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May 14, 2019

Swamp Thing Review

Swamp Thing Review

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:23 - No-Prize Time • 0:04:56 - Watchmen Official Tease • 0:08:55 - Question of the Week • 0:09:31 - Richard Madden cast as Ikaris in Eternals film • 0:11:30 - Disney bumps New Mutants to 2020 • 0:13:32 -...


• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:23 - No-Prize Time • 0:04:56 - Watchmen Official Tease • 0:08:55 - Question of the Week • 0:09:31 - Richard Madden cast as Ikaris in Eternals film • 0:11:30 - Disney bumps New Mutants to 2020 • 0:13:32 - Swamp Thing review • 0:34:10 - Sign off








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[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations I’m marvelous Joe and IRAs twin brother Johnny DC and what is bound to be our least listened to episode we are reviewing the original Swamp Thing movie that came out in 1982 it was directed by Wes Craven and we are reviewing this now and lead-up to the Swamp Thing television series that’s going to debut on the DC Universe app that comes out later this month yes may 31st but dude people are gonna listen to this episode this film is like a cult classic it’s also pure shit oh my gosh well I’ll get into that later on this episode before that we’re gonna be going over the comic book movie news from the past week including the Watchmen official tease video that came out too they’re calling it a tease not a teaser now it makes me feel weird we got the announcement that Richard Madden has been cast as Icarus in the Eternals movie that’s going to come out next year we also got word that Disney has bumped the New Mutants movie to 2020 I think the previous release date for that was in August of this year but that’s obviously not gonna happen no this is like the third time it’s been bumped you could go ahead and look at our episode description if you want to skip to a specific topic that you want to listen to it’s all listed there so go ahead and check that out yeah quick shout out to Kenneth McNeese jr. who gave us a review on iTunes yeah ok MEK came through and gave us a wonderful rating and actually a few other people did because we’re up to 103 ratings now on iTunes and Apple podcasts as you guys already know you’re well aware you’re sick of hearing about it our goal is to get to 200 ratings on that platform at which point we will be eligible to become critics on Rotten Tomatoes where we can have our reviews of the Marvel and DC movies count toward those films official tomato meter so if you guys if you guys know people that you want to introduce the show to just see if they can go ahead and help us get to that goal because we’d like to reach it before the end of this year yeah that’s the plan and with that out of the way quick to the no prize a no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was in addition to Ghost Rider and hellström what other Marvel characters should get their own hoo boo television series under the spirits of vengeance banner that was off of the news that we talked about last week where we heard that those characters were getting their own shows on Hulu which was really exciting and we got one answer this question that’s my fault again I it was such a busy weekend with like Mother’s Day and everything but I forgot to post the question to social media thank God it was a great answer the winner of this week’s no prize goes to CJ Kraft who said that Marvel should create Hulu television series based off of Elsa bloodstone or werewolf by night and those are both great characters Elsa bloodstone is you know Marvel’s premiere Monster Hunter and werewolf by night who’s been part of a number of supernatural teams both of them actually and CJ also mentioned having those two shows means you could lead into a legion of monster series which was a comic book based on the team that had Elsa and werewolf by night and like Morbius and Ghost Rider and those guys it was pretty cool oh it’d be like defenders right exactly and Elsa and world way and I actually had like a romantic relationship I think for a while oh yeah it would totally be interesting it would be like a supernatural Defenders type show and CGI also mentioned like even tossing in Man Thing on the team and really singing in October around Halloween nice that would be awesome I’d love to see that what answer did you hope people would give considering that these shows are being released under a banner called spirits of vengeance we know Ghost Rider is the spirit of vengeance but the character Moon Knight is the champion of khonshu who is the Egyptian god of vengeance in the comics and I’ve always wanted to see a moon night television show and I think that would be perfect because he also has supernatural elements involved with him with like Egyptian magic and even werewolf by night he was introduced in that comic I think you could definitely introduce moon night here and have it fit into the same kind of dark supernatural world yeah that’s the answer I was looking forward to as well I do think there would be a great TV series something along the lines of like arrow but like good arrow Meets Legion kind of you know oh yeah yeah that would be dope yeah but Congrats again to CJ Kratt for your great answer you in this week’s no prize I think Jonathan’s drawing swampthing this go hard so go ahead and check that out and if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week and now that that’s done onto the news okay so HBO released their official watchman tease video last week and they debuted it before this past episode of Game of Thrones so friggin everybody who saw this thing it’s uh it’s definitely a tease like after watching this I still have no idea what the story is except for maybe that heroes are returning in the watch main future because the character of Don Johnson mentions that everyone thought all these people were gone but it turns out they were just hibernating and they think he’s referring to masked heroes of which we see a shit-ton especially with this opening scene it’s just like a room full of Rorschach’s it seems like perhaps Rorschach’s journal was exposed and it kind of established a cult following of people who like idealized his point of view yeah it’s almost like this reality’s version of like the Guy Fawkes mask it’s like anonymous right yeah exactly but that’s a very apt comparison especially considering that Alan Moore was the one that wrote V for Vendetta right the police men and women in the show are also wearing masks which is weird yeah they were like yellow like turtlenecks that they just roll up to hide their face like ninjas and is that based on the influence of costumed heroes in this universe I wonder or why do they do that that is a great question so many just strange questions arise from watching this yeah it’s so vague like I don’t have a good answer to anything there’s so many questions and so few answers it definitely makes me want to watch the show there’s nothing too fantastical about what we’re seeing here at all like there’s no like doctor man Haines knows no glowing blue guy that’s naked floating around there’s like this levitating rotating construct going around at the Washington Monument that’s it that’s all the only thing that was sort of fantastical that I noticed do you think it looks to be within the spirit of the original comic series are you nervous about because I kind of am because it doesn’t really look like anything I thought it would look like I guess I am nervous just because I don’t recognize any of the characters or the elements except for maybe like the ticking clock god that was annoying man if I ever hear the phrase tick-tock again it’s gonna be too soon because that’s all they said though this entire trailer even at the end Don Johnson was like oh we’re just talking about the end of the world tick tock tick tock tick tock it was annoying I guess I mean it’s Watchmen you know there’s a ticking clock motif just admit it was annoying all right there’s like this plane crash thing I don’t know if that’s like a spaceship maybe it’s Archie night I older stuff I don’t think about that that would be so cool we don’t really get a good look at it though who’s the woman that’s in this show that like Dawn’s a costume I don’t know the character’s name it’s played by Regina King I can’t tell if she’s like a vigilante or a cop or what it looks like she’s going up against the Rorschach cult yeah maybe the title card that pops up near the end is like straight from the comic and from the movie part of me kind of wishes that because this is a separate story they would have gone with some kind of subtitle like Watchmen who watches us I do I will I’m totally gonna watch this show that’s the best thing about this show is that I get to say who watches the Watchmen nobody cuz the show looks weird I just said I’m going to I think a lot of people will watch it I mean it’s HBO’s next big property according to you yeah according to me what are their like franchises things do they have dude they have a shit ton of great shows yeah but they’re not like established properties like Game of Thrones was with a fan base I don’t know they have big little lies I heard that’s pretty dramatic I guess that is based off a book there you go but I’m talking about something that’s gonna appeal to the male demographic because you’re sexist no just a male like I’m not gonna watch a big little lies I’m going - why not oh my gosh anyway Watchmen I love the characters I love the story I am kind of nervous about this but I’m also eager to see what it is this all brings us to our question of the week if you could be any character from the original Watchmen comics series who would you be and why and you can’t say no one so gun to your head you have to be one of the original Watchmen characters let us know who it is it’s a different kind of question it’s like kind of like psychological we’re trying to get an insight into how crazy all of you guys are post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic tool no prize that we’ll post to social media another news Richard Madden has been cast as Icarus in the Eternals film that’s going to come out next year and I freaking love this news I heard this and I have just golf clapped I’m like yes brilliant casting this came like right after our question of the week about which Game of Thrones actor would you cast as a DC character right so where I want to saw this I was like new you chose to the wrong side Anakin Robb Stark he’s by far one way most favorite characters and the whole series I was I don’t want to say anything about it I know there are some people out there that haven’t watched the show but he is a great character as Robb Stark and I’ve been looking forward to seeing him again and something else and he was cast alongside Angelina Jolie who’s gonna play Cersei and Kumail Nanjiani who I’m not sure who he’s we don’t know would I’d be like Mary or somebody I don’t know but Icarus is one of the most powerful Eternals characters and I think Richard Madden is a powerful looking dude is he yeah for the most part he’s like 510 right he’s pretty broad he looked pretty heroic in Game of Thrones I could buy him as like this Superman type level character but the cast so far looks just so unique so talented I’m super compelled I can’t wait to see what they do with this movie as I’ve said before I’m still hoping that this movie explores like the prehistory and the ancient history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yeah and set up mutants and stuff like that maybe yeah hopefully hopefully nothing much else to say then I am pumped I think you’re the only one what’s like no one knows anything about the Eternals I mean nobody really knew much about like guardians of the galaxy or even it like a character like Thor like comic book fans knew about Thor but when you asked anybody else about the comic book character Thor they’re like huh and then you know you know he’s a super popular a-list character so people will get to know the Eternals and if they don’t you know there’s plenty of comics out there that they can read on them that’s true I guess as long as the Marvel brand people will go flocking oh definitely definitely same can’t be said for DC you could DC’s these nuts that was pretty good alright moving on to the news that Disney has bumped the New Mutants film to 20/20 the film was originally supposed to come out in April of 2018 it was filmed in 2017 so it’s so weird to have a movie that’s gonna come out like three years after it was filmed right it’s really weird these haven’t done the reshoots yet yeah reports said they wanted to reshoot as much as half the film to make it scarier because apparently it wasn’t that scary and the teaser trailer for the movie made it seem like a true horror film yeah I’ve also heard that they wanted to introduce the character of x-23 from the Logan film Oh Daphne keenya and there was also another rumor that said they wanted to introduce Nathaniel Essex mr. sinister since they teased him at the end of x-men apocalypse - so it seems kind of like they’re trying to cram like all the loose Easter egg ends into this last Fox x-men film and honestly like I don’t even really care just let its time just let it die I will admit that I am interested in this film because I am just a fan of horror movies in general and we haven’t really seen a great mashup of the horror genre and the superhero genre yet so it’s compelling but simultaneously I’m also interested to be done of this version of the x-men universe besides Deadpool of course yeah but I’m kind of interested in this film’s cast that’s true that’s true like ever since I’ve been watching Game of Thrones and seeing how badass Maisie Williams is Azaria I really want to see her as Wolfsbane as rain that’s gonna be amazing and you have the guy from stranger things Charley Heaton as cannonball that’s great casting the same thing with Anya Taylor joy as magic then the guy who plays sunspot and the girl who plays Mirage all great so I do think that they can still do great things with this movie I just hope that Marvel doesn’t feel compelled to hold off on what they’re planning on doing with the x-men for like another five years after this movie comes out I hope it’s not delaying Marvel’s other plans well based on what Kevin Feige has said about his plans for the former Fox properties we are still like five years out well shit so maybe those will just tight us over until then yeah I mean I could use another Deadpool film though for sure but I think that does it for all the news for this episode let’s go ahead and get into our review of the horrible [Music] okay don’t listen to Joseph you wouldn’t even give this film a chance like he hated it right out the gate so old and boring geez okay so yeah the film did come out in 1982 is directed by Wes Craven which is pretty cool it’s sort of achieved like a cult classic status well some people do too it’s campy low-budget charm but honestly if this film came out today there’s no way it would have gotten its own spin-off television show no it would have gone straight to video straight to the DVD bin it wouldn’t even been released on blu-ray it would have been released on DVD and went straight to the $2 bin do you remember the TV show no I recently reviewed the TV show on the blast from our past podcast I think it was like last year and in that episode I said that the movie was better than the series which I’m kind of regretting now don’t get me wrong I don’t hate this movie I think it starts great it gets progressively worse with each passing minute after the first act the budget was basically non-existent it was only made for 2.5 million dollars and it shows I don’t think studios were willing to invest that much money in superheroes at the time although do you consider swampthing a superhero I’ve always considered it more of a supernatural thriller comic than like a superhero comic uh-huh it was much more like British in a way you know a little bit more highbrow less like American pulpy superhero tights in spandex II know he does have powers and he does save the world though sort of not really it was much more in the vein of like Sandman than Superman okay this movie is like a creature feature there’s not a lot of substance here like when I was trying to like evaluate like the themes and stuff like that there really aren’t any yeah dude turns into swamp creature and punches a bunch of idiots with guns and throws them really far into water that’s the entire second act of the film basically yeah they just keep coming back for more and more punishment but the action is so horrible he doesn’t even use any of his swamp powers I wouldn’t not I would not consider this an action film by any means but there’s so much action in it bad action it should have been a horror film so considering this is Wes Craven right the horror master Nightmare on Elm Street scream all that good stuff Wes Craven is known for making great films on a low budget and I know a lot of people like this film and I thought I did look I used to own the DVD but like after seeing it this time and maybe it was just because I was sitting with you and you were being an a-hole and I can like commentary throughout the whole movie it’s dropped a few notches in my mind I mean just watching it again there’s a lot that’s like visibly wrong with this film you know everything from like the continuity to the editing to the cheap rubber suit yeah there were some moments where it looked like they used different cameras in between takes yeah because the whole film looks grainy let’s be honest because it was made in 1982 where there are some parts where the film looks like he was shot in the 60s there’s a lot of like handheld camera work done in the swamps in this film and you’re right the quality between different shots is is pretty noticeable this may be like the worst cinematography in a superhero film ever even the Superman movie eclipsed it and that was made you know the previous decade and it’s so weird because that movie was so good in terms of plot structure and acting in special effects yeah whereas this one had none of those things like the motivations of all these characters were non-existent the story was just bad I mean the acting was just horrible actually one of the things that I think this film really has going for it is it’s cast what yeah like ray wise as Alec Holland he was a douche bag he doesn’t have a big role in this film but I do think he gives a lot with what he was given he’s a charming guy charming or douchey oh my gosh you know what I’m saying I don’t think I do you know he was like a pompous semi arrogant jerk but not like in the charming Tony Stark way like in the actual Dinges way I thought he was a total charming kind of jerk in the Tony Stark way Robert Downey jr. owes so much to Ray wise as Alec Holland in this film you’ve no idea I don’t know he does have like one creepy moment where he like flirts with the character of Alice Cable when you think he’s married but like it’s all good when you realize it was just a misunderstanding of course ray wise didn’t place think that was done by stuntman dick Duroc which is a poor name if I’ve ever heard one in my life dick de Rock dude that’s a man’s name yeah man who stars in pornographic film that’s he’s he’s a stuntman I guess they needed a stunt man to play Swamp Thing because the suit was like so heavy and uncomfortable and the swamp were they filmed that like it was a stunt just to play the character hmm he’s definitely not as charming as Ray wise and I think like nowadays with CGI the character who played Alec Holland would also probably play Swamp Thing except in the television show that’s coming out it’s too different you’re right that’s dumb yeah it’s just a sign of a small budget yeah probably it’s sort of like Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno right exactly the whole and so much of this movie reminded me of the 70s Incredible Hulk television show actually Dick Duroc played a character in The Hulk television show you played like another Hulk like creature there was like a villain okay I think why this reminded me so much of the Hulk show was that Swamp Thing was essentially just the Hulk in this movie he was strong and he could throw people really far but he didn’t really do anything that was planty besides like grow back a severed arm but he didn’t even really do that that’s coolest thing ever is it that scene was really cool if I cool you mean like really fucking lame then yeah you see it was a cool like just like it start moving so she’s like looking and so slow so slow but he also has his healing powers in this film so he’s a little bit more than just the whole okay yeah you’re right he did heal a couple of people by putting like moss on them and then his hand with like glue green you always wonder why he didn’t just do that to like his missing arm that’s true so one of the characters he healed was Alice Cable who’s played by Adrienne Barbeau with the worst 80s hair I’ve ever seen in my entire life as much as I disliked 80s hair I do think she’s leading lady material and I think she did a fine job here the actress is actually married to John Carpenter oh really yeah she’s something of like a cult classic icon especially when it comes to horror films she’s been in movies like Escape from New York the famed the fog creep show she has some like pretty good like horror film critic yeah and she’s attractive and everything I just wanted her to put like some gel in her hair means run a brush through it I can’t stand eighties hair I didn’t really like her as the audience surrogate I didn’t find her character be especially well-written or relatable I wish we would have spent more time with the character of Swamp Thing and Alec Holland as opposed to her what’s interesting is that this is actually like a gender bent character from the comics oh really she’s based on the character of Matt Cable who was like a government agent and I’m not sure why they did this other than to give Swamp Thing like a romantic interest and also you know a main character in the film and sex appeal that’s pretty much what she’s known for the actress Adrienne Barbeau in addition to being like a cult classic icon she’s also been like a sex icon she had like this famous poster or something like that that everyone got and she got naked in this film and I told you she did and you’re like no there’s no boobs in this movie and I’m like dude there are freakin boobs in this movie how do you not know that and I don’t know how I forgot that either because one of the reasons this film achieved its cult-like status was because of its initial DVD release there was additional footage of cables swimming around with her breasts exposed that was shot for European audiences and in America the film was PG but the racier international version was accidentally used in the film’s DVD release so parents bought the film for their kids and then later caught them watching it alone in their rooms so the DVD was the only way to watch that version in America so it became like this valuable collector’s item and I used to own the DVD like I tried to find it and it turns out my wife donated it to Goodwill I started to find the scene on gonna have to dig up the DVD man there are websites you can go to the heavy boobs movie got to louis jourdan as Anton arcane I’m probably pronouncing his name wrong it’s French he was a Bond villain right yeah he was in Octopussy which came out a year after this movie came out he totally acts like a Bond villain here just like waxing poetic and relating things to chess okay he’s very sophisticated I thought he was great as kamal khan in Octopussy and here he was just as debonair and smart and everything like that but his dialogue was written horribly I think he had some weird scenes I think it’s some of the best lines in the film he was a little bit more melodramatic than what the film called for perhaps he was definitely like a league above everyone else he was the top field actor in this film I think it shows in his performance definitely it was like he was trying to elevate the material way beyond what the material was but I think he does elevate it perhaps a little bit I mean I will admit that this film would have been way worse if not for him I guess the last character I want to talk about is Jude he was played by Reggie batts he’s the young kid in the film I love that character he was my favorite character in the film he has some great lines like here comes trouble he brought a lot of humor to the film he brought some much-needed character into the film he was fun to watch I don’t really think anybody else was fun to watch in this movie jeez he kind of had like an uncanny knack for finding cable like in the middle of nowhere right that’s true it was nice to have a character who could assist cable and like really knew his way around the swamps and what he was doing in my favorite line of his was when they were in the convenience store and hurricanes goons were about to break in and the cable asks him do you have a gun in here and he was like what kind of place do you think this is of course we have a gun just great timing on that line let’s get into the story highlights so the movie opens up with cable arriving in the swamp while arcane soldiers kill a scientist with a snake it’s so weird because it you really have no idea what the fuck is going on in these opening scenes you don’t know who are Kane’s man are you don’t know what they’re doing you don’t know who they’re killing you don’t know who cable is why she’s there what’s going on and it takes so long for you to figure out it’s really not intuitive I tuned out less than two minutes into this I’m serious yes I’m sorry the movie then I’ll hold your hand it’s not about that what did you want a narrator no I didn’t want to narrow it I just wanted some clarity as to what the heck was going on because the film did a piss-poor job of explaining that I thought it was a great opening it introduced the main character and set up these like deadly stakes of these evil henchmen guy yeah but it also didn’t explain why we cared about some of these minor plot points such as the sensor going out we didn’t learn about that until later exactly like they set it up early they don’t address it why we’re supposed to care about it and they spend so much time on it yeah because the story called for it you know makes sense later that all makes sense they don’t worry about it it all makes sense at a point where you really stopped caring geez so we learned that cable is going to be a part of a government research project in the swamp that’s guarded from Anton arcane who wants to use the research for nefarious purposes we learned that like pretty early on cable is a matter Leon you are paying attention so cable is introduced to dr. Alec Holland the head scientist on the project and his sister dr. Linda Holland who cable initially thinks is Alec’s wife which makes it a little creepy when Alec Holland takes cable on a tour of the swamp and like hits on her yeah he was very forward he was very much not part of the me2 movements it was like think about it like isn’t it beautiful when a woman and a man do the most beautiful thing that they do whoa when they get back to the lab Linda shows them that the formula they’re working on is explosive and Alec explains that what they’re trying to do is successively combine plant and animal DNA so that plants can grow in deserts to help fight global famine which is a cool noble cause yeah it’s a cool concept so they notice that droplets of the formula on the lab floor have sprouted plants and they realize that the formula works and in the excitement Alec kisses cable showing that he has romantic feelings for her yeah he’s not subtle and cable goes out to let the project manager know of their success but when she goes out like everyone the entire security detail guarding the lab is dead arcane soldiers are responsible for everyone’s death and they use cable to enter the lab and knock her out they confront Alec and Ritter reveals he was actually arcane in disguise arcane holds Melinda hostage over their research and when she tries to escape she’s shot and killed I will say that I don’t consider this part to be the beginning of the film or the opening it’s like the end of the first act and it is by far the best part of the movie yeah yeah again it starts off great like it’s not great it starts off like shit it gets great and then it turns back into shit Ella grabs a beaker of their formula and tries to flee but he trips and spills on himself and go thank him in flames this was on she was insane this was amazing but those are some big-ass flame yeah that was a great stunt like whoever that stunt man was for that like they probably died in the hospital that night so as alak runs into the swamp on fire somehow cable escapes with the latest research notebook which honestly I have no idea how she got that I just attributed it to the shitty editing that takes place throughout this entire film probably so the second act of the film is essentially one log over a drawn chase scene where cable is caught and rescued by Swamp Thing over and over again it’s really hard to sit through something remains like fairly well hidden initially we only get glimpses of him but by the time we see his face it’s pretty disappointing so bad I’m not gonna lie like it’s yeah it’s pretty bad it could have been a lot better it was a lot better in the TV show and actually the sequel to this return of Swamp Thing and Swamp Thing does look pretty cool in the upcoming DC Universe television show so we meet Jude in the second act who runs a gas station or cable learns she can’t rely on her government contacts she and Jude make their way back to the lab to get the research notebook which she hid before she was captured that first time yeah and she stumbles upon Swamp Thing who is somewhat remembering his past life by attempting to do some science but instead he just gets angry and starts smashing things when cable leaves Jude with a notebook to go back and help Swamp Thing I was kind of like why like she didn’t know it was Alec yet right she spent so much of the second act running and tripping she tripped so much in this movie she can’t run more than ten meters without tripping it’s kind of true there’s a lot of tripping in this film it’s been done by Alec when he like first doused himself with the chemicals when Jude is attacked and may be killed by archeins men that’s when Swamp Thing uses his healing power for the first time to heal Jude’s face yeah it was nice because Judah was a great character and if he didn’t get healed just the way he was killed would have made this movie exceptionally dark he was just a kid and like the whole side of his face was bleeding yeah yeah it was pretty sad when cable is rescued by Swamp Thing later he gets his arm chopped off with a machete she faints and then wakes up in his arms and that’s when she learns that Swamp Thing is Alec and that too long after she goes skinny-dipping and Swamp Thing watches like a perv that was weird and immediately after he decides to throw away notebook for no damn reason no no reason I think he just did out of like sexual frustration right after that arcane captures swampthing cable and the notebook then he imprisons them in his mansion he tests the formula on his henchman Bruno who becomes like a pig weasel dwarf guy yes so bizarre arcane is like what the fuck and he learns from Swamp Thing that the formula brings out a person’s innate character but how does Swamp Thing know that he’s been thinking about it for a long time guy thinking about no he said had nothing to do but just like seeing the stuff and think about it oh my inner nature is the swamp no that’s so stupid it’s essentially the super-soldier formula from Captain America just brings out like your innate character what a ripoff except that in this story it makes no damn sense if it brought out your inner nature why did he become Swamp Thing Alec Holland was a dick he should not have become like this altruistic hero swamp character he was an altruistic scientist trying to feed the world trying to feed the hunger that was his inner nature giving people vegetables he became a vegetable oh my god so arcane thinks of himself as like a godlike genius so you know he just assumes that that’s what he’ll become when he drinks the formula nope he drinks it and grossly disturbingly transforms into an evil sword-wielding bore monster he turned into manbearpig he’s half man half bear half pig she did that transformation scene though that was it was hard to watch she’s really freaking hard to watch it was definitely a precursor to like the gross like self-mutilation scenes from The Nightmare on Elm Street series with Freddy Krueger because like it was pretty gory like you do not want to eat while watching this which I made the mistake of doing I was like eating like a cheese pizzas like oh I can’t no it’s just interesting that that’s like what he really was on the inside he was just like this evil monster so monster Arkane goes to kill Swamp Thing but Bruno helps them escape into the swamp so out on the swamp Swamp Thing and Monster arcane fight in like slow motion right because the actors cannot move in the costume right in the swamp yeah it’s so bad like fists are like three feet away when they’re punching and connecting seemingly connecting so horribly it is a really bad fight choreography and it all leads up to the worst scene in the film when Swamp Thing runs from arcane sword and then hides behind cable he uses her as a human shield he gets her said in the heart like what did you think was gonna happen and then he was like oh oh no he gets angry and then he starts beating the manbearpig with like this stump from the swamp but it’s like dude be mad at yourself you got hurt that was your fault that was on you worst hero ever eventually he kills our cane with his own sword and then brings cable back to life using his healing powers once she’s revived people like begs swampthing to return with her to Washington so that they can remake the formula but now that Swamp Thing knows what his formula can do to people he declines and goes back into the swamp and that’s when Jude appears out of nowhere and they leave together the film ends thank God honestly by that time I kind of had the same reaction you know in a way this film makes me even more excited for the swampthing TV show that’s gonna be on DC Universe because it’s bound to be the most successful faithful adaptation of the character that we’ve ever seen on screen yeah it looks more supernatural like it’s gonna have more of those horror elements to it yeah yeah for sure I really hope it’s good it’s definitely gonna be better than this film I really want them to do the character justice because to me Swamp Thing is almost like an a-lister in DC comics you know he’s probably here for a listers is pretty broad but it’s one thing I mean he has his own movie his his own movie sequel he’s gonna have two TV shows now if you have those things you’re pretty much an a-lister ah that’s a good point I really want the character a done justice this film did not do that and I regrettable II have to give this film a score of one and a half stars yeah almost felt like Swamp Thing like a name only we really did not feel like the character to me in terms of how he moved what he did and the story just wasn’t there it was mostly non-existent especially for that second act so much so that by the end of this film it felt like a chore to watch and so I gave it one and a half stars - maybe that one scene where Alec Holland became Swamp Thing was good but other than that not too many redeeming qualities yeah I’ll probably never watch it again well you’ll probably watch the sequel once we review that at some point during the course of this podcast I know that does it for this episode in our next episode we will be pitting Swamp Thing vs. Man Thing in a duel yeah I was initially thinking about putting Swamp Thing against Groot but I do think that Man Thing is more powerful than groots and and Swamp Thing is pretty powerful in his own right so it’s gonna be definitely an interesting match I don’t know how either of them are gonna hurt each other but we’ll figure it out yeah yeah we’ll see how that goes so definitely tune in next week in the meantime go ahead and let us know what you guys thought about the Swamp Thing movie by reaching out to us on social media at Facebook Instagram or Twitter and you can find links to all those sites on our website dynamic duel comm and definitely reach out to us because I’m sure there’s a lot of people who have fond memories of this film and we need to stick it to Joseph if there are people who have fond memories of 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