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Dec. 15, 2020

Kelex vs HERBIE

Kelex vs HERBIE

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• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:05:41 - No-Prize Time • 0:12:17 - Marvel movie cast and release date updates • 0:23:37 - WandaVision Official Trailer 2 • 0:25:40 - Falcon and the Winter Soldier Exclusive First Look • 0:28:28 - Loki Exclusive Clip • 0:32:09 - What If…? Exclusive First Look • 0:33:46 - Ms. Marvel Sizzle • 0:35:41 - Marvel Disney+ new show announcements • 0:41:56 - Question of the Week • 0:42:53 - Kelex vs HERBIE intro • 0:45:38 - HERBIE profile and powers • 0:53:04 - Kelex profile and powers • 0:58:49 - Fight speculation • 1:06:11 - Duel results • 1:08:59 - Sign off








Executive producers: John Speas, Jace Crump, Ken Johnson, Isaiah Bethune, Zachary Hepburn, John Starosky and John Bechinina

Wish Background, Newer Wave, Bleeping Demo, Clash Defiant, Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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[Music] it’s that special time of year again guys the giving season when this podcast hosts an annual fundraiser for charity that’s right in years past we’ve given to such non-profits as the sierra club the dwayne mcduffie fund and women helping women this year we’re donating to pop culture classroom which promotes literacy and the arts through educational programs for underserved youths by using comic books graphic novels and related media to inspire passion for reading art and learning this year we’re donating a little differently since we know times may be tough for some of you in this trying year instead of asking you for donations through a facebook fundraiser we set up this time we’re offering to donate on your behalf yes all we’re asking for this year is a rating of dynamic duel on which is a podcast rating and discovery platform for every rating this show gets there through the end of 2020 we will be donating one dollar to the pop culture classroom nonprofit within a reasonable amount like probably up to like five hundred dollars last year we were able to raise one hundred dollars for this non-profit through your donations let’s see if we can beat that this year through your ratings and everyone will get a high-res digital download of matt turner’s helix and herbie artwork which we’ll send out at the start of  rate us before years end we’ll donate a dollar to the nonprofit on your behalf and you get a high-res digital art download it’s a win for everyone and a way to end the year on a high note thanks guys for your continued generosity and on with the show [Music] so hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in set-based battle simulations i’m johnny dc and i’m his twin brother marvelous joe and happy holidays everyone merry christmas and happy hanukkah and joyce kwanza and whatever you celebrate we want to reach out to you guys and wish you a happy holiday this year marks our fifth annual charity duel episode in which we typically pit like animal creatures against each other you know just for something cute and light-hearted yeah we’ve done chip versus rocket raccoon throgg versus crypto the superdog we’ve done spider-ham versus the terrific what’s it howard the duck versus detective chimp this time we’re going with robots we got kylix who’s like superman’s butler robot in the fortress of solitude against herbie the fantastic four’s nanny robot right right when we first started doing this podcast we kind of figured that with great podcasting powers comes great podcasting responsibility so we decided to commission artwork for our episode cover by an artist and then auction that artwork to donate the proceeds to charity this year the artist we commissioned the artwork from is an artist named matt turner who kind of specializes in tech and robot illustrations yeah and they’re amazing it’s kind of like this bill watterson approach but insanely detailed so the robots have this kind of very organic feel to them in his artwork but they’re still very technical very whimsical it’s just magical artwork that he does and as an illustrator myself you know someone who does the no prize illustrations every week for this podcast i gotta say drawing tech is like the hardest thing to do i hate it every time i have to draw like an iron man or a war machine or anyone with any kind of machinery on them because it is so challenging and i’m just in awe of how easy matt turner makes it look yeah his instagram handle is at matt turner art and we will link to that within this episode’s show notes so you should go there if you want to see more of his artwork which you should because it’s awesome yeah remember we’ll actually send you a digital version of his helix and herbie artwork if you give us a rating on before the end of 2020. for every new rating we get we will also donate one dollar to the charity of matt turner’s choice pop culture classroom and just for transparency we currently have eight ratings on podchaser so any more we have greater than that number we’ll be donating a dollar so thank you guys everyone who’s participating in that we’ll be finding out later on in the episode who’s going to win between helix and herbie before that we’re going to break down the comic book movie news from the past week which of course there is a whole buttload’s worth because disney had their investors day yeah so we’ll be talking about all the marvel movie cast and release date updates and their disney television show updates as well as the trailers for one division falcon in the winter soldier loki what if and the miss marvel sizzle reel as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic real quick the day this episode drops which will be on december  vote for dynamic duel in the 2020 colorado podcast awards if you have been involved with any colorado podcast this year you are eligible to vote among the finalists of which we are among in three categories yeah we got nominations for best colorado show best co-hosts and best sound design hopefully we win one of those awards they’re announced later on this week and we’ll keep you guys posted in our next episode as to what went down thank you to everyone who’s able to vote for us as one of the finalists at again we’ll put a link to that in our show notes but with that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award we post on social media that jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question tied into the news that warner media was releasing all of its films in 2021 simultaneously both in theaters and on hbo max at no additional cost so we asked what’s your favorite streaming content platform and why got a lot of answers here let’s run down our list of honorable mentions as well as the no prize winners our first honorable mention goes to richard mcgrew who said that his favorite streaming content platform was hulu because it’s the one that he watches the most it has local channels it has the blumhouse movies you get to watch a little bit of everything and every once in a while you get a free week of premium channels like hbo showtime stars etc and i have never seen that happen that is awesome i had no idea the free weeks were a thing neither did i i’m gonna have to start watching more hulu but yeah they definitely have a good variety on hulu i’ve always kind of considered it a netflix light but it is nice that they do have things like the local channels and stuff that being said i freaking hate their ads man oh my gosh yes i like wanna rage smash my tv every time i get an ad on hulu well don’t they have like an ad free premium they do but you know i’d rather just get mad than cough up the price rather than just about it bitter yeah it absolutely is the best platform for network television shows it’s it’s kind of the only place you can find new episodes of your favorite shows if you don’t have cable or an antenna and want to watch it on demand our next honorable mention goes to jeff miles jr who said that his favorite as of right now is netflix because that’s the most variety and most items to watch overall his main reason though is that the netflix originals both the shows and the movies are unmatched by anyone else in terms of quality i definitely gotta say netflix is absolutely stepping up their game in terms of high caliber content i mean they’re getting nominated for oscars now yeah they’re definitely the kink when it comes to the quality and the quantity of what’s currently out there right now everybody else is just playing catch up to what they offer yeah if it wasn’t for the licensing fees that they had to pay out they would be making like all of the money all of it they do make more than most movie studios for sure which is why everyone wants to get into the streaming game yeah i do have to say some of my favorite shows are on netflix like stranger things like the witcher i’m like obsessed with the witcher it’s so good our next honorable mention goes to shane habazin who said that he likes to watch disney plus because he’s gen z and he never got to see the old marvel tv shows or movies when they aired so being able to see them on disney plus makes him really happy and that was an interesting perspective like you know i grew up in the 90s what i call the golden age of saturday morning cartoons when we got things like x-men the animated series the spider-man cartoon batman the animated series not so much that one but fantastic four cartoon yeah they’re all great and now they’re on disney plus for the current youngsters out there to check out which i think is awesome yeah you gen zeus have no idea how good you have it like every day is saturday morning for you guys we had to wait a week for this [ __ ] yep now you could just watch three hours of cartoons on you know a tuesday on your phone damn kids that’s not fair before we announce the winners of this week’s snow parties we want to give a quick shout out to everyone who took the time to send us an answer including ezra garcia tim brown dustin balcom ken johnson miggy managing bruce flansberg alex yanez calvin john dela merced joshua smith alex fowler adam spees zachary hepburn and katie caldwell yeah thank you guys so much but the winner or should i say winners of this week’s no prize are paige barger and colby hinches paige gave the answer of amazon prime and i totally agree with that because as a person who doesn’t watch a whole lot of tv i just don’t really have the time to watch a lot of streaming shows i find that amazon prime offers a lot of quality content in terms of shows and movies and originals and you know they give me free shipping on my amazon orders so that’s definitely the most practical of the streaming services for me yeah free two-day shipping totally a plus yeah do the other ones offer that no where’s my free shipping hbo max [Laughter] but you know until the marvel shows start appearing on disney plus i really don’t have a need for that platform as of right now and i kind of regret getting it like the first day it came out because i haven’t really watched it and probably won’t be until the new shows come out the only show disney plus really has going for it currently is the mandalorian i’m really surprised at how popular the platform is based off the fact that it really only has one original show yeah that’ll change in a month but for right now i just can’t award disney plus that top spot i gave this week’s no prize to colby hinches who said that his favorite streaming content platform was hbo max because it has great original shows like lovecraft country and the sopranos for him and his wife as cartoon network for his son and daughters has tons of dc shows and movies it has anime it has old charlie chaplin films and such with like the turner classic movies it really has the best variety like the most premium variety it’s kind of like your one stop shop for every kind of viewer there is out there yeah i was kind of upset earlier this week when christopher nolan said that it was the worst streaming service when he was bashing warner brothers for what they’ve done with their plan for next year and i was just kind of like do you use hbo max i’m just gonna say this now [ __ ] christopher nolan he sucks i already hated the dude i hate him more now jeez he’s just an [ __ ] who’s just so out of touch with the common viewer it’s like did he not consider that maybe people really just don’t want to go to theaters right now and yet he’s insisting that his movies go to theaters and he’s bashing these streaming shows as if most of us have any other option [ __ ] off dude it’s a money thing all the filmmakers who are complaining right now it’s a money thing yeah the ego on them is just ridiculous anyway congrats once again to colby no i’m not done being angry no i’m done i’m done congrats to colby hanches and paige barger you guys win this week’s no prize if you’re the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on in this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news okay so this past week on december 10th marvel had their investors day in which they released just so much news all the news it was amazing and i couldn’t get enough not just marvel news but you know like star wars news it was just a great day it was probably the best day of this whole damn year we got a lot of updates on upcoming marvel films we got some trailers from upcoming disney plus shows and we got some news about some other previously unannounced disney plus shows it was really informative and these next few years are going to be really exciting now we didn’t really get too many updates for 2021’s theatrical offerings including black widow which is coming out on may 7th shang chi i’ve been pronouncing it sheng chi this whole time like an idiot and it’s shangchi yeah that’s coming out on july 9th and eternals is coming out november 5th we did learn that none of those movies will be doing the same day streaming thing though like hbo max i mean for now we did get some information not from disney but from the trades regarding the other 2021 film which is spider-man it doesn’t have a title yet i’m guessing it’s going to be called spider-verse or something because it’s been confirmed that andrew garfield alfred molina and kirsten dunst will be joining the cast and it was reported that tobey maguire and emma stone were entering final negotiations so previously we knew that elektro was going to join the movie and now it looks like doc ock is going to be there as well as the other two spider-men which is amazing like i said previously with the electro news and jamie foxx i’m really hoping they go the sinister six route for this because they certainly have the opportunity to give in each spider-man’s cast of villains now tom holland’s villains were vulture and mysterio in his previous movies and those two guys were members of the original sinister six team from the comic books other members of the original sinister six team were dr octopus and sandman both of whom were villains for tobey maguire spider-man so i’m hoping that we still receive word that thomas hayden church will be joining the cast who played sandman in spider-man 3. the other two original members of the sinister six were electro and craven the hunter now i hope they save craven for a craven’s last hunt storyline so i wouldn’t mind seeing him be replaced by the lizard who was a villain in andrew garfield’s the amazing spider-man so if you were to bring those villains along not only would you have a pretty accurate rendition of the original sinister 16 you would also have two villains from each spider-man universe and they all kind of dress in green so you have that kind of color palette team vibe going for them against you know the red spiderman which i think is pretty cool a lot of people are saying like oh i hope they bring in like the scorpion or shocker or something like that and i’m like no it’s got to be the original sinister six replacing craven with the lizard i think that would be the best case scenario i mean but i also wouldn’t be surprised if they brought in morbius yeah that’s supposed to come out next year as well that’s true or maybe even venom considering that he’s already established who knows it’s gonna be the sinister eight there’s a lot of possibility here i’m also really hoping that they bring aboard shimmy kamur who did the voice for miles morales in the into the spider-verse animated movie because he could totally pull off a miles morales he looks just like the guy and it would be cool to see him as miles in live action alongside the other spider-man maybe i mean like the current rumor that i’ve seen is that the film would be called spider-man  that it’s the third film but also that there’s three spider-man so if you bring in a four it spirals out of control from there well that’s a dumb idea anyway they shouldn’t call it spider-man three home three that’s even dumber homies but spelled with a three instead of an e oh yes that’s perfect i love that actually i really hope they do that kevin feige in the investor meeting did give a quick rundown of the other announced mcu films that are coming out in subsequent years including doctor strange and the multiverse of madness that’s coming out on march 25th he said that all the original cast is returning in addition to sochi gomez who will be playing miss america and that the film will tie into both one division and the spider-man movie regarding thor love and thunder which had its release date moved to june 6th 2022 it was previously coming out around valentine’s day of that year we learned that sif is returning to her role in this movie after not appearing in thor ragnarok and we learned that christian bale is going to be playing gore the god butcher which really intrigued me because gore the god butcher was such a dark villain and yet all the news that we’ve received regarding this movie seems like it’ll be a little bit more lighthearted you know it’s directed by taika waititi right and thor ragnarok was just a whole lot of fun so if they go the gore the god butcher route it seems like it’s going to have a lot of deferring tones he’s like a new villain isn’t he yeah well relatively new um he’s an alien whose entire family died and so he denounced the gods and then spent a millennia killing them he got this sword from the symbiote god null called all black the necro sword and it’s a really cool weapon but they already kind of functionally gave that to hella in the ragnarok movie huh they based her powers in that film off of gore the god butcher so i’m really wondering how they’re going to differentiate his power set from hellas in the love and thunder movie interesting he’s a really powerful bad guy though and it’s definitely going to take two thor’s between thor himself and jane foster’s thor to bring him down the next film that’s coming out in 2022 is black panther 2 which got pushed from may to july 8th and the big announcement there was that chadwick boseman will not be recast in his role of t’challa which is not to say that there won’t necessarily be a black panther character in the movie just that somebody else will be taking up the mantle for that film yeah i’m sure all the tribes will you know have another contest to see who’s deserving of it yeah i don’t know if they’re gonna say that t’challa died or if he went missing it’s uh quite the conundrum that i think the writers have there i think in this film they’re gonna go with the shuri black panther in the comics sure he did take up that mantle for a while if they choose not to go with t’challa for the second movie and they choose to explore shuri as the black panther i don’t mind that actually but eventually they are going to have to cast t’challa like in some ways i understand why they chose not to do that and and yes his death was a tragic unbearably sad loss but at the end of the day he was an actor you know an incredible actor playing a well-written role and ultimately these characters are bigger than any one actor to say that chadwick was t’challa is kind of bizarre to me and i think that does disservice to all the other amazing talented black actors out there that would love to take up the t’challa role and continue inspiring the world they’ll all be recast one day like christopher reeves superman was hugh jackman’s wolverine will one day be recast and chadwick bozeman’s t’challa should be i think at their best these superhero roles are meant to inspire and i hope they all continue you know beyond the eight to ten years of these actor contracts you know we have to see t’challa back at some point because he’s just he’s just such a cool character regarding captain marvel 2 which is coming out november 11th of 2022 that film was announced to star not only brie larson but also iman valani who’s playing ms marvel in the disney plus television show and tiana paris who is the grown up monica rambo from the first captain marvel film and she’ll be making an appearance in the one division show so that’s pretty cool you’ll have those three heroes teaming up likely to take on the fallout of whatever happens in the upcoming secret invasion show three of them they should call it captain marvel three or maybe like catching marvel homies with the three instead of the e yes they should just yeah across the board just do that speaking of three in 2023 it was announced that guardians of the galaxy vol 3 will be coming out we didn’t get any additional news but it’s expected that the entire cast is going to return and we already know that james gunn is back to write and direct in some of the most exciting news that we got from this event we learned that a fantastic four film is in development and that it will be coming out in 2023 and that john watts is attached to direct this is huge news i know like the question of the week that we had like a couple episodes ago i was asking people whether or not they would prefer to see the fantastic four come out first or x-men or the daredevil and the defenders since marvel got the rights to that back and it looks like we’re gonna get fantastic four first which i’m totally excited about given that they are bringing some of the greatest marvel villains with them including dr doom including galactus there’s just so much potential with introducing the fantastic four into the mcu yeah that is pretty exciting but i do think that we’re actually gonna be seeing charlie cox as daredevil or at least matt murdock before the fantastic four film comes out charlie cox was actually spotted on the set of the new spider-man film and the current rumor is that he will also be making an appearance in the she-hulk television series yeah that was a bit of news that didn’t come out of the investor meeting but was really exciting it pretty much confirms that the marvel netflix shows actually do take place within the mcu and weren’t part of anything else i [ __ ] told you jonathan didn’t i tell you that did i tell you that was true we’ll see if the shows migrate from netflix over to disney plus anytime soon who knows yeah that would be really cool also i was right and you were wrong i’ll believe it when i see it what’d you think of the fantastic four logo i thought it was pretty cool i liked it i’m not sure what john watts directing means for the spider-man franchise it probably doesn’t mean anything if they choose to continue making spider-man films then they’ll probably just switch to a different director or they may just retire the character from his solo films like they did with iron man and just have him show up in the crossover events i’m kind of surprised that the movie didn’t go to paint and read because i know he was campaigning for it yeah they’re both kind of similar directors i think in that they both really don’t stand out stylistically they’re both kind of generic but they do still get the job done i could definitely think of a whole lot of worse directors to take on the fantastic four gig than john watts because i’ve really enjoyed his films but speaking of peyton reed the ant-man and the wasp sequel has been titled it’s going to be called ant-man and the wasp quantum mania i really hate that name really i’m just gonna say that quantum mania like what are they doing sounds like a theme park right maybe maybe they’re just like getting ready to set up like some disneyland new ride called quantum mania well ant-man of the wasp already has a disneyland ride oh i don’t know that yeah i think it’s in tokyo or something i don’t know anyway it was announced that the original cast will be returning that jonathan majors is indeed playing king the conqueror and they recast cassie lank catherine newton will now be playing that role likely transitioning into her status as the hero stature it’s gonna be really cool to see kang make an appearance i mean between him and potentially doctor doom coming up i think marvel is pretty much set for their villain game for the next few phases definitely in the final bit of movie news that came out of the investor meeting kevin feige reaffirmed that they are working on the blade movie which will star mahashala ali although we didn’t get any further details than that other than details are coming soon in addition to the movie news we got a few videos giving us a look at the upcoming disney plus television shows that are going to come out next year and beyond the first being the one division official trailer 2 that was just a beautifully made trailer and gets me so excited for the show coming up in january i really like how they went with the song daydream believer by the monkeys because i think it set the entire vibe for what we’re seeing as kind of like this surreal magical whimsical series yeah it really fit and the way like it kind of got distorted along with everything almost gave off kind of like a horror vibe as well just a little bit yeah especially moments where monica rambo like saying she doesn’t know who she is and you have agatha harkness like freaked out asking if they’re there to save them and the voice coming through the radio asking like who’s doing this to you wanda yeah it raises a lot of interesting questions in that it seems like wanda is not just manifesting this reality of her own volition but she’s being manipulated into doing it by some unknown force but whatever’s happening it seems to be surprising her as it occurs like when the world starts turning into color both her and vision are just like in awe yeah whatever is manipulating her it definitely seems to be changing like her personality based on the different like settings that she’s in which as an actress must be like a dream role yeah she definitely gets to play around a lot with her persona as the setting gets more modern it looks like they start using their powers more and more to fight whatever’s manipulating things it was really cool to see scarlet witch like take off into the air flying and it was cool to see the mind stone turn up yeah i don’t know why that’s here like the mind stone should no longer exist within this timeline and maybe it’s not the mind gem at all maybe it’s the solar gem manifesting as like this new thing and it just happens to you know really look like the mind gem this show is just literally a month away and to have some new mcu content you know like just around the corner get more excited for that than christmas day honestly it’s like we’ll just pass over christmas go straight to the january  the next trailer was falcon and the winter soldier and it looks like the tone of this show is going to carry straight from the winter soldier movie and the civil war movie and considering that those are some of my favorite mcu films i’m all about this trailer in fact i’m probably more excited about this show now than i am any other disney plus series yeah i mean it was fine as a first trailer i was really hoping for more of the stakes i guess which i think would really sell like this spy espionage type of show that this is supposed to be yeah i don’t think you could expect to get story beats this early in the game especially considering this is the first promotional footage that we’ve gotten for this show in particular it’s mainly just to set the tone of what’s to come we did get a few interesting shots including our look at us agent including this female character who puts on a black mask with the red handprint symbol at first i thought maybe that was a reference to echo or to the red skull or something but it looks like it’s actually referencing a character called flag smasher who’s an anti-government villain so that could give you a clue of where the story is going we also got to see baron zemo yeah he’s going to be here too that’s really cool i really like the costume updates that each of these characters got they look like a couple of badasses and i love the way they play off each other they have a lot of chemistry the most eye-popping visual in this trailer for me though was when the falcon was dodging the missiles in the canyon yeah that was crazy that was almost like physics defying yeah that little part where he’s like dodging and diving around the corners of the canyon and then like shunts his wings in to kind of like free fall forward for a bit and then eject his wings again and they kind of like push off the ground since he was a little bit close but you know not too close he’s just such a freaking badass expert using those wings and it shows flying in a way that we’ve never really seen it before i think flying with wings is way more impressive than flying with a cape there’s just something about that visual that’s so impressive to me i think because the wider wingspan might imply that you’re less acrobatic but he’s no less acrobatic than any other flying scenes that we’ve seen in other superhero movies yeah i would say wings are definitely cooler than a cape or like a jet pack kind of like the way iron man propelled himself through the air yes hands and feet if hawkman in the upcoming black adam movie could be half as cool as this then they’ll have done him justice oh he will be don’t worry about that the one thing i didn’t like about this trailer actually was the joke at the end i didn’t get it it’s not like winter soldier has a cyborg brain it was just like a joke for a joke’s sake it wasn’t necessary i hate when marvel does that it might work better in context that’s usually the case in marvel movies but again they need to stop doing that in these trailers calm down just calm down [Laughter] the next trailer we got was for loki and this was just probably the most baffling trailer to me i don’t know what i was expecting and you know he even asked what did you expect but i i don’t think it was this necessarily it looks like it’s just all over the board which i think is the intent considering it seems like loki is traversing multiple timelines either in cooperation with or in defiance of the time variance authority which is referred to as the tva within this trailer yeah i thought the trailer did a good job setting up where we last left off loki they showed the scene from endgame where he got his hands on the tesseract and he disappeared and now we’re finding out what happened right after that i doubt in the actual show he’ll go from there straight to this desert scene i think he’ll kind of hop around a bit before he gets busted by the tva and owen wilson’s mobius and mobius character who’s from the comics and used to give the fantastic four [ __ ] for their multiversal adventures owen wilson’s mobius is an agent for the tva and it’s really that organization’s job to keep the timelines in check like if there are timeline changes made they’ll prune off the realities that they kind of deem too dangerous and stuff like that um there was a really cool shot where loki is like going down to a hearing from the tva judicial board and we see these three faces up on the back walls panel one of them is king the conquerors and i don’t know if the three faces are supposed to be kind of like a reference to the living tribunal or something but one of them is definitely king oh was that kink i wasn’t sure yeah i think so and so it’s possible that jonathan majors may have a small role within the loki show before he shows up in ant-man quantum mania it might just be possible that that particular mask is something that time travelers just wear in general within the mcu oh yeah yeah it could be that we’ll see what happens um one of the standout shots was that we got to see black widow i think on vormir or someplace it might actually be earth but we see her sitting down in this like weird rocky landscape and i’m kind of wondering what happens there yeah she has one of her older haircuts it wasn’t the haircut she had like when she died no it was a shorter one from uh from the previous avengers films but it’s in a scene where like there’s like this exploded planet or moon in the sky so it seems like part of the show takes place off planet part of it takes place in the past it just goes all across the board i never expected to see a trailer where we see loki wear his asgardian outfit and normal casual street clothes and this like suit and tie spy get up right that was a cool shot when he like jumps out of the airplane and then gets picked up by the bifrost after the title card we see that the show will actually reference the vote loki miniseries that came out for marvel which i thought was a fantastic read back in 2016 when it sat hired the presidential election i thought that was a really great story at the time and uh if you get a chance to read it you should because it was just a brilliant satire of american politics and how somebody like loki could conceivably be elected by the masses it definitely looks like tom hiddleston is bringing his a-game to this i loved all of his like different reactions to everything like he was having the same reaction that i was having watching the trailer just like what what is happening really well done really well i think of all the different shows that they showed a footage for this is the one i’m looking forward to the most oh really yeah the production quality on it just looks amazing the music in this trailer i think was the best of any of the trailers that we got from this event the music was amazing it really like amped up the tension and the way it played through the rotating title card letters i thought was just brilliant but okay was the music better in loki or was the music better in the what if trailer because that music was also pretty amazing like when jeffrey wright’s voice came through and he said i am the watcher with that music in the background i got freaking goosebumps it was so good yeah it’s pretty good i love the animation style of everything i mean this is definitely coming from disney like the top animation studio in the world just the cell shading the lighting the detail it was all fantastic yeah dc animation can suck it because this looks pretty damn good i really like the character modeling the color palettes it all just looks amazing uh we do get an idea of what some of the stories are of course there’s marvel zombies there’s what if peggy carter got the super soldier serum there’s what if t’challa was abducted by the ravagers and became star-lord a few of them though i don’t know what the story is like the doctor strange one it looks like he’s battling a dark version of himself i’m not sure what the question is there nor the scene with thor when he’s on his mission to get mjolnir i do kind of hope that the marvel zombies one starts off with tony stark eating a bad infected donut that’s right we do see tony stark in that scene from iron man 2 when he’s eating donuts at that shop that would be hilarious but yeah really excited for this one really impressed by the animation really impressed by the voice work you could tell that it’s all the actors from the movies providing the voice roles i’m not sure if that is chadwick boseman providing the voice work for t’challa if it is that’s going to be a really heartfelt episode yeah really bittersweet yeah it’s going to be emotional either way but i’m really looking forward to this show the last bit of video footage we got was a sizzle reel for the ms marvel disney plush show it wasn’t really a trailer so much as kind of like a behind the scenes look but we did get our first view of footage of the series and it looks pretty good i didn’t know what to think before about aman valani considering that we had never seen her at anything before but just from this little bit of footage it does seem like she’s gonna handle the role pretty well she seems like an actress to me definitely seems like the people behind the scenes are pretty passionate about the character and that’s always encouraging you always want the writers to be fans of the character that they’re writing yeah the behind the scenes crew looks amazing they tapped a lot of muslim directors for these episodes which is really encouraging the character of ms marvel herself is just really fascinating i’ve really enjoyed her books if you haven’t read any yet and you are skeptical i promise that if you do read them you no longer will be because she’s just so well written and definitely a unique voice given that she’s a young teenage muslim female i’m really excited to see how her power set is gonna look in this show her embigging powers the way she stretches i’m still wondering how she gets her powers that’s a great question there’s a particular shot within this trailer where she’s standing by a chalkboard and on the chalkboard she drew this character that kind of resembles the inhuman villain maximus so it’s possible that this show actually will be introducing inhumans into the greater mcu which means that we’re going to see them likely before we see mutants oh that’s interesting maybe they’ll make an appearance in the captain marvel sequel since the inhumans are tied into the cree yeah and the cree are the enemy of the scrolls that’s a pretty good guess ultimately i hope this show doesn’t turn out to like disney channel original series um and more mcu it does kind of come with that risk given that the main cast are all teenage actors but uh it seems like it’s gonna be a really good show and not have that disney channel corniness in the last bit of news we did get a rundown of the other upcoming disney plus shows including she hulk in which it was confirmed that tatiana maslany will be playing jennifer walters she hulk cousin of mark ruffalo’s bruce banner the real big exciting news here was that tim roth would be joining the cast and he was the one who played emil blonsky in the 2008 incredible hulk movie so abomination is coming back yeah it’d be really cool if they get like liv tyler as well and then the other cast members from that movie yeah we haven’t seen enough buddy ross ever since the incredible hulk big fan of that actress hope she comes back the show is described as a superhero legal drama which is really exciting did seem like kevin feige implied that matt murdock would be making an appearance as well and it seems like we’re going to get a lot of other superhero cameos that’s cool the next show was moon knight which was interesting because we didn’t get a confirmation that oscar isaac is playing mark spector and given that it was confirmed that the actor would be solid snake in the upcoming metal gear solid movie adaptation i’m wondering if the mark spectre deal actually fell through you know i was wondering the same thing when he was cast as solid snake one actor is not allowed to have that many like badass roles yeah franchise roles the show was interestingly described by feige as an indiana jones type story incorporating a lot of egyptian imagery which is not really what moon knight is all about at all so it seems like they are taking a very big departure with the character they are staying true to his dissociative identity disorder though so at least they have that going for them but this whole thing became just a big giant question mark for me now considering the tonal departure and the fact that oscar isaac will not be in the role anymore maybe the next show that they announced was actually a new one i was totally surprised by the fact that they announced that secret invasion was going to be a disney plus television show since i thought that that was going to be the primary story arc of captain marvel 2. right now right it still may be and it might just be such a big story that they’re just setting it up within the secret invasion show but the series is not going to really involve the captain marvel character instead it’s going to star samuel l jackson as nick fury and ben mendelsohn as talos the scroll character from the captain marvel film this whole thing was set up in the end credits scene of spider-man far from home when we saw nick fury up in space so they were really playing the long game with this one considering they set up a show in 2019 that we wouldn’t be seeing for another few years now the next show that they announced was iron heart which is a little bit weird to me they announced that dominique thorne will be playing the role of riri williams who is not the most popular character within the comic books i’m a little shocked that she’s actually getting her own show she’s described as having the most advanced armor since tony stark’s iron man armor i was really surprised that they announced this show considering they also announced armor wars it kind of seems like they could have almost like combined those two shows into one yeah i think they should have consolidated them because i’m not sure what they can do with two full series regarding advanced armor you know it’s possible that iron heart will make the next step forward in that the armor that tony stark wore after his nanobot armor was a hard light hologram armor called virtual armor so maybe they’ll introduce that concept within the iron heart show now that tony stark is gone i’m more excited for armor wars especially because don cheadle is coming back and i love that guy and i really love the storyline that it’s based on where justin hammer gets a hold of tony stark’s armor specs and equips a whole bunch of villains with their own suit of armor so we get to see war machine take on all these other armored bad guys that sounds like a freaking blast yeah it does really excited for that one the other show that they announced was the guardians of the galaxy christmas special which i thought was a pretty cool homage to the star wars holiday christmas special hopefully it’ll be better than that but considering that james gunn is behind the wheel it’s definitely going to be they’re going to film it simultaneously with guardians of the galaxy three and that’s not coming for a while so i’m surprised that they announced it like this early i know yeah the holiday special is coming out in 2022 so this announcement does seem a little bit premature considering we haven’t even hit christmas day 2020. they could have saved that announcement for next year for sure the last series that was announced was in relation to guardians the galaxy it’s a show called i am groot which will be a series of shorts i think they’re animated shorts that are going to focus on everybody’s beloved anthropomorphic houseplant groot i think it’s going to be baby groot yeah yeah i thought kevin feige implied that it was going to be baby groot yeah are you concerned that these are too many shows like how are people gonna keep up with the movies if they have to watch all of this television as well well each series is only six episodes some might be even less like the i am groot thing so i don’t think it’ll be too much especially considering that these are supposed to span out the next couple of years and not you know just like one year so no i don’t think it’ll be too much i am less interested in im groot and iron heart more than the other shows i think they could have been a little bit more selective and chose more exciting projects for us to see but overall of the new shows that were announced i’m most excited for secret invasion armor wars and she-hulk with all the news that was announced at this marvel investors day panel i think it totally blew away the dc fandom what yeah no you got so much more news than you guys did there was a whole lot more to get excited about here no dc had like a whole day of events as compared to like what an hour for the marvel panel and yet still there was less to talk about it’s not even a competition dude the dc fandom was like a fan event a comic-con experience like this marvel thing investors day was for investors it was a business presentation a [ __ ] powerpoint yeah but we got five videos out of it care more about those than i did the snyder cut trailer the batman trailer wonder woman or the sizzle reel for uh black adam or suicide squad nah nah dude the batman trailer alone blew away all of this marvel news it was way better than anything we never hear no no no the [ __ ] kid yourself that brings us to our question of the week what 2020 event excited you more the dc fandom or the marvel’s investors day and why help us settle this debate you know how to answer guys post it to our instagram twitter facebook or email us at dynamicduelpodcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media be sure to answer before december 20th speaking of the dc fandom just real quick in the one bit of dc news that came out this past week wonder woman 1984 will have a virtual red carpet event on december 15th as a part of the dc fandom website so it’s a lot more than a comic con apparently it looks like dc will be using the fan dome anytime they want to do like these virtual fan interactive experiences that’s pretty cool yeah it’s really cool still not better than investors day but that does it for this episode’s news there was a lot but let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out who’d win in a fight between superman’s robot kilix and the fantastic four robot herbie okay helix versus herbie as we mentioned earlier typically during these holiday charity episodes we put animal superheroes against each other this year we thought we would mix it up and it really all comes down to finding cute characters of which herbie is pretty darn cute he’s freaking adorable man he could also be pretty creepy sometimes but freaking adorable otherwise and when it came time to find an opponent for herbie on dc’s end i think helix is a pretty popular choice he was in the man of steel movie he was in the supergirl tv series he’s definitely one of dc’s more popular like robots and the fact that they’re both like service robots he also made this seem to be a perfect match yeah it’s gonna be a whole lot of fun can’t wait to see who wins in this like battlebots episode of ours um if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before the way we determine the winner between these two characters is by running  character’s statistics now what’s a monte carlo simulation well it’s a probabilistic model used to determine outcomes through random sampling in our case it randomizes statistics along a normal distribution which is a bell curve as a way to simulate the many variables that can occur during battle the stat parameters we use are based on the official marvel power grid and we use that criteria to extrapolate the dc character stats we’ve included some additional stat categories of our own such as range damage potential and perception in order to create a more complete and robust simulation running these 1000 simulations gives us a percentage of wins for each character and we declare the one with the higher percentage to be the ultimate victor given that they’re more likely to win any given battle no character ever wins 100 of the time comics have shown that there’s always a way for batman to defeat superman we feel our method falls in line with the precedents that have been established in the comic book stories and we use this method because it was the least subjective most unbiased way to determine who would win of course we are both heavily biased toward our respective allegiances and instead of debating these matches forever we just let the math decide for us so there’s no fan votes here and no relying on just feats before we run the simulations though we’d like to break down each character’s histories and abilities before improvising a scenario on how we imagine one of the 1000 simulations we run would play out b for beat and i think it’s my turn to go first this episode with the marvel characters backstory so let me go ahead and tell you all about herbie the robot so there have been several versions of herbie that have been built and rebuilt over the years his initial name was an acronym for humanoid experimental robot b-type integrated electronics though his most recent incarnations name stood for highly engineered robot built for interdimensional exploration the character’s first appearance was actually in the 1970s fantastic four television cartoon surveying alongside mr fantastic invisible woman and thing as the team’s fourth member since the show didn’t have the rights to use the human torch character at the time really yeah herbie was designed for the cartoon by jack kirby and it would be the last work he did for marvel shortly before his death when the cartoon series ended herbie the robot was then brought into the marvel comic books now in the comics universe the fantastic four team are celebrity heroes and they have a ton of media and merchandising deals one of them being an in-universe comic book series based on the team’s exploits a comic series within a comic series as it were at one point that series was adapted into an in-universe children’s television cartoon and in a riff on the real world cartoon in which the human torch was not included the comics universe cartoon also excluded johnny because he was out of town the day the team signed the contracts to have their likenesses used in the show so in the books the cartoon creators used one of reed richard’s robot designs as the show’s fourth member that robot being herbie so in summary herbie is a character in a fictional cartoon based on a fictional comic book within a real world comic book that was adapted into a real world cartoon where he made his first appearance before being introduced in the real world comic book okay so it’s like he’s his own grandpa [Laughter] exactly exactly the herbie was first built on the planet xandar by mr fantastic to serve as an advanced tracker to seek out the cosmic entity known as galactus a powerful devourer of worlds a computer scientist from zandar assisted in the robot’s construction by linking the xandarian living computer systems with mr fantastic’s own programming making kirby a functioning analog computer capable of running multiple advanced calculations instantaneously even though the thing didn’t like the fact that the little robot was based on the cartoon character that would always give him a hard time on the tv show herbie was a valuable asset to the team he saved the fantastic four starship from being overtaken by a space pirate and he tracked down galactus he even helped galactus locate a new herald called terex in exchange for the world’s devourer’s help against the sphinx who was a villain that was threatening earth you can learn more about galactus in our spectre vs galactus duel episode when the fantastic four returned home to the baxter building and herbie linked up with the team’s computers it was revealed that herbie’s systems had been compromised by a villain called dr sun who had previously uploaded his mind into the xandarian living computers with his programming overridden kirby attacked the fantastic four and trapped them using the baxter building’s own defense systems reed was able to worm his way into the building’s computers and set up a firewall to trap dr sun’s invading consciousness with the villain cornered in the fantastic four’s computer system herbie sacrificed his life to protect the team by self-destructing beside the main computer to keep dr sun from escaping the robot’s heroic deed left mr fantastic and think pondering whether herbie had acted in accordance to his programming or out of some kind of self-developed righteous heroism mr fantastic later rebuilt herbie as lab assistant and caretaker of the baxter building performing maintenance and other general duties at one point an evil organization called the gideon trust stole mr fantastic’s patents including his designs for herbie which they used to build an army of security robots to guard their base though the organization was defeated and the herbie robots came home in addition to his role as a robotic assistant herbie was also a companion and guardian for mr fantastic and invisible woman’s children whom you can learn more about in her mirror vs invisible woman and plastic man vs mr fantastic duel episodes as a nanny of sorts for franklin and valeria richards herbie was often tasked with rescuing the children from all manners of dangers they would get themselves into due to franklin’s reality altering powers valeria’s own genius level intellect and both of their pro-ness to misuse their father’s high-tech inventions kirby was occasionally destroyed in his protection efforts but he was always rebuilt i don’t know when the fantastic four were off building the multiverse after the events of secret wars which you can learn more about and are just the society of america versus fantastic four team duel episode herbie was transferred into the ownership of a young prodigy named moon girl and her pet companion devil dinosaur in one of their adventures they encountered galactus and herbie revealed that he was built as a galactic sensing device in case galactus ever returned to earth later when the fantastic four returned home there was a rise in activism for the equal rights of artificially intelligent beings in response to their oppression and discrimination from humans valeria richards became convinced it was the right thing to do to remove herbies inhibitor chip which freed him from his programming as a result herbie flew around the baxter building shouting weee followed by an exclamation of quote [ __ ] all y’all i’m out of here suck it meat bags and he left the team to join the robot revolution led by tony stark and machine man wow together herbie and the ai army defeated stark’s long-lost brother arno stark who had planned to subjugate all artificial life through a submission code herbie also fell in love with a fellow artificial sentience named friday and that’s his history abilities-wise herbie’s primary function is to serve as an early warning detection system for galactus though he possesses advanced tracking sensors for any approaching threat his cybernetic interface lets him connect to most other computers most often through robotic tentacles from his back which he can also deploy to hold and carry things housed within his robotic body are defensive systems comparable to a swiss army knife including machine guns he can eject from his hands his sides and his chest to become a one robot firing squad of sorts he can brandish twin saw blades from his hands he can fire lasers from his facial display screen and he can generate an electric surge into anything that makes contact with his exterior he also flies through the use of small rocket boosters at his sides how durable is he not especially durable he is made out of a durable metal but he’s definitely prone to being damaged okay that’s what i wanted to hear i would compare it to the durability of like a volvo or something like that you know bullets will for the most part ricochet but like a rocket launcher would just kind of blow it up does kilix have a rocket launcher no but i mean he’s more than equipped to handle herbie okay we’ll see let me get into his backstory okay so prehistoric krypton was known among nearby galaxies for containing one of the harshest environments and deadliest beasts of any planet after nearly all life on the planet was killed by the creature doomsday who you could learn more about in our doomsday vs hulk episode new life was allowed to evolve these humanoid kryptonians developed brilliant scientific minds as a response to surviving upon the hazardous planet and over time through science they eliminated disease famine war and even the need to procreate or age after the discovery of cloning after an era of space exploration the planet’s governing body the kryptonian science council came to the conclusion that their society was superior and must be protected one of the council’s lead scientists the xenophobic kim-el developed an artificial intelligence known as the eradicator that altered kryptonian genetics making it so that they would die if they ever left the planet among krypton’s scientific advancements were service robots who tended to individuel needs of the populace one robot named kelix was in service to the house of el initially programmed to care for seg-el the kryptonian grandfather of superman seg-el eventually cloned a son jor-el whom he charged helix with the care of due to a unique malfunction in helix’s personality matrix helix had an uncommon understanding of emotion and was able to tell early on that jor-el was different from other kryptonians helix assisted jor-el in all of his experiments and even helped him alter the genetic code of his son kell during his prenatal development against the laws of the kryptonian science council so that kell could survive beyond krypton after its destruction helix was destroyed along with jorel when krypton exploded kell as we know survived landed on earth and became the hero superman at one point while it brought in space superman was gifted with the eradicator program which was saved from krypton’s destruction superman brought the eradicator to earth at which point it tried to terraform earth into krypton though superman was able to stop it it did result in the creation of the fortress of solitude unknown to superman the eradicator survived and began rebuilding kryptonian technology within the fortress including helix among other surface robots and a phantom zone projector the new helix proved to be just as loyal to the house of l as his original incarnation and after superman was successful in shutting down the eradicator he put helix in charge of caring for and maintaining the entire fortress when superman seemingly died at the hands of doomsday helix helped the reactivated eradicator form a new kryptonian body to protect superman’s healing form and the rest of the planet from doomsday and other threats under helix’s supervision superman eventually resurrected and the eradicator sacrificed itself in order to recharge superman to full power eventually the fortress of solitude was obliterated by lex luthor with a kryptonite missile and only helix’s head survived the blast oh no superman later rebuilt helix to help him stop the threat of brainiac 13 who you can learn more about in our brainiac versus ultron episode with kylix’s knowledge of kryptonian science and the engineering skills of john henry irons aka steel you can learn more about in our steel vs war machine episode they were able to build a new fortress of solitude within an infinite space tesseract confinement sphere and helix was once more made the fortresses caretaker but not before steel’s niece natasha irons reprogrammed helix’s speech to be more straight afterward referring to superman as big blue and dishing out yomama retorts what the that’s funny yo mama kilix once posed as steel in a battle against general zod and frequently used superman robots to defend the fortress from invaders helix unfortunately met his demise when an entity known as the construct used kylix’s advanced technology to take over every robot on the planet the construct planned on distracting earth’s heroes while using helix to unleash all of the alien weapons of mass destruction held within the fortress of solitude the construct’s plan was stopped by the justice league but supergirl was forced to destroy helix in the process post flashpoint when dc’s continuity was rebooted helix was now a creation of jorel upon the creation of the fortress of solitude a new version of helix emerged to once again serve superman’s bidding and maintain and protect the fortress now located within the pre-muted triangle powers-wise helix’s endoskeleton is made of an advanced kryptonian alloy making him incredibly durable he navigates via flight and his head contains a pant spectral ocular array granting him enhanced vision across the light spectrum while a laser holographic imager allows him to project holograms and emit lasers similar to superman’s heat vision his techno-organic memory cluster allows him to interpret data at a rate faster than any earth technology and he’s able to teleport himself and others across the planet that’s helix oh he could teleport yeah i didn’t know that okay so we have their power sets established now let’s find out who’s going to win in a fight between these two trash talking robo badasses by first speculating on how one of the  the winner is determined by our simulations not the speculation but it’s fun to imagine how this could play out and we don’t set any rules for this match other than the characters don’t know anything about each other going in except that the other character is a threat that needs to be put down and we say that they start off about 50 meters apart in an environment that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment plus certain characters have advantages in some environments over others and we want these characters to win on their own merit so let’s get into it helix and herbie meet on the battlefield who goes first so helix really isn’t like a military robot he doesn’t go into battle often so i don’t think he would start off like attacking herbie he’d probably start off by scanning him you know just examining him across all the different spectrums finding out his inner workings and like where all of his signals and circuitry are routed and stuff like that all right well that’s not cool that’s like an invasion of herbies privacy herpes systems recognize these invading probe signals that helix is sending out and he gets angry herbie’s like light bright smiley face it turns like scary like his angry eyebrows light up signifying that he’s pissed oh it’s like an angry face emoticon yeah yeah and he shoots out this laser blast from his eyes at helix and the beam plows into him knocking helix back okay again but remember helix is super durable he’s made of kryptonian alloy which is stronger than anything you’re gonna find on earth so yeah knocks him back but not very far and kelix is just gonna retaliate with the laser blast of his own just like searing kirby no no cause helix’s heat vision doesn’t even reach kirby because they’re countering each other’s laser blasts and as the beams of energy are like meeting halfway in this like explosive collision herbie starts closing the distance by flying toward helix just real fast he blitzes him and he ejects these four metal tentacles out of his back panel kind of like a doctor octopus and they wrap around helix and snaring him okay but it’s not like helix has like legs that are gonna get chirped up you know he levitates he flies around so what he’s gonna do is in the air he’s just gonna spin around like a top like really fast just whirling herbie around him like a tornado and eventually just like flinging kirby and his tentacles down to the ground at which point helix rushes over to herbie and like rips off those tentacles oh dang and helix with his like long forearms that he has he just picks herbie up and just robo slams him right back onto the ground real hard okay as helix is holding herbie up in the air about to slam him down though that’s when herbie unleashes his twin saw blade hands from these side compartments and herbie gets like this like evil grin on his face as they start spinning and whirring and he just freaking saws off one of helix’s arms oh [ __ ] as they’re holding him he targeted the joint the elbow joint of helix where it’s a little bit weaker where there’s like a seam there so helix’s right arm just falls to the ground and then herbie saws off helix’s left arm no no helix teleports away before both arms are severed you know just to recuperate i forgot he could teleport i mean yeah sort of he has no internal function that could make him teleport he’s actually just remotely in control of the fortress of solitude’s systems which includes teleportation technology okay and actually i’m gonna say that helix teleports behind herbie like right behind him and just like wraps him in this like one-armed bear hug that’s kind of adorable like uh like a friendship hug no more like a like he’s pushing all of his buttons on his like chest plane twisting his dials knowing that that’s just going to make herbie go like haywire like he’s malfunctioning shaking uncontrollably okay so herbie starts going on the fritz but he ejects all of his machine guns from his body and like starts firing wildly in all directions and yeah the bullets probably bounce off of kilix but one of these bullets hits helix right in the monitor face that that’s his head and it cracks it which impairs kelix’s vision okay so now it’s hard for helix to see so helix is like freaking out kind of stumbling around or flying around waving his arm trying to find out where he’s going and herbie is still malfunctioning and they’re both just kind of going crazy acting all glitchy and they end up crashing right into each other just slamming into each other and start going to physical blows they start slap fighting each other to get each other away i can totally see that even though helix only has like one hand in his stub but with that one arm keyless is going to get herby in the headlock he’s just gonna like wrestle him down to the ground but with helix’s arm wrapped around him herbie’s gonna send out this uh massive electrical surge that once even hurt the thing it’s so powerful and this like lightning surge is gonna just fry kelix’s circuits he’s gonna turn him into like a smoking sparking mess that just falls in the heap onto the ground oh man that’s a good move helix definitely needs time to recover so what he’s gonna do is he’s going to teleport a superman robot from the fortress of solitude to their location what exactly what’s a superman robot the superman robots were these army of robots that had all of superman’s powers that superman was tricked into building only one of them survived but helix used him on several occasions to help protect the fortress of solitude there that’s no there’s like no bringing in outside help you can’t just automatically just teleport in superman into this match it’s superman’s robot it’s a superman robot not actually superman even though he’s basically superman is the superman robot like artificially intelligent no they’re programmed they could be like remote controlled by helix so the superman robot appears and then just straight up like plows into herbie at full speed just making him explode into a million tiny little metal pieces no no herbie uses his early warning systems to detect robot superman’s arrival onto the scene and he manages to evade the robot superman’s attack he’s able to evade superman yeah he knows where he’s coming from when at what velocity so he just barely inches out of the way and then he shoots at these tentacles from his back that latch onto both helix and robot superman pulls him towards himself and then with like this wild crazy ass look in his face with his like zig zag mouth like going all wild and his eyes like blinking and flashing he explodes he activates the self-destruct and just annihilates both helix and robot superman and himself but you know he was the one that delivered the final coup de gras so to him so everyone’s dead yeah it’s a self-destruct but herbie’s the one that did it so he wins how powerful is this self-destruct explosion i mean it’s it’s a superman robot i mean it’s it’s powerful enough if not to destroy the superman robot who doesn’t even matter it’ll at least be strong enough to destroy helix which is all that matters i don’t know again helix is a kryptonian alloy i think there was actually just a weak ass explosion and herbie just ended up blowing himself up no no he blew everything up let’s take it to the stats yeah that seems like a good place to end it we’ll gather the stats run the simulations and come back with the winner guys you always hate to see these two guys fight like yeah i mean i feel like it’s against their programming and they have artificial minds but you can rationalize it like you would rationalize any of these fights by saying you know they have to do it for the protection of their universe or something stats wise they were pretty similar on quite a number of categories like intelligence like perception neither of them really know how to fight and they’re more or less comparable when it comes to evasiveness and strength yeah we did say they were different in terms of speed since helix can teleport he’s faster than herbie and since he’s made out of a kryptonian alloy we said that he’s more durable however we did state that because herbie has so much more firepower and so many more tricks up his sleeve that he had the advantage in terms of damage level because we kind of consider him as a fragile war machine yeah yeah helix just you know shoots the heat vision from his visor right again because krypton was was a peaceful place and he would have been programmed for combat yeah herbie’s just more of a badass in general what well he is he was actually built to sometimes throw down well i mean i’ve seen kylix throw down a number of times as well you know he doesn’t usually come out on top but he’s been known to dabble well did the listeners in our instagram and facebook polls think that helix came out on top on this they did actually uh 60 of our social media followers who voted thought that helix would overtake herbie well what do they know because after entering the stats and running 1000 simulations on these two characters the winner between kilix and herbie is helix i knew it i knew it yep he won 582 out of the 1000 matches whereas herbie only won 418. so it was pretty close to what they thought would be on social media that’s like the second time in a row this is happening yeah our listeners are actually getting pretty spot on um in the end even though herbie had a lot more weapon systems going for him they weren’t powerful enough to necessarily negate helix’s heat vision and he couldn’t overcome kilix’s speed and durability yeah even though helix didn’t have as much going for him as herbie did it looks like defense really does win championships well uh herbie’s gonna give a big ol angry face emoticon reaction to this news you hate to see the little guy go down like that if we took stats for cuteness herbie would actually win this match that’s probably true but again we didn’t do that for poison ivy versus emma frost so not gonna do it here either let’s not get back into that again let’s not do that again i think that does it for this duel let us know what you thought about the results by writing to us at dynamicduelpodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter you can find links to all of our accounts by visiting our website and don’t forget you can help us donate to the pop culture classroom nonprofit organization by rating our show on for every rating this show gets on that site through the end of 2020 again we will be donating one dollar to the non-profit we’re currently at eight ratings right now so a dollar for each rating above that again last year we were able to raise 100 for the organization we’re really trying to beat that this year so again please go to give our show a rating we’ll donate a dollar on your behalf and you’ll get an exclusive digital download of the kilix and herbie artwork that was drawn by artist matt turner yeah and once again you can find his artwork on instagram under the handle at matt turner art quick reminder guys if you were involved at all in the production of a colorado podcast in 2020 you are eligible to vote in the colorado podcast awards for our show if that’s you please right now go to click on their link for the hoppies and vote for our show in our nominated categories today december 15th is the last day to do that yeah thanks to everyone who does that uh that does it for this episode in our next episode leading into the wonder woman 1984 review we’re going to be pitting the villain of that movie cheetah against another animal-based villain the spider-man bad guy rhino they’re both strong they’re both fast it’s gonna be a lot of fun yeah totally looking forward to it i can’t believe wonder woman is just like two weeks away i can’t wait to wrap up we want to give a big thanks to our executive producers ken johnson jace crump john strarovsky john spees isaiah bethune zachary hepburn and john betchinina for helping make this podcast possible and we’ll talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers