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April 24, 2018

Darkseid vs Thanos

Darkseid vs Thanos

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:57 - No-Prize Time • 0:07:28 - Deadpool 2 Final Trailer • 0:16:17 - Steven Spielberg to produce and direct Blackhawk • 0:18:25 - Question of the Week • 0:19:45 - Cathy Yan to direct Birds of Prey featuring Margot Robbie’s ...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:57 - No-Prize Time • 0:07:28 - Deadpool 2 Final Trailer • 0:16:17 - Steven Spielberg to produce and direct Blackhawk • 0:18:25 - Question of the Week • 0:19:45 - Cathy Yan to direct Birds of Prey featuring Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn • 0:23:10 - Darkseid vs Thanos intro • 0:25:04 - Darkseid profile and powers • 0:36:19 - Thanos profile and powers • 0:49:40 - Fight speculation • 1:00:08 - Duel results • 1:03:18 - Sign off

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[Music] Hi and  welcome to the dynamic duel podcast where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in step based battle simulations I am Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and this episode the main event we are pitting dark side versus Thanos this is the biggest duel event that we’ve ever done I think so the history of the plague next to like Wonder Woman and Thor like this is the next biggest yeah because they’re like the two biggest bad guys in their respective universes it’s huge among the worst yeah definitely for sure and they’re both just so evil but they’re both also somewhat comparable yeah yeah Thanos’s definitely I would say every buff of Darkseid for sure I don’t student come on to like the early  first yeah all I know is that Thanos is better and that he’s more powerful and he’s more complex and he’s a more interesting of a character and that he’s going to win this you know I know anything about Darkseid no I don’t really know anything about Darkseid so I just know that he’s gonna lose that’s only know we’ll find out later on this episode before that we’re gonna break down the news from the past week which includes the Deadpool 2 final trailer yes which was great yeah it was great we’re also going to talk about Steven Spielberg is gonna produce and direct black hawk film yeah not for a while but in fact that he’s interested in and it seems almost confirmed that he’s gonna do it is pretty exciting I kind of feel like this should be the top build news but apparently I need Steven Spielberg either and then the last word in news we’re gonna talk about is birds of prey has a director right after the last episode when we talked about the screenplay for a Batgirl film and now we have a director for our birds of prey for yeah it’s crazy we’re all of a sudden two DC films are going to go into development that we never knew we were ever gonna get any time so yeah but and both of these the last two news items really this DC dropped in the same day yeah that was interesting so it wasn’t really cool good day you could check out the chapter x in the episode description for this episode if you want to skip around if you feel so inclined don’t forget that this Thursday we have bonus content coming out on patreon every Thursday as we do every Thursday and it will be a quick draw in which we pit Laura Croft versus Indiana Jones and we’ll see who wins in a fight between those two characters yeah if you’re not subscribed to us on patreon we do some new and interesting things the quick draws allow us to do characters that aren’t in Marvel and DC so this this will be fun this will be interesting yep yep go ahead and go to a mcdowell to go ahead and check that stuff out and I think it’s no prize time so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s for fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week and last week’s question was what Marvel or DC costume from film or TV do you absolutely hate the most got a lot of answers a lot of great answers here a lot of bat nipple answers a lot of bat nipple answers and and I have to say you know we make fun of the bat nipples as fans we make fun of the bat nipples a lot but the Batman and Robin costume and the Batman Forever costume if you really think about it they weren’t the worst costumes every they’re bad but there are much worse costumes either yes such as steel shaquille o’neal’s steel costume from the 1997 movie I want to say that Dan Baker gave that answer so we’re giving him the no prize as well as Jordan Ross shield who gave Wolverine Origins Deadpool costume because honestly what the [ __ ] was that but let’s start with steel so absolutely seven there was a movie with Shaquille O’Neal where he played like Superman’s sidekick uh he’s part of the Superman family he was a weapons engineer Henry irons whose weapons got into the wrong hands sort of like Iron Man he’s essentially DC’s iron man in a way and Shaq is just a horrible actor I’ve only seen this movie once and I never wanted to see it again it related in no way to Superman I don’t know why they just decided not to do that I guess like they thought the characters could stand on his own butt but the costume like it looks like it’s supposed to be metal but it’s really bad spray-painted rubber it’s like rubber and this kind of floppy around his chin area it supposed to be like a helmet that he wears in in the comics that like covers his entire face but in this it was like a metal Batman mask without the bent ears and the comics it’s a little vague because he essentially has a metal face yes like he’s very expressive I wouldn’t say it’s a helmet it’s almost like a liquid metal mask of some sort or something like that I have an idea but whoever decided to go the route they did for the the steel movie like whoever said oh this is a good idea I hope they’re not working in films on him well he doesn’t have a cape on he doesn’t have the S on his chest and also his signature weapon the steel in the comics steel has a hammer a hammer which is it’s it’s a really cool weapon because it’s you know he can magnetize things with it and you could like throw it and control it back to him and things like that it’s almost like me only er yeah weight function yeah and it’s a big two-handed hammer thing right but in this movie he didn’t really hit people with the hammer now he’s more like a shotgun it was like a gun yeah he would shoot projectiles out of the hammer it was so [ __ ] stupid oh my god if you haven’t seen heavy seas a movie if you have a scene don’t watch the movie don’t watch the movie if you haven’t seen pictures don’t have a look at the picture go onto gif you’ll regret and type in Shaquille O’Neal steel and you’ll get the gif of [ __ ] Shaq waving his finger back and forth as if to say no no no this movie should have never been made don’t watch this movie what about Deadpool Deadpool I’m so relieved that they actually were able to do Deadpool’s costume right after the travesty that was will rain origins I know Wolverine Origins he didn’t really have a costume like I don’t know why they decided to make these choices but they sewed his mouth shut as you know they kind of emulated his mask by giving him like dark circles around his eyes like these scars yeah a-rod’s eyes he wasn’t wearing a shirt and but it looked like somebody had played like connect the dots on his skin and he didn’t carry swords he like unsheathed them like Baraka from Mortal Kombat these long swords that he housed in his entire arm I don’t know how he would ever bent his arm while they were inside his body it was so stupid it was a travesty it was in no way Deadpool in both look and powerset and personality I said him has seen this film like I know we’re gonna review it later on like once we get closer to the Deadpool to film you haven’t seen Wolverine Origins know I have it oh my god now I can’t wait to see it again we’re gonna review it with Jon and Adam Spees from the blast former past podcast in about a month or so uh-huh after the Deadpool movie so we’ll have a lot of fun ripping that to shreds so look forward to that but again congratulations to Dan Baker and Jordan Ross shield for your fantastic answers we’ll be asking a new question of the week later on this episode once we get into the news which is now [Music] so speaking of Deadpool the final trailer for the Deadpool film which comes out in a little bit less than a month I want to say yeah in May it just dropped I didn’t know we were gonna get another trailer as a surprise it was a total surprise I should have been surprised because I kind of figured like a lot of trailers we’re gonna drop in the like lead up to an infinity war because everyone’s gonna want their their trailer in front of that movie I’m still hoping to begin Aquaman trailer in front of that movie please soon it’s not gonna happen I know no one cares about upcoming but moving on this trailers seem to be more focused on the team of x-force introduced in the last trailer and well we didn’t really learn too much about it but this trailer really focused on that aspect of the movie and it seems like it’s gonna play a larger part in the movie then maybe I had previously anticipated or maybe this trailer is just kind of giving away that impression one of the best scenes in this trailer is when he’s kind of recruiting for the team yeah and I could just tell it’s gonna be an absent it’s gonna be absolutely hilarious we see all the characters auditioning essentially and we see Lucy shatter star come up with his sword he’s like I’m cheddar star Domino comes up and she was like my name is Domino I’m lucky that is not a super pet and definitely not cinematic but we see some pretty cool shots of Domino in action here especially when she’s like leaping off her bridge and she’s you know she didn’t open the hatch to this armored car and that she lands inside of it seems pretty cinematic to me you know yeah I like how the guy pulls his gun on her and like jams and yes there’s the smile on her face she was like come on don’t you know who I am just kicks him out the door that was cool because that was a reference that I made in our Harley Quinn versus Domino duel episode right episodes ago right Harley Quinn was not able to shoot Domino right at any point so that was pretty cool there was another shot where she’s like running away from this huge car crash and it looks like she’s about to get hit but you know due to her luck powers the car flies over her it’s definitely cinematic in addition to Domino we get a few other shots of shatter star that part wasn’t that impressive no shatter star yeah he’s the son of Dessler and long shot long shot has luck powers but shatter star does not try to start he’s he’s kind of like a super-soldier type with some teleportation powers and sharp swords that could cut through anything but he has like enhanced that’s cool all physical attributes kind of stuff so he’s he’s an okay character I never personally never got really too into him but I hope he’s portrayed pretty cool here Terry Crews anything in this know yeah we haven’t heard Terry Crews say anything yet no um big fan of the actor yeah but yeah I hope he gets some some great one-liners cuz he’s he’s down funny too yeah yeah funny we get a quick shot of search and last but not least Peter you know what’s interesting is that in the last trailer they had a quick catch and you’ll miss it kind of reference to an x-force member named Pete wisdom who in the comics is kind of a British spy who joins x-force and he has these like hot knives that he can like project from his fingers really it’s not the greatest power that’s weird but uh I thought when he said his name was Peter I thought he was gonna be Pete wisdom and I don’t know if you’ll like manifests some kind of I hope he doesn’t mutation doesn’t know because it’s kind of just fantastic having cam like be the everyman who you know wants to join Deadpool’s team or in this case you know they get to live vicariously through this Peter character who can’t really do anything but gets to just be amongst these super heroes the final shot at the trailer where he’s skydiving and he just says this is badass look on his face like yeah I’m doing it it’s so fantastic hopefully gonna ruin the best like auditions in in that scene oh well though honestly you know that they have so many takes of that so any like improv lines well I’m sure they’re gonna have a lot of rejects too like we might get a few cool Easter egg cameos from x-men characters that we haven’t seen on-screen yet they’re just kind of like or like some of the lamer ones like from what should be like Channing Tatum’s gambit gonna be like no get the [ __ ] out of here yes oh my god that would be fantastic he’s like my name is gambit being a pretty boy who’d been a pretty boy that would be fantastic I would absolutely love that if they didn’t do that I’m gonna be upset now we saw a lot of cable in this trailer as well yeah there’s a lot of cable brief references to the story that we got from the last trailer where we see that Deadpool has to protect this kid we still don’t know who the kid is the were going around the interwebs is a mutant called fire fist yeah who I guess as part of the New Mutants I don’t know much about that character himself but I’m guessing there’s a quick shot in the trailer where we see him shooting like a fireball at Deadpool I think that’s Deadpool held together by like duct tape around the waist so I don’t know if he got cut in half or something like this so I’m guessing the kids you know it doesn’t seem like he’s gonna turn out all that altruistic maybe cable is justified in his going after the kid well I imagine the story is that like this kid creates some kind of like I know a huge disaster so the government has to like create these sentinels all right I don’t know maybe yeah let’s talk about the big controversial moment for DC fans oh my goodness we’re that big of a deal cables fighting Deadpool and he says to him that he’s not a hero he’s just a guy dressed up as a sex toy or something like yeah that was weird yeah I don’t know what he means by that but he’s like man you dark are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe and what’s interesting here is that both Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin have been superheroes in the DC Universe yeah I was gonna say that’s like big talk from a guy who’s like one of the people responsible for the reason DC sort of took a dark direction you know because apparently reception to the Green Lantern film was why Warner’s executives were saying no jokes and the DC films from now on yeah you know because the Green Lantern was a little bit too light-hearted that didn’t seriously enough right so yeah in some ways you could blame the darkness of the DC Universe on Ryan Reynolds yeah he’s making the joke it’s a little bit unwarranted and I’m kind of glad the Teen Titans go instagram or twitter twitter they kind of called him out on that that’s why i’m not too upset by it because they kind of did it first to Ryan Reynolds you know I always think this was in a response to that yeah so yeah it was pretty funny Josh Brolin for those who don’t remember was Jonah Hex right who was a DC hero or it was a DC comic I should say yeah I never watched that movie neither of I will review it when we run out of all other movies to watch I do want to mention that there’s a shot where Colossus is holding a dagger in between his knuckles and he’s punching what I thought initially upon first viewing was like a steel wrecking ball but some people are going around saying that that might be juggernauts helmet that he’s punching which would be interesting I don’t see why I mean it looks it looks like the entire x-force is going up against cable like cables the bad guy of this film I’d like yeah but I don’t really think he is oh you know what part we didn’t mention what the part of this trailer where they make fun of that pulls bullet slicing move from the x-men origins Wolverine yes oh yeah in the x-men origins Wolverine and many of you probably remember this Wade Wilson he’s not Deadpool at this point he gets out of this elevator and everybody’s shooting at him and he’s able to block all the bullets just by moving his swords around and they’re all bouncing off of his swords that’s not even a power that Deadpool has right like only a super speedster would be able to do that and there is a shot where someone shoots a bullet at him he cuts it in half and it goes back in his the two guys behind him and it was absolutely ridiculous and they make fun of that here when he’s spinning his swords around trying to block cables bullets and thank God and I thought he was like the first sent like the first few times I’ve seen this trailer because I’ve seen it quite a number of times uh-huh I totally thought like he was slicing all of those bullets until like the last time I saw I noticed that there was like blood spurting at the back and it’s time cable like fired a good shot years ago he’s like missing every shot well didn’t you see the part right after that where he has like the bullet holes in him oh yeah your bullets are really fast I did I didn’t make I didn’t make the connection like those were already there previously and he was just saying like oh I got all of your bullets ha ha after we’re done recording remind me to show you the scene where Wade Wilson blocks all the bullets okay it’s dumb all right they get a lot of mutants powers and that would be wrong like dad pulls at the end when all of a sudden he had optic blasts like Cyclops there’s nothing all right but that does it for the Deadpool 2 trailer again really looking forward to the movie didn’t expect this but glad that we got it because it’s just hilarious I hope really hope they don’t give away too many of the jokes from the movie but they didn’t do that for the first one so we’ll see what happens so on to the next but any news Steven Spielberg is producing and directing Black Hawk which is a film about a fighter pilot and his team which are called [ __ ] mm-hmm they were World War two fighting I don’t know too much about them honestly mm-hmm but they popped up in the comics they’re likely to Howling Commandos for marvel yeah yeah yeah I guess you could say that oh that would be a good match what if we could do that my beauty world the Howling Commandos versus the black hawk yeah when the movie gets when the movie comes out we’ll do Black Hawk vs. like Nick Fury or something like oh yeah that’s okay that’s a good idea but yeah apparently he’s he’s been interested in doing a Black Hawk film since like the 1980s according to like Marv Wolfman one of the writers from the comic mmm-hmm it was a big shock to me because I was kind of riding high on the news that they were making a birds-of-prey film that day and then this came out and I was like it’s insane it was like the last thing I expected to hear ever you know what it reminds me of it reminds me of the George Lucas pet project about five years ago it was a movie called Red Tails and it was about yeah I saw that oh you did see that yeah yeah yeah it was about like the Tuskegee Airmen I think it was World War two yeah yeah this kind of sounds like Steven Spielberg is trying to make like the same movie almost well it’s like like Saving Private Ryan is like the best World War two film like it’s definitely up there you know he can do no wrong with this property as far as I’m concerned I think it’s gonna be great I think something fantastic and I think it’s it’s gonna make Black Hawk a brand household name it seems like a great way to introduce kind of like a new 1940s serial type style movie yeah and or something yeah cuz Indiana Jones will probably be the last Indiana Jones movie that’s that’s made so Black Hawk might be kind of the successor to that and shot and maybe the same kind of way that Captain America the First Avenger was because that was done in that same serial type fashion yeah I don’t know I mean the fact that he’s done Indiana Jones and he’s done this type of movie yeah it’s gonna be great which brings us to our question of the week who’s your dream director besides Spielberg that hasn’t yet directed a Marvel or DC film yet but should post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media I’m super glad that Spielberg wants to direct this world war two superhero movie do you even think it’ll be set in World War two though or will they bring it to modern times um I don’t know so it’ll definitely be outside of the DC they can set it in any time period I think between World War two and now honestly yeah it just seems like a smart move to do it because you could keep that franchise running forever is there not a modern version of the black hawk character who’s female and part of birds of prey or something that’s Lady Black Hawk lady black she actually was from the past but she travelled forward in time and became a part of the birds of prey usually so I ever heard anything about them incorporating that character into the birds of prey film I would be surprised if they did because then Spielberg would have to get involved and you know I I don’t think that would happen plus the birds of prey script has already been written right by Kristina Hudson yeah so that news going to that news so Cathy Yan is directing the birds of prey film which will feature Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn apparently she had in her contract a stipulation where she got director approval mm-hmm and she wanted a female director for this film it doesn’t say whether Margot Robbie’s gonna star in it I kind of hope she doesn’t because Harley Quinn is to my knowledge never been a member of the birds of prey mm-hmm that’s weird yeah she would be a birds of prey bad guy yes she may be the villain of this movie uh-huh so you knows we’re in by Christina Hudson and I guess they’re using this film as a jumping-off point for the bad girl film which i think is good because when you tell a Barbara Gordon bad girl film the story you really want to tell is The Killing Joke is you know the hardship she went through of her encounter with the Joker but that’s not necessarily the story you want to start off with true so if you introduce her and birds of prey and then do you know because her silikal in in Batgirl that may be a smart way to go interesting so I think it’s encouraging the only thing that’s sort of a drawback is Kathy Yan has never directed a feature film before yeah well I’m looking at her director credits she has directed a feature film before dead pigs was their only full-length film well I did hear dead pigs like it won some kind of award at Sundance oh really I don’t think was for directing though I think it was for acting but apparently she gave a really good presentation before Warner Brothers which is why she got the gig oh really yeah hmm it’s so weird to me the the choices that DC seems to be making I mean we’ve kind of known this all along that DC doesn’t really have any kind of overarching story to tell with these characters it’s just whatever the filmmakers that they like want to make at the time I thought as recently as like a few months ago we got the definitive slate of projects that DC was working on and that included Suicide Squad 2 and Shazam Wonder Woman 2 and the Batman birds-of-prey wasn’t on there but Harley Quinn has also attached to again that the Joker and Harley Quinn movie yes a lot too I guess that was revealed to be titled Joker versus Harley Quinn or Harley Quinn versus the Joker oh and I guess Suicide Squad too according to Variety just in coral reporter a variety mm-hmm I guess Suicide Squad - who’s been being pond the backburner in favor of birds of prey I don’t know which was interesting is the headed director first it did yeah the guy who directed the accountant on camera his name Gavin O’Connor O’Connor yes yeah this an Blackhawks they both feel like those projects that get announced they never really go anywhere I kind of like the Nightwing film I think Warner Brothers seems really keen on getting birds of prey out in theatres and getting Harley Quinn back on the screen I think they have a lot invested in Margot Robbie they must go yeah yeah hopefully that films good hopefully Black Hawks is good I know that Steven Spielberg has a few other movies to direct before he even starts this one yeah so they have plenty of two others yeah plenty of time for pre-pre developments so yeah hopefully Spielberg does a great job I know he could do a great job because the serial type of moviemaking and stories kind of his forte he’s done a lot of them it’s definitely he’s attracted to definitely long with you know George Lucas alright I think that does it for all the news this episode let’s go ahead and get into the duel the moment that everybody’s rooting for let’s do the dark side versus Thanos [Music] I’m excited for this one I’m looking forward to this since we started this podcast yeah it’s and we’ve been arguing about this fight for what seems like forever so yeah it’s a little nerve-wracking to be finally settling kind of weary yes because as those who have listened to our podcasts know what we do here is settle fanboy debates between Marvel and DC primarily between Jonathan and myself yeah if you’re talking to each other what we do is we gather stats from each character for Marvel we gather those stats from the official Marvel Power Rankings and we extrapolate the DC character sets from those guides that they give yeah we incorporate additional stats as well yes and what we do is we take those numbers and we plot them along a bell curve using the a probabilistic model known as the Monte Carlo method and we run these simulations a thousand times and declare the winner of the majority of those  that’s just a lot of mathematical mumbo-jumbo just to explain that it’s all math what we’re doing here it’s all stats it’s there’s no fan votes there’s no uncharacteristic feats of strength that decide you know the winner whoever has performed the craziest fee is the winner there’s nothing like that yeah it’s it’s math yeah so what we like to do before we run these simulations is go over each character’s history and powers and kind of discuss how we think one of these 1000 simulated battles would actually go so let’s go ahead I guess and get started with dark side yeah and learn about him okay so dark side is a member of a cast of characters that are a part of Jack Kirby’s fourth world saga which he wrote when he left a Marvel to work for DC it’s an epic space Chronicle in which Darkseid is essentially the devil of the DC Universe before he was Darkseid he was [ __ Uxas what’s [ __ Uxas I don’t know how to pronounce it you Uxas sounds like something that you dip your sushi in axis access hey that’s where sass okay we’ll say Uxas before he was dark side he was Uxas second-born son of the fearsome tyrannical god yuga khan a deity of a pantheon that would later be known as the old gods neither exes or his older brother Isaiah were gods themselves a nukes Oscar resentful of the worship the old gods required he started a great war among the pantheon and absorbed the power from the gods who died in the battle enraged by what his son had done Yoga Khan used what’s known as the anti-life equation to take control of the dead and dying old gods to fight his son but by that time Uxas had grown too powerful and killed his father absorbing the last of their power and becoming Darkseid the war cracked their planet in half killing almost everything wandering in despair Isaiah his brother stumbled upon the dying sky Father patriarch of the old gods who bequeathed him his power turning Isaiah into high father with all of the old gods dead my father hoped that he and Darkseid could usher in a new age United as the new gods but Darkseid refused half of their cracked planet became high father’s world new Genesis a heavenly utopia and the other half Darkseid turned into a hellish planet of fire and torture known as Apokolips the two planets which exist in a higher plane of existence outside of the multiverse known as the sphere of the gods would forever be locked in an endless war with highfather and Darkseid wielding the pinnacle of godly energies known as the alpha effects and Omega effect respectively Darkseid knew he would have to obtain the anti-life equation in order to win the war and take full control of existence eventually Darkseid and highfather came to a diplomatic truce that required them to raise each other’s heirs in an effort to prevent one planet from attacking the other Darkseid gave high father his son Orion and high father gave Darkseid his son scot free which was actually a name given to him in irony by the sadistic granny goodness Darkseid’s general responsible for training Apokolipss elite soldiers granny goodness tortured scot free but was unable to break his spirit and turn him into a soldier unlike Orion whose upbringing by high father turned him into the greatest warrior New Genesis had ever known resulting in a prophecy that Darkseid would eventually die by Orion’s hand scott-free eventually lived up to his name and became the first person to escape Apokolips which is exactly what Darkseid had planned so as to have adequate cause to resume his war with New Genesis scott-free escaped to earth to which Darkseid grew a special interest in sensing that Earth’s inhabitants contained fragments if not the entirety of the anti-life equation this of course brought him into frequent conflict with Superman and the rest of Earth’s heroes why would earth have the anti-life equation because he speculated that we were gonna be the birthplace of the fifth world that would emerge like from our planet than the new gods after them would come for oh okay we’re highly and connected to I guess the source being earth being the center of the universe interesting okay so after numerous battles in some instances battling on the site of Earth’s heroes to stop multiversal threats Darkseid sensed the fourth world was coming to an end and tried orchestrating events so that he and his apocalyptan allies would be reborn in a fifth world that he’d seed in Earth’s destruction and also result in the death of the new gods of New Genesis but instead he died at the hands of Orion in a furious galactic battle but that may have been his plan all along in death Darkseid obtained the last fragment he needed to complete his anti-life equation his spirit lived on along with those of his fallen allies he destroyed the fourth world causing the new gods of New Genesis to flee to earth and Darkseid Spirit followed possessing human hosts using his agent to draft an army of supervillains and removing heroes like Superman and Batman from the field of play Darkseid unleashed the anti-life equation on the internet and other worldwide communication networks while also sending a special bullet back in time to kill his son Orion soon after his own death having bound humanity to his will and life and with multiversal space-time crumbling around him Darkseid’s final crisis was overcome when Batman escaped his capture and poison to Darkseid with the same bullet he used to kill Orion Darkseid the Killian bullet yeah Darkseid killed Batman right after because baman collected the bullet from Lauren’s dead body oh so right after famine poisoned Darkseid Darkseid killed Batman mm-hmm using you know what’s known as the Omega sanction a Wonder Woman then used her lasso of truth to free Earth’s population from the effects of the anti-life equation and Superman restored reality with the help of a will power power to the machine created by the guardians of the universe in the future a Green Lantern’s ring yes okay but it’s it was from the time of the Legion of super-heroes it’s a more powerful device okay but Darkseid returned as a ruler of Apokolips and the new 52 reboot in which he and his parademon invasion of Earth were the first major threat faced by the Justice League enraged with the Justice League he has successfully destroyed Justice League’s from other multiverse earths including the earth to Justice League so he accomplishes these terrible feats thanks to the Omega effect a force that grants him cosmic awareness across the universe the ability to teleport himself and others through time and space and destructive energy that he can fire from his hands or eyes for which he could also fire Omega beams which are these relentless beams that could bend it around or travel through objects to always hit their intended target with pinpoint accuracy once hit by an Omega beam Darkseid can do anything from teleporting a person to another location erasing them from existence completely or even trapped them in a never-ending cycle of awful death and rebirth known as the Omega sanction though with his beams he could also transmute matter create avatars of himself and even destroy planets he has telepathy telekinesis and can alter his size he can lift millions of tons and can move fast enough to surprise Superman you can process information in nanoseconds and as a new god is intellect far surpasses the greatest minds in the multiverse and as master strategies have led to the conquering and destruction of entire universes he also has the full command of a mobile planet and it’s near limitless army of formidable parademon shock troops and superior new god technology though he rarely resorts to hand-to-hand combat he’s an expert combatant and has unlimited stamina is invulnerable and immortal his one vulnerability is Radeon which is fatal to new gods and it was what the bullet was made of that poisoned him and his son Orion but of course Thanos isn’t going to know that he has to love a--they so he could know that Darkseid is gonna be thinking about that raid on Radeon Radeon that’s right okay well that was I mean when you’re going over his powers that seems very comparable to Thanos his powers except for the whole size changing thing so yes I can change yeah so naturally in the sphere of the gods they’re massive they’re giant they’re like bigger than planet sized beings mm-hmm like like this yeah when he travels through a boom tube it shrinks the people of the fourth world so like their atoms are bigger there or something like that I don’t know they’re just huge people three gods you know yeah like if Superman that’s that he could do this but if you ever wanted to like fly to Apokolips because it’s not within the multiverse it’s not within Superman’s universe right if you ever wanted to like he would be really really tiny comparatively right interesting okay okay whatever trained understand it just accept that it happens the one thing I didn’t like about that bio is it doesn’t explain why Darkseid is evil he just jealous because he wasn’t being worshipped it’s a why is he a [ __ ] [ __ ] why did he create a Hell planet uh because just because that’s that’s his arc this is DC okay if I could give Darkseid like any sort of like motivation it’s that he wants to control everything because that’s what the anti-life equation does the anti-life equation makes whoever’s around him there their will becomes his so like he could see through all of their eyes and if he you know it raises his hand everyone raises their hands he is killed everyone else dies that was under his power so like I think his motivation is that he just like felt out of control he felt powerless so his motivation is to have complete control because I think he thinks that he’s best suited for that so you create a hell planet okay it makes sense it’s the best way to control people is you know to torture them and make them do what you want okay it’s all about freewill I’ll buy that I’ll buy that well let’s get into Thanos saying and I’m glad to be going over his backstory at this particular time because yes yeah definitely you know what the movie Avengers infinity were coming out you know Reese inga this week I don’t know too much about Thanos so I’m looking forward to hearing more about him because you know it’s happened a number of times where you’ll break down a character for me and I’m always glad going to a movie you know seeing that character and having more of their backstory on hand yeah definitely so Thanos he is a cosmic threat who destroys whole planets on the daily just for funsies he’s achieved universal conquest on more than one occasion he’s Marvel’s more most driven most cunning most devious villain and certainly one of its most powerful the history of Thanos involves first knowing some ancient Marvel mythology about 1 million years ago on earth a group of powerful and mysterious cosmic beings known as Celestials visited earth to experiment on the planets dominant species at the time known as Homo erectus one of the Celestials known as the tester transformed a group of the subjects into genetically unstable evil creatures known as deviants another celestial known as the calculator transformed a group of Homo erectus into perfect immortal beings known as Eternals who fought the deviants and drove them underground protecting early humanity the Eternals eventually left earth to form a colony on one of Saturn’s moons called Titan the third celestial who is called the prober created a Latin Latin gene in his subjects that would result in unique and powerful mutations once Homo erectus and further evolved which is how mutants came about in the Marvel Universe but back to the Eternals they left went to Titan Thanos is a member of the Eternals race and is actually a mutant himself possessing the deviant gene that made him look more like a monstrous figure than his father mentor or his mother Susan or any of the other Eternals I thought he was a personal no that’s that’s kind of like a revelation that the Paradise X miniseries came up with it’s not officially standard continuity because he looks like one he does look like a purple scroll and that’s what they surmised they kind of created the backstory for him that so he said it was actually a scroll in disguise huh yeah it’s not officially canon so I kind of skipped over that but you know it’s possible the moment if Thanos was born his mother could see the death in his eyes and tried to kill him mentor stopped her and suicune was institutionalized driven mad by the sight of her child as a young kid Thanos showed a gift of extreme intelligence and he learned much faster than he was taught in school he became obsessed with learning about genetics and the nature of his abnormal appearance and figured that through the dissection of animals and later other Eternals he would find his answer he committed the first-ever murders on Titan horrified by his actions at first and then later finding that he secretly enjoyed it for his 18th kill he butchered his mother hoping to at long last discover the key to who he was geez he was at that point mysteriously visited by an enigmatic cloaked woman the physical embodiment of death the Grim Reaper as it were and Thanos immediately fell in love he left titan and joined a space pirate crew where he raided many planets and sired dozens of offspring he eventually took over the crew by killing the captain and led them to revisit the planets they’d waited and destroy them with the aim to witness death manifest before him again and she did though no one else could see her but him having amassed a huge our motto of battleships Thanos returned to Titan where his father mentor told him that his visions of death were merely delusions and that he was mad Thanos then killed every living soul on Titan sparing his father and brother so they could watch improve his sanity as he ventured out again to ravage the cosmos death told Thanos that for her to ever love him he would have to ascend to godhood like herself this led him to pursue godlike power which he first obtained by seizing the reality controlling Cosmic Cube he transformed himself into a god and earned the love of death though it was only temporary as Captain Marvel and the Avengers were able to shatter the cube and rid him of his power he then set his sights on the infinity gems he first learned of the gems while scheming to find a way to grant death a gift like no other the destruction of half the living beings in the universe he first set his sights on the soul gem which belonged to the artificially constructed being called Adam warlock you know the guy that’s in the golden cocoon at the end of guardians of the galaxy - right Thanos knew that he risked losing his own soul in a direct fight with Adam as the soul gem had the power to steal Souls so Thanos used his personal assassin and Gamora whom he raised as a child to get close to Adam by helping him defeat his enemy mages with Adams guard down nanus was able to kill him and get the soul gem though Adam warlock didn’t really die he just went into the limbo world inside the soul gem through other cunning plans like this and aided with his increasing power he was able to wrest the power space/time mind and reality gems from other powerful beings such as the collector and the Grandmaster he put all of the gems into a glove of his own making called to the Infinity Gauntlet and became supreme master over everything that is he killed half the living beings in the universe with the snap of his fingers and as great as a gift that was to death she spurned him for all of his power Adam warlock was able to escape the soul gem along with why why did she spare him she spurned him because she wanted him to fulfill his promise of his gift to her but not necessarily become her better by obtaining the gems he became more powerful than any guy such as death she’s also not jealous but she resented the fact that Thanos had the ability to do whatever he wanted and therefore even make her love him she felt more like his slave than his lover I got some so Adam warlock was able to escape the soul gem along with gomorrah and they along with the Silver Surfer informed the Earth’s remaining heroes about Thanos newfound might they confronted Thanos and he killed them all though Adam warlock Doctor Strange Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom were able to escape Thanos was then attacked by the universe’s cosmic beings such as the Celestials and Galactus in a fight that destroyed entire galaxies antennae still came out on top his eventual downfall was his negligence of his neice nebula who was able to seize the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos his hand and restored the lives of everyone across the universe that Thanos had killed no one trusted them Beulah with the gauntlet however and the second fight ensued which ended with Adam warlock in position of the infinity gems ending the conflict Thanos went into self-exile for a period of introspection later Thanos was approached by the Silver Surfer who told Thanos that death had been visiting him trying to make him her new consort furious Thanos beat the Silver Surfer to death and took him to death’s realm to confront death for rejecting him she cursed Thanos with immortality as a punishment for ever denying him her embrace during the annihilation wave where the ruler of the negative zone invaded the Marvel Universe and destroyed much of it an attempt to take it over Thanos actually cited with Annihilus out of morbid curiosity to witness how his Universal power play would pan out he was able to capture Galactus himself with the ADA from Annihilus his armies and built a device to use the world to devour her as an energy source for the invasion the analyst was actually killed at this point by Drax the destroyer who punched his heart out of his chest Drex was one of the only beings in the universe capable of killing Thanos due to the powers gifted tracks by Thanos’s father mentor it was actually the same way that Aaron killed Darkseid oh really yeah punching his heart out yeah interesting much to thanasis dismay he was resurrected by death with a new mission of galactic conquest he formed the Black Order a team of powerful servants to help him raise planets comprised of Corvus glaive Proxima midnight evany mah black dwarf and supergiant he also genetically engineered a race of single-minded creatures called the outriders - a system and the black order and this his story goes on but I’ll stop there so I don’t spoil Hickman’s fairly recent Avengers Run which involves sounds from the Infinity miniseries all the way through Secret Wars okay so we’ll just end there because that’s kind of where he starts off in the Avengers infinity war movie it seems so let’s get into his powers Thanos is one of the strongest smartest most powerful beings in the universe with an assload of abilities these include first and foremost his exceptional mind he’s far smarter than any human scientists such as Reed Richards or Tony Stark they’re not even comparable he uses his intellect both in his inventions such as his Bionic enhancements and in his strategies such as the acquisition of the infinity gems he has incalculable strength able to knock away the likes of Hulk and Silver Surfer with ease able to withstand attacks by Black Bolt Odin and Galactus and he able to even destroy a planet with his blows he naturally wields cosmic energies allowing him to shoot powerful blasts from his hands and eyes he can create impenetrable energy shields rapidly heal himself and telekinetically manipulate matter and through his bio technological enhancements he can teleport fly and has impenetrable psychic shielding so he can’t teleport without his enhancements correct yeah he also has decent telepathic abilities and some mystical abilities too right from his time with death such as when he bestowed Deadpool with immortality Darkseid can do that as well he curses I feel like he could grant powers and and stuff like that yeah thoughtless can do that too so yeah they’re both pretty powerful although Thanos can’t really he can’t grow and shrink in size I guess that’s the one thing that I’m nervous about now he’s an interesting character he’s an interesting villain for sure but I don’t think he holds a candle to Darkseid I think he’s a guy who like wants to be like Darkseid he’s a Darkseid has totally like he’s me with death before let’s yeah they’re their offspring was called I think it was like literally called death spawn oh isn’t like black racer death yeah blonde racer was sort of like Kirby taking Silver Surfer and putting him in the DC Comics universe but he’s he’s the embodiment of death but he’s only death for the fourth world he’s not death for the entire multiverse oh okay yeah okay I don’t get the whole four full thing that’s kind of it’s just it was just a way to kind of separate Kirby’s ideas and allow him to excrete this world that he could outside of reality DC reality yeah yeah okay all right well let’s go ahead and get started with this speculation on how this battle will go the rules that we set up for the characters are that they fight in a non environment location right we don’t take stats for the environment so they don’t really play a factor in this fight considering some characters can succeed in some environments where others cannot so we just consider the characters themselves when determining these matches so the environment does not play a factor in the fight and the characters know that each other our threats but they don’t know anything else about each other right I do have one question about the rules of this match uh-huh okay so Darkseid knows the anti-life equation it’s just a part of who he is he doesn’t have to go around and well I guess he did have to go around and sort of collect it are we using the Infinity Gauntlet and anti-life equation in this um no he will okay no there’s no one-off weapons kind of okay I wouldn’t necessarily call anti-life equation a one-off weapon but ok ok so if Darkseid could control anybody they becomes in contact with what why is he not in control of the DC Universe well he almost was that was the Final Crisis storyline is when he finally huh unleashed and yeah why is he not now because he’s he’s a weak-ass villain that’s why if he has all the power oh I could say white why is it the thinnest in charge vanos has taken over the universe on multiple occasions as Darkseid ever taken over the DC Universe Superman is part of not like the Prime like earth one universe but he’s like exactly conquered and destroyed other universe yeah that didn’t have no they had other superheroes like earth - okay well then he just he’s just not good enough to take over this one just this one yeah yeah dumb Darkseid is not gonna be able to just influence Thanos in this fight because he would if he had the anti will say like even if he could Thanos is able to prevent his mind being probed from the wielder of the mind gem itself a psychic thing it’s a willpower thing whatever dude he doesn’t even use it on DC zone hero so why would we expect Darkseid to use on Wonder Woman you got one wonder one why does he use it on everybody he tried but like Superman fled to the future and he had Batman in captivity you didn’t think he needed to because it’s you know how many powers that whatever Oh Dennis think of nebula because nebula was being tortured at the time in the Infinity gun what do you think was happening to Batman I don’t [ __ ] care Darkseid’s dumb let’s get on with this let’s [ __ ] do this set ready Darkseid doesn’t have the anti-life equations or whatever he can’t manipulate tennis as well power pick is one either palaces will power our powers too strong during the course of this fight or to Darkseid just doesn’t really get it using the anti-life equation apparently oh my gosh alright 50 yards apart no environment let’s start this they’re gonna see each other Thanos is able to kind of like sense the energies and other beings sort of cosmic sense a little bit so he’s gonna dark so I could do that too whatever because since the power in Darkseid and he’s just gonna like I’m gonna take this guy down so he’s gonna start off by you know he’s gonna shoot a blast of cosmic energy at him a blast so powerful they would render a planet a sunder shoots it right at dark side so dark side stands there you know with his arms behind his back uh-huh he’s getting blasted standing there I’ve seen Superman punch Darkseid so no he doesn’t just stand ok so he just like to take a step back and he’s like but it’s not like he flies backwards that’s when he just starts to grow ok are you already bringing the growing thing into this well sure why not ok he grows so that it’s it’s not as big of a force against him and he uses his Omega beams to fire on Dennis Thanos blocks the Omega beams by throwing up an energy shield uh-huh the Omega beams aren’t able to penetrate the Omega beams can go through energy and matter they go through Thanos’s energy shield and when they hit the nose he senses that he’s full of these biotics know what really happens is that when the beams go through his shield he was like oh [ __ ] these beams are going through my energy shield any [ __ ] teleports out of the way ok so he teleports how far he teleports like on the opposite side of Darkseid okay so the beams just go around doubt Darkseid cuz they zigzag so this entire thing is just gonna be a chase of the Omega beams not always is that’s what always this so thinness this gets hit by by the Omega beams and his biotic enhancements are removed no doctor side just erases them from existence that’s okay so that’s what dark side thinks happens but in reality then I was actually teleported directly behind dark side and telepathically made him think that I know she was here telepathically altered or confused or affect in any way Darkseid he’s too mentally strong for that yeah and Thanos is to mentally strong to not be able to do that okay so then the rest of this fight just takes place on like the mental plane maybe maybe all I know is that Darkseid thinks he hit Thanos Darkseid has to look with these like well really didn’t know he wouldn’t be confused by that yes telepathy as well oh who cares because he doesn’t know that Thanos has to love at the end you know he could feel him entering his mind no he can yes you can no he can’t and so he was just psychically manipulated into thinking that he removes that enhancements no really didn’t know even if Thanos did that the beams would still hit Thanos no because the beams do not have a mind of their own they always hit their target its whatever dark side will but slightly to you yeah because they’re controlled by Darkseid’s mind but if dark sights mind isn’t manipulated for a short amount of time then and then yeah he thinks they hit the target and the beam stopped and tennis is unaffected no okay so even if this was able to telepathically throw off Darkseid’s Omega beams what you wouldn’t be able to he’s right behind dark side so dark side just feels him like trying to tell just what with his his spidey sense when there’s on the back of his head he has cosmic sense he’s able to sense the tennis is trying to invade his - he just turns around and grabs him by the neck and breaks it no he grabs him by the neck and that that’s his undoing because because at that point Thanos breaks his hand with his neck strength with his neck he flexes his neck and breaks Darkseid’s hand no because that’s how strong he is no remember darkside is bigger than him right now hey so so darkside grabs him by the neck and they need teleports away again so darkside teleports right after him darkside can’t teleport he can’t teleport through boom tubes no you tell bar on his own he’d he could travel through space and time on his own so if he’s so damn powerful oh my gosh destroyed the DC anis is so powerful why isn’t he does or has on several occasions again that’s what I’m saying Darkseid has on several occasions not the prime universe but other you know you saw that powerful hugging me hasn’t destroyed the prime universe I don’t know because he sucks because that DC Comics of it is dumb I can’t do anything these are like a breakable mind oh the Omega beams can hit anything that’s they can go through yes their whole thing was I’m pretty sure I removed the biotics from thinness no either you can’t tell where anymore see that’s the problem with dentists is that like some of his powers are dependent upon upgrades whereas darkside that’s just his being and that’s why he’s gonna win this fight why would darkside just take away his enhancements not just straight-up kill him because I tried then you’re like no the fight must continue because darkside sucks that’s why well I mean like I think Santos who would actually be able to withstand the Omega beams okay-y I mean it’s happened before but very rarely because he’s been able to tank hits from like Black Bolt and even Odin who is a God himself and even Galactus so I don’t think I don’t think they would actually be able to rearrange his molecular material because he’s just too damn dense and powerful here’s the thing so characters like doomsday and Superman have been able to withstand Darkseid’s Omega beams that’s only when he’s using them as an energy force you know now when he’s like using like his Omega sanction or anything like that and it was funny is I’ve seen Superman actually able to block the Omega beams using his own heat vision yeah so Thanos is gonna render the Omega beams inert just by shooting beams from his own eyes his cosmic energies from his eyes okay so it’s like oh yeah you could shoot me with your Omega beams I’m just gonna block him BAM blocked your Omega beams are useless against Thanos now actually I saw Superman I think it was maybe in the cartoon though but he held his hand up to block the Omega beams and then just walked toward Darkseid and then like put his hand over his eyes kinda like put a quark on the Omega beams and it caused a huge explosion that Superman survived that Darkseid did not he was defeated I think that was the cartoon just oversimplifying Darkseid’s Omega beams cuz in the comics they’re much more than just energy beams the shoots out of his eyes they’re much more like it’s his whole power uh-huh so that’s what thinnest is gonna do he’s gonna first block the Omega beams with his own beams mhm and then he’s just gonna hold up his hand and just slowly walked toward dark side and then put his hand over Darkseid’s face all right miss Dennis gets close enough to hold his face listen Darkseid just kicks them surround the nuts little do you know that Thanos has super dense nuts and you can’t really hurt him he wears like this metal copy thought piece kind of thing that you know protects his gonads know what makes you think that Darkseid is just gonna like let’s just walk because he likes Superman the old no why did he let Superman do that if he’s not gonna let us I want to do that what’s this movie comes out this week I’m like oh why did I know let’s just let them do that hey it’s gonna be awesome this is a hard fight to discuss actually because they’re both too strong like he can’t come down to like physical blows because they are equally strong rain no weapons if Thanos punches Darkseid would it be like a normal human punching a normal human or would it would it like send him flying backward like what happens when Superman punches Darkseid uh I’ve never seen Darkseid get thrown backwards he’s way too durable for that hmm like he’ll collapse to the ground but he’s not gonna go flying backwards so it seems like they match each other physically they seems like they match each other energy wise except for the heat Omega beams but I think you Thanos is able to render them inert with his own cosmic energies you’re something anything Santos could do Darkseid could do and he could do more and he doesn’t he’s not dependent upon like upgrades forget about the upgrade body modification you act like he’s some kind of cyber it’s not like that man but he still naturally enhanced both through his eternal physiology and death has enhanced him as well the character of death made him stronger than he previously was before he first went into her realm she made him her champion you know it’s better than eternal physiology what’s God physiology same thing I don’t think so the Eternals and the deviants are the exact same as the apocalyptan zon the new Genesis scenes I don’t think so because they exist like in the universe so like the fourth world is like above this whatever you’re not above you’re not above anything I don’t know what I’m saying if darkside transmits the elements of the his technological enhancements that Thanos has then Thanos transmutes know the limits of dark sides armor into like jello like a gelatin material okay then the jello just falls off him now you have a naked dark side huh yes smacks tennis around with this huge dick no you take it there you know what I think the problem with his matches was that both these characters they kind of just kind of stand there and use their internet yeah use the energies to attack okay well while stationary yeah here’s what happens darkside opens up a boom tube portal and summons in his para demon horde and they all distract Thanos so that he can’t get the edge okay so Thanos signals his Thanos eye which are duplicates of himself Oh Darsh I could duplicate himself he created Qatar’s what can’t Darkseid dude Dean that’s why he’s DC’s biggest villain who has accomplished nothing he has accomplished tons he can’t even defeat Superman Batman Wonder Woman when Thanos would totally be able to just slap around superheroes no he does it Oh Marvel super regularly yeah he just slaps around Marvel superheroes well that’s cuz they’re not DC superheroes so you can maybe do the antisense DC superheroes or in a Darklighter differently no they’re not completely no I mean if DC superheroes were so powerful then why is there still crime on earth cuz there’s still people because they suck too they suck in Darkseid sucks now we’re taking this to the Machine to run the stats through and see exactly who wins in this fight because it’s going nowhere alright pretty sure this fight ended an entire universe and there’s just nothing left standing machine has no words interestingly enough one of our listeners named Tim Braun reached out to us and stated that we are actually tied to thus far in our duels Marvel has one half of the duel episodes that we’ve put on so or right and DC has won the other half this is kind of the tiebreaker for the time being yeah when I learned that I was like is this fate what is this is this real it all comes down to this right so we went ahead and ran the stats I have to say that DC is dumb I don’t know if I’ve said this enough this episode Darkseid we learned that with his abilities he can destroy one-fifth of the universe just a guess on came down that down - yeah and you know Thanos can destroy planets with his power but I feel like Darkseid is so powerful he has no business not being the ruler of just everything that there is especially with the anti-life equation that he has it’s it’s ridiculous jeez okay what do you have to say for yourself as a fan of this like Darkseid is what what he is you know he’s what he’s meant to be it he’s supposed to be like this over-the-top overly powerful kind of character that really only Superman and or Ryan have any kind of chance against and even then he’s also been known to like KO them in one punch so you know it’s supposed to be over the top that’s that’s what he is he’s supposed to be unbeatable okay so we ran the stats and the winner of the Thanos Darkseid fight is Darkseid your side is stronger he’s capable of more damage through his a mega effect than really anything that Thanos has I think Venice would be more than a match for Darkseid with the infinity gems well I think Venice is a match for Darkseid on his own the range on Darkseid no one beats Darkseid’s range was another key factor it played a miniscule part in this because of course you know they’re fighting next to each other but the fact that Darkseid can hit anything anywhere at any point not only time but space with his Omega beams it’s just it’s it’s over-the-top it’s too much it’s dumb I don’t think I stated have the percentage of wins so Darkseid beat Thanos sixty-two point six percent of the time well that is more than I thought yeah it would mean it was it’s not that close this sucks I’m quitting this podcast Darkseid has more abilities than Thanos and it’s not because tennis isn’t a great character he’s the better character obviously he’s just not a cheater character dude except your last with some humility no I will never say that that worse than darkside villain only needs to be so powerful I’ll say that I’ll say that I’m gonna go drink it um well I’m like really sad this is affected that does it for this episode in our next episode we will be reviewing Avengers infinity war I hope you feel bad about this I hope you feel better it’s really hard to like relish and revel in my victory was you know you’re just like because you know dark sides is cheating a character okay next episode we’ll be reviewing Avengers infinity war in which Stannis has the infinity gems and will totally be laying the stomp to the Marvel heroes and to dark side if Darkseid appears in the that movie which he won’t unless he has the anti-life equation to think about and shut up and please subscribe if you 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