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Feb. 9, 2021

Lady Shiva vs Shang-Chi

Lady Shiva vs Shang-Chi

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:58 - No-Prize Time • 0:09:02 - Teaser image of the Joker in Zack Snyder’s Justice League • 0:12:08 - Black Panther spinoff series in the works for Disney+ • 0:14:46 - Question of the Week • 0:15:21 - Falcon & the Winter Soldier Official trailer • 0:19:20 - Justice Society: World War II animated film first trailer • 0:21:48 - Lady Shiva vs Shang-Chi intro • 0:24:40 - Lady Shiva profile and powers • 0:33:34 - Shang-Chi profile and powers • 0:41:23 - Fight speculation • 0:50:47 - Duel results • 0:54:10 - Sign off

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Executive producers: John Speas, Jace Crump, Ken Johnson, Isaiah Bethune, Zachary Hepburn, John Starosky and John Bechinina

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[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m johnny dc and i’m his twin brother marvelous joe and welcome back to another duel episode it has been a while since we have done one of these yeah it’s been a few weeks not since our mr freeze versus dr octopus episode but this duel i’m just as excited for i’ve been wanting to do lady shiva versus shang chi for a really long time yeah ever since they announced the shang chi film yeah if you guys are looking forward to the shanxi movie but don’t know anything about the character well then you’re in the right place because we’re going to delve all into his backstory and his powers before speculating on how a fight between him and lady shiva would go before running simulations on their stats to find the actual winner yeah when it comes to lady shiva you know she’s not getting her own film but she has been a recurring character in so many films that we have reviewed you know everything from deathstroke knights and dragons to justice league dark apocalypse war to the most recent film we reviewed batman soul of the dragon she’s just been everywhere so it’s nice to finally get her background i think so look forward to that duel later on in this episode before that we’re gonna break down the comic book movie news from the past week including the teaser image of the joker that zack snyder released on his social media accounts this past week we’re also going to be talking about the black panther spin-off series that’s in the work for disney plus a new trailer for the falcon and the winter soldier that debuted during the super bowl and we’re going to wrap it up by talking about the first trailer for the animated film justice society world war ii as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic don’t forget guys that this podcast now has a card game out called dynamic duel war and you can get it by joining us on patreon on any one of our tiers you can find information on how to get the game if you want to learn how to play the game visit us on dynamicduel.comwar and you’ll get an instructional video also just a quick reminder guys to please subscribe to our show if you haven’t already and if you have please help us grow our podcast audience by leaving a quick rating or review on whatever platform you’re listening to us on or by sharing us with your fellow dc and marvel fans the reason that jonathan and i ask for ratings and reviews is it’s not just for our health it’s not just because we want to hear your kind comments it’s largely because podcast aggregators and clients that post our show rank shows according to that type of audience engagement so when you rate us and when you review us you guys are helping us get in front of more eyes so uh if you’ve listened to us for a while and you haven’t given us a rating or review please do so because it does help the show out and with that out of the way quick to the no prize [Music] a no prize is an award marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award we post on social media that jonathan draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question tied into the news that zack snyder’s justice league had received a release date for hbo max on march 18th so we asked do you have hbo max if yes why did you subscribe and if not will you be subscribing to see zack snyder’s justice league yeah thank you guys for uh going onto our website and for recording and sending us your answers uh let’s go down our honorable mentions as well as the no prize winner our first honorable mention goes to jeff miles jr who said hey john and joe’s jeff miles jr just want to say for the no prize yes i have hbo max it’s very easy negotiations my mom said i could have hers if i gave her my hulu so yes go dc if you don’t like overpowered pings you don’t like superheroes and jeff brings up a good point about why you should maintain healthy family relations because if you don’t do that how can you guys trade streaming accounts yeah jonathan and i even though we are bitter rivals we at least do share our disney plus and hbo max accounts so that’s that’s always nice and jeff miles jr did make an interesting point refuting one of the primary criticisms against dc that their characters are overpowered and he said if you don’t like overpowered characters don’t like superheroes i agree but to that i say when all your characters are overpowered there’s no believable stakes like superman is a god the flash can do anything green lantern can do anything a martial manager can do anything wonder woman can do anything you know it’s just when you have these characters you have no real stakes no real tension and uh no real interest on at least my behalf no because with dc you don’t erase the stakes you elevate them so like our stakes are universal what the [ __ ] ever i see the flash going up against pity thieves he goes up against some pretty powerful rogues don’t kid yourself sometimes it’s cool just to see a character go into god mode you know hmm our next honorable mention goes to jay moldenhauer salazar who said hey guys i first got hbo max for wonder woman 1984 plus i finally get to watch all of young justice now but black on everything about the snyder verse his grim dark vision is great for watchmen but why make dc characters that aren’t fun or fill me full of wonder i hate everything he’s done with dc and won’t be watching unfortunately shots fired you’re gonna watch don’t lie i mean as far as like i’m glad you got hbo max that’s great and especially i’m glad to hear that you got it for one room in 1984. but i mean you should know zack snyder helped write the first wonder woman movie so you also really like zack snyder i mean that’s a stretch of an argument right there uh yeah zack snyder did help write the story for the first wonder woman but he certainly didn’t direct it and patty jenkins certainly did not bring with her a snyder-esque approach to her direction in that film i do see where jay is coming from yes zack snyder was trying to bring a sort of grounded real world approach to these godlike characters and explore exactly how fantastical and or horrifying that could be in the real world but i think that those type of films have their place with specific characters and that character should not necessarily be superman you look at something like the mcu and their films are pretty light-hearted with the exception of the captain america movies which i think get into the gritty side of what can happen with these costumed vigilantes but you look at like the tone of the iron man films i think that’s the tone that superman should be striking something a little bit more light-hearted something a little bit more awe-inspiring that’s fair yeah that’s a fair criticism but in that regard zack snyder does a pretty good batman yeah he does a fantastic batman i think which is why i was a big fan of the extended cut of batman v superman yeah again i can’t say this enough if you guys haven’t seen the ultimate cut of batman vs superman check it out our next honorable mention goes to michael hagerty who said hey guys michael hagerty here yes i do have hbo max and i actually subscribed the day they announced the snyder cut after crying a lot because it finally happened and i’ve loved it since awesome awesome content i also subscribe to the day that they announced to the snyder cut i didn’t see it coming i didn’t think it was going to happen but it did and it was just beautiful especially for all the fans who really pushed for it i wasn’t one of those fans but the movie came about because of the fandom and the commitment to snyder’s vision which is just great particularly for them did you cry too i mean i wouldn’t say that i cried there was something in my eye though joy you know if michael and i were in the same room we definitely would have hugged it out uh before we name the no prize winner we want to give a quick thank you to everyone who sent us their answers including mickey madden ian john strawski and shane habazin thank you guys so much for interacting with our show and taking the time to visit our site and record an answer we think this is a really fun feature to have you guys be on our show so we really appreciate you guys participating and hopefully more listeners continue to do so but the winner of this week’s no prize goes to kelvin john delamar said and he said hi guys calvin chandler merced here and i actually have hbo max i got it because i wanted to watch the snyder cut of the justice league which now premieres on the exact same date of my birthday which is awesome and how cool is that like you sign up for a service for a specific movie and that movie is releasing on your birthday that’s just fate man that is awesome happy early birthday yeah happy early birthday calvin if i had to give you a gift from marvel i would give you the phoenix force and i would give you a mother box which is like an iphone 20. congrats again to calvin john de la merced for winning this week’s no prize if you the listener want to shy at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news okay so this past week on zack snyder’s social media accounts he released a sneak peek teaser image of jared leto as the joker and i gotta say even though it’s blurry it looks a lot better than his suicide squad look it looks way different from his suicide squad look and thank god because his suicide squad look was absolutely the worst part of that movie and there was a lot of not great things in that film but he almost looks to me more like the joaquin version of the joker it looks like he has long hair and sort of like a balding hairline yeah i think that may be intentional you know just to keep up continuity with the look of the joker across you know some of the films that he’s been the most popular in like the joker like the dark knight and i’ve seen a lot of people say he resembles heath ledger as well yeah he definitely has longish hair definitely has a receding hairline it looks like in the photo he’s wearing like a surgical mask which is interesting and he’s wearing like surgical gloves or maybe just like dishwashing gloves but it’s very sinister yeah and he’s holding up a joker card yeah and it looks like there’s like some blood splatter on it and he’s also giving you the finger which is very jared leto’s joker i feel the way they kind of blurred this image i don’t know if it was an actual still from the movie and they just had some cool cinematography going but the way this image is presented it’s simultaneously blurred but also crisp it’s a little bit hard to describe it’s almost like they used an oil paint filter in photoshop and then blurred that yeah i think it’s definitely a filter so who do you think the joker is going to be performing surgery on oh man i have no idea you know he’s probably locked up at this point maybe he’s locked up with lex luthor maybe they’re gonna do this as a way to like recast lex luthor like he just does facial surgery on him like plastic surgery i have no idea it’s intriguing as hell though maybe he’s performing plastic surgery on himself to remove all of his tattoos like he peels off his face and maybe we’ll get like false face joker you know there is precedent for him removing his face in the comic you know that would be really twisted and that would probably explain maybe why the movie got an r rating from the mp double a yeah i’m kind of nervous about that r rating i’m not gonna lie because the ultimate edition of batman v superman is rated r but the only reason it was rated r was because of some like digital blood splatter and some ben affleck ass it’s like whose ass are we going to see in this cut gal gadot please [Laughter] that’s the only acceptable answer it’s probably going to be ezra miller’s damn it i do feel like every week zack snyder will be releasing something to tease the snyder cut on his social media accounts because you know the week before it was the the movie posters i have heard that february is going to be like a month-long push marketing wise for the film and it seems like they’re getting a ton of exposure simply from these social media posts which is great i’m still looking forward to the trailer though and that is supposed to drop on valentine’s day yeah looking forward to discussing that trailer in our next episode but on the marvel side of things this past week we received news that marvel is working with ryan coogler on a spin-off disney plus series that is set in the nation of wakanda apparently coogler’s production company called proximity media signed a five-year contract with disney and one of the stipulations of that was that they would produce a marvel disney plus show based around black panther and this is huge news this is so great we know that ryan coogler is actively working on the black panther 2 movie right now which won’t be recasting chadwick boseman as black panther so they’re kind of going to tell a story that’s not centered around the role of t’challa but there’s still so much more that they can do regarding this fictional country that they created outside of the bounds of the black panther character yeah it seems to be like a really rich land and culture that you can mine a lot of stories from you know like the different tribes yeah there’s the border tribe the merchant tribe the river tribe the mountain tribe i would love to see a movie about like mbaku or the war dogs with nakia or the dora malaji with akoye maybe they’ll even delve into the past with t’challa’s father t’chaka and his dealings with ulysses claw since i don’t think andy circus had nearly enough of a role before he was killed in the first black panther movie there are so many different things that they could do with this show it may even revolve around some kind of plot where they explain why t’challa looks different when he eventually is recast in a movie after black panther 2. i really hope that that’s what they do i think with long-form storytelling you know there’s enough you could do to set up the return of t’challa as opposed to doing it you know in a two-hour movie when you spend hours with these characters and with the story i think it could result in a more cathartic payoff and acceptance of a new actor in the role yeah you just have to do it right though because as angela bassett said a few weeks ago you know chadwick boseman is irreplaceable he’s an amazing actor no one else will be chadwick bozeman but that’s not to say that no one else will eventually be t’challa the characters will always outlive actor contracts or actors lives like adam west you know yeah i’d like to see uh lakeith stanfield eventually get the role he was in knives out and he was in the recent judas and the black messiah film alongside daniel kaluuya who played wakabi the member of the border tribe in the first black panther film yeah i think lekith steinfeld has the look and is an amazing actor these talks are definitely premature it is far too soon to recast which is why they’re not going to for black panther 2. but back to the spin-off show given that wakanda is such a vast vibrant country kudos to ryan coogler for setting that up so well there is so much that can be done with the show and that brings us to our question of the week what would you like the black panther spin-off television series for disney plus to be about yeah there’s a lot it could be about pick your favorite and record your answer at by clicking on the red microphone button which will prompt you to leave us a voicemail your message can be up to 20 seconds and don’t forget to leave your name in case we include you on the podcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media be sure to answer before february 13th but uh speaking of disney plus television shows during the super bowl we had an official trailer drop for the falcon and the winter soldier television series and this was really damn cool i really liked this trailer got me really pumped yeah i actually didn’t see it during the super bowl i guess it was only 30 seconds but they released a two minute trailer online this trailer was bad ass i like the vibe that it sets between the two characters they have an antagonistic but friendly relationship with each other and i think they really play that up by showing that you know they’re going through group therapy and they kind of like rag on each other while they’re fighting other people and stuff like that i think this series has a lot of potential for comedic value in addition to all the cool action and set pieces that we see i was definitely sold on the action for this trailer but i don’t know about the comedy like marvel again they always like to end their trailers with this comedic bit they tried it with the last falcon and the winter soldier trailer as well i didn’t think it worked there either you didn’t think the staring contest worked in this i thought it was [ __ ] it was bizarre and kind of uncomfortable because like their knees were pressed like right up against each other’s junk the way they were sitting out of all the cool things to notice in the trailer you’re looking at their knees yeah you got to reevaluate your priorities my friend because that’s stupid it looks hilarious i’m a big fan of like buddy cop movies and that’s exactly what this looks like it looks like a buddy cop series the magipore set that they visit looks really dang cool it looks like everything that i thought it would look like from the comic books madrapore is a fictional southeast asian island within the comic books and it’s full of villains and they are visiting that location within the series and it looks awesome we also get a great shot of zemo again bernzemo and he’s holding his mask yeah he’s talking about how he’s not finished he was just so sinister he’s definitely one of the most successful and awesome villains that the mcu has had to offer so far from his appearance in civil war yeah i can’t wait to see him in the mask i think that’s going to be pretty cool i wish they would have had that for the civil war movie yeah one thing that these trailers haven’t really delved into yet is u.s agent john walker’s and the government’s takeover of the captain america mantle we just keep seeing like these brief bits of him like going out onto the football field and people celebrating him and stuff but we haven’t really seen him in action or anything yet it kind of seems like disney plus is trying to get people to think that captain america is in the series and i wonder if that’s why they keep showing us agent from behind you know not showing his face oh that’s a good theory actually like if you didn’t know that was the us agent you’d be questioning who that was yeah i didn’t even think about that totally you’d be like chris evans is back as captain america in the show i have to watch it or you’d assume that you’re looking at a flashback or something like that i thought it was really cool the way falcon wielded the shield within this trailer he looks really cool throwing it and then bucky catches it you know yeah it’s almost the same way that he and captain america were tossing his shield back and forth between each other when they were fighting iron man in civil war yeah we all know that bucky knows how to use the shield well and in the comics both sam and bucky have taken on the captain america mantle when steve rogers has been mia you just gotta love seeing them use the shield it’s really cool the other cool surprise uh within this trailer was that well we knew that sharon carter was going to be in the show but we didn’t know the extent of her role or if she was going to get any action she totally gets some action she kicks some ass it looks like emily vancamp is turning out to be quite the cool character and i wonder if she’s still gonna be working with the cia or if she’s gonna move on to sword or some other organization yeah i guess shield still doesn’t exist looks that way according to one division at least that last action scene where like the winter soldier gets kicked off of a semi and then he’s like grapples to the side with his cybernetic arm the distance between his head and that spinning wheel just like unnerves me it was it was such a good scene i was like literally on the edge of my seat yeah it looks intense and the way the falcon flies under it too that’s that’s just scary as hell oh yeah can’t wait for the show i’m not sure if they’re gonna drop another trailer i would imagine that they would before the series comes out in march so we’ll look forward to that then in our last news item dc released the first trailer for their animated film justice society world war ii and i was already pumped for the movie just by its announcement and seeing that first image they released but this trailer has me so much more pumped up it was really cool to see like one roman and the justice society fighting in world war ii it was a dope as trailer but the most exciting thing was to see the modern flashberry ellen show up in this time period that was the biggest surprise i did not see that coming it looks like they’re using this film as a way to bridge the old continuity that ended with justice league dark apocalypse war into this new continuity i guess this has the same animation style as superman man of tomorrow so i imagine that they take place in the same world i feel like there’s a lot more to be excited with this team match up because we get wonder woman’s origins we get the justice society in a film finally for once and they look so damn cool in this movie the justice society has never looked cooler the characters look cool the whole movie looks cool even from the opening shots when we see like the devastation of the war it’s also detailed and the art is so well done it does look like steve trevor is gonna be the one to set up this team which is kind of cool it includes wonder woman jay garrick the flash hawkman our man and black canary i feel like it’s been a while since we’ve seen black canary in an animated film so i’m excited to see her particularly yeah that final shot where she’s fighting this like supernatural beast that the nazis have summoned or something like that that is such a cool shot the action within this movie looks like it’s going to be amazing we have our man like flipping tanks like he’s flipping tables wonder woman smashing nazis the flashes running alongside each other hawkman smashing through planes yeah the two flashers running side by side next to each other something i never thought it would see in one of these animated films it’s pretty cool and it’s definitely a callback to those two characters being the first characters within the multiverse to meet each other in the comics yeah i think it’s an israeli accent or some kind of mediterranean accent but given you know that the characters from the mediterranean it totally makes sense overall i can’t wait to see this film looks like it’s gonna be really cool i don’t think they need to release another trailer i mean the release date is so close anyway it’s gonna hit digital on april on may 11th so we will be reviewing it probably when it hits blu-ray and we’ll probably have some kind of tie-in duel in the following episode but i think that does it for all the news for this episode so let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out who would win in a fight between two martial arts masters lady shiva from dc and chongqi from marvel let’s do it [Music] okay lady shiva versus shang chi as we mentioned earlier we’ve been looking forward to doing a shang qi episode for a while now specifically me i think not because i’m a marvel fan but because i know nothing about the character and i’m really curious as to why he’s getting his own movie because he’s a [ __ ] badass he’s the master of kung fu do you like kung fu yeah yeah i do well then you’ll love shang chi sweet you’ll also love lady shiva and not so much i mean not only is she a master of kung fu but like every other style of martial arts out there which is why we decided to pit these two characters against each other they have a reputation for being the best fighters within their respective universe again guys if you are looking forward to the shanghai movie but like jonathan don’t know anything about the character this is the episode for you because we’re going to learn all about both him and lady shiva yeah if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before the way we determine a winner between these two characters is by running 1000 monte carlo simulations using their statistics what’s monte carlo simulation it’s a probabilistic model used to determine outcomes through random sampling in our case the model randomizes statistics along a normal distribution which is a bell curve as a way to simulate the many variables that can occur during the battle the stat parameters we use are based on the official marvel power grid and we use that criteria to extrapolate the dc character’s stats we’ve included some additional stat categories of our own such as range damage potential and perception in order to create a more complete and robust simulation now running these 1000 simulations gives us percentage of wins for each character and we declare the one with the higher percentage to be the ultimate victor given that they’re more likely to win any given battle now no character ever wins 100 percent of the time comics have shown that there’s always a way for batman to defeat superman so we feel our method falls in line with the precedents that have been established in the comic book stories and we use this method because it was the least subjective most unbiased way to determine who would win of course jonathan and i are both heavily biased toward our respective allegiances and instead of debating these matches forever we just let the math decide for us so there’s no fan votes here and no relying on just feats but before we run the simulations we like to break down each character’s histories and abilities before improvising a scenario on how you imagine one of the 1000 simulations we run would play out beat for beat and i think this time it’s my turn to go first so let’s learn all about lady shiva now lady shiva’s birth name is unknown though we know that she was born in a small poor remote asian village along with her sister their village was under the control of the league of assassins who trained the village’s inhabitants to become warriors for ross al ghul who you can learn more about in our ross all ghoul vs red skull episode shiva and her sister proved to be prodigies in martial arts and they managed to escape their village fleeing to america and taking up residence in detroit michigan as sandra and carolyn wusson respectively the two sisters were very close and developed a means of communication by reading each other’s body movements and body language as they continued to practice their martial arts skills over the years training for the day the league of assassins should ever find them that day came sooner than they thought as the league’s top assassin at the time david kane found the young sisters in detroit and observed them as they sparred kane recognized that sandra was the more skilled fighter who easily calculated killing blows but hesitated due to her love for her sister carolyn sensing a kindred killer instinct in sandra and feeling that her sister was holding her back kane secretly killed carolyn when sandra found her sister’s body she swore revenge on whoever killed her in her quest she met and trained under the martial arts grandmaster o sensei who pitied and cared for the young sandra making her his goddaughter when her training was completed sandra took on the name lady shiva based on the hindu god of destruction it began tracking down her sister’s murderer killing anyone who stood in her way she was eventually duped into believing that richard dragon a student of osensei’s after her was the one who murdered her sister and she attempted to kill him in revenge the two fought to a draw and realized that they had trained under the same master determining dragon was not her sister’s killer she became his ally recognizing that as a secret agent for the global organization of organized defense aka good richard was often placed in dangerous situations which she was attracted to since they met she could hone her skills in preparation for one day killing the man that killed carolyn dragon and shiva were often joined by another of all sensei’s students banned turner on their missions and you can learn more about ben turner in our bronze tiger vs white tiger episode during a mission to china bronze tiger was kidnapped by the league of assassins in an attempt to recruit him rescuing him and recognizing the league she’ve attracted them and discovered that kane was responsible for her sister carolyn’s death while following kane with lethal intention shiva was lured into an ambush and was overwhelmed by the league’s numbers when kane explained to shiva why he killed her sister she was convinced of the truth in his words that kane set her free because she never would have traveled and trained and advanced as a fighter while simply hiding and sparring with her sister kane agreed to free shiva and let her live on the condition that she bare his child their offspring being the product of the two most skilled fighters on earth that he would train into becoming the perfect bodyguard to ross all ghoul that’s a little strange yeah disgraced shiva lost her motivation to live and she agreed to sire an assassin in the hopes of creating someone worthy and capable enough of killing her in combat shiva soon gave birth to a daughter and relinquished her to kane who she never saw again that got pretty dark pretty quick it did yeah unsure of how to proceed in her life shiva embraced her feared reputation and became an assassin for hire in one instance she was hired by the mayor of hub city to kill its resident vigilante the question and she easily succeeded in killing him in combat however she was so impressed by his potential that she used her healing arts to revive him and left him in the care of richard dragon to heal and train wait she can bring people back from the dead she succeeded in her contract but she like jumpstarted at his heart again okay huh in addition to contract killing she also trained prospective assassins and warriors while training terrorists in the middle east she was tracked down by batman and robin jason todd at the time who thought lady shiva was his mother you can learn more about batman and justin todd in our batman vs moon knight and red hood vs punisher episodes though batman impressed her with his fighting ability and physicality she defeated him and would have killed him if not for the intervention of robin robin died shortly after but shiva saw promise in batman and his proteges when tim drake who you can learn more about in our drake vs winter soldier episode took up the mantle of robin shiva helped train him as well as batman after his back was broken by bane over the years shiva only became more lethal she tracked down all of the martial arts grandmasters around the world trained under them then occasionally fought them to the death in combat in which instances she always won her profession also caused her to cross paths with numerous vigilante heroes within dc including green arrow who helped her batman and the question find the remains of osensei’s late wife when he hit the age of 150 and decided it was time to die and be buried next to her she became renowned in the criminal underworld and was eventually hired by the league of assassins to train their warriors her attention returned to gotham city however when she heard of a new batgirl cassandra kane who was an exceptional fighter you can learn more about cassandra kane in our batgirl vs x23 episode by the time shiva arrived in gotham city to test cassie however should lost her fighting ability shiva offered to retrain her under the condition that in one year’s time they would fight to the death one year later they fought and shiva killed cassie but unsatisfied with the match shiva brought her back to life and continued their fight after which cassie proved to be the victor though to shiva’s disappointment cassie refused to kill her teacher years later the two would fight again within the league of assassins compound after cassie sacrificed her life to save a teammate and shiva brought her back to life again using a lazarus pit though evenly matched cassie was eventually able to gain the upper hand and break shiva’s neck paralyzing her shiva revealed that she was cassie’s mother and begged her to kill her but cassie instead left her hanging above a lazarus pit so that she could eventually recover seeking someone other than her daughter to kill her in combat shiva showed interest in black canary who you can learn more about in our black canary vs black widow episode both black canary and shiva studied under a master named sensei otomo whom shiva greatly respected and shiva agreed to take black canary’s place in the birds of prey team for a while in order for black canary to continue furthering her training taking on the name jade canary shiva eventually left the team after being defeated by the villain prometheus when he programmed her fighting skill into his brain she still on occasion continued to aid the birds of prey later when they needed her help however recently in post-flashpoint continuity shibu was revealed to be a double agent within the league of assassins leading a secret organization within the league known as the league of shadows intent on overthrowing ross al ghul russell ghoul found out about the league of shadows and shot shiva in the back as she was reconciling with her daughter cassie he then took her body back with him to revive her in a lazarus pit and brainwash her that’s her history so far now abilities wise lady shiva has no superpowers but is in batman’s own words the best fighter alive she’s mastered all known and forgotten forms of martial arts and she’s highly literate in body language capable of predicting and reacting to opponents moves before they make them she’s an expert healer and has complete mastery over her physical body capable of ignoring physical pain altogether and even controlling her bleeding rate shiva is also an expert with several forms of weaponry such as kusirigama and shuriken but she’s most often shown wielding a katana so she’ll be bringing that into this match she has had quite the tragic life yeah yeah she’s an interesting character she definitely has a death wish but it’s just that there’s no one capable of killing her oh i found the perfect person and his name is shanxi he will gladly grant shiva’s wish let me tell you all about him shang chi was born in the hanan province in china to an unnamed mother and zheng zhu his father who is better known internationally as fu manchu the wealthy chinese crime lord zheng zhu began his son’s training from the moment he could walk with the greatest masters of chinese kung fu and other martial arts disciples from around the world chongqi spent his early life in constant training honing his body mind and spirit to a razor’s edge throughout his childhood lessons shangchi had limited contact with his parents but believed his father zheng zhu was a brilliant humanitarian and philanthropist sheng chi idolized him gracious for his affluent upbringing and blind to his father’s secret criminal organization and plans of world domination as it turned out zheng zhu was secretly training his son as a loyal and unstoppable assassin who could be used to quietly put an end to anyone standing in the way of his sinister plans as a young man chongqi was told of an evil man living in london who was a threat to his father’s dream of world peace knowing nothing but loyalty and wishing to honor his father shangqi traveled to england where he snuck into the house of dr james petry and murdered him with a single strike the assassination was caught by sir dennis nayland smith an agent of the mi6 british secret intelligence service who was investigating zhang zhu and xiangxi was apprehended and told the truth about his father refusing to believe that his upbringing and his father’s nature was a lie chongqi escaped custody and sought out his mother who had long ago fled her malevolent husband evading pursuit throughout london he eventually found her and learned the truth his father zhang zhu was indeed the evil villain fu manchu devastated that he had taken the life of an innocent man shang chi swore himself as his father’s enemy an allied with sir dennis and mi6 to bring down zhang zhu’s criminal empire shangchi traveled the globe putting down his father’s schemes and occasionally teamed up with other marvel martial arts heroes such as iron fist and white tiger both of whom you can learn more about in their respective duel episodes zheng zhu sent his best assassins to kill his son for his betrayal including shangchi’s own adoptive brother midnight son who had a penchant for striking swiftly and lethally from the shadows and his sister cursed lotus who led a faction of ancient chinese warriors similar to the hand ninjas called the sea fan wait so his siblings have code names but he doesn’t i guess his code name is kind of the master of kung fu but you know it’s really long that is a cool name in shanghi’s many adventures in espionage he developed a romantic interest in mi6 agent lako wu and together with sir dennis they formed their own independent spy agency called freelance restorations after many years of playing games of deceit and death with his father chang chi eventually came across a lead that took him to zhang zoo’s secret retreat in hunan china after an extended battle he eventually killed his father and the fighting against the fu manchu criminal empire seemingly ended for good but shangchi did not feel peace at the end of this war he was plagued by guilt and weary of the pressures of fighting crime he ended freelance restorations and retired to a small village in remote china to spend out his days as a simple fisherman years later though shanxi was brought out of retirement in order to save his former lover laiko wu from a terrorist group and he was pulled into a plot involving his previously unknown brother called moving shadow moving shadow poisoned shang-chi with a slow-acting toxin and chongqing nearly died before his friends were able to cure him using an acquired dose of his father’s elixir of life shangchi spent some time assisting other heroes such as the heroes for hire a team which his former ally iron fist helped establish he also helped the british super team excalibur against a corrupted version of the welsh dragon he helped spider-man develop his own style of fighting known as the way of the spider and he joined daredevil moon knight punisher black widow and dagger in the short-lived super team called marvel knights eventually captain america invited chongqi to join the avengers where he was given a pair of repulsor energized nunchucks by iron man he helped the team save the universe against an alien threat known as the builders he helped rescue avengers who were captured during thanos invasion of earth and he used pym particles to grow into a giant and fight a monster dragon among the skyscrapers of hong kong oh that’s cool at one point he even gained the temporary ability to replicate himself after investigating the remains of an alien bomb set off in japan but shang chi’s time spent fighting alongside the avengers came to an end however when his former lover laiko wu was murdered while she was on assignment with mi6 delving back into espionage shanxi discovered his adoptive brother midnight son whom he fought years in the past was behind laiko’s death as part of a mystic ritual to rule over china as zhang zhu would have wanted shangti recruited his former mi6 allies the daughters of the dragon and the sons of the tiger do you remember them from our white tiger episode oh yeah yeah they all took on his brother but midnight son was ultimately defeated by lako who dragged him into the netherworld after her spirit was resurrected during the ritual shangqi later joined other asian born and asian descended heroes as an agent of the atlas foundation the agents of atlas included heroes such as agent jimmy wu formerly of the fbi and shield brawn real name amadeus cho formerly known as the totally awesome hulk and son of helen cho ms marvel real name kamala khan silk real name cindy moon who was bitten by the same spider that transformed to peter parker and lin lai the new sword master together they saved south korea from the fiery demons of muspelheim and rescued a stolen sea dragon belonging to the kingdom of atlantis after relocating to san francisco’s chinatown chongqi learned his father’s legacy lived on in a secret organization of martial artists and assassins called the five weapons society and that he was the heir to rule it he fended off an attack from a long-lost sister xihua who had the power to mentally control an army of mystical chinese zombie-like beings known as jiangxi after being turned into a jiangshi xiangchi used his psychic connection with xiwa to convince his sister of the terrible man their father was and the horrible legacy he left behind in the five weapons society realizing the error of her ways she relinquished control of shanxi and the other zombies and he was subsequently designated the new supreme commander of the five weapons he vowed to transform the group from the criminal organization that zheng zhu led into one that would protect mankind and that’s his backstory abilities wise chiang chi is one of the foremost grandmasters on the planet in a variety of martial arts styles primarily the chinese martial art of kung fu his physicals including strength speed reflexes agility durability endurance etc are all at peak human levels due to his training and he trained from childhood to be able to focus and channel his chi or life energy to enter a zen state where he can do things such as observe events nearly in slow motion through extreme concentration perform minor feats of strength accelerate his healing speed slightly above normal human levels reduce pain and withstand extreme temperatures he wears a pair of metal bracers on his wrists that add mass to his hand to hand blows and have even deflected bullets shangchi is a master of nearly every martial arts weapon known including nunchucks swords staff weapons cauli sticks shuruken at all that’s all but for this matchup he will be bringing his signature weapon of nunchucks nunchucks against a katana yep hm we’ll see how that goes it’s not the repulsor nunchucks is it no no he only had those temporarily when he was a member of the avengers okay good now that we’ve gone into the characters histories and abilities let’s speculate on how one of the 1000 simulated matches will go the winner is determined by simulations not this speculation but it is fun to imagine how this fight could play out and we don’t set any rules for this match other than the characters don’t know anything about each other going in except that the other character is a threat that needs to be put down and we say they start off about 50 meters apart in an environment that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment plus certain characters have advantages in some environments over others and we want these characters to win on their own merit so let’s get into it the characters meet on the battlefield who goes first well i’m going to say that uh you know both of these fighters are too good to rush into this fight head on they’re going to both recognize each other’s fighting ability i think just through the way that they stand and hold themselves and they can kind of like recognize each other’s chi aura you know honestly i think that they would play out the entire fight in their head before like either of them made a move oh like sherlock holmes style probably so with that as they have each other kind of figured out they dash at each other okay so as shiva is running though she has her hand on her samurai sword and as they get closer she just like whips that baby out really fast at like lightning speed slashing shinchi while shanxi leaps over the blade in the air doing a front flip over her to evade her slash attack and he lands behind her okay but as he’s landing you know shiva turns around and she hurls the secret stash of kunai throwing blades you know what those are it’s like what naruto uses oh they’re like shuriken but uh they have like loops and handles right yeah exactly okay so she just throws like a volley of those right at him okay but shang chi like a badass he like spins his nunchucks and starts knocking the shootiken out of the air he just looks so cool he’s he’s a badass these kunai daggers did nothing well little did you know that those throwing blades were actually just distractions because as he’s busy deflecting them shiva just like closes that short gap between them and slashes him right across the chest with her katana okay but like i said shang chi has supreme concentration so while he was blocking the shooting he saw her coming at him and yeah she slashes him across the chest but it doesn’t go that deep because he manages to just barely inch out of the way from it being a fatal blow so he has this gash in his chest but he does a few backhand springs away and like takes his slash top off and he starts focusing his chi using these hand moves to stop the bleeding from his chest okay yeah she was impressed by that yeah because his tops off not by his scrawny body but by his cheek control he’s not scrawny he has zero percent [ __ ] body fat she would be super impressed by that zero percent body fat aka he’s a skinny ass [ __ ] what she would like some cushion for the pushing and she expresses her displeasure in him by going in for another slash shang chi sees her coming in and he just sidesteps her first slash swing as she dashes in and then she’ll swing again and he blocks the next wing with his nunchucks by holding them up and the sword gets caught in the nunchuck chain and he swings his nut checks around the sword so that they rap and so he has control of the sword and he just disarms her wrestling the sword out of her grasp and into his possession so now he has a sword and nunchucks and uh he’s just wielding both of them like a double propeller engine just like swinging him around going toward her he has both weapons now yeah shiva like totally doesn’t even care she just like narrows her gaze and moves like water like avoiding each slash and swing like like a dancer okay shiva’s good she could probably do that but you forget that shang chi is also really good so there’s no way that she’s dodging like every single one of these attacks yeah she does no shanxi totally clocks her right in the gut with the nunchucks and when she like reacts from that hit he follows up with a sword slash right to her face dang okay but again she she was moving around so she was like in mid spin as she was slashed so it’s just like a thin cut across her cheek okay she’s going to continue her spin and she just like leg sweeps shanxi off of his feet and he just falls right on his ass and then she follows up by swinging her legs around and launching herself into the air landing with a powerful stop like right on chongchi’s chest like right where it slashes just breaking several of his ribs does she do like the bruce lee thing where she like twists her foot like cracking his ribs yeah it takes like five seconds for her to like really sink in and like and then she does the twist yep okay well shanxi has some broken ribs now but uh he doesn’t panic or anything he just focuses his chi to subdue the pain he is a calm in a storm and he does a backwards somersault and kicks her away from him okay so they’ll probably have a little bit of time to recuperate but sheep is going to want to take advantage of this moment right so she just charges him and as she’s running towards him she tosses her katana so it like sticks at a slight angle into the ground and the path ahead of her and she hops onto it like right onto the end of the handle using it like a springboard to just flank herself really fast through the air into shanxi faster than he can react and she just plunges her hand like right into his neck crushing his windpipe so now he can’t breathe for like the rest of the match what oh well [ __ ] uh yeah that would do some serious damage it’s always crazy when the trachea you know like gets smashed so shang chi falls to his knees he’s not able to breathe um maybe a little bit of panic sets in right now that’s right because i’m not sure how he’s going to get out of this one uh i’ll tell you how by death shiva just swings her sword down on him dealing the final blow decapitating him no no no no okay so she swings her sword down on him and zhang chi he can hold his breath for a really long time okay so even though he can’t breathe now because he has a crushed windpipe he can still do some moves with no breath so as she’s swinging her sword down on him he catches her sword mid-swing between his palms he catches the blade and he uses his qi enhanced strength to prevent shiva from following through with the slash and cutting him but then what he does is he uses the sword on himself what and he guides the blade that he has control of toward his throat and he makes a small incision in his windpipe below where it’s crushed essentially using shiva’s sword to perform a tracheotomy on himself so he can breathe out of this little hole in his neck now i think what that is hardcore hell yeah it is he’s a [ __ ] surgeon okay uh i mean shang chi may be in control of shiva’s sword but he had to drop his nunchucks to grab the sword with both hands so shiva quickly releases her sword and somersaults over to the nunchucks to pick them up so now they have each other’s weapons yeah and shangchi focuses his chi energy you know into his hands and he delivers this powerful slash and just cuts shiva in half no koshiva holds up the nunchuck chain to block it no but this slash is so powerful that it cuts right through that chain big deal like nut chucks without the chain those are just cauli sticks and she knows how to use those lethally so shanxi is weakened he’s not getting as much oxygen she just disarms him of his sword and then like strikes at his pressure points stopping his heart if she was doing all this crazy lethal [ __ ] no i mean it’s fine because yeah she like stops his heart but then she was just like nah that was too easy so she like lights him incense and performs cpr to restart his heart and continue the fight well what the [ __ ] was the point of that [Laughter] she does it because she can she’s just a badass chongqi gets up from his death experience and he says thank you to her with an uppercut right to her chin breaking her jaw that’s not a nice way to say that well stopping his heart was not nice to begin with [Laughter] okay so shiva gets knocked down from the uppercut but she lands next to her sword and she just picks it up and is like you’re welcome and then she swings at shang chi you know who no longer has a defense since his nunchucks are now broken that’s not true he still has defense he still has those metal bracers that he wears on his wrists they’re kind of like wonder woman’s silver gauntlets and he uses those to block shiva’s sword attacks and at one point he like crosses his arms and he traps her sword between the bracers and then he focuses his chi strength and he uncrosses his arms just shattering the sword blade and these flying sword shards are like flying through the air and with like lightning speed he manages to pluck a few of these shards out of the air before they fall on the ground and he hurls him at shiva right in her neck and uh match over except that there’s no way shanxi could have done all that with shiva just standing there so as her sword was shattered i say she just plunged her broken blade into his neck killing him and this time she’s not going to resuscitate him he’s [ __ ] dead i’m saying that shank she actually is that fast so so they both just end up with blades in their neck yep pretty much i think that’s a good place to uh stalemate this match let’s go ahead and find out which of these characters bleeds out first and is the champion by running the statistical simulations on these characters and declaring the winner we’ll be right back [Music] well that got pretty violent towards the end lady shiva is a violent character it makes sense yeah but i think it went pretty well now stat wise these characters are some of the most similar characters we’ve ever pit in a duel match against each other yeah movement speed equal durability equal strength equal damage level equal fighting skill shankshi’s way better what but yeah in almost every instance these characters were on par with each other except for one and it’s kind of [ __ ] it’s the evasiveness stat yeah which we define as the ability to avoid injury so shields go into that category as well as you know acrobatic feats and the one thing that shanxi has that lady shiva doesn’t are these metal or sometimes depicted as stone bracers he wears on his wrists that are part of his signature look and he uses them for defense he’s used them to stop bullets he uses them to stop swords as well as a means to add mass to his attacks lady sheave has no such comparable means of defense yeah when it comes to like bullets and stuff she’s able to dodge them because of her enhanced perception of people’s body language but when it came to perception chongqi was a match there as well considering he’s able to tap into his chi to enhance his senses so literally the only difference between these two characters are those metal bracers it’s crazy just kind of [ __ ] that a costume kind of gives you the edge stats wise just barely though it is what it is i mean those have always been a part of his look at least outside of his initial run so i don’t know what to tell you that being said i think that shanxi’s got this in the bag i think it’s going to be extremely close but i think shangchi definitely has this now there’s still a little bit of time on our instagram poll where our followers can vote as to whether they thought lady shiva or shanxi would win and right now they’re giving the win to lady shiva at 60 did they know about the bracers though i think lady shiva is generally just more popular and these polls tend to be a popularity contest but taking the stats into account and running the simulations you say the winner is shang chi and you are correct of course but barely shang shi won lady shiva won 465 or and it is close this is dumb this is [ __ ] i mean it is kind of funny how the reason chongqi won was because dc hasn’t given lady shiva a consistent costume yeah it really came down to an error of costuming which is kind of [ __ ] you know but considering that they use a lot of the same weapons and have a lot of the same skill set you got to look at the minutia and that’s not even accounting into the fact that xiang chi over the years has had powers on occasion you know at times he’s had mr negatives powers he’s had spider powers before he’s taken pimp articles before he’s had like multiple man’s powers before and we didn’t take any of that into consideration for this matchup given that they have always been temporary and we’ll see if the movie incorporates that in any way that’s true we’ll see but uh let us know what you thought about the results by writing to us at dynamicduelpodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter you can find links to all of our accounts by visiting our website and on our site you can find a link to our patreon page where we offer bonus content and our very own marvel vs dc card game called dynamic duel war check out how to play at war right after this episode also a dynamic duel is a link to our merchandise store where we sell t-shirts hoodies stickers and more with our dynamic duel no prize artwork and this week i will be drawing lady shiva so take that shanxi i’ll save his drawing for when the movie comes out yeah that makes sense in our next episode we will be having an esteemed guest on the show one of our executive producers and army sergeant ken johnson he runs his own podcast called you call those tactics which provides a critique of the military tactics employed in pop culture films he’s a great guy he’s going to help us review the punisher the 2004 movie starring thomas jane and john travolta yeah it’s going to be a great episode i’m looking forward to it the movie sucks but ken’s a great guy and i’m sure we’ll be talking all about how horrible the movie is so good times we want to remind everyone again to please subscribe to our show if you haven’t or please leave a rating or review on your platform of choice sharing this show on social media or in person is also a big help for us we want to give a big thanks to our executive producers ken johnson jace krump john straurowski john spees john betchinina isaiah bethune and zachary hepburn for helping make this podcast possible and we’ll talk to you guys next week up up and away true believers