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Nov. 30, 2021

Gleek vs Hit-Monkey

Gleek vs Hit-Monkey

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• 0:00:00 - Introduction

• 0:04:23 - No-Prize Time

• 0:09:40 - DC League of Super-Pets Official Trailer

• 0:13:49 - Question of the Week

• 0:14:27 - Gleek vs Hit-Monkey intro

• 0:18:45 - Hit-Monkey profile and roster

• 0:24:44 - Gleek profile and roster

• 0:31:00 - Fight speculation

• 0:37:46 - Duel results

• 0:40:59 - Sign off






Executive producers: John Speas, Ken Johnson, Jace Crump, John Starosky, Zachary Hepburn, John Bechinina, Mitchell Phipps, Dustyn Balcom, Salvador Hernandez-Contreras Jr., and Levi Yeaton.

The Descent by Kevin MacLeod Link:, Pure Attitude by Kevin MacLeod Link:, Mischief Maker by Kevin MacLeod Link:, Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod Link:, Clash Defiant by Kevin MacLeod Link:, License:

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