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March 16, 2021

Gorilla Grodd vs Psylocke

Gorilla Grodd vs Psylocke

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:50 - No-Prize Time • 0:09:26 - More Justice League character trailers and posters • 0:13:20 - Iris West, Nora Allen cast in upcoming Flash movie; Billy Crudup exits as Henry Allen • 0:15:58 - Question of the Week • 0:16:48...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:50 - No-Prize Time • 0:09:26 - More Justice League character trailers and posters • 0:13:20 - Iris West, Nora Allen cast in upcoming Flash movie; Billy Crudup exits as Henry Allen • 0:15:58 - Question of the Week • 0:16:48 - Gorilla Grodd vs Psylocke intro • 0:19:40 - Psylocke profile and powers • 0:29:53 - Gorilla Grodd profile and powers • 0:38:45 - Fight speculation • 0:47:54 - Duel results • 0:51:24 - Sign off

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Executive producers: John Speas, Jace Crump, Ken Johnson, Isaiah Bethune, Zachary Hepburn, John Starosky and John Bechinina

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[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m marvelous joe and i’m his twin brother johnny dc and in this episode we’re going to find out who would win in a fight between the flash villain gorilla grodd and the x-men hero psylocke now why these two characters well this is kind of in lead up to zack snyder’s justice league review that we’re going to be doing next week we figured we wanted to get a big dc slash flash slash justice league villain in for this matchup and the guerrilla garage episode is something that we’ve been wanting to do for a while and it was chosen by our patrons to put them up against psylocke and i like this idea because they’re both psychic badasses and physical badasses yeah yeah i’m really interested in this match wouldn’t it be amazing if like gorilla grodd was in the justice league film you never know we would totally be psychic just like him and i have to say this is the first time that jonathan and i have recorded in the same room with each other since the pandemic started jonathan’s currently moving out of his house so he’s over here with me in the basement now and uh gotta say it’s good to see you back yeah yeah but also i gotta say that if if psylocke loses this match i’m gonna have to pop you one because now i can just pop you right in the mouth we didn’t get physical before why now i think it’s been proven via our patreon duel request so that i would beat you in a fight we’ve run the simulations that’s true that’s true and speaking of patreon guys uh jonathan and i are handling the custom duel requests a little bit differently from now on in that we are putting characters chosen by our patrons into a large tournament yeah we’re calling it dynamic duel bracket brawl for this first month we asked our patrons for a bunch of magic based characters and we got some pretty good matchups for this tournament including dr fate versus harry potter sauron vs voldemort zatanna versus shang tsung from mortal kombat loki versus merlin yeah a lot of great ones it’s great yeah so if you guys want to take part in that and fill out your own bracket for this tournament join us on patreon and the patron with the most accurate bracket by the end of the month wins a free t-shirt so yeah patreon is the place to be it’s a lot of fun if i haven’t mentioned it already we also have a private discord set up for our patrons and i gotta say it’s just a ton of fun like chatting with these guys like at any moment anyone just like posts a message and we debate and we just have fun it’s good times john strarovsky spoil something from one division you know it’s a blast yeah yeah but enough about patreon the comic book movie news that we’re gonna be talking about this week is in regards to the justice league character trailers and posters that we didn’t get to last week and the announcement that iris west and nora ellen have been cast for the upcoming flash movie as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic and just a quick reminder guys to please subscribe to our show if you haven’t already and if you have please help us grow our podcast audience by leaving a quick rating or review on whatever platform you’re listening to us on or by sharing us with your fellow dc and marvel fans please guys please give a [ __ ] like don’t just listen we know it’s free and everything and you know it’ll always be that way and we love making the show but we also want to see the show grow and only you guys could help us out with that by engaging with us through reviews through ratings and your support and the like yeah if you aren’t following us on instagram specifically please do so if we could get to 1 000 followers on instagram we have a special surprise for you guys yeah but with that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award that marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we pushed on social media that i personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was in regards to all the character trailers that we got for zack snyder’s justice league and we asked do you watch all the trailers released for a film or do you prefer being surprised yeah i was really curious about this question because you know you and i we watch all the trailers we watch everything we can get our hands on well i don’t watch clips but i’ll watch all the trailers i try not to watch clips but i do i i do not have the willpower i would not be a good green lantern but let’s hear what some of our listeners thought we have a list of honorable mentions to go through and then our no prize winner our first honorable mention goes to michael hagerty who said hey guys michael haggerty here so i will watch every trailer except the final trailer because that’s normally where the spoilers are they normally give like the big push of oh this is coming so you better watch it um so yeah that’s my answer pretty much i’ll watch everything except for the final trailer bye and i think he has a good point like usually i’ll watch every trailer but i almost always regret watching the last one because really by the time the final trailer comes out like a month or so before the movie comes out it’s always too much and i’m already sold on the film for the most part yeah yeah typically by like the first or second trailer especially in the dc’s trailers you know the first time i saw the joker trailer i was like please don’t show me anything else of course they did and of course i totally ate it up but by the final trailer i’m just kind of like just give me the movie already yeah and it’s weird that it’s usually the second to last trailer that ends up being the best like usually by the time the final trailer rolls around i’m like oh that that wasn’t as good that seems to be the trend it’s a great answer our next honorable mention goes to maggie maddinghian who said hey guys this is maggie and my trailer policy is i will watch just the first trailer and then nothing after that to get myself hyped for the movie but to avoid most of the spoilers i will make exceptions like for the snyder cut and invincible so he has a clear set policy he’ll watch the first trailer only but he does make exceptions for films that he’s particularly excited about and i feel like that’s fairly reasonable really i think it only takes one trailer to know whether or not you’re going to see a film anyway that’s absolutely true my problem is that i’m excited for all the marvel movies so those would all be my exception i’m fine with watching just the first trailer for dc films but i think that would be hard to do for the marvel ones i find without watching any trailer for the marvel i’m fine with not watching the movies for marvel well too bad okay our final honorable mention goes to joel seagrave who said all right lads this is joel seagrave uh personally i only ever watch the initial teaser trailer just to get me hyped but i’ll avoid all other main trailers like the plague the cubs off in the cinema i’ll stick my fingers in my ears close my eyes and harm the national anthem until the trailer’s eventually done keep up the good work bye what is the british national anthem god save the queen i’m pretty sure yeah yeah i think so okay do you know how that goes in a british accent please my contri god save the queen i think he mixed up two songs there but i don’t know okay highly offensive i think so but uh joel seagrave is a man of great willpower he could totally be a great green lantern because he’s able to just relegate himself to the first trailer and not just the first trailer he’s the first teaser yeah so like sometimes teasers don’t show any footage like i’m thinking back to the dark knight teaser that just had the logo yeah that’s dedication that is dedication good on you joel seagrave before we name the honorable mention we want to go ahead and thank everybody who reached out to us via our website and recorded an answer for the question of the week including rue mother and that’s the first time that we’ve heard from him so thanks for calling in buddy and thanks to shane habeson and isaiah bethune but the winner of this week’s no prize is nate who said hey it’s nate here and for the question of the week i avoid trailers if i know i’m gonna see the movie why be spoiled on something that i could be surprised about um i stopped watching trailers around captain america the winter soldier i just remember in the trailers the helicarriers blowing up and that was just in the back of my mind the entire movie so ever since then i kind of leave the theater when trailers play and just avoid them as much as i can now that is the ultimate dedication avoiding all trailers all together if you know you’re going to see the movie wow this dude scares me like that is some like god level willpower right there absolutely how do you not want to know what’s gonna happen but again i think that’s probably part of the problem for a lot of fans you know like with wanda vision like with the snyder cut everyone’s trying to find everything out that’s gonna happen beforehand we talked about this last episode if you go in with no expectations you’re much more likely to enjoy the film as it was meant to be enjoyed yeah i mean i’m kind of torn on the issue because obviously studios want you to see this content that they’re putting out there in order to sell you on it but then again if you know you’re gonna see it you’re already sold i wish i could do this i wish i could i can’t but i wish i could we don’t understand you but god damn do we respect you yes yes absolutely and for that you win this week’s no prize if you the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on in this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and with that out of the way on to the news [Music] okay so last week in the last episode we broke down the character trailers that zack snyder released on social media for batman superman aquaman and the flash this past week he released new trailers for wonder woman cyborg and surprise steppenwolf slash dark side both of those two characters yeah they kind of had to share space with each other a little bit yeah yeah and it’s always great to see gal gadot as diana she’s just perfect in the role i love that we get to see new scenes with her especially coming off of one room in  you know seeing her return to form as the zack snyder version of wonder woman is really exciting right because zack snyder’s version of wonder woman is a badass warrior exactly exactly i do got to say though that this trailer i found to be probably the least interesting out of the whole group it does seem like out of all the new footage there is to see within the film not so much of it incorporates diana well her and superman i think yeah i agree i mean it looks beautiful it looks great to you know sink her up against the greek ruins is just a beautiful shot and it is cool to see her like go up against steppenwolf who looks so much better in this version than he did in the theatrical cut i don’t know i still think he looks part cow and that’s fine part bull like a charging bull like a charging bull made of [ __ ] knives that’s scary before the steppenwolf trailer though we got the cyborg trailer and that was actually really cool we keep hearing how cyborg is supposed to be like the heart of this film and that his role was largely cut in the theatrical version of justice league and it seems like a lot of the footage we’re getting just really expands upon the character and i totally believe that there’s a lot more to cyborg than what we’ve seen previously well ray fisher was saying that the only original zack snyder footage that made it to the theatrical cut was the rooftop scene with commissioner gordon everything else is going to be new it’s interesting though that the cyborg character trailer seemed to be the most surreal out of all of them it seems like cyborg goes through a lot of like dream sequences or something like that which is weird for a half robot character well not really i think a lot of his struggle is an inner conflict you know is he a man is he a machine so it makes sense that it would all kind of take place in his head do androids dream he’s not fully android he’s a cyborg do they dream about electric sheep yes okay except for cyborgs because that’s what cyborg is he dreams about the things that he’s dreaming about in this trailer okay the final character trailer again was split between steppenwolf and darkseid they definitely added a lot more effects to ciaran hines voice compared to the theatrical cut yeah he did sound a little bit close to darkseid’s voice though darkseid’s voice just seemed a little bit deeper i mean they’re related it’s fine it was cool to see parademons again i forgot how cool zack snyder’s parademons are we just see them like pulling these atlanteans out of the ocean so bad ass pair demons were [ __ ] worthless in the theatrical cut i hope that they’re more of a threat within zack snyder’s version i think they will be i think they absolutely will be in this trailer we get to see steppenwolf again we’ve sort of seen glimpses of this where he’s bowing down to dark side but we actually get to see like the hologram of dark side if you could call it a hologram it’s more like a metal lava manifestation of dark side that’s like speaking to steppenwolf it’s really cool it does seem like a lot of these special effects are a little bit under par and that’s likely due to the time crunch and budget restraints that they had given these reshoots i saw a lot more to praise about the special effects than to be upset about i guess i i think the special effects are fine i think dark side looks great i think zeus looks awesome this whole end battle i think i mean it’s very cg heavy but i think it looks dope as hell in other news that’s like justice league adjacent kearsey clements who plays iris west in the justice league film zack snyder’s version will now be returning to star in the flash solo film which is awesome yeah that’s great news i’m not sure why she was ever not considered to be coming back regardless i heard there was like scheduling issues but they should have booked her from the start if they were setting up a franchise i believe that rick famiu definitely had her in his version of the flash film back when he was the director but i think the story changed so much from that time that it was kind of unclear as to who was returning and who wasn’t who was cast who wasn’t it looks now officially according to the trades kirsty clemens is returning to the role now we haven’t actually seen her in the role yet because she was cut out of the justice league movie but we will be seeing that uh with the upcoming zack snyder’s cut you know i’ve seen like little bits of her from trailers particularly the scene where barry allen is saving her from a car crash and that little shot right there does seem to have potential so i’m excited about this yeah absolutely and just the way she looks at barry allen you can kind of see that the two have chemistry you can kind of see that she is charismatic so i think she’ll be great in the role but you know we can make a better judgment once we see the snetter cut obviously andy muschetti thought she did really good yeah and so did warner brothers so that bodes really well i think and something that doesn’t bode too well billy crudup has backed out of the role of henry allen in the same flash movie now he was in the justice league his role wasn’t cut and for what we’ve seen from these new character trailers that zach released his role is expanded upon even so it’s kind of a shame that we’re losing him yeah it’s like we’re gaining one character and losing another kind of right because actress maribel verdu has been cast as nora allen the flash’s mom which is pretty interesting i mean both of his parents play a crucial role in barry allen’s origin so i figured that she would be a part of this film and it’s pretty cool to see this actress specifically in this role i don’t think i’ve seen her in anything i don’t think i’ve ever seen her in an english role which is interesting i think i’ve only ever seen her in spanish roles so okay she was in pan’s labyrinth she was the lady who took care of the little girl i did see that movie yeah i don’t know if this means that they’re going to recast henry ellen or if he’s just going to be dropped from the film altogether i guess because they’re dealing with the multiverse they could always bring in a new actor to sort of take on that role of his father ultimately i i hate the idea of billy crudup being replaced because he’s a really good actor i’m a really big fan of him in you know various roles ever since dr manhattan i was like yeah this guy’s awesome so yeah again sad to see him go this brings us to our question of the week which actor has left a role in a marvel or dc film or show that you really wish had stayed record your answer at or by clicking on the red microphone button in the bottom right hand corner which will prompt you to leave us a voicemail your message can be up to 30 seconds long and don’t forget to leave your name in case we include you on the podcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media be sure to answer before march 20th and that does it for the news for this week it was all dc news sorry marvel guys but uh it’s not a complete loss for us because we do have new content on the disney plus platform on the marvel legends show as well as the new assembled behind the scenes feature of one division so that’s pretty cool but let’s go ahead and get on to the main event now where we find out who would win in a fight between the flash dc villain gorilla grodd against the marvel x-men mutant psylocke let’s do it [Music] all right gorilla grodd versus psylocke they’re both characters who are psychics they’re both incredible physical threats they both have weird ass names and that’s about all they have in common yeah i would have to say that this is probably one of our more unique unusual matches it’s not something that you could just like google and have results come up for it you know and i kind of pride ourselves on a few of the matches that we’ve come up that kind of do that in fact i’m proud of all of the matches we’ve come up with for this show yeah and a few of like the more unique ones that we’ve done i’ve actually seen pop up elsewhere like cable versus booster gold but i’m definitely excited about this matchup hopefully the audience is too i honestly have no idea who the hell is going to win like this could be a total blowout or it could be like a 50 50 split those are always exciting for me so i can’t wait let’s get into it if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before the way we determine a winner between these two characters is by running 1000 monte carlo simulations using their statistics now a monte carlo simulation is a probabilistic model used to determine outcomes through random sampling in our case it randomizes statistics along a normal distribution which is a bell curve as a way to simulate the many variables that can occur during battle the stat parameters we use are based on the official marvel power grid and we use that criteria to extrapolate the dc character stats we’ve included some additional stack categories of our own such as range damage potential versatility and perception in order to create a more complete and robust simulation running these 1000 simulations gives us a percentage of wins for each character and we declare the one with the higher percentage to be the ultimate victor given that they’re more likely to win any given battle no character ever wins  of the time you know comics have always shown that there is always a way for batman to defeat superman we feel our method falls in line with the precedents that have been established in the comic book stories and we use this method because it was the least subjective most unbiased way to determine who would win of course jonathan and i are both heavily biased toward our respective allegiances and instead of debating these matches forever we just let the math decide for us so there’s no fan votes here and no relying on just feats before we run the simulations though we like to break down each character’s histories and abilities before improvising a scenario on how we imagine one of the 1000 simulations we run would play out beat for beat and i think it is my turn to go first uh with the backstory of psylocke it’s kind of complicated so let’s get into it i’m looking forward to this i don’t know anything about her i’ve always been kind of like a big fan of the character but i think it has more to do with aesthetics than anything so i can’t wait i can see that now elizabeth betsy braddock was born and raised in malden essex in the united kingdom her father was sir james braddock a champion of the realm of avalon which is similar to the realm of asgard where thor is from but avalon is celtic in nature as opposed to norse sir james braddock was a knight who was sent by merlin to earth’s realm in order to sire the hero captain britain who would serve as the guardian to avalon’s gateway hidden within the british isles sir james actually sired two champions a pair of twins betsy and her brother brian braddock they lived a privileged life in bratic manor and while it would be brian who eventually took on the mantle of captain britain it was betsy who developed mutant abilities she was a late bloomer however not getting her psychic powers until the age of 21 when she had already become a successful charter pilot this mutation turned her hair purple and she was recruited into the side division of great britain’s superhero intelligence agency strike which stands for special tactical reserve for international key emergencies betsy worked missions for strike and temporarily took on the mantle of captain britain when her brother stepped out of the role during one adventure her eyes were gouged out by a bad guy and she was forced into a brief retirement though she was still somewhat able to see using her psychic abilities to tap into the minds around her but not long after betsy was kidnapped by the extra-dimensional villain mojo who took her to mojoverse and gave her cybernetic eyes and codenamed her psylocke her brother brian back in the captain britain role rescued her alongside the new mutants they brought her back to their home dimension where she recuperated at the x-mansion while the x-men were away while there betsy used her telepathy to stop the evil mutant sabertooth from invading the facility impressing the x-men enough to invite her to join their ranks you can learn more about the x-men in our titans vs x-men episode betsy accepted and she proved to be an asset to the team with her powerful telepathic abilities helping them take on the brood mr sinister the sentinels and the reavers in that latter battle she used a mystical artifact of arthurian legend that was called the siege perilous it had the ability to open a portal that would teleport you to a random location fully healed of any wounds but also amnesiac as a last resort to save her and her fellow x-men’s lives she opened a portal for the team and sent them all elsewhere she woke up without her memory on an east asian island where a group of hand ninjas found her you can learn more about the hand ninja clan in our katana versus elektra episode they saw her telepathy as a means of saving a japanese assassin named quanen from a coma while kwonens and betsy’s mind were linked a nefarious mystic named spiral swapped their minds so that betsy’s mind now resided in quantum’s body and quantum’s mind in betsy’s their genetic structures were also merged so that betsy’s psychic powers and quantum’s martial arts physicality were split between them while betsy’s strong psychic mind was able to handle the transfer without complication quantum had a harder time mentally processing things for a while betsy was subsequently brainwashed and trained by the hand into becoming a hand ninja assassin and though her telepathic abilities were only half as strong as they once were she was able to incorporate her limited powers into her hand-to-hand combat abilities such as clouding her opponent’s minds and focusing her psychic energy into a knife that could mentally stun or kill her enemies betsy eventually was contracted to take out wolverine in japan who was able to recognize her through her smell as they fought he tried to convince her of her true identity and only when she probed his mind with her psychic knife did she come to realize the truth and break free of the hand’s conditioning wait what does she have smelled like kwanen though no that was the weird thing they didn’t smell like the body they were resided in interesting yeah betsy returned to the x-men though at this time quantum confronted the team in betsy’s body claiming to be the true betsy however quantum also contracted the legacy virus a terminal sickness that affected only mutants she died in betsy’s body at which point betsy’s memories and full psychic powers returned at this time she began dating her fellow x-men member archangel whom you can learn more about in our zuriel vs archangel duel episode during a battle with sabretooth betsy was nearly killed and the x-men turned to doctor strange for help he used a magical liquid called the crimson dawn that was able to heal her but gave her a large red tattoo over her left eye and the ability to teleport through shadows this ability soon came in hand when the x-men took on the shadow king a demonic psychic entity who negated all telepathic abilities in the world he captured betsy’s psychic astral form but she used her crimson dawn shadow abilities on the astral plane to trap the shadow king’s psychic nexus returning the world to normal this caused betsy the use of her telepathy in the fear that doing so would unleash the shadow king back into the world powerless she turned to jean grey for help who was able to unlock telekinetic psychic abilities within betsy now instead of manifesting telepathic weapons when fighting betsy would create telekinetic force weapons such as a katana with a blade just a molecule thick betsy briefly joined storm’s extreme x-men where she lost her crimson don powers she managed to retain her abilities after the scarlet witch eliminated most of earth’s mutant powers and betsy was later whisked away alongside heroes from other dimensions to form the exiles team which was in charge of stopping threats to the omniverse when she returned to her home dimension she rejoined the x-men on their new utopia base near san francisco at this point she started regaining some of her telepathic power at the loss of some of her telekinesis she joined the clandestine team called x-force where she helped stop apocalypse the reavers and the shadow king during which time she once again regained the full extent of her telepathic abilities she sided with the x-men against the avengers in their fight over the returning phoenix force which saw hope summers and the scarlet witch restore earth’s mutant powers betsy eventually returned home to england she was later attacked and had her soul absorbed by a psychic vampire called sapphire sticks sapphire stick sounds so weird saying it out loud styx i don’t know if that helps anything oh sapphire sticks that’s dumb she was a psychic vampire who had drained thousands of souls over her centuries-long lifespan now drawing on the power of those souls betsy’s mind destroyed sapphire from within and used the soul energy to create her original british body this act also resurrected kwon’s mind back in her original japanese body and the two women were finally finally restored betsy reunited with her brother brian who is still kept in britain and he was later cursed by the villain morgan lafaye into becoming her champion in avalon while betsy took on his amulet to inherit her birthright and become the new captain britain meanwhile quannan who retained the psychic abilities that betsy had while in her body took on the code name psylocke and became a citizen of the mutant sovereign nation of krakowa and that’s her history as far as who the psylocke will be during the course of this match i don’t really think it matters because the general power set is the same between the two but since betsy seems like she’ll really own the captain britain title for a while and because i don’t think they’ll ever make her a white woman in a japanese woman’s body ever again yeah i’m going to imagine for this match that it’s quantum but with betsy’s powers as they were traditionally known in that body if people prefer betsy in this duel then sure imagine that eventually we will be doing a captain britain duel and at that time i’ll make the call if it will be brian or betsy in that battle as those two actually do have different power sets but anyway psylocke has the psychic powers of telepathy and telekinesis for a variety of reasons in the character’s history as you’ve learned her powers have always been hampered by some limitation such as sharing power between others imprisoning the shadow king being untrained in their full extent in a new body whatever but traditionally limited telepathy and telekinesis has been psylocke’s go-to and i say limited because her psychic powers aren’t used in the same way that say jean grey’s r whom you can learn more about in our raven vs phoenix duel episode psylocke is much more of a physical opponent who uses her abilities to augment her fighting style this includes the formation of psychic weapons such as a telepathic knife that can mentally probe stun or even kill opponents though it causes no physical damage she can form a telekinetic katana that does cause physical damage though she can use her telepathy to cloud the minds of her enemies and read their minds to anticipate their oncoming attacks she can enhance her speed her lifting strength and the strength of her blows through her telekinesis and she can create both telepathic and telekinetic shielding she is an expert martial artist in multiple styles including ninjutsu and kenjutsu how much can she lift it’s only minorly augmented to just beyond peak human that’s just during fighting if she does concentrate she can live things heavier than that with her mind she’s a pretty cool character yeah it’s kind of looted as her backstory is it’s kind of cool that the character incorporates like r3 and legend with like ninja badassery yeah you know yeah that is pretty cool but what the hell does psylock mean i’ve always wondered that myself it’s it’s not a great name my theory is that it has to do with the word psyche which is you know pronounced psyche psylocke i don’t that’s just a guess on my part lock and key that’s definitely a stretch or it might be spot on who knows she should be psychic like a kick like a ninja kick that would actually be pretty cool like p-s-y k-i-c-k yeah i like that you don’t get a better name than grodd though so many different things you could do with it yeah like kneel before grodd i gotta take a major grodd nah nah let me get into his backstory the history of gorilla grodd goes back generations to the 19th century when an alien of unknown origin crash-landed in the heart of the african jungle where he happened upon a tribe of gorillas the alien used an energy later revealed to be the speed force to rapidly evolve the apes minds this was like 2001 a space odyssey exactly yeah exactly the gorillas built for themselves a technologically advanced hidden city gorilla city from which the alien ruled over them eventually a guerrilla named grodd was born who exhibited a high degree of intelligence and developed the mental powers of telepathy and telekinesis grodd grew prideful in his powers and believed that rather than hiding from humans they should rule over them despite arguments from the guerrilla tribe’s elders and the alien when a group of human explorers discovered gorilla city grodd used his mind control powers to get one of the humans to kill the alien that made them smart and he took over the city intent on building an advanced army of guerrilla soldiers to take over the world another gorilla named solivar who had also developed telepathy escaped gorilla city only to be captured by humans and sold to the central city zoo zolavar feigned unintelligence so as not to reveal the existence of gorilla city but broke out of his cage and contacted the flash when he realized the hero could help liberate his fellow intelligent gorillas from grodd’s control now this kind of seems like planet of the apes oh it’s both it’s absolutely all of that combined and king kong yep the flash was able to save the citizens of gorilla city from grog’s rule and even managed to strip grodd of his mental powers though they eventually came back solivar was christened the new king of gorilla city and grodd feeling betrayed by his fellow gorillas for their lack of ambition developed a machine that would strip them of their intelligence solivar found out about the machine and enlisted the help of the flash once again to stop grodd groud was imprisoned but made a burrowing machine to escape and transferred his mind into various humans and guerrillas in order to evade recapture at one point he evolved his body into that of a human which granted him a higher degree of psychic power including control over the forces of nature but his powers faded over time as his body reverted back to a gorilla intent on preventing the flash from interfering in his plans for world domination grodd later placed his mind in that of a gorilla named freddy who lived in the central city zoo grodd used freddy’s body to successfully break the flash’s rogue’s gallery out of prison in order to distract the flash while grodd built a device that would negate the flash’s speed using radiation grodd’s device worked but his plan was ultimately foiled when freddy’s gorilla mate at the zoo grew upset with freddy and she delivered a surprise beating to grog what are you gonna do i love that [Applause] eventually grot’s original nemesis the flash barry allen sacrificed himself to save the multiverse during the crisis on infinite earth’s event which you can learn more about in our flash versus quicksilver episode barry’s successor wally west took up his mantle and it wasn’t long before he and grodd came to blows grotta attempted to take over central city by creating a device that amplified his psychic powers allowing him to reach all of the city’s animals in an attempt to convince them to turn on the humans his plan backfired however when the city’s pets proved to be too loyal to their masters and the new flash managed to stop grodd once again with the help of the pied piper vixen and rex the wonder dog later grud was recruited by the immortal villain vandal savage into a super villain team known as tartarus to defeat wally west’s old super team the teen titans grodd ended up betraying the team however resulting in the team’s defeat at the hands of titans grodd then built a time machine to eliminate the emergence of homo sapiens in the past but was stopped by ambush bug and titano the giant chimpanzee returning to the present grot turned his attention once again to gorilla city where he attempted to stage an assassination of king solovar and manipulate the gorillas into a war with humanity through a shadow cabinet within the city’s government known as the simeon scarlet while mentally controlling so many apes however his mind became overloaded with neural energy and reverted back to that of a normal gorilla grodd’s mind eventually found its way into that of a homeless man in central city after being attacked by a gang of thugs grad’s mind was reawakened when one of the attackers mentioned having the strength of a gorilla through the force and might of his own telepathy grodd was able to evolve this human’s body into a gorilla and he tore the gang members apart after tracking down the meteorite that gave green lantern villain hector hammond his own psychic powers grod’s powers were amplified allowing him to take control of the entirety of guerrilla city without complication it took the combined might of green lantern and the flash to stop god from destroying mankind and taking over the world grog’s mind devolved into that of an infant until he was healed by a holy child of gorilla city named zame notably afterward it was guerrilla grodd who was responsible for crippling the flash’s detective ally hunter zolomon leading him to eventually become the destructive speedster villain zoom in post-flashpoint continuity grodd was the prince of gorilla city a subject of prophecy regarding the speed force which the gorillas referred to as the light it was believed among the guerrillas of guerrilla city that grodd would use the light to usher in the next stage of guerrilla evolution when grog came of age he challenged his father the king to a death battle which graud won eating his father’s brains afterward and obtaining his knowledge and memories immediately afterward the flash stumbled into gorilla city for the first time accidentally while traveling back to the present timeline from the future his arrival caused the guerrillas to question whether god truly was the lightbringer of prophecy some believing it was the flash instead threatened grodd attempted to kill the flash but accidentally caused a cave-in that nearly killed him instead grotty emerged from the rubble and made his way to central city where he learned his speed forced evolved body was able to absorb the energy and increase his own speed grodd was later recruited into the legion of doom where the members of the supervillain team found energies capable of countering the powers of their justice league enemies in the case of grodd he was able to harness the still force allowing him to stop all motion around him the legion of course was defeated by the justice league and grodd lost that ability now powers and abilities wise grodd has an enhanced gorilla physique due to his highly evolved body making him stronger faster more durable and possessed of greater senses and reflexes than your average silverback gorilla the most evolved gorillas of gorilla city developed telepathy in their later years grad developed his psychic abilities including the unique ability of telekinesis as a young gorilla allowing him to read others thoughts control their actions and even transfer his mind into other beings he could also use his telekinesis to bolster his strength create force fields and even transmute matter to a limited extent he is also a scientific genius capable of engineering a number of machines usually involving evolution and de-evolution and that’s grodd a lot of his stories were a lot more ridiculous than i thought they would be yeah yeah i think some writers don’t know quite what to do with him yeah i think he was off to a great start but uh it kind of devolved from there as it were although jeff johns actually he writes a really really scary really good gorilla grodd now that we’ve got their histories and abilities out of the way let’s speculate on how one of the 1000 simulated matches will go the winner is determined by simulations not the speculation but it’s fun to imagine how this fight could play out we don’t set any rules for this match other than the characters don’t know anything about each other going in except that the other character is a threat that needs to be put down and we say they start off about 50 meters apart in an environment that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment plus certain characters have advantages in some environments over others and we want these characters to win on their own merit so let’s get into it the characters meet on the battlefield who goes first i’m going to say that like enhanced gorillas are faster than enhanced humans so mutants but okay yeah i think really garage is going to go first he’s just an angry guy as it is so i wouldn’t be surprised if he made the first move all right yeah it makes sense so i’m gonna say that he starts off with like a full-on just scary gorilla charge and it’s like extra scary because he’s gonna be mentally projecting in her mind like all of the horrible ways he’s gonna like bite and just rip her apart limb from limb holy [ __ ] yeah yeah well psylock sees this rushing atrocity but you know she’s handled herself in situations before she throws up a telekinetic force field as he’s approaching that garage slams into and as he bounces off her force field she telekinetically rushes him using psychically enhanced speed and she stabs him with her cy knife and with that she learns everything about him she learns all about his powers and his history as an evolved gorilla and therefore she’s able to equip the appropriate psychic shielding to protect herself from his psychic attacks is that all done instantaneously like she doesn’t need like hold it there for a while or anything for the most part it’s done instantaneously the psychic knife does stun him like while this is going on grodd is in psychic pain okay i mean if he’s in pain you know he’ll probably like emit this telekinetic blast from his body just you know sending psylocke hurling away from him and then he busts out this like high-tech collapsible spear that he expands and uses to start firing these lasers at her it’s like really high tech from gorilla city he shoots lasers out of the spear yeah yeah well she’s at a distance and she’s dodging these lasers also she’s able to telepathically read him to see where he’s about to fire so she can dodge these lasers easily and she ducks and dives working her way toward grodd where she manifests her telekinetic sword the physical one that’s only a molecule thick and with it she slices his laser spear right in half and he’s like oh what my thing’s broken and psylocke follows up by sweeping his legs and then normally a leg sweep wouldn’t down a massive enhanced gorilla but she powers her leg sweep with telekinetic strength so grod’s on his ass okay by this point you know grads just had enough so he tries to take control of her mind you imagine enough she’s psychically immune for the most part and she has the shielding right i was gonna say that but god probably recognizes that pretty quickly and he’s wearing armor from the gorilla city like i mentioned where there’s a gem on his helmet that’s actually a button and when he presses it it enhances his telepathic abilities you know sort of like what he did with the animals in central city okay oh like cerebro yeah yeah exactly okay and with those enhanced telepathic abilities he’s gonna break down her psychic defenses okay and that’s when he just takes the battle to the psychic plane where anything is possible and where he’s basically king kong oh [ __ ] okay so we’re on the psychic astral plane now yeah yeah yeah okay well if grodd is king kong on the astral plane then psylocke is godzilla in the sense that she’s japanese but no she grows her psychic astral form to be just as tall as he is and she fires this psychic beam at him from her forehead and she sprouts these huge like energy butterfly wings which is actually how her psychic energies were kind of first presented in the comics so really she’s more like mothra versus king kong this is pretty amazing this is one of the most awesome things we’ve ever done yeah okay um i’m gonna say that god blocks that psychic beam by manifesting like a psychic warrior shield okay and then he’s gonna follow up by purling these giant psychic poops right at her like flaming poops that like stick to you and burn he’s a gorilla so it makes sense he’s allowed to do it oh god well she dodges the flying flaming poos by flapping her butterfly wings and flying into the air and she folds her wings together in front of her and extends them into like this giant psychic blade that lodges itself right into god’s head through his helmet and it knocks them both out of the astral plane and back into the real world because things are just getting way too [ __ ] ridiculous there all right let’s see that’s fair that’s fine okay as they come to i’m going to say gorilla grodd just reaches out with this telekinesis just pulls her towards him and then just like crushes her skull in his hand except that as psyluck is getting pulled in close by god’s telekinesis she’s gonna manifest her telekinetic katana and just slice gorilla grodd’s hand right off that’s pulling her in so what so gorilla grab doesn’t have a hand anymore you don’t want to make god angry okay like you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry okay and right now he’s pissed off so he just like picks her up with his one good hand and just like bites her like right in the back and just like curls her like a rag doll away from oh [ __ ] yeah okay so that’s definitely gonna hurt psylocke because those gorilla fangs are no joke yeah yeah uh but she’s gonna telekinetically stop the bleeding from these huge massive bite wounds that she has in her back now she could do that yeah we’ll say yeah okay well while she’s doing that gorilla grodd is just gonna like roll over to like that slashed laser spear that was on the ground that he was using before and he’s just gonna like tinker with it and transmute some of its matter so that it now emits like this radioactive beam that’s capable of devolving humans into apes and he fires it at psylocke so boom now she’s a gorilla that’s easier for him to mentally no no no no psylux is a mutant okay so if she’s devolving she’s not gonna turn into a gorilla she’s gonna turn into just a regular powerless human good but she’ll still have her martial arts prowess she’s not gonna lose that okay so grodd’s gonna be surprised that you know she’s not a gorilla and salak is going to take advantage of his confusion and she’s going to flip her way towards him and just kick him right in the throat i don’t think that works like grodd is probably just going to like laugh at this puny human now and he’s just gonna like lay her out with one blow okay so she gets knocked aside but not before she’s able to steal his devolving laser spear from his one good hand and she gets up from the ground with the spear and she points it at him and she uses on him so she devolves him and now he’s just a regular shitty gorilla so a normal gorilla going up against a regular human i think i’m still putting my money on the regular gorilla he’ll just rush toward her like a wild ape with rabies and silac is just gonna run i have no idea what the hell she’s gonna do there’s nothing she can’t do you know guys just gonna catch up with her and just bite her face off except except that this whole thing was just a psychic illusion all along what ever since psylocke stabbed grodd with her psyblade grodd has just been in this comatose state this whole time imagining the whole fight and psylocke just decapitates him putting him out of his misery when like at the very beginning yeah pretty much at the beginning of this fight okay wow he’s decapitated yeah okay but grodd’s mind is powerful enough where like it’ll just transfer into her body like he’ll just take over her body with his mind so now he’s this badass ninja and she no longer exists she hates that mind swapping stuff yes yeah everyone does but you know honestly i can’t think of a better way to end this than with a sexy psychic gorilla ninja so uh i don’t think he managed to transfer his mind you say he does but we’ll find out what really happened by running the simulations on this matchup nice let’s do it [Music] that was fun that was way funnier than i thought i was gonna yeah and actually these characters had more in common than i think we kind of realized they’re both evolved beings that’s true yeah they both deal with the theme of evolution so thematically they’re similar stats wise they’re not too similar no yeah gorilla grodd came out on top in a number of categories including movement speed durability strength obviously damage level but just barely and versatility because of his technology he’s also a lot smarter than she is innately yeah but psylocke is definitely more evasive than gorilla grodd considering that not only is she an acrobatic ninja she can also create telekinetic shielding she can render herself mentally invisible to her opponent she has a lot of tools up her sleeve in order to evade attacks and she’s also a very highly skilled martial artist she’s a way better fighter than grodd right but will that be enough to put her on top yes in the simulations i’m going to say yes but what do you think i’m going to say no i think he’s actually going to win by a large margin which differs from our social media followers we got more votes for the poll between guerrilla grad and psylocke than any other pole we’ve ever put up and you guys were split almost exactly down the middle  i think you guys are wrong well let’s find out the winner between gorilla grodd and psylocke is grodd you say grad it’s okay gorilla grodd yes it was gorilla grad and not only did he win he won by quite a bit out of the 1000 matches he won  so it’s 73.6 percent to 26.4 so he wins almost three quarters of the time yeah in the end it was grodds and nate physicality and intelligence that was just too much for psylocke yeah there wasn’t too much that she was able to do that he was also able to do for the most part yeah he also had a little bit of wild card with his technological devices whatever that may show up as in the battle are you surprised yeah actually as i was writing psylocke’s biography i was like there’s no [ __ ] way that the stupid-ass gorilla is gonna win this matchup you know he’s just a damn dirty ape but uh you know once we actually sat down and compared the stats it actually makes sense dc wins this time but it’s okay guys because marvel’s gonna win next time maybe probably not but that’s gonna be in an episode after our upcoming episode which will be a review of zack snyder’s justice league oh my gosh it’s finally oh my god you’re so annoying whatever i’m totally gonna marathon man of steel and then bvs the ultimate cut right before justice league drops at midnight i’m gonna be up for so many hours and it’s just gonna be so glorious well i’m gonna marathon avengers infinity war and avengers end game before watching zack snyder’s justice league just so i can compare the levels of epicness against each other and i’m gonna predict that justice league is gonna fall short no way this is gonna be the best dc film that’s ever been released that’s what i predict are you managing your expectations right now yes yes those are my expectations managed all right well everybody look forward to the disappointment next week as we get into that that does it for this duel let us know what you thought about the results by writing to us at dynamicdullpodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter particularly instagram because that’s where we’re trying to get to a thousand followers uh and again if we do we have a special surprise for you guys you can find links to all of our social accounts by visiting our website and on our site you can also find a link to our patreon page where we offer bonus content and our very own 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