark Phoenix so alright before we get into the news though as always it’s trivia time congratulations to Jules Finch who correctly answered last episode’s trivia question which was actually here’s the only one who answers it that’s true the woman who modeled for the cover of the first ever appearance of Swamp Thing also co-created a Marvel character who will make their first film appearance next summer who is she so we were looking for the name of a woman creator who modeled for the swampthing cover and who created cable exactly yeah and I’m the mystery character yeah the answer is Louise Simenson she created cable she also created steel from DC uh who’s kind of like a like a Iron Man Iron Man she also created apocalypse and she was the one who modeled for the first swamp think appearance in an issue House of Secrets issued number 92 that’s when Alex Olson was something not Alec Collins yeah so they secrete a lot of great characters yeah she’s she’s one of the biggest female names in comics she was a writer for a long time I think she’s actually married to Walt Simonson who did a lot of work on folio they make sense so this episode’s trivia question will be what were the first video games for both Marvel and DC that were based off of movies now you can submit your answer to our Instagram or Twitter or our Facebook or our email you could email us at dynamic duel podcast at and a random person who gets the answer correct will win a dynamic duel no prize just like Jules Finch is going to win for last week’s answer and if you’re more comfortable like sending us a direct message so other people don’t see your answer so you kind of limit the pool because if you believe it’s a comment like everybody’s always awkward yeah yeah like yeah maybe you get it right maybe you get it wrong I’m not going to tell you so yet leave us a direct message or through email and that’s the best way to if you want to know right away if you got it correct yeah if you don’t want to know right away so basically a dynamic to a podcast no prize is basically a JPEG that Jonathan will draw for him he’ll draw you as a superhero basically if I stop the old Marvel no prizes that they would give out yeah it’s just our version of it and it’s pretty dope if I do say so myself it’s it’s alright it’s like it’s like I wanted to be like yeah this is pretty cool so I look forward to hint for this episode’s trivia question later on in this episode yeah alright so let’s get into the news okay so Adam West passed away on June yeah those are names which I didn’t really watch the old Batman show that much I remember I think like my first introduction to that version of Batman was like Batman meets scooby-doo it was a cartoon yes exactly and I loved that car - I watched his dad a lot but like just growing up like I didn’t see the show on TV that often but well that was on live-action that was a cartoon well right the Scooby Doo one was cartoon yeah but I do remember as kids I do remember a few episodes of the live-action Pama yes a few of them but again I was a regular watcher I have seen the movie quite a few times the one those theatrics in theaters that man the movie you yeah you bought it yeah I own about the DVD yeah yeah we watched it a few times it’s so corny but the thing is I think that shark well I didn’t realize right away is that it’s purposefully corny like it was I thought it was corny just because it was like a 60s 60s TV show but it was corny during the day - it was meant to be humorous really fun yeah right I kind of reflected you know Batman in the comics at the time - in a way it was just kind of saying just kind of you know pop fun for fun yeah so um - a lot of people he is Batman and in you know he lived a long life they they released his uh his episode that he appeared in in for for a powerless and I watched that and that was so good it was such a funny episode really I was cracking up the whole time I’ll have to check it out you definitely have to check it out if you haven’t seen it there they really stood for free online like there’s no commercials or anything like that I definitely check it out it’s really good and then they had a really really fitting tribute in Los Angeles where they shined the bat-signal on the LA police headquarters building and I’m not gonna lie I kind of when I saw it it was I kind of got tear-duct it’s it’s just so fitting and it’s like so uh like when I died how was that people do that for me and it’s like happen no it’s not but the fact that they did it for him is it’s just really uh heartwarming it would have been cool to go there and see that because it’s not often that you like see a real bad signal outside of like a movie yeah premiere promotional kind of thing yeah and I thought yeah I mean people posted a bunch of stuff to Twitter who went and you know they filmed the event and stuff like that it looks really cool yeah I saw really touching a comic strip it was a cartoon single panel that came out the day that he died and it was of a character of like a god old man with a beard up in the clouds you know and he was shining the bad light the best signal into the sky calling Adam West I was like oh the feels yeah it just it really hurts to have such an icon pass away like that especially one who who’s played so prominent a role in bringing DC live-action entertainment to the mainstream and again in Batman to the homes of you know countless number of people you know I saw another tribute but it was pretty close a drawn based on like the crisis on Infinite Earths cover where a Superman is holding Supergirl except there was like Ben Affleck’s Batman holding him West and like to all the other cinematic Batman were around him I saw that too that was cool yeah yeah yeah he affected a lot of people so you know it’s good to see that he got so fitting a tribute with the in Los Angeles with the whole bat-signal thing yeah it remind me it was it’s as soon as I heard that he died it reminded me of Roger Moore’s death which happened fairly recently as well yeah they both had short battles with cancer and to me like Roger Moore I’m a huge fan of him too I’m a fan of all the bonds but he was like England’s Adam West okay yeah they were they’re both kind of similar good men you know kind of similar in their acting style too it’s kind of like iconic of the two to that role to the roles of their generation yet so I hope this isn’t a trend for 20 you know 2017 like it was last year although we ready halfway into 2017 so I’ve never really been too bad yeah so on a lighter note the Black Panther teaser trailer came out last week I was camping when it came out I didn’t really get to see it that well until I got back home but my impression my first impression of it was that it was it was it was a good Peter you know it wasn’t yeah there wasn’t much story there which most users you know really shouldn’t have it was just a bunch of brief snippets it wasn’t as good as the thor ragnarok trailer I agree yeah when I saw it like I was kind of definitely underwhelmed by it you think just probably because of how good for Ragnarok was but it was like the poster kind of kind of set my expectations I thought the poster was like like sort of announced that the trailer was coming later that day yes really it was cool like the style design of it was like pretty chill but the composition wasn’t that great it’s a guy sitting on a chair yeah you know um although I did want that chair because that’s dope uh-huh but I I don’t think that this teaser could have been as good as the thor ragnarok teaser just because the character is not established yet like with with the Thor teaser assumes that you’ve seen one of Thor’s previous movies or one of the Avengers movies so it doesn’t have to set up the Fagor like how big of a deal it is that hell it breaks me older and things like that that’s true with this one they’re assuming that you haven’t seen or they’re not assuming that you’ve seen so Civil War right Black Panther in there so they’re kind of setting everything up so you know the trailer starts off with Gollum and Bilbo sitting in the room talking that’s right I didn’t even realize but I think about what Wakanda is and it says oh really we gotta set it up this has a really good cast it does I mean like I said Doctor Strange had a really good cast this might just be like as good it’s not better than had yeah right Marvel get some some great casting yeah I think Martin Freeman makes a fantastic Everett Ross I’ve always liked Everett Ross as the character he’s an ambassador he’s a liaison for the u.s. government to T’Challa but he’s a hilarious character in the comics like he just he cracks me up he’s a comic relief he actually the very first Black Panther comics I read or the first series that I collected was the series that started in 1998 and that was called the client to me that’s still one of the best Black Panther comics and it’s when he comes to America and he runs into my beast oh and that’s the comic that introduces Everett Kaye Ross I believe and I like he does he loses his pants and like the running gag throughout the whole arc is how he lost his pants and everything like that it was just hilarious he’s a funny character I hope he’s funny in this because he is a great you know foil to Black Panthers straight man yeah when they’re together we we definitely get some great shots of like the world of Wakanda during what’s why am i blinking on the actor’s name chadwick boseman no golem crap Andy Serkis out during Andy Serkis is kind of like when he’s talking about what Kahn do we get some really interesting shots of just like that world yes like a secret hidden world yeah that first scene of the waterfalls yeah it’s just gorgeous it’s like whoever that is I want to go I remember like it’s thinking what kind of was gorgeous at the end of Civil War when we just got like the like a briefest glimpse of the jungle you have the jungle with it like the tiger or the Panama stretching and that was pretty cool it looks like this is just like a really really interesting world yeah and the fact that like it’s like hidden from the rest of the world is a neat concept I think that being said though I do think that some of the shots were one of the things that bothered me about the trailer was that his his voiceover didn’t really always match up with what we were seeing visually Oh Klaus yes his cloth yeah yeah Josie’s closet right that’s his name yeah um I guess so I didn’t really get that impression but I mean when he’s like in the tree and like he’s taking out those guys which was the core but he’s not talking over that part at the beginning so it was a look at what it does so that whole scene right there what he’s setting up is in in continuity claw visited Wakanda for the first time went to Chaco was king and he’s the one who ends up killing tataka I don’t think that’s in the comics in the comics yeah I actually and we know that that’s not the case in the movies right it’s not a spoiler because it was in Civil War he to chuck it died in Civil War right so the scene where you know he so he’s explaining what Wakanda is in Martin Freeman is like listening I don’t know if he knows the truth or not great I think he’s lying I think he knows what what Conda really is otherwise why would he be there I prepare white black panther be behind the right exactly the window right exactly but the scene where where Klaus says I’m the only one that’s have seen it and gotten out live and in it in a flash I think it’s a flashback and you see the the guards and and they look like kind of Desert Storm kind of like early 90s type car uh military type guys with their vehicles and everything and they hear this noise and they shine the light and they see this dog which threw me off for a second actually the first time I saw the preview because I thought maybe it was a reference to the the white the dogs of war which are wakandans secret police they’re they dress as white white wolf basically is that the leader he’s a he’s a black panther bad guy kind of white wolf he’s he leaders or please believe he’s the leader of the they’re called the hot to Sarah’s a and there’s a white dogs of war there what kind of secret please so I thought maybe that was reference to that I might be a little Easter eggs kind of thing because the white dog and and then they look up into the tree and they see Black Panther yeah and now he is wearing the same costume that he wore in civil war it’s not the same costume that he’s wearing later on in this trailer huh so my impression is that this is - Chaka up in the tree or really he had kicking their asses huh and this is this basically cause flashback like he was part of this group or something he and he ends up escaping that’s cool that’s interesting so I think well T’Challa wore his father’s armor in the Civil War movie huh that’s what my impression is there’s a lot of scenes we’re like it’s kind of hard like there’s some things where it shows like Wakanda is like this really futuristic flying car kind of like civilization and other scenes where it seems very you know like tribal yeah it seems like it’s like a really diverse nation it is and so I couldn’t elegy if you know things were sat in the past or or you know there were just it’s not set in the futuristic city right or you know um well that’ll all be made clear during the movie there is a scene where he’s coming out of the the what Condon tellin fighter he’s going down the steps but he’s not wearing his black panther garb and when I say he I mean T’Challa he’s holding his shield and he’s walking out into the waters it’s like I guess the ceremonial it’s where the ceremony that the king crowning ceremony takes place anyway and he looks up the coronation yes coronation he sees all the people up on the cliff side all those different all the different color garb and everything like that there are many different tribes that live within Wakanda and it’s very factional like their representatives for me to try anything like that and you’ll see that later in the in the throne room yeah but they’re all there to kind of see this ceremony but to become King you can’t just become king and yes I mean like he’s it’s his hereditary right I guess to become king but you still had to pass a series of tests and I think that’s what he’s doing here you have to basically go through a trial of combat I think he had to pass the series that’s just to become black panther I’d like Civil War kind of they didn’t really well adhere to that because even the costume right away right so maybe their reception care that you need to pass the series of tests to become king but not necessarily to put on the Black Panther costume that’s not known if that was kind of like a blasphemy type thing to put on the Black Panther without officially being king or maybe this movie takes place during the middle of civil war I don’t know honestly I kind of hope that’s the case because I don’t want black panther to have like all of his abilities um but before he goes through these trials I think he earns his abilities through these trials during the time of civil war he most definitely has already taken the heart shape herb that kind of enhances his speed reflexes and strength yeah because you see him running right and keeping up with you know Captain America and Bucky right also been Jim it genetically enhanced so yeah it comes to be why is it’s hard to tell exactly where this takes plate when this takes place yeah but it was also later on in this teaser it looks like kilgrave could I say kilogram and make a longer kill monger is fighting to chala in the same place and I think the heat is part of the trial by combat test I really that child has to go through the mask that he wears when he like blows up the wall that that Andy Serkis is characters in isn’t this so cool that’s a cool man like when I saw that I was like yes like this perfectly perfectly represents like the style of a kind of kind of like this futuristic African like I almost thought of like like steampunk but with like tribal like tribal Punk yeah almost rival [ __ ] yeah it doesn’t just invented work but it doesn’t quite apply because like the whole concept of steampunk is like machinery that is typically you know that is run by electricity in our day run by steam like fantasy much like Ziggler branding yeah same thing with diesel punk now they don’t have machines here that are run by tribal magic or anything like that it’s not like the hood well I don’t think tribal Punk is like the the precise term but it’s almost like tribal futurism and yeah that’s what I call it yeah that’s that’s the vibe that I get from from Koga as a mask you see him carrying like this future like this modern futuristic gun but also wearing this tribal thing I think is a cool kind of dynamical ascetic yeah greatest did you think it Michael B Jordans hair well kill monger in the comics has dreads and so I I was like I didn’t think that they would give Michael B Jordan dreads yeah but they did but they didn’t do it like in the long hair style right they did it in like this kind of hip to the side to the side up kinda it’s almost like the like if you cross dreadlocks with a man bun that’s what you get in the front it’s interesting to say the least I think it looks kind of cool on him I don’t know if it’s the music that kind of makes me think like maybe I got that Anna Lysa music yeah the music is fantastic what would like the the other showing the opening title which by the way I noticed is not like like the kind of grungy kind of I don’t have know how to describe it typeface or word mark that they had released previously it was it was very much like the the titles from the comic book just very like sleek and sharp and yet old when those titles came up just like flashes of like light with the music as a Kashia this is dope I like that rhythm that they have on and yeah I like that a lot good just good like ambience and it came right after that bat is that cold scene of him flipping on auto car off the flipping car that was cool yeah yeah there was like a purple energy like right before he did that yeah I don’t know what that was I don’t know if it was the EMP blast I don’t think it was because it blew up the car basically it was more like a energy bomb yeah kind of so he has like uh and I he has like energy daggers right in the comics yes he does yeah he he has like energy darts and daggers that he can give different settings anywhere from like non-lethal to stun to lethal and he can track those energy signatures on people on what’s called a kimono card it’s kind of like a smartphone kind of thing but it’s a card slot Center so he’s very tech based and so yeah this could easily just be like some kind of energy bomb that he deploys it’s it’s totally something I you know I think he he has like EMP technology he has like a series of gadgets but they’re all kind of I want to say they’re as varied as like say Batman’s utility belt like he can’t pull out like a grapple hook or like that shark repellant things like that it’s all basically vibranium and energy-based weapons which I think will surprise people I think is I think it’s really cool he’s a cool character he’s so cool he’s like I hate to say this but he’s like he’s like Batman on steroids a little bit we got a message from a fan on Instagram who messaged us and said who would win between Batman and Black Panther and Sam kind of hesitant to do that fight because because Black Panther would win because a Black Panther has the edge in terms of Technology in terms of lethality and in a little bit physically they’re about the same physics physically wise yeah I’m it’s pretty peak human yeah but resources like Black Panther has endless resources he controls an entire nation and everything I have yet to see Batman not be able to afford something black panther I have to say is so much more wealthy Linlin Otis Wayne because of the vibranium yes he’s by far the richest man in Reverse he is I did but then I can’t can’t can’t come close to two Black Panthers riches you know some of the we will have a black panther fight eventually as some of these matches like we do scheduled down the road I think we’re not doing it until like the episode before the Black Panther movie comes out next year yeah we’re happening Kim against famine he’s gonna go up against Black Manta yeah which i think is appropriate also because Black Manta has a film coming out next year as well right so yeah it’ll be a good one a few more notes on the trailer we see kill monger rescue claw from his interrogation yeah so it looks like they’re working together it is apt so the story behind kill monger is that his kill monger his father was taken as a slave of cloth when cloth first invaded Wakanda oh why is he helping well basically the family was exiled for helping claw even though there were slaves I don’t know how to explain it okay but they were basically exiled from Wakanda and claw Arco monger grew up in America and he he went to some Ivy League school I forgot what it was but you were really smart when black panther joined the Avengers kill monger reached out to him said you know this is my case we were exiled by you know my father was taken as a slave it’s not her fault so by Panther sent him back to Wakanda but the whole time Kumar resented to chala the darrell family and he kind of like took over this whole village in that village like a town of Wakanda and named it after himself and and he has you basically he synthesized a synthetic version of the heart-shaped herb that gives Black Panther his powers yeah and so he has the same powers basically he’s just super smart he’s a cool character I mean I’ve never seen him in the comics did he wear a mask like that I know that reminiscent no costume and he won’t wear that mask for the majority of the movie I think that mask was just meant for that particular heist yeah so yeah we see the Doral melash a weekend two of them we see what’s her name from Walking Dead Pete and Yellin oh no that’s a different actress ident Danai gurira I think it’s raining for gurira that’s right I figured her name in Walking Dead she has a samurai though samurai blade great yes okay when she plays a KO yay and actually her and Lupita Nyong’o is character she plays Nakia those two were the dorm Ellijay that accompanied him in in that story that in the arc that I was talking about that introduced Everett kay Ross uh-huh they were the two doormen lodging what ended up happening there is Mephisto put two chala under kind of like a spell and basically the the dorm elevator his they are his guards but they’re also his betrothed the whole story they were behind it yet the whole story behind it is that each tribe tribal section of Wakanda has a female representative that is basically but rose to black panther they’re all basically his like potential wives huh and whichever one he marries that’s the one that get that that tribe gets the influence huh in in in the government in the government yes basically do you understand that that’s cool yes so there was potential wives mephisto in the arc that I read put him under his spell he ended up kissing Nakia by accident he didn’t mean to because he tries not to show favoritism yeah oh and I’m just as all the other one yeah yeah he tries not to show favoritism to avoid like starting a a tribal war kind of bigger in his kingdom but he ends up kissing her and he kind of spurned her he’s like it was an accident she kind of goes she becomes obsessed with him it kind of goes crazy and she becomes a bad guy later on that’s cool yeah that’s a spoiler maybe um I don’t know that’s just what happens in the comics huh but Ocoee Michonne’s character then deny yeah yeah whether she’s a lot more level-headed she’s a lot more she understands what’s going on basically she’s not as emotional necessarily she doesn’t like she’s not obsessed with T’Challa she kind of understands what the game is so I think the whole appeal behind Black Panther is that to be a world leader and I don’t care what country or part of you have to make moral concessions because the good is not always black and white you know um and the he’s such an idealist he I mean he’s a realist but he also has idealistic values they kind of put each other at odds he never likes to make the wrong decision and what’s cool about the character is that he typically makes the right political decision no matter what the situation is no matter what moral odds his company comes up against and I think that kind of goes in with the line that is said in this trailer where he says it is hard for a good man to become King to be king and I think that that references this whole thing that to you know to be a politician is being good and bad as always so black and white and because he thought it was a good line he always tries to be he tries to be good in every instance and you can always do that a political leader so yeah that’s what I’m trying to say hopefully I didn’t put my foot in my mouth but honestly he just made the movie like way more interesting for me really I’d like yeah if it’s gonna be like this political it just adds like another interesting layer to it I think yeah I’m looking forward to it for sure yeah I guess few other quick notes we see his mom it looks like there may be my guess is that kill monger maybe takes over what content in exile is the royal family or something like that because we see Angela Bassett his mom character ended in his sister Cherie who is a brilliant inventor you see her using that like some some Panther gun tech that she created it was interesting yeah that’s his sister she becomes black panther for a while in the comics as well sure she were like a white suit didn’t she no no it wasn’t Blackman someone else yeah man um she she had the same fight training as her brother did don’t everything like that so she’s actually a successor to the throne but uh so in their party up in the mountains and what Khan did mountains up in the snow and that’s where many lives that’s what the tribe that he’s in charge of the mountain tribe huh so that’s how manny plays into this whole thing too I think so I know this I forgot about that character yeah he’s in here too what else do we see I think that’s pretty much it we see Zuri played by Forest Whitaker does not look like anything I thought he would look like he was there so Whitaker is in this movie yeah he’s the guy we’re in the purple robe he’s a if you want to come look at my screen he has all these dots on his face and don’t ever sing that in the trailer I didn’t recognize Forest Whitaker though yeah is all these dots on his face and what they’re doing here basically is they’re preparing they’re doing the ceremony where they prepare the heart-shaped herb to give to the Black Panther King huh so it’s to be the Black Panther is not just to be a hero or to be the King it’s also to be it’s their spiritual leader as well yeah it’s a they have like they pray to like the spirit animals and the Black Panther spirit is the most powerful of them according to another religion so um so cool so fascinating yeah the throne room you see all the different tribes it looks like all the different tribes were different colors like a mountain tribe wears like white furs like man ape and then there’s the the river tribe I think there were like blues and greens and that’s the guy who has the big thing in his yeah like like disc and let this goes look yeah so but it’s cool like that’s another like tribal he was like he has that that thing which is which is a tribal element but he also were is wearing this these sleek modern clothes so it’s like the tribal modernism kind of yes so cool so cool looking forward to this movie a lot yeah but I think that’s all I have to say about it I think we touched on everything really was the whole the Delory Dorie Milan Durham illogic Durham melange man yeah those are his car I thought there was an interesting concept just because like when you think of like African cats like the females are the ones who like you know hunting packs and stuff like it and the male’s just sort of like you know it’s like one male to / pride yeah pretty much well so now it’s a go it’s a good parallel yeah they’re kind of like Amazon’s they’re thorough and yeah yeah sunset it’s a cool connection so you’re looking forward to this movie even more yeah for sure for sure yeah I mean it’ll be cool I can’t wait Bama is way cooler than Black Panther but easy though easy little yeah all right after the next bit of news yeah so um this is interesting and I’m not sure how I feel about it and kind of mixed on it so Joss Whedon has brought Danny Elfman on board to compose music for the reshoots I think it’s kind of unclear as to whether he’s completely replacing junkie XL antonius Hulkenberg as the composer for the entire film or just these specific scenes that are being brief shot it might be like a collaboration kind of like what Danny Elfman did on Avengers age of Ultron again a guy named Tyler I just learned about that I had no idea that I thought he was like the main composer for Avengers no no the heat tag teamed it with Brian Tyler I think and they actually was more like a 60/40 split I think Danny Elfman only did about 40% of that movie really Brian Tyler did the majority of that movie I think was Brian Tyler I should probably look that up I I do like what junkie XL and um Hans Zimmer have done with this with the music for the characters so that’s that’s why I’m torn on this I don’t I don’t want the fact that junkie XL was just sort of like oh I’m I don’t know if he was just like dis Maspeth I can’t even kill that feeling really I think no joke EXO he teamed up with Hans Zimmer remember Superman right so I bet you it’s the same type of thing here where they’re just kind of playing off of each other kind of here yeah like where he is happy he has stuff written but then like guy Alvin will kind of expand upon that kind of thing I do have to say it said Tom Zimmer isn’t doing superhero movies anymore apparently yeah it would be a fascinating fascinating thing to hear a new Batman score from Daniel I don’t know man I’m like the Batman theme that they that they did in Batman for Superman so that wasn’t a drunk he did is it did junkie do that with the aigis Hans Zimmer said he wasn’t going to do it he did the Dark Knight okay yeah so it’s junkies yeah I looked at a name um it is it is good okay I just I mean Danielson he’s Batman same yoga theme is super iconic is classic it for sure almost as classic as the the old fermenting yeah so is it just that notion just like gives me tingles to hear a new Batman theme from from Dennis I don’t know I don’t know if you would do it he was kind of faced with like the same problem as Hans Zimmer was when he was like oh I tried a new score for the same character right who knows maybe a man is involved in a of the reshoots I have no idea but we’ll see I do like Danny Elfman as a composer he’s a great composer and I guess I think you for me he’s almost he’s almost very defined by the 90s I think yeah I go and I think at Danny laughs when I think back and I think that I’m saying a whole bunch of like all timber and stuff yeah Edward Scissorhands or Scissorhands yeah good stuff good stuff but it definitely has his own voice yeah you know and I don’t I don’t remember age of Ultron all that well I don’t remember necessarily hearing that I could hear it you could yeah okay there’s a part of the Dyke sounds buried it kind of reminded me I was like oh that kind of sounded like the old spider-man theme from Sam Raimi spider-man uh-huh but I was like it’s that’s when I had a hunch that Danny Elfman did part of it and then I look it up and then yay it’s true I was actually kind of surprised that you even came on board to do I mean if it’s if it’s just for the reshoot that he was like you know small work although I like read recently they he’s doing a lot of small work now like he’s doing like indie films and only charging them like a dollar as long as you get to keep the rights to his musics because I guess he doesn’t like it for all the big films whose Donny has I’ve been able to keep those rights okay um so yes sir he’d get that money yeah from when they’re used in other stuff yeah that’s a good idea of yeah yeah um so I yeah again don’t know how I feel but I’m definitely interested in hearing how how involved he will be yeah I mean if it’s something like just Whedon bringing a board Danijela in to score the entire filming and kick and they’re kicking junkie XL out I can’t imagine that he would do that without consulting Zack Snyder I know I don’t think it’s a power play like some people are trying to make it seem yeah I think it’s I think it’s more diplomatic than that I don’t think he would do it without Zack Snyder’s permission and or blessing well that brings up the question of like how much involvement does the Exide are still have in the film how much input does he have in Joss Whedon’s decisions well we know he’s still active on Twitter just by taking a break good Twitter and bureau yeah yeah he’s been answering like fans questions and stuff like that which is pretty cool yeah pretty cool of him I gotta test the time so mail yeah can’t be depressed around yeah I’m sure he wants to work yeah so all right is that up for that news yeah yeah all right x-men Dark Phoenix I’ve got a ton of news about this this past week yeah oh nice news I was concerned because it’s kind of coming close to the time where they should be announcing the catch and everything like that and sure enough like clockwork II the the news started pouring out yeah I think one of the biggest headlines is that Simon Kinberg is returning or not returning well he’s returning to the franchise but he’s directing for the first time here yeah I don’t think those big news I think a lot of people said ah I guess it’s a scary is a new rumor I didn’t it scary well it was rumored but it was also it wasn’t confirmed and now it’s been confirmed that he is directing which has to be nervous because this is this is I feel like this is the x-men movie that I’ve been waiting for this entire time really is kind of an ideal x-men very fantastical feeling because it seems like they’re going in space or at least aliens are coming to earth yeah you know and we’ve been talking about this I feel like for the past few episodes where I’m like nineties x-men in space right and it finally happened right I got so excited and they’re like MBA who’s never directed before his director let me Ken Berg is directing he has directed before oh he directed the Fantastic Four reboot reshoots what did you see the II didn’t see the fantastic I never sought fan for stick sense for stick I’ll to show it to you sometime I do own it just because they own all of them not to see other get your impression of what this means that he directed feel like because to me they didn’t feel good I don’t feel good about this too much and it’s hard to say whether or not that’s more has more to do with that troubled production or his vision as a director uh-huh it’s hard to tell the beyond the whole Simon Kinberg directing x-men thing the other news to me is exciting Jessica Chastain is apparently in final talks to play princess lilandra of the Shiar Empire yeah who if you know from the cartoon and if you know from the comics this year is one of the three biggest alien races out there in the universe among the Korean the scrolls and they took a huge entry in stopping the the Phoenix worse yet you already have the the Cree in the Marvel movies I was gonna say it’s curls but not yet no no no yeah they’re probably saving those yeah so so what we have here is an alien story I they’re they’re coming to earth it sounds like from some of the delete transcript of the audition tapes there you have a Lian’s talking about earth and whether or not they’re dangerous and like yeah you know the you know the Phoenix forces here and a paraphrasing but that was basically the gist of it I do hope that Jessica Chastain gets the role I think she would be good for it when I first heard that she was being considered and they were also talking about generally yeah like I had thought that just because Jessica Chastain would also make a great Jean Grey I thought like they were recasting sophie Turner and just like an older role she would have been perfect Jean Grey yes but if the whole franchise would have timed out right for him yeah she is ideal for that character I think she has all the the traits of a good Jean Grey you know but I mean Sophie Turner’s young because she’s not bad we’ll see where this goes it’s gonna be 10 years later lilandra of course is one of the love interests of Professor X so I’m wondering what’s going to happen with Moira MacTaggert I guess she’s not going to come back although she who’s anxious to please her Oh God I can add Rembrandt you know what it is Ben that’s what something that’s yelling at us right now so I am guessing where it had McTaggart not going to be in the next film and and lilandra’s going to supplant her as the love interest for Professor X because that’s how it wasn’t a comic state they work together uh-huh Rose Byrne Rose Byrne yes thank you for looking that up she’s a great actress yes by the way no disrespect the the third part of the news that came out for the the the x-men story is that me this is the biggest surprise is that Jennifer Lawrence James McAvoy Michael Fassbender nicholas hoult and all the other Alexander shape who played storm so if you’re turner who plays phoenix ty shared and you play Cyclops Kodi smit-mcphee who plays in that color yeah all those guys are going to be returning yeah I didn’t hear any word about the actor that plays Quicksilver though yeah me neither or [ __ ] I I would like to see Olivia Munn come back as much as I didn’t really like her portrayal in x-men apocalypse I think it was had more to do with that she wasn’t given much to do as opposed to you know yeah anything else I had a Peter dad acting Megan commercial yeah I ever heard anything about Evan Peters so all the cancers coming back do you think he’d be coming back because like they totally left his relationship with magneto unresolved right when they could have they could have they should have they could resulted in that movie but like I hey I’m your son but they got studied cameras on yeah we did you still have a family right so at the end of x-men apocalypse they’re in pretty much kind of their 90’s x-men outfits I hope that carries forward in this one I hope they at some point include the  would be fantastic that would be cool hope we get that you know that you know the Blackbirds had a gift back again and everything excited it could have the potential to be the best x-men movie as long as you take out Jennifer Lawrence know she’s coming back yeah I was at first when I saw that I was kind of bummed because I kept I was hoping that we were done with mystique especially since she was like the leader of the team at the end of Apocalypse yeah and I that kind of rubs me the wrong way because she’s you know a bad guy bad guy and it feels I feel like Jennifer Lawrence has so much influence over how the characters portrayed as far in so much as far as her heroism and her appearance like not having the blue skin for a majority of that last film mm-hmm so I don’t know how I felt about her coming back her star is somewhat diminishing like her last few movies haven’t gone as many returns right at typically do yeah so maybe that’s why she’s she’s signing on to maybe a new contract or at least this film yeah to come back so because they are big movies I’m glad McAvoy is coming back we get the the bald professor Eck’s suite yeah it has the potential to be the best which I don’t know what I’m excited for a lot of us characters populace was kind of not good the movie so that’s true the characters it’s all about the characters can be interesting yes too bad wool rains that around anymore um but I think yeah don’t don’t like recast him in this movie or anything just give him a break for a while yeah yeah so what I’m thinking so is the movies going to be set in 1991 we learned that mm-hmm they’ve also that’s when Gimli redesigned the excellent costumes to what they were in the night and the xvr tune yeah but I’ve also heard rumors that like like Dazzler characters like the Gansler I don’t want that she’s such a 80s character right yes yeah like Dazzler Sunfire mimic and all yeah yeah yes and mimic a mimic was created by the cartoon I believe right I he was yeah but they called him morph morph yeah yeah morph was inspired by mimic from comics okay yes right um I think no that was changeling what am I thinking maybe we could somebody else mimic is he’s typically represented as like having the visor of Cyclops on the right of our Gator on the beast and things like that you know I think no morph was I think specifically the one that was referenced so I think they are looking to the cartoon for for inspiration oh really yeah I wouldn’t mind seeing Sunfire he’s a character I’ve always wanted to see in the x-men universe yeah that’d be cool he’s really cool so uh we’ll see where this goes it’s kind of a there’s a lot of exciting news here and there’s some kind of some bummer news here there’s only one bummer thing I think it was a big hole director it’s a big one it’s the biggest look at all I’ll have to show you plaintiff or stick at least some scenes of it and we’ll get your impression on that okay so all right well I think that does it for all the news let’s go ahead and get into the cyborg versus Iron Man fight and see who would win do it all right cyborgs versus Iron Man the two like biggest technological Titans of the respective universe this is going to be a good match yeah a few a listers I don’t know how else to follow up one urban versus Thor yeah it was a good way to do that I think I mean you know Iron Man has a movie coming out in a few weeks a few a month month away and cyborg is laid around this bolt here so that really his movie so much as spider-man’s but he’s gonna play special role in it I guess yeah and then separate does have Justice League later on yeah yeah most they’re both playing kind of came that cameo cameo roles supporting role porting girls there you go maybe later on this year so I don’t know honestly I have no idea who’s gonna be like the protagonist of Justice League for all we know like it may be cyborgs origin story although yes you can’t really do that because you sort of already showed some of that in Batman vs Superman right yeah who knows I don’t know much about cyborg so I’m interested in learning about him I think I think a lot of and honestly I didn’t either I didn’t read you know any of the old Teen Titans French stories and you know I definitely I’ve been keeping up with him since the new 52 though so that’s the angle I’m going to take in when I go over his bio but before that we’re going to do Ironman yeah and again if this is your first time listening to to one of our episodes what we do with these these battles is after we go over like a profile history super-powered breakdown of each character we we discuss like a hypothetical battle between the two but yeah how we think it’ll go yeah and then after that we collect these stats of we collect stats from the Marvel power grid if you’re familiar with tides is these official statistics they that go over each character’s you know strength levels and speed levels and intelligent levels and we extrapolate DC stats based off of those same factors and then we compare their sets in in these battle simulations using the Monte Carlo method which is a probabilistic model used to determine a variety of outcomes right and again like we don’t there isn’t just one battle there’s a thousand of them so we declare the winner of our match based on who won a majority of lives yeah it’s all based on science and math like so like there are other channels that do this like the rows of the supercar beat down yeah they do like live-action role-playing kind of thing yes I did buy the fan vote the fan votes and then you have like things like death battles and like the comic line battles but those are bet based basically off of their greatest feats you’re taking the character at their absolute supreme greatest power like when and we all know that like plot and do stupidity is a factor in in some of these some of their greatest feats you know you can a character can’t be them best selves 100% of the time otherwise they would be unstoppable right so what we do is we set up in our monte carlo method in our model there’s a standard there’s a standard deviation which represents the character at the worst and at the low end is the character at the horse and a scientist the character at their best and so we run a bunch of points within that range it’s a bell curve so basically what we offer to you is the most accurate results of who would win just short of you know the character is actually being real and actually fine there you go great yeah the closest simulation to that so all right so let’s get into it them yes let’s start off with iron man okay so iron man’s profile Anthony Tony Stark has been described as a future man trapped in the now his brilliant rational mind often compromises his idealistic values and he’s often resorted to morally questionable methods to achieve the greater good a douchebag kind of but like he was kind of a douchebag he has an ego to him but he’s also very prone to guilt and depression he’s an alcoholic and he often tries to counteract a lot of this this negative emotion with a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm he is one of the greatest intellects in the moral universe which he carries us both a gift and a burden because the truth isn’t always it doesn’t cook it isn’t jive well with such a logical realistic mind sighs basically so Tony is the adopted son of Howard and Maria Stark Howard was a renowned weapons manufacturer who worked on the Manhattan Project and pounded Stark Industries he brought baby Tony home after he and his wife Maria learns that they were unable to conceive that’s right he was adopted yes it was that like that’s a is that recent transporation yes actually yeah okay his biological parents were shield operatives is real mother Tony his mother his neighbor name was Amanda and she gave up the child after it was revealed but the father his name was Jude was a secret hi JJ secrets Hydra agent weird she had she had a kill him and then she gave us the baby okay but um so they learned there were Howard Maria learned they were unable to conceive so they adopted Tony as a child Tony was a natural recluse spending most of his early life tinkering with and building electronics and he found that like technology was easier to understand than people especially those like his father Howard who was a verbally abusive alcoholic Tony read a lot both science journalist journals and fiction fictional stories like the lore of King Arthur where he learned about honor and heroism and armored Knights age 15 he went to MIT where he double majored in physics and engineering and he graduated as the class valedictorian he kind of grew bored with how easy things were for him you know like you know he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and he has a genius IQ so important so most of his early adulthood was really self-indulgent you know booth fast cars you know best women you know he really only cared about fame and wealth but at age 21 the first major tragedy of his life struck as his parents died in a car accident so he became the new owner of stark industries and he transformed it from a strictly weapons manufacturing company to a be like a world of international corporation that led way in electronics and other scientific enterprises not just weapons one day he was out giving a demonstration on his weapons technology in an active war zone when he accidentally sent off sent to set off a booby trap that exploded and launched a piece of shrapnel in his chest next to his heart but initially this is in Vietnam but it was later retconned into the Middle East William there’s a strong time yeah he was taken captive by a terror terrorist leader named Wong Chu who ordered Tony to build him a powerful weapon in exchange for an operation that would save his life Tony knew he was lying so instead he designed an electrically powered suit of armor that had a pacemaker like device that would keep his heart beating he was assisted in the construction of the suit by another prisoner there named ho yinsen he may remember might remember from the movie hey here’s an idea even ultimately sacrificed his life to distract Wong - long enough for Tony to fully charge the suit and Tony destroyed it and escaped the terrorist base where he was held though the suits charge wasn’t enough to get him very far although he was eventually found by US Marine pilot named James Rhodes who was on a reconnaissance mission and together they made it back to the United States on it so Tony Reed when he got back home he redesigned his pacemaker which he had to wear at all times keep his heart beating and he redesigned his armor as well I was I was like a magnetic thing that like prevented the shrapnel from no that’s the movie okay good because in real life it doesn’t make sense to keep strapping a lot of your heart with a pacemaker but in the movie it was an electromagnet no hole Gary make the metal back right so okay anyway so he redesigned the pacemaker he redesigned his armor and his company Stark Industries they publicly announced the suits creation as a new weapons project which drew the attention of all sorts of shady people who thought the suit might be useful to them like rival businesses governments criminals etc shortly after the announcement he had to Don the suit to stop thieves from stealing his secrets and after throwing himself and stopping a bomb that would have killed one hundred like hundreds of people he found his purpose as a superhero and decided to keep the suit for himself out of evil hands to retain his anonymity Tony fabricated a story for the press the Iron Man was actually just his hired muscle a personal bodyguard and only his closest confidence such as happy Hogan his Shepherd chauffeur and Pepper Potts his personal assistant knew the truth that he was actually the man in the Ironman suit at first Tony just battled threats to his company but he later expanded his role as a protector of America and the world he helped found shield which of course is Marvel’s you know what shield isn’t he another founder of shield he helped found it yeah I thought shield was older than him no it was not okay and he was also a founding member of the Avengers long as I thought ant-man wasp and Hulk as time went on Tony continued to making improvements to excuse technology including its offensive capabilities going from a bulky transistorized suit I don’t know if you’ve seen his old yeah armor in the comics is really bulky but he went to a sleeker one with integrated circuits and repulsors okay great mm-hmm if 20 is a founder of shield does that mean Nick Fury works for him Nick Fury also helped found shield okay he’s not the only found he I said he helped found it okay so but event at one point in the comics tony was the head of shield it was actually it was booking before the was after the Civil War event okay so he also improved his suiting up procedures for a long time for armor was commonly carried around in a briefcase but Tony later upgraded to alternate methods such as special bracelets that could signal the armor to come to him company wise he closed the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries due to a moral concerns despite making so many events advancements in many aspects of his life like with his armor and his company but here he was he was a severe alcoholic at one point his addiction was so bad that he lost control of his company to shady entrepreneur Obadiah Stane who became the Iron Monger he had all of his suits destroyed except for one and his best friend Rhodey had to take over as Rodie became especially skilled at using the suits or Antonio eventually got sober he created the war machine armor for him that was the whole demon in the bottle storyline great he later formed a new company called Stark Enterprises after Stark Industries went under under Obadiah and strike enterprises that’s where his his plans were stolen by business rival Justin Hammer who interned equipped all of Tony’s adversaries with their own Iron Man suits in an event called armor wars have you heard of that yeah our roars which forced Tony to create an even more technologically advanced food to defeat them all at one point Tony’s Iron Man armor became so advanced that during a fight with whiplash the armor became sentient moving get thinking on its own while Tony was in it the armor straight murdered whiplash and left Tony on a deserted island to die I totally forgot about that yeah when when the sentient armor came back to the island to check on him Tony had rigged a bunch of booby traps and he’s kind of like home alone to the island and he was able to damage the armor but not nearly enough the armor was too advanced and it nearly killed killed him so like about to die Tony suffered a massive heart attack and the armor suddenly had like a change of heart towards it’s like creator and he replaced Tony’s pacemaker with his own robotic heart so at this point Tony had a robot heart which he still needed to power I think I’ve got to stop that like you doctor like located plug is I think I remember seeing been the comics yeah yep so barely recently Tony injected himself with the extremis virus which was a nanite based Super Soldier Serum created by Maya Hansen and Aldrich Killian you might remember from elementary originally granted powers of strength speed a healing factor and electricity generation that’s what the guys would have when they would take extremists yeah but Stark improved it to also allow him to house his armor as nanites inside of his body he’s like a cyborg yeah yeah pretty much like a lot of them it allowed him to connect to external communications systems such as like phones computers satellites with just his mind so in a sense yeah he did turn himself into kind of like a technopathic cyborg though which I okay I thought it was brilliant in a real few turistic way to upgrade them honestly like I’ve heard before that like smartphones will eventually evolve to more practical devices like glasses like Google glass and like watches and stuff and then eventually implants so to me this is very in keeping with the futuristic aspect of the character because like it would be easy for him to be like oh I could see satellites through my special high-tech glasses but it’s more futuristic for him to be like like to see through satellites with my eyes is okay so these are still kind of themes I’ll touch on inside work as well but like is he still human yeah okay all right so well yeah during the events of Civil War Tony revealed as a secret identity to the public and led the heroes on the pro registration side of the battle after afterward during the secrets : vision he lost his extremis abilities due to an alien virus no but after Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign he had his brain rebooted to its pre extremist state in order to purge all the superhero Registration Data he created a new company called stark resilience and created the bleeding edge armor which was like extremists and that it internalized and gave him command to four point six trillion microbots that made up to his suit and could perform functions like attacking tracking and hacking it was powered by the comics version of an arc reactor which is called a repulsor techno so they brought that technology they took the technology that was in the movie and they later brought it to the comics okay but instead of an arc reactor it’s called arc t technology repulsor tech where did they get the arc reactor name in the movie I don’t know it’s a good name though I think so basically Tony with the bleeding edge he went back tended to like the extremists thing where it was nanites in his body that he could bring about and he still has it be they basically brought back those powers there it just wasn’t the extremis virus it was the suit of armor all his armors since the bleeding-edge armor have been powered by repulsor technic repulsor technology including his latest armor model of 51 that’s his latest one which is another nanite base suit but one that is stored in his watch instead of his body and it houses the artificial intelligence called and that’s the one you’ll be wearing for this fight is our model 51 so as far as his powers go go it’s a long list so his armor capabilities include enhanced strength in excess of 100 tons he’s able to lift enhance speed he could go up to Mach 8 flight enhance durability life support systems remote communications access as well as a dozen Swiss Army that’s worth of offensive and defensive capabilities offensively he has the uni-beam which is this powerful focused laser that she’s out of his chest I had the repulsors which he can set to different strength levels that shoots out of his his hands he has EMP blast switch disable electronics he has a tractor beam he has smart missiles that lock him at targets he has plasma cannons energy blades which he can kind of pull out from his wrist I think I’ve ever seen though yep he has sonic waves like sonic cannons particle laser beams grappling cables okay you’ve made your point system hacking probes magnetic polarization temperature control he has tasers regular munitions and things that are called pulse ball pulse bolts which are like plasma ball defensively is threat analysis and targeting kick track up to 60 targets at a time he has self repair systems since the armor is made out of nanites it can repair itself he has anti-intrusion systems both physical and digital so anti hacking and anti you know like shrinking and going into it here’s a zero point energy shield it’s like a force field yeah like a green lantern kind of bubble right yeah that’s [ __ ] no he shouldn’t be able to create constructs energy construe it’s just a shield it’s an energy shake he’s had an energy shield for forever man again whatever uh he has shockwave and sonic defense it’s like counter vibration he has invisibility holographic image inducer what yes energy absorption you can absorb heat you can absorb energy and redirect it through the new beam is EMP defense and it’s like Faraday cage type technology and he is a has an energy / frequency cloak which renders him invisible to technology and I think that’s just like half of what you can do so you are basically effed in the a but you talk about DC characters being overpowered all the time um you can [ __ ] yourself Iron Man oh well I you know this it was still not Green Lantern Green Lantern is way over powered I’m guessing plant work is as powered as Iron Man though I don’t think his list of abilities and powers and technologies as extensive no it’s definitely not um but let’s go into that shall we harness ok so again very when not familiar with the character of cyborg since he really hasn’t been considered an a-list character until relatively recently you could sort of view him like you would the thing from the Fantastic Four oh really yeah he’s a sympathetic figure who didn’t ask for powers and sort of struggles with self-identification as a monster but instead of having the body made of stone like the thing cyborg has body made of the most advanced technology in the universe ok so before he would cyborg he was Victor stone a star football player from Detroit who’s up lettuce ism was underappreciated by his father Silas stone an esteemed metahuman scientist for STAR Labs who was unimpressed with uh some physical feats when compared to the godlike beings he studied there’s the irony and that Silas didn’t become interested in his son until he was forced to turn him into something more than human after a boom tomb blasted his subway a boom tube I they said boom tomb this is a boom tube blasted his son Victor point blank what is a boom tube so boom tubes or portals used by an advanced godlike race the new gods yet yeah so this portal opened up during one of their arguments and during a simultaneous parademon invasion boom tubes can be generated by mother boxes which are these small sentient supercomputers used by the new gods the boom tube that obliterated most of Victor’s body was generated by a mother box Silas was studying at the time and I brought ton of parademons with it who began attacking STAR Labs in order to save his son’s life Silas rushed his sons dissolving the body into a top-secret research location within STAR Labs solving yeah it was just like slowly like crisping you just look from the hood like this red glowing burning energy that that sort of like erupted from the boom tube when I first opened so he took his son to to the Red Room now the Red Room contained a collection of the most advanced and dangerous technology with human and alien that has ever been created or encountered on earth Silas used that technology to repair and create recreate his son’s body reconstructing missing and damaged sections with promethium with four medium skin grafts and injecting his bodily systems with nanites that could interact with assimilate and reconfigure itself into other technology so as it is a promethium nanites or just promethium skin grows its promethium skin but his like his internal like body systems are filled with with denna do you know which what parts of cyborg are still human it’s his head or at least like yes it’s had he’s like missing an eyeball and you know some of his face on the left side but I it’s like an arm a head his heart is part of his spine tragically most of Victor’s body is his machine buzzing machine so you know with this new body that was just created he was unfamiliar with it so as his like operating system sort of took over and begin began assimilating additional systems and in tech within the Red Room including a mother box which actually proved critical in Earth’s war against Darkseid and it’s parademons as it not only allowed him to create boom tubes but to intercept and interpret the invasion plan so together with Superman Batman Wonder Woman Green Lantern the flash and Aquaman cyborg ended Darkseid’s invasion and the heroes formed the Justice League so when sever isn’t saving the world he’s getting fitted with upgrades pretty regularly like sometimes having to make the tough decision whether to have his data replaced one of his last human body parts with a cybernetic one ultimately this sort of led to as I’m doing in one instance when in the midst of his upgrades and distractions about whether he was still human or a machine that thinks it is an unseen artificially intelligent virus began to evolve within a system the virus calling itself grid eventually hijacked the cybernetic portions of Victor’s body leaving him helpless with most of his body completely gone you they will survive with alpha Batman and Green Lantern and was brought to his father Silas but after seeing all the turmoil has son and gone through because of him Silas was initially reluctant reluctant to build us on a new body leaving it maybe better just to let him die peacefully without pain the Victor decided that cyber was now who he was and convinced his father to build him an even more advanced body if it having said that this time it was his choice whereas before the he like he had assimilated tech at random within the Red Room this him you got to pick and choose the tech you wanted so you got to choose things like jump jets and an EMP emitter what our jump Jets they allow them to fly before he was he was only able to teleport with boom tubes but this allows him a little bit more maneuverability okay so you know having reconciled with his father and with the sleek new upgraded body cyborg was able to more capably battle grade on at each of onto digital plane like the like the astral plane oh yeah that’s pretty cool yeah so he was able to battle him and quarantine the virus and take back control of his previously hijacked systems so now more powerful than ever he attracted the attention of cybernetic beings from another dimension known as tech breakers who actually killed cyborgs because they feared his systems were too advanced it would draw unwanted attention to his world from the cybernetic parasites known as tech sapiens well tech breakers Tech sapiens yeah VC is genius being but you know being what he is cyborgs body simply rebooted itself after death and it became apparent that he may be incapable of that the tech in his body is constantly graduelly evolving and improving over time like just naturally which is you know allows them to adapt and develop new features all the time his body is made from promethium which is nigh indestructible and regenerative it’s like like DC’s versions adamantium you see a did you say its regenerative eye yeah yeah it Coquille itself a museum yeah yeah that sounds like a metal or something IME team isn’t like liquid how does it know iam in its actual several forms so that the metal version actually starts off as a liquid which is like really looks like radioactive really unstable like alloy huh but when it’s depleted of its radiation it hardens and it becomes like unbreakable in that form you still didn’t expect is self repair no but it is also able to to like as a memory to it’s able to repair itself okay weird yeah so I like not even Superman can break depleted promethium let me say it that you said that you’ve seen Promethean break before like Deathstroke sword no I don’t wear something SERPs no there was an instance and it’s just so so dumb firestorm like think was the Obsidian Age storyline firestorm created like this ETM cage around this like ancient monster thing and it was able to break through the Permian cajun fire storms like what not even Superman can break this it was just really bad writing really stupid hmm but you know it makes cyborg incredibly incredibly durable it’s like his body is made of adamantium like to translate it into Marvel speak okay so I understand that now so you know it makes cyborg Matt just durable but also super strong um how strong I not Iron Man strong you’re damn right call Chuck is he was I think I read five tons that’s five tons yeah you get it told me 20 and I would have put it lifetime idea what I was hoping you’re gonna exit cut yeah so is it still it a still strong yeah he doesn’t need to eat drink sleep or even breathe and his human brain combined with his advanced sensors including his cybernetic eye which could feel like throughout the entire spectrum and you know everything it allows him to process information insanely fast you can teleport using boom tubes and you can fly using his jump tracks as I mentioned earlier you can interface with and assimilate any technology into his body and it how does he assimilate it like it depends on what version he’s using but like I’ve seen it depicted like these cables like shoot out of his uh of his his body and just like pull into technology I just like becomes like shifts into his his bodily form becomes a part of him but I’ve also seen it like like into the Justice League war carts uniter know if you just seen that like you just bumps into something it just like becomes a part of him it’s different so through contact yeah or cables okay yeah so and ultimately I think that’s like is sort of his biggest advantage against Iron Man is that you know you could assimilate text simile anything that and men throws at him so or can he yes he can also you know refit configure his body specifically his arms into a variety of weapons his signature want being a white noise noise disrupter which is also known about a sonic cannon you know he fires like really powerful vibrational frequencies it’s like a like a force but you could also fire energy or explosive projectiles already is that that everything cuz that’s like nothing that’s like I’m not a press yes that’s everything that’s you know is this whole thing alright well good luck in the master I don’t have much hope for you is all I’m saying so the way we imagined these fights are this the speculation battle basically a speculative battle is that they start off 50 yards apart from each other they know that each other are a threat but they don’t know anything else about each other really right the battle takes place in a no environment zone rapidly because we don’t account for environment when we take the stats it’s too much of a variable because one character could win in one environment as opposed to another right now so just imagine this environment let’s place that has a floor and the sky basically is it so yeah they start out 50 yards apart how to add to the battle start do you think all right given the nature of the characters and you know just you know the they’re clearly visibly tech characters you know I think they start off just by you know scanning and trying to hack each other yeah I think that makes sense they both have like scanning abilities and yeah threat analysis right um so I think yeah I remind was probably send out some of his nanite probes to go out and kind of yes yeah he sent his nanite probe and and start scanning cyborgs to see like what are you made out of and where his weaknesses are things like that okay yeah guess what well what’s those probes get close jump suburbs just going to assimilate them boom for the simulation oh you can’t why they’re concerned that nightstand was said to be okay yeah well I mean okay well I remind doesn’t know how you do that okay I can’t I could see him assimilating the probes but not only does he assimilate these probes from these probes he now has like his system information based on Iron Man so he has way more information about Iron Man’s capabilities and Iron Man does of his now what’s done oh great start dang that’s right the stupid assimilation thing this could be tricky okay so what okay so I think at that point once once he realizes that he’s not getting any information back he’s probably gonna realize that his probes have probably probably been compromised yes by probably a tech that he may have underestimated yeah I mean all the underestimated its tech that you Mena is gonna be able to decipher like I think I think cyber can way more easily pack into Iron Man’s armor than Iron Man can hack into cyborg just given the nature of cyborgs like alien alien element I think has more to do because because Iron Man’s armor is so advanced that it could be alien as well you know what yeah it’s that part made by a man it doesn’t matter if he’s that smart so work has a mother box embedded within him it’s like new god technology Oh mother box that’s cool it’s the Iron Man armor are you comparing the Iron Man armor to a mother box yes no you can’t do that that it when I’m that working with the mother box do that Iron Man can’t do Iron Man armor anything the mother box could almost do anything no not in cyborg can’t use it that today’s that extensively because he actually doesn’t have like the the translation because it’s just way too far advanced for him to fully utilize some other box really what he must be using this for is just bloom to creation but here’s within him and it’s not anything that Iron Man is that can it be able to hack into or anything like that okay I just way too advanced hyoeun man has hacked into futuristic technology act into technology that was brought bite by Kang the Conqueror which is you know he’s from the future he was able to hack future technology he was able to hack the technology of the Kree a lien who they have technologies that can imprison eclectus they have technology that can defend against Celestials he doesn’t even speak their language and there’s their centuries that more advanced than then human beings are and he was still able to hack them this is God technology big deal the new gods are the most powerful beings in the d nu jaj are like on the equivalent of like Eternals they’re not yeah it’s not beyond his hacking ability but even so we’re saying that he can’t hack them because cyber can assimilate it right his problems I don’t think of other boxes outside of hacking it’s matter of fact I said he used a mother box from jla/avengers story but anyway I can’t remember if that’s true or not but so here’s the thing as soon as you realize that his probes and a compromised what he’s going to do is he’s going to be like oh [ __ ] I’m mission I better shut down like all all signals both in and out of the suit you know he’s going to make sure that that he can’t use the probes to hack into his suit basically well any others do any time because there is a signal between the probes and Iron Man suit so he’s going to shut that down basically so that no one permission goes out no information gets in here something goes that December I can also interact with with technology wirelessly so during this whole fight you know it’s gonna be going on is that cyborgs digital self on the digital plane is going to be constantly chipping away at Iron Man’s defense that’s what Iron Man has Friday for so write prefer these artificial intelligence I cyborg is like actual intelligence doesn’t matter Friday is still really smart and she is his anti digital intrusion system so I mean even if cyborg if he’s just on signal from the probes and cyborg still managed to find a way to wirelessly find a way to get in if Friday is going to be there as his defense so while this physical fight is going on between cyborg and Iron Man I can see there’s also the digital battle going on at the background of it it means Friday is Friday is is has her she’s preoccupied so she can’t really help Ironman anymore in the fight she that’s fine I mean she’s doing what she was meant to be doing if she’s keeping cyborg out of his mom okay well well she’s defending a man from cyborg like digital attack guess what cyborg is also attacking physically with his trusty sonic gun Sonic’s there there very explicitly comics with his if you want Model 51 armor that Sonic’s do not harm the Model 51 armor at all because his suit is comprised of these nanites that can like counter vibrate offer counter vibration right yeah you like you suit is completely immune to Sonics and to EMP okay that’s fine okay cyborg you know blast them with his sonic gun realizes it doesn’t do anything so uses energy weapons look Iron Man has energy weapons to a matter of fact what Iron Man does next is he goes to his go to energy weapon which is are his repulsor Busters and he was just repulsed blood you know repulsor Buster’s do but there’ll again that he’s like particle beam lights like a for not energy right yeah yes bless thing and he gives such different energy levels and he just what is force going to do against energy blast well it probably people probably counteract each other probably another force against a force yeah that’s true I don’t know what happens when a force goes into an energy but I still think they would counteract each other okay that’s just how’s you typically portrayed okay basically so he’s gonna be blasting blessing blessing was with his repulsors eye and it’s going to be too much basically for cyborg to handle that work he could give as just as much as he can with okay so then okay so while they’re both blasting and cyborgs arms are you know preoccupied being blasting you know the energy cannon things yeah I am acting like multitask with his armor so while he’s using his arms like he could have his missiles come up from his forearms or from his shoulders and they shoot the sparticles that I’ll go the lock on to cyborg and they’ll go straight to them and they’ll blow up okay so what once they get close enough he’s just going to sin like those marble Candice you can i there’s smart missing you can a super missile that they don’t even need to touch them that this house missiles work like they explode in close proximity to the target and it sends like the shock wave like it’ll like it’ll like liquefy cyborgs brain what no he’s made of promethium like at the scrap nine language dance not as arm that’s that’s how missiles work it’s the concussive blast so like the cuts the blesses Phoenix the smart muscles are going to lock on the cyborgs they’re going to explode in close proximity the concussive blast is probably going to put cyborg into a coma it’s going to knock them out it’s going to rattle this brain so and then okay and then he’s unconscious and then okay he’s made of promethium so it doesn’t hurt him that much it’s gonna if it knocks him at his body is just gonna reboot his system and you know he’s constantly adapting so you know like a G’s booting up he he he goes into full armor mode so you can’t see a of his exposed body parts anymore I can’t do that again yeah she’s constantly adapting it’s what he does okay I’m good at so how is he going to adapt to a team unity MP weekends his own EMP so he’s probably so he probably does okay so what about plasma cannons when Iran shoots on with plasma cannons let me Prince back up I mean okay first of all iron man doesn’t know he’s gonna boot back up you know he probably just thinks like he just won the match and goes oh he’s merciless as soon as he sees cyborg down unconscious on the ground from the missile he’s going to go up and he’s gonna start plasma caning the [ __ ] out of him so he’s not he wasn’t do that actually you wouldn’t you probably would go to him that would be like he did it oh yeah real good thing so then that’s when iron make is a good nice sucker punch right in the face how strong is cyborg again showed up not sure I got to hurt him obviously yeah five-time looking car a punch to the face is not going to do anything okay well okay so Iron Man is still close enough if he’s going to check up on him that guess what once he gets close to cyborg said we’re just gonna start assimilating his armor ie what here’s the thing well how is he can do that explain his approach I guess so like as you know cyborgs on the ground in iron man approaches him you know the tendrils just shoot out and just start you know poles Iron Man it’s tendrils okay so I remind quickly he gets his energy blade any severs potentials these are Promethean Pendrell doesn’t matter energy blame is promethium I think adamantium their adamantium tendril okay so he is attention at that point yeah okay even if he does suffer them it’s not like sever can’t shoot out more you know that’s that’s what I earn man has his energy shield for his zero point energy shield he’ll be able to protect themselves against those Tyndall’s what is the zero point energy shield it’s just what’s called okay okay all right well so then what you know wait so you can assimilate he shoot through the shield so he’ll be blessing him through the shield with his plasma cannons with his particle laser beams his sonic waves probably won’t do anything here’s what it said work could put up a show - he puts up a boom tube and then he creates another boom tube connect to a black hole so iron man gets sucked through it okay first of all you boom tubes to a black hole first first of all yes well we said you can’t there’s no like battlefield removal because they’re in no environment basically that’s kind of what we stated with Adam strange because Adam strange can use the Zeta beams and the Adam strange versus star-lord fight or like in you can’t teleport someone off the battlefield and win because that’s the equivalent to fleeing the battle and it’s not something we can account for in stats I guess yeah so and we also said that with Thor - because I was like Oh Thor could just teleport Wonder Woman away through a portal you know yeah and you said the same thing back to me so I’m saying the same thing back to you that’s first of all second of all even if he does create a boom tube to a black hole that’s right wouldn’t it suck him into like no because it faces one way it’s a tube well okay well I mean okay so even if it is like Iron Man has his own tendrils to his own his they’re called the packing cables yeah there’s no way I rent it crap laying cables is what their camp so he would just grab him and then pull him into the boom tube with him and then at that point cyborg would turn off the boom tube okay yeah he’ll turn off but at this point he’s exposed again are you know Iron Man’s exposed again so he hits his D power his force field in order to store a power - okay the perils of force field but he grabs on to him he turns out the boob tube and he’s he’s grappling him any like he has a hold of cyborg and he’s just like using his superior hundred class ton strength to slam him around this one anytime cyborg is going to be in a bad situation in regards to Ironman strength he’s going to he’s going to teleport out of that out of that situation you can if he gets close enough teleport he wants to be a boom even if it gets close up to use of his strength again that’s when cyborg starts assimilating there’s no way Ironman can get close enough to cyber with that cyber trying to assimilate that armor he’ll get away before any serious damage is done I guess it’ll come to that like what why can’t I remand is ponch him really hard in the hip like what’s he gonna do about it because he has the the armor fully on there he’s going to take rip out even a simile he has the information on Ironman system so he knows that the arc reactor is into a Paris’s suit right right so you know he’s just the kenai reactor right that’s from the Moot what is it really called in the comics a repulsor tech note repulsor techno yes I’m going to call it an arc reactor simply holds up an arc reactor and starts a you know he started assembling it into his own body and guess what wouldn’t buy rent ISM for it like as soon as he sees that it’s like being pulled out of his like assimilated out of his body or whatever he’s going to use his his magnetic polarization to pull it back into himself what’s that work you create electromagnetic fields as well as I we fought dr. Polaris dr. Polaris is magnet magnetism powers can work against him so I mean if you think it’s counter that uses his his met his magnetic polarization to pull the arc reactor back toward him as well as his superior strength but this cyborg can’t match it just pull it back into his chest and at that point he was like oh [ __ ] this guy’s going to assimilate my my arc reactor might repulsor techno and my chest I better like use this thing I’m not [ __ ] around anymore so he he does the unibeam and his repulsors at full blast simultaneously which when he does that it creates like if I can affect it like it’s it’s a blast I can level a city block basically when he fires them both at full power at the same time and you know what that’s going to do it’s going to shoot a hole right through cyborg okay no here’s the thing though is that when Ironman took back his his arc reactor his what is it calm the repulsor tension or tech node it also took with it some of cyborgs own nanites that he’s a incorporated into as he was assimilating it so he deactivated his the I mean what that’s right no you can’t be activity what you need be what he activated the unit being capability of his arc reactor because he has there’s all the Intel on iron man iron my little Jam [ __ ] Iron Man would just reboot that backup now hey Iron Man J’s Evan know what how many lamps but the other that the other you would have man oh man sorry Nana nessam no why wouldn’t you because cyborg has all the intel on iron man he figured out a way to make his nanites invisible his technology invisible to Iron Man okay wait so okay how long does it take how long do you think it would take for those invisible nanites in Ironman system to take control of his armor what the heck oh and apply that I thought I was just shutting down or shutting down sister but it’s also how many controllers are just breaking down his arm how long do you think that we can get Intel like Iron Man’s Knights way outnumber outnumber cyborg okay that doesn’t matter if cyborgs are are not only technology logically superior because they’re you know alien and they’re all true they’re they’re also invisible so it’s like an unseen virus it’s like a cancer to system okay okay how long do you think that it would take that cancer to go into effect um because all I need is a couple seconds for what to be brilliant unibeam repulsor blasts I’m Ellie I’ve already did that yeah no they didn’t you haven’t deactivated I have yet because as soon as I said as soon as he pulled his arse are repulsive techno devaki I was just that’s when he does it as soon as he does so as he’s doing it like it’s already can Tsering it’s not known it would take long last for like one second before just like depletes and it’s like oh well as I should have taken like at least for a second okay even if his unibeam is only active for once again that’s all it needs to bust a hole through cyborg spotting there’s promethium body fully armored karate at least on it that is not as strong body yeah - nothing up now okay go so I so okay so cyber gets knocked back but guess what Iron Man still has this unknown cancer within its system so it’s still attacking the digital version of right it may be invisible at but at some point Iron Man is going to catch on that some systems aren’t working so he’s going to do a diagnostic scan and then purge the nanites that aren’t working I think I appreciate very much should we take this to the step machine sure all right let’s do that [Music] we were the machine noise the the stat machine is the machine noise alright all the servos and stuff so so after running the sets through the simulations we have come back with our results of the thousand matches and do you want to hear no do you have any kind of guesses it was it was they were similar on a lot of their stats I had to say the one thing that I had the hardest time figuring out was intelligence because yeah Tony Stark has like an above 200 level IQ yeah Victor stone was a football player I mean I’m not saying football players are dumb but I was a high school football player to high school oh yeah was the I thought he was a college football player no I mean in summer I think like in the cartoon he was college but in the comic he was he was a he was being recruited by colleges okay so he’s so fairly young yeah yeah she’s young guy but after becoming cyborg he like just on on his own well nothing he could be on his own because he’s a cyborg but he got a you know intelligence IQ level by 70 why seventy one seventy one seventy okay yes still I mean a what I think is cyborg lacks in IQ IQ I guess he can make up for in resources and that he and basically access any information that he wants to add any given I’m basilican Ironman yeah the difference is that side work has is connected to his brain at all times Iron Man doesn’t you mean the machines oh you mean the Iron Man suit connected to his brain yeah no but he still has unloaded access to resources as well you know like I instantaneously the way that cyborg does I think several could process the information quicker I think Iron Man can like he has to like look up stuff yes like read about it in order to know the information whereas cyborg could just instantly download his notes no the antigenic so it that was kind of a weird thing to try to figure out on the other hand Tony Stark has done a lot of stupid [ __ ] over the years for being as smart as he is so what’s his it’s his ego amia his mind is also his greatest weapon it and you know greatest weakness I guess yeah so they were closer on intelligence than I would have initially thought they were I remains a lot stronger than cyborg which is the biggest concerning factor I think for me yeah I know sorry Borg again it varies depending on what model he’s using but I know cyborg did trade off like recently some of his strength for you’re just more mobility yeah yeah I remember you saying that all right so uh after running a thousand simulations here we go the winner here we go the official winner all right of the cyborg versus Iron Man fight is Iron Man my 576 matches out of the 1000 fight so you want to 576 yes because only what matches are really similar he won 57.6% of the medal you don’t want to write win  won or something I remember boiler alert whatever yeah so yeah that was that was that fight again yeah the biggest difference between the two was strength other than that they were mostly similar there are a few other differences fighting skill fighting skill hanging skills one of them because that said where has downloaded like martial arts I don’t want to call them files yeah yeah in an Iron Man it has a lot of training to Internet as I said down to it buddy fighting skill I don’t like at least in our in our description of it I really I don’t think in in you know any actual battles that would come down to finals fighting school you know might it’ll certainly would certainly play a factor I mean Ironman has training but I guess I would say that several more trinkets its training to canary more different styles yeah akin cards like like neo with the matrix where he’s like I know come true you know sudden yeah but then he still got his ass handed to him by Morpheus so in this case he’s Morpheus alright so yeah that’s pretty much it  finally I’m finally back I gave you that one abandoned for a while so bad for a gun we’re back on top folks we’re back on top they’re not we’re gonna carry through to the end of the year so it if you think someone else would have won go ahead and write in to us on our social media you find us on facebook you can find us on instagram you can find us on twitter by searching for dynamic duel you could also write in to us via email at dynamic dole podcast at and you know you could tell us we’re dumb there or whatever but I know her net society its life I think we all knew iron matter would win this one though right I mean that was kind of life or down no I was really confident about this one I have to say so I’m glad that we decided to go get seen that confident we were breaking down the battle would go I was pretty confident I would just let me think that but so that that’s it for this episode basically way we have to go over the trivia hint yeah yep so the hint for the trivia question that we gave earlier this episode which was what were the first video games for both Marvel and DC that were based off of movies the him for that question is both games star characters that have made cameo appearances and films that have come out in the past year yeah so past year meeting all the way back until June 22 16 yeah jinx you owe me a Kokomo all right that does it for this episode in a couple of weeks we’re going to have a special guest come on and we are going to review the best spider-man movie that I has come out I think in most people’s minds vitamin C vitamin 2 and then at the episode after that we’re going to be reviewing spider-man homecoming so we’re going to have a nice just spider-man blonde in there you’re going to see if spider-man homecoming turns out better than spider-man 2 yeah they said but I mean it’ll be a point of reference yeah reference point that’s exactly what I was missing yeah I am our special guest or something dude that was it oh gee our special guest is going to be Maggie if you remember from last year’s comic-con episode she she went there and she reported back what on our podcast what what her experience was like she’s a huge spider-man spider-man fan one of the biggest spider my fans and nails yeah yeah I’d be perfect yeah and yeah we’ll see you in two weeks folks yet until then up up and away true believers