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March 30, 2021

Green Lantern (Kilowog) vs Beta Ray Bill

Green Lantern (Kilowog) vs Beta Ray Bill

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:44 - No-Prize Time • 0:05:40 - First official The Suicide Squad red band trailer • 0:09:56 - Black Widow pushed to July 9, will have simultaneous release in theaters and Disney+ • 0:12:51 - Pierce Brosnan cast as Doctor Fa...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:44 - No-Prize Time • 0:05:40 - First official The Suicide Squad red band trailer • 0:09:56 - Black Widow pushed to July 9, will have simultaneous release in theaters and Disney+ • 0:12:51 - Pierce Brosnan cast as Doctor Fate in Black Adam, with new 2022 release date • 0:15:22 - Helen Mirren cast as original villain Hespera in Shazam: Fury of the Gods • 0:16:43 - Question of the Week • 0:17:26 - Green Lantern (Kilowog) vs Beta Ray Bill intro • 0:20:38 - Green Lantern (Kilowog) profile and powers • 0:29:12 - Beta Ray Bill profile and powers • 0:36:44 - Fight speculation • 0:48:29 - Duel results • 0:51:24 - Sign off

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[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m marvelous joe and i’m his twin brother johnny dc and in this episode we are going to find out who would win in a fight between the green lantern character kilowog against the thor related character beta ray bill now these are both alien creatures who are counterparts to earth heroes green lantern and thor but they’re just ugly as hell they’re fugly as it were and which means fun and ugly they haven’t had a huge presence in the films i know kilowog appeared in the green lantern movie for a bit and beta ray bill had a brief easter egg cameo in thor ragnarok because he was depicted as a previous gladiatorial warrior on sakhar and thor’s whole like stormbreaker axe hammer thing yeah that was an integral weapon in avengers endgame and infinity war that actually belongs to beta ray bill so i don’t know how many people will actually listen to this but i know that the die hard fans will and this episode is for you guys that’s right before we get into that duel though we’re going to break down the comic book movie news from this past week there was a lot of news a lot of dc news we got the first official the suicide squad redband trailer we learned that black widow got a new release date and that it’ll be simultaneously released in theaters and on disney plus we learned that pierce brosden has been cast as dr fate in the upcoming black adam movie yep and that got a release date and we learned that helen mirren has been cast as the villain in the shazam sequel as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic if you guys want to support this podcast there are a number of ways you can do that and everything helps the first ways you can follow this show on instagram facebook or twitter and then share it with your marvel and dc loving friends and family yeah particularly instagram we’re shooting for a thousand followers yeah once we reach that we have a special surprise for you guys you can also support the show by rating us or reviewing us on your platform of choice including apple podcasts or and finally you can also join us on patreon where you can chat with johnny and i on discord or you can listen to blooper reels of the show that we put out every month as well as more awesome perks including the ability to become an executive producer of this show thanks to everyone who shows us they care by supporting this podcast we enjoy making it just for you listeners and with that out of the way quick to the no prize so a no prize is an award that marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that i personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was in regards to the release date change for venom let there be carnage we asked you guys when is the earliest you can see yourself going back to theaters to watch films and we did not get a whole lot of answers for this particular question possibly because you guys were still ruminating on it but mostly because jonathan sucks and then post the question to our social media accounts okay blame me i’ll just pass that blame on to all of our listeners who wanted to answer but didn’t thanks for making me look bad guys we got three answers total two you guys said that you’re already ready to go to the theater because you’ve already been back i’m in the same boat i went back to go see new mutants and everything granted you know i made sure to be very careful during this pandemic but we did get one unique answer that i really liked so first big thanks to corey wooten and mickey madden gehen for your answers the winner of this week’s no prize is cj craft who said hey guys cj craft here i don’t know if i will go back to movie theaters in general just because ever since the pandemic hit my love for drive-in theaters has really increased and i find myself enjoying drive-ins more and more and think more people should go out and enjoy them because they’re such an important part of american history but that said i think the new halloween movie in the fall will probably bring me to theaters but other than that drive-ins all the way and i love this answer because i also love drive-in theaters yeah they’re totally underrated yeah i think the last time i went to the drive-in theater was this past halloween when i went to a drive-in haunted house and that was really cool what is that it was basically just a series of short scary films that they showed up on the screen and they had a bunch of actors in costume kind of like pounce at your car and try to scare you while you’re in your car it was pretty cool no [ __ ] that i would not like that it was awesome some of my best movie going experiences have been at the drive-in and they are a great compromise during the pandemic time i know a lot of people are getting vaccinated right now but you know there’s still a lot of variants and still a rise in cases so going to the drive-in is something that i definitely will be doing this summer oh yeah i can’t wait the drive-ins have always been there for me especially when i had like newborn children and i couldn’t take them to the movie theater we could always go to the drive-in plus you get like three films for the price of one at my local drive-in at least yeah so it’s a really good time yeah the downside is you know a lot of people may not have drive-in theaters that are next to them so if you’re comfortable going back to the theater just be as careful as you can but yeah congrats again to cj craft you win this week’s no prize if you the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news [Music] okay we got our first look at the suicide squad film directed by james gunn last year during dc’s fandom event but they never released a trailer for it this past week we got our first official trailer for the film and it’s a red band trailer which is awesome because if you’re gonna do a suicide squad movie it better be rated r yeah not like the first one no no that one should have been but it wasn’t the trailer ended up being not quite what i expected i think that my biggest takeaway from it was that there was a lot more set pieces than i thought there were gonna be because from the promotional material that we saw last year a lot of the shots were in this jungle set yeah and here they look like they’re going all over the place yeah we see some of those jungle shots in this trailer but we also see like a small city we also get to see argus headquarters the film really does seem like it’s like a globetrotting type adventure for these not quite heroes yeah not necessarily like one mission focused like the last movie was but maybe like a series of missions yeah one of them being to rescue harley which is what the trailer starts off with and it’s a great gag great setup for her just walking out and being like hey guys like we were going to save you it was a really good plan it’s funny how like touched she is by that this is the best i think we’ve ever seen harley quinn in live action by margot robbie i love the red and black yeah the red and black really sells it in such a simple way you know she looks like iconic harley quinn i’m so sick of the pink and blue she should always stick with the red and black i agree i think it just lends itself more to like a playing card kind of gesture kind of character after that we kind of get like a setup of what the suicide squad is you know we get to visit all these different characters in prison as they’re injected with bombs on the back of their neck we get to see savant we get to see weasel and that guy’s creepy but it’s also hilarious one of the standout characters of the trailer for me is absolutely king shark though this guy is what makes this red band trailer red band he’s biting people’s heads off he’s ripping them in half and i guess he’s voiced by sylvester stallone i like the part where he raised his hand and demanded waller was like yes that’s your hand he just looks so proud of himself for me the standout wasn’t king shark i really liked john cena’s peacemaker he looks like he’s going to be hilarious all these characters look like they’re going to be hilarious because james gunn is just a funny writer yeah like the whole dick’s joke towards the end of the trailer when he’s like if somebody told me to eat a beach full of dicks for liberty i would gladly do it like everyone was talking for a while about maybe james gunn taking on another comic book property like superman or something like that the suicide squad hands down was like made for james gunn yeah i mean it’s a team of bad guys they’re gonna be crass james gunn is crass it works i think my favorite scene though is when rick flag and blood sport are threatening the thinker and then harley quinn jumps in and she’s like if you have a personalized license plate you die if you cough without covering your mouth you die i just love rick flags or your spots like don’t think that’s an open invitation to cough without covering your mouth though the biggest surprise to be revealed in the trailer though was actually starro we had heard that he was going to be in the film but i figured that they would have saved him for later marketing material not for the first trailer and he looks awesome it just added this crazy element to the movie where you think it’s going to be fun and bombastic and foul-mouthed and action-packed and everything like that but then they’re like it’s a freaking kaiju it’s like this movie is so bonkers it’s almost ridiculous it’s over the top they’re throwing everything in the kitchen sink inside this movie is the main mission of the film to defeat starro or is he just kind of like a wild card element introduced in the third act or something the way this film looks structured i wouldn’t be surprised either way yeah i thought the main villain was supposed to be like a south american dictator or something but how starro ties into that no idea i love it though the movie looks like it’s going to be action-packed hilarious with harley quinn saying oh don’t you love the rain it’s like angels are splooging all over us it’s like the film comes out august 6th and this trailer has me totally pumped for it i’m not sure how many more trailers they’re gonna drop for this considering the release is like less than six months away this movie’s gonna do heavy business for hbo max i hope so yeah i think so i mean it’s not exactly a four quadrant film i think the demographic is pretty niche but i still think that niche will show up for this in droves i will i totally will yep in a bit of marvel news we learned this past week that the black widow film will no longer be released on may 7th it will now come out on july 9th which is bad but what’s good is that the movie is going to theaters and disney plus on the same day kind of like what hbo max is doing except of course with disney plus you have to pay 30 bucks to see the movie so it’s like copying dc but worse that’s marvel in a nutshell not really because disney plus is so much cheaper than hbo max so you’re still paying more for hbo max regardless you get what you pay for i mean considering i’m almost positive that black widow is going to be better than wonder woman 1984. i don’t know about that we’ll see check your expectations [Laughter] one unfortunate side effect of this movie moving is that it took shangqi and the legend of the 10 ring spot which means that shangchi is now going to come out on september 3rd luckily he didn’t push every other marvel release date back so we’re also still going to get the eternals film as well as spiderman no way home this year i’m confused as to why black widow had to be pushed back at all that is a very valid question like if they’re just going to release it on disney plus the same day why the push why did that have to happen and i think the answer has everything to do with the theatrical box office they want to wait until more people are vaccinated and more people are more comfortable going back to theaters and the later you push that out the better for the theatrical box office it doesn’t seem like they’re confident that they can recoup any losses through the disney plus platform and i’m sure releasing in you know summertime in the northern hemisphere doesn’t hurt either right i may actually go see this in theaters at the very least i will be going to the drive-in to see it mainly because i don’t want to pay  paying for it digitally later to own it yeah this whole premiere access thing i hate it i mean it makes sense just compare it to buying a movie ticket except you get to watch the movie at home i’ll probably still do premiere access because in the long run it’s going to be cheaper for me you can’t do premiere access because you mooch off of my disney plus account in the end i think i’m gonna make you pay for premiere access so it’s gonna be cheaper for me i’m not gonna pay for premier access i’m gonna go to the drive-in meaning you have to go to the drive-in too yeah i’m pretty sure i’m just gonna buy it on your account anyway i have access you better [ __ ] not do that that would be so shitty i mean i’d still watch it but again i don’t want to pay for it twice to watch it on my tv if i’m gonna pay for it twice it’s gonna be for the big screen experience then the small screen experience i mean if you pay for disney plus two it kind of shows them that you’re looking forward to future upcoming marvel releases to also be on disney plus i’d be surprised if this premiere access thing lasted until september 3rd when uh shanghai comes out so really i don’t care if the premier access experiment is a success or not because i don’t think it’ll last forever regardless we’ll see i mean hbo will still be doing it throughout the rest of this year yeah but they did recently announce a deal with cinemark and regal cinemas that in 2022 they’re gonna stop doing that so yeah maybe it is temporary speaking of 2022 films the black adam film finally has a release date of july  next year which is awesome we’ve been waiting for a release date for that film ever since warner brothers shifted the dc film’s schedules so it’s nice to know that the film will be coming pretty soon with pierce brosnan as kent nelson aka dr fate which is the most badass casting ever that was amazing news uh pierce brosnan is a great get for this movie i know that i was kind of hoping for an actor of middle eastern descent considering that dr fate is a superhero with strong ties to ancient egypt i guess in this context it’ll be ancient conduct but um the casting seems pretty spot-on with the comics yeah kinda i mean i would say pierce brosnan sort of looks a little bit more like the hector hall version of dr fate but regardless it’s great to get an actor of his caliber in the role i have to say i’m jealous as hell heck yeah you are like this is the second james bond actor to join the dc universe including timothy dalton who’s the chief on doom patrol and now this and me being a huge james bond fan i’m just wondering when we can get like daniel craig on our team never he’s gonna join dc no one wants to do marvel anymore what are you talking about it’s played out man it might as well just have ended with end game dc is on the rise marvel’s on the down slope you shut your mouth chase how dare you it’s reality you don’t know that you’re just saying [ __ ] i mean we went an entire year without an mcu film i think it all depends on black widow honestly as to whether or not the general public will still even care about marvel i think you’re reaching i think you’re just trying to say hurtful things that you want to be true but have no basis in reality we’ll see back to black adam this was actually kind of a surprising bit of news regarding pierce president’s casting considering they sort of went against type with the other cast members including eldest hodges hawkman and condesa swindela cyclone i didn’t think they were gonna be as on the nose as they were honestly i thought they were gonna go with someone much more diverse for dr fate but i don’t mind this casting at all would i have preferred someone like dr fate to be khalid nassau that version of the character yeah but you could always do that down the road dr faye is absolutely a legacy character where the helm could be passed on from person to person that would actually be a great plot point for a dr faith solo movie yeah absolutely considering that pierce brosnan you know he’s kind of getting up there in age now he can’t necessarily start a franchise but he can certainly pass on a franchise yeah and i guess the studio has that in mind now in black item related news the shazam sequel fury of the gods recently cast its lead villain in helen mirren who will be playing kespera in the sequel now hespera is an original character for the film she’s not from the comics but in mythology she’s one of the three daughters of atlas why can’t the villain be black adam that’s a great question why can’t the villain be mr mind i thought that’s what they were setting up i’m not sure why they’re doing an original character for the villain honestly and i’m not sure why they’re also going into greek gods territory considering that’s sort of wonder woman’s thing you know well judging off of wonder woman 1984 they do seem to be ignoring that aspect of the character which kind of sucks because i really liked that about the snyder cut getting to see zeus and artemis in aries that was really cool i love that aspect of the character the whole mythological angle for shazam is definitely there but it’s less pronounced i’d rather see him deal with egyptian deities if anything considering the wizard shazam’s roots go back to ancient egypt that said i have total faith in david f sandberg to deliver the goods i loved the first shazam film i think it captures the spirit and tone of the comics probably more so than a lot of the dc films to date so i’m really looking forward to seeing what plays out here so overall you’re okay with this original character then as long as mr mind ties into it in some way because i loved that cameo in the first film and i don’t want them to drop that but on the topic of original characters that brings us to our question of the week who is your favorite original character to appear in a marvel or dc film that did not previously appear in the comics there’s only so many of these out there and we’d love to hear your takes on this record your answer at by clicking on the red microphone button in the bottom right hand corner which will prompt you to leave us a voicemail your message can be up to 30 seconds long and don’t forget to leave your name in case we include you on the podcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media be sure to answer before april 3rd but i think that does it for all the news for this episode so let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out who would win between the green lantern character kilowog and the thor related character beta ray bill let’s do it all right kilowog versus beta ray bill in a duel match up with a face that only a mother could love these two guys are horrifying to look at they should both be wearing masks and neither of them do kilowog looks like this weird warthog it’s like a pig and a bulldog mixed yeah yeah and beta ray bill looks like a horse with no lips wearing thor’s helmet right it’s like something from your nightmares exactly both of these guys but uh despite how horrific they look they’re characters with hearts of gold yeah i wouldn’t quite describe them as horrifying more like metal as hell yeah actually that’s a great way of looking at it metal as hell kilowog is a prime member of the green lantern corps from dc comics he’s the one who trained hal jordan in how to use his ring when he first became a green lantern and beta ray bill is one of the most noble creatures in the entire marvel universe being one of the only characters worthy to wield thor’s hammer mjolnir and of course we’re doing this matchup now because kilowog made like a brief like one second cameo in the zack snyder justice league movie and also our patrons thought it would be cool so as do i yeah i’ve been really looking forward to this match if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before the way we determine a winner between these two characters is by running 1000 monte carlo simulations using their statistics now a monte carlo simulation is a probabilistic model used to determine outcomes through random sampling in our case it randomizes statistics along a normal distribution which is a bell curve as a way to simulate the many variables that can occur during battle the stat parameters we use are based on the official marvel power grid and we use that criteria to extrapolate the dc character stats we’ve included some additional stat categories of our own such as range damage potential versatility and perception in order to create a more complete and robust simulation running these 1000 simulations gives us a percentage of wins for each character and we declare the one with the higher percentage to be the ultimate victor given that they’re more likely to win any given battle no character has ever won 100 of the time comics have shown that there’s always a way for batman to defeat superman and we feel our method falls in line with the precedents that have been established in the comic book stories and we use this method because it was the least subjective most unbiased way to determine who would win of course we are both heavily biased toward our respective allegiances and instead of debating these matches forever we just let the math decide for us so there’s no fan votes here and no relying on just feats before we run the simulations though we like to break down each character’s histories and abilities before improvising a scenario on how we imagine one of the 1000 simulations we run would play out beat for beat and i think it’s my turn to go over the history of the dc character first so let me get into the backstory of kilowog now the dc comics universe is divided into  protected by at least one green lantern designated by the universe’s first race of intelligent beings known as the guardians of the universe from the planet oah in sector 674 exists a planet known as bolivac’s vic which contained a densely populated society of 16 billion all of whom shared a communal mind known as the mass one of its inhabitants a brilliant geneticist named kilowog was chosen to be his sector’s green lantern protector when its previous protector another bolovaxion named bronwilla died it was a great honor to be chosen and despite the hardship of leaving the mass communal mind for isolated and unknown space bolivac’s vic had a long history of producing strong and brave green lanterns for their sector and kiliwog proudly accepted his role after arriving on the green lantern homeworld owa kilawog was trained by a harsh drill sergeant green lantern named ermey who often insulted kilawog and his fellow trainees by calling them poozers during a tough training session irmay had to send his trainees to help save a group of green lanterns from a surprise attack one of those green lanterns being sinestro who you can learn more about in our sinestro vs magneto episode ermey was killed during the rescue mission but as he died he commended kilowog on his abilities and potential as leader within the green lantern corps as time progressed kilawog spent more and more time on owa and eventually assumed ermey’s role as the chief instructor for new recruits his most notable one being hal jordan of earth sector 2814 you can learn more about hal in our green lantern vs nova episode hal jordan was the successor of sector 2814’s green lantern abin sure who had been killed by the interstellar villain legion as part of hell’s training kilowog helped him bring legion to justice during the crisis on infinite earth’s event in which dc’s multiverse was merged into a single continuity bolovac’s vic was destroyed by an anti-matter wave before his people were obliterated however kilowog was able to store the life energy of all 16 billion bolivaxians within his ring thanks not only to kilowog’s sheer willpower but also to the planet’s genetic similarity and collective mind during the course of the crisis event the immortal guardians of the universe also known as the owens of which only 36 existed were split ethically on how involved they should be in saving the multiverse a substantial number of the owens died during the crisis along with hundreds of green lanterns in response the surviving owens relinquished leadership of the green lantern corps before leaving the universe allowing the corps to self-govern and its members to traverse freely into other sectors alone and depressed after the destruction of his planet kilawog relocated to earth and it became the new home base of the green lantern corps while on earth killwog decided to take up residence in the ussr since boulevac’s vic’s communal mind allowed them to form a successful socialist society kilowog helped the soviets develop their first super-powered force known as the rocket red brigade a combination of forced genetic evolution and advanced technology though he eventually became disillusioned with the flawed communist system of the soviet nations kilowog left earth and later discovered an uninhabited world in space sector 872 that would be suitable for the bulavaxian lives that were still contained within his ring his people restored they and the planet were immediately destroyed by sinestro now truly alone as the last of his kind kilowog was driven insane until another green lantern arisia whom kilowog secretly loved consoled him and brought him back to his senses along with the rest of the corps sinestro was captured and sentenced to death by the corps for his crimes against the universe upon his execution however sinestro’s life force infected the central power battery on oah the power source of the green lantern’s rings rendering kilawog and the rest of the core powerless thanks to hell jordan their rings power was restored and not long after the owens returned to the universe reestablishing owa as the homeworld base of the green lantern corps and kilowog resided on the planet once again soon after kilowog and the rest of the corps were killed by hell jordan after he was possessed and driven mad by the universal embodiment of fear known as parallax after hell destroyed the planet owa all but one of the owens sacrificed themselves to form a new ring which was given to a human named kyle raynor several surviving and powerless former green lanterns turned to black magic to get revenge on hell jordan forming a cabal known as the brotherhood of the cold flame and resurrecting the spirit of kilawog as a dark lantern in order to kill hal hell was defeated by earth’s superheroes however including kyle raynor and hal eventually sacrificed himself to reignite earth’s dormant sun hal’s old ring was used to restore the planet owa and the central power battery and the dark lantern spirit form of kilowog was put to rest eventually kyle raynor resurrected the owens and with their help kilawog was restored to life after which he helped kyle a resurrected hal jordan and other green lanterns of earth defeat parallax and trap it in the central power battery returning to duty as the lead mentor and drill sergeant for the new green lantern corps kilowatt tirelessly began training thousands of new recruits who successfully managed to defend owa from an invasion from the spider guild under his direction he also successfully led the defense of the sentient planet green lantern known as mojo as well as the defense of earth against a resurrected sinestro and his forces during the sinestro court war during the blackest night event oh was swarmed with black lantern rings resurrecting all of the green lanterns within the owen crypt kilowog’s mentor ermey became a black lantern zombie and tormented kilowog with the notion that he let irmay die in order to save sinestro making him responsible for the death of all the bulavaxians irmay then single-handedly killed all of kilowog’s new students as they attempted to defend against the destruction of the central power battery after saving the battery kilowag joined the rest of the core on earth for the final battle against the leader of the black lanterns necron the universal embodiment of death sending kim back to his own realm after the blackest night kilowog retired from his role as the corps drill instructor a role he returned to after the flashpoint event rebooted dc’s continuity and that’s kilowog’s history powers-wise kilowog possesses the super strength and durability of his species combined with his willpower fueled power ring kilawock can lift in excess of 100 tons and withstand blows of equal measure his experience with the mental link of his people also gives him greater resistance than your average green lantern to mental manipulation with his green lantern power ring killwog can fly at high speeds and create anything he can imagine from the green energy of willpower his only limitation being his creativity confidence and courage whether shooting laser beams or creating giant hammers or portals through space it’s been stated that kilowog uses his ring with such force that sonic booms are generated when he uses it as a gifted geneticist he’s also more scientifically intelligent than your average green lantern and has proven himself to be a gifted tactician and leader and that’s kilowog there are some things that i’m gonna say in my beta ray bill history that you’re gonna be like whoa that’s a coincidence really yeah are they similar uh they have a few things in common yeah let me tell you about it so beyond the milky way galaxy on another side of the universe called the burning galaxy existed a planet called corbin it was inhabited by the corbinites a peaceful race of orange-skinned humanoids who had no means of war or defense to protect themselves from the approaching fire demonserter who is destroying every planet in their galaxy on his way to demolish asgard with his fiery sword the korbonites were forced to evacuate their entire planet in a fleet of starships and determined they would create a protector for their people to defend them on their journey to find a new home using their advanced technology korbonite scientists created a robot champion called alpha ray who is a powerful yet mindless automaton the korbonites concluded alfa ray wasn’t mentally suited to protect them and they placed it in stasis the carbonites tried again to create a protector this time choosing to cybernetically enhance one of their own people selecting a champion through a series of physical and mental challenges their people’s hero the only one to survive the trials was a corbonite named bill and their scientists outfitted him with cybernetic enhancements to grant him vast strength and durability he was dubbed beta ray i don’t know beta ray bill was a cyborg yeah he is well he just got like a notch up in the metal meter that’s hardcore bill protected the corbinites as they traveled the stars looking for a new planet to live on accompanying his people in his sentient spaceship called scuttlebutt at one point in their journey the korbonite starships approached the milky way galaxy and their presence was picked up by shield satellites director nick fury asked thor to investigate who flew out into space to confront the situation bill’s ship perceived thor as a threat to the corbinites due to a similar magical energy signature to surter and bill and thor fought as they grappled thor dropped his mystic hammer mjolnir and at the time it had an enchantment on it that stated that if thor became separated from his hammer for more than 60 seconds he would revert to his mortal form donald blake and you can learn more about him in our wonder woman versus thor duel episode thor transformed into his human alter ego and bill knocked him out then did something no other being had ever done by this point he lifted thor’s hammer the enchantment on mjolnir read whoever holds this hammer if he be worthy shall possess the power of thor and bill was the only being in the whole universe at that moment who was also deemed worthy by the hammer granting him all of thor’s powers and his armor odin sensing that someone else possessed mjolnir magically transported bill and thor to asgard in order to investigate bill argued he won the hammer fair and square and needed the hammer to protect the carbonites yet odin claimed the fight wasn’t fair since thor had a limitation due to the enchantment odin sent the two to the fiery realm of skartheim to battle to the death for the right to wield the hammer bill and thor fought to a stalemate and both collapsed from exhaustion however since the carbonite race was naturally rejuvenated through heat bill was the first to rise back up instead of dealing the killing blow to thor though bill saved him from slipping into some lava believing thor was too respectable an opponent to die bill’s act of mercy passed odin’s test and he had a new hammer forged by etry the dwarf called stormbreaker the new hammer was golden with an axe on one end it was given to bill and mjojnir was returned to thor odin transferred the enchantment from mjolnir that would transform thor into his mortal form and placed it on stormbreaker this allowed bill to revert to his original non-cybernetic corbinite form whenever he wanted learning that the entity that destroyed the planet corbyn was the fire demon surter the asgardians rallied to fight their ancient enemy and his minions bill fought alongside them and led a team of earth’s heroes against the forces of muspelheim while thor loki and odin confronted surtur on asgard to prevent him from causing ragnarok known as the fall of asgard while they were successful odin apparently sacrificed his life to destroy the demon asgard was saved and bill returned to his people who had found a new home planet called new corbin bill divided his time protecting his fellow carbonites and fighting alongside thor as his ally helping him defeat the dark elf named curse he went on a few cosmic adventures of his own briefly joining a cosmic hero team called the star masters which also included silver surfer and quasar when surter revived and was set to bring about ragnarok again bill joined the fight on asgard thor however sent bill back to new corbin as he did not want his friend to die and he had decided to let ragnarok happen to end the asgardian cycle of death and rebirth reluctantly bill said goodbye to his ally and left while bill was away however new corbin was approached by galactus whom you can learn more about in our spectre versus galactus episode fearing for their people’s safety corbonite priests revived the android alpha ray out of its stasis bill arrived as galactus began consuming the planet and tried to appeal to the world devourer but he was attacked by alfa ray who claimed that the corbinites did not need two protectors new corbin was subsequently destroyed bill traveled to asgard to try and find a way to bring his people back but the realm was desolate after ragnarok bill later wandered to earth where he found that asgard and its people had been resurrected and relocated there this was during the skrull secret invasion loki convinced people bill was a scroll and thor threw mjolnir at him but bill proved his identity by catching the hammer he helped earth’s heroes repel the skrull invasion then returned to space seeking revenge against galactus however when bill found the world devourer under attack he had a change of heart and defended him instead for this galactus created a mate for bill named tiasha ray to repopulate a new corbinite population bill joined a new cosmic hero team called the annihilators alongside the shia guard gladiator and the cree warrior ronin the accuser together they operated out of the planet nowhere to defend the universe from threats after the guardians of the galaxy were temporarily out of commission bill ended up joining the guardians upon their return in a battle against thanos and later briefly journeyed back to earth to offer thor his own hammer stormbreaker after he learned thor had briefly lost the ability to wield mjolnir due to being unworthy thor respectfully declined his friend bill’s offer but later earned his worthiness again and that’s beta ray bill’s history powers wise beta ray bill has all the powers of thor this includes extreme lifting strength in excess of 100 tons and durability with this hammer stormbreaker he can summon all the elements of the storm including thunder lightning wind rain hail and snow to their fullest potential even tornadoes hurricanes and tidal waves beta ray bell can twirl his hammer to use as a shield or to open portals for teleportation he can also summon all of his godly power into a magic blast that is strong enough to crack galactus armor but will sap all of his strength in doing so beta ray bill is also a potent hand-to-hand combatant the greatest on his former planet of corbyn and those are his abilities so not only is this like a battle of like freaky looking aliens it’s also a battle of like the ultimate weapons in the universe among survivors of their dying races so metal [Laughter] now that we’ve got their histories and abilities out of the way let’s speculate on how one of the 1000 simulated matches will go the winner is determined by simulations not the speculation but it’s fun to imagine how this fight could play out we don’t set any rules for this match other than the characters don’t know anything about each other going in except that the other character is a threat that needs to be put down and we say they start off about 50 meters apart in an environment that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment plus certain characters have advantages in some environments over others and we want these characters to win on their own merit so let’s get into it the characters meet on the battlefield who goes first i’m going to say that beta ray bill goes first because like he’s no fool like rushing headlong into battle but he’s also a hearty warrior you know so i think that he’d go first so he’s going to start off by spinning stormbreaker and he’s going to launch himself straight into the air and with like a fierce mighty crack of thunder he just fires down this huge ass lightning bolt right at kilowog and it’s like crack a thumb crack of film yeah that’s how it’s written in the comics the thunder okay well i counter your crack of thumb with a sonic boom caused by a collage ring when he creates a giant battery that absorbs the lightning but power batteries for green lanterns look like railroad lanterns so once this thing powers up it generates this flash of light that blinds and temporarily stuns bill like a massive flashbang or flash grenade a flash battery exactly so as bill is stunned kilowatt just forms this ball and chain around bill’s ankle it’s so heavy it just drops bill like right out of the air crashing him down into the ground and forming this massive crater i mean that’s got to be one damn heavy ball and chain oh it was okay well beta ray bill he gets up and he smashes this chain that’s around his ankles with his hammer just slamming it to the floor really hard with such force that it creates this shock wave that like tears up the ground then like this fissure that travels toward kilawog and the shockwave like launches kilowag up into the air okay maybe kilowatt can fly doesn’t matter because bill follows up on his shockwave slam by hurling stormbreaker right at kilowog while he’s in the air and this hammer is like a large golden bullet that just plows right into kilowog’s gut okay but before stormbreaker could even reach kilowog he just generates like this giant hand in front of him that snatches the hammer out of the air now he can’t do that why why because this construct hand is not worthy enough obviously to wield stormbreaker yeah killwog just willed it to be worthy enough you can’t [ __ ] do that why kilowog is not worthy what and also like how would he know to imbue this hand with worthiness which he can’t [ __ ] do if he doesn’t even know about the worthiness enchantment so no that doesn’t [ __ ] work we’re not going to get into like the worthiness debate like we did in our wonder woman thor duel fine so if you can’t hold stormbreaker then then what happens when he snatches it with a giant green hand instead of the hand holding onto the hammer the hammer pushes the hand and it slams right into kilowog so congratulations kilowog just punched himself with his own hand construct what okay uh but kellogg’s pretty durable okay so he’s gonna recover by the time stormbreaker returns to bill and he’s gonna respond by sending this massive asteroid right at bill how big is this asteroid it’s the size of texas okay armageddon uh well i mean like beta ray bill has cracked planets before so what this texas-sized asteroid is just it’s gonna be nothing bill winds up his hammer and as this asteroid is about to hit him he just smashes it into boulders just boulders everywhere and then beta ray bill spins his hammer to create this texas-sized tornado that picks up all these boulders and is giant enough to suck kilowog into the tornado where he just gets pummeled by all these spinning rocks like you know these aren’t real boulders right like oh yeah just makes them disappear they’re made of green energy not rock and since kilowatt has like pulled himself out of black holes i don’t think getting out of a tornado even one the size of texas is gonna be much of a problem for him okay so to dissipate this tornado i’m gonna say kilowog creates like a massive giant alien pterodactyl creature that just flaps its giant wings and blows the tornado away it’s gonna be a big [ __ ] pterodactyl oh yeah [ __ ] huge okay and then the pterodactyl is just gonna swoop down and and since like kilowatt can’t take the hammer away from bill i’m just gonna say that the pterodactyl is gonna snatch bill away from his hammer okay how he’s gonna grab bill by like both wrists with his talents and just like shake him loose make him drop the hammer as he carries him off into the air and eats him okay so a pterodactyl made beta ray bill drop stormbreaker by shaking his arms and then ate him yes okay so battery bill’s in this giant pterodactyl’s stomach that’s right but he can summon his hammer back to him while he’s in there and he just rips this pterodactyl a new [ __ ] [Laughter] and then he erupts out of the creature and he calls upon this like intense focused hail storm that just friggin pelts kilawog and the storm is so cold that it freezes kilowog solid in ice i totally forgot that bill could summon his hammer back to him like i thought he was gonna have like 60 seconds before he was just normal pterodactyl food okay so kilawag is frozen not for long though because he’s just gonna set himself on fire with like a green flame it’s just gonna melt the ice and then he’s gonna take that massive fiery plasma and just blast it right at bill like a like a flamethrower that won’t do anything because corbinites are like naturally resistant to extreme temperatures uh so battery bill is just gonna fly straight into this plasma blast hammer first flying straight toward kilowog and then he’s just gonna smash kilowog’s ring with stormbreaker what just crack that thing right in half okay so kilowag is probably pretty shocked by this so he’s gonna react just by like using his own natural strength to punch bill like right in his horse face sending him flying backwards and shattering all of his horse teeth and while he has a little bit of time he’s going to summon his power battery the the lantern and recite the green lantern oath focusing his willpower on restoring his ring and recharging okay all right so while kilowog’s like [ __ ] reciting poetry and taking all this time to do that beta ray bill is powering up his god blast and then by the time killawag is done reciting the oath he’s just vaporized i mean kilowatts does it like really fast he just speed wraps the oath okay like busta rhyme style okay and then before bill could power up his god blast kilowatt just generates from his fully powered ring duplicates of the entire green lantern corps who just fill the skies around bill and blast him simultaneously with their rings the entire core yes how many people are in the core about seven hundred and twenty thousand and kilowatt can create all of this i mean he’s one of the premier members of the core the guy has a lot of willpower i don’t know it seems like overkill in a great way to drain his ring especially since beta ray bill is probably gonna be able to block all these shots what are these laser blasts yeah yeah yeah he’s just gonna spin his hammer around blocking all these blasts and when he spins it around he creates this portal that he just flies into coming out at another end of the battle you know getting himself out of this situation then he unleashes his god blast which decimates the entire construct green lantern corps including kilowog ending this match except that the core creates like this massive shield blocking the god blast and now that bill is drained of his godly power the entire court together is just gonna create this massive hammer of their own and just slam it down on bill no the god blast went right through that shield because it wasn’t actually an entire core of green lantern each making this shield it was just one ring doing this it was just kilowog’s ring and if beta ray bill’s god blast can crack galactus armor you can bet your ass it’ll crack that shield i’m going to say that kilowog’s willpower was strong enough to block that blast you’re out of your mind willpower is like so stupid is like so subjective like how do you gauge willpower it’s so dumb well i don’t know what to tell you it happened uh let’s go ahead and leave the match there either kilowog’s willpower was somehow strong enough to block the god blast right or the god blast eradicated them let’s go ahead and run these character stats in our simulation runner and find out who came out on top we’ll be right back [Music] all right so we put all our stats in including the beauty stat which beta ray build totally excelled in over kilowog we ran speed evasiveness durability strength damage level fighting skill range intelligence perception and versatility these guys were pretty comparable in most of those categories comparable and extremely powerful these guys have high stat values yeah for like durability strength damage level range even speed yeah they’re all topping the charts in those categories where they mainly deferred was in intelligence and fighting where we said that beta ray bill was more of a warrior whereas kilowog was more of a scientist right exactly but that kind of balanced out yeah yeah we also said they differed in terms of versatility both of their weapons are incredibly powerful and versatile meaning that they each can adapt to any number of situations that are thrown their way but green lanterns are adaptable unlike most other heroes can be yeah they have a ring that can almost literally do anything so it’s really hard to beat them when it comes to versatility so taking all that into account who do you think came out on top beta ray bill because lightning is yellow isn’t it blue no but it’s yellow even if it was kilowatt he’s gone over that whole week to yellow thing that the green lanterns used to have he’s a veteran green lantern that doesn’t have to deal with that problem well our instagram followers think that beta ray bill will win and they voted by 22 votes to 11 votes so 67 percent of the people think beta ray bill will win this one i’m just gonna chalk that up to a popularity contest once again you think beta ray bill is more popular than kilowog it’s either popularity or they’re rooting for the underdog i don’t know how else to explain it but i have the official results right here the winner of the matchup between the green lantern kilowog and beta ray bill is kilowog i don’t believe you are you joking no by  bitter a bill lost by only winning 45.6 percent of his matches or 456 [ __ ] would step out of a thousand bucks no sorry dude green lantern would beat thor did you remove the beauty stat that we put in i left it but sorry to say kilowog one in that category two no he did i’d rather have a lovable pig dog face than a scary horse skeleton face no you got that all wrong i’d much rather have a cool horse face honestly i’d rather have neither that’s true i’m just gonna say what i always say after every match with green lantern those characters are just overpowered they can do too many things whatever dude green lantern has lost one of our duel matches before don’t try to negate my anger with your facts okay all right that does it for this duel let us know what you thought about the results by writing to us at dynamicdulepodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter you can find links to all of our accounts by visiting our website and on 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week up up and away true believers