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May 21, 2017

Wonder Woman vs Thor

Wonder Woman vs Thor

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:53 - Trivia question • 0:06:09 - Tom Hardy announced as Eddie Brock in Sony's Venom spin-off movie, Ruben Fleischer to Direct • 0:14:32 - Dwayne Johnson says he wants Arnie Hammer for Shazam, confirms Black Adam and Superm...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:02:53 - Trivia question • 0:06:09 - Tom Hardy announced as Eddie Brock in Sony's Venom spin-off movie, Ruben Fleischer to Direct • 0:14:32 - Dwayne Johnson says he wants Arnie Hammer for Shazam, confirms Black Adam and Superman will fight on screen • 0:22:18 - Anya Taylor-Joy cast as Magik and Maisie Williams as Wolfsbane in New Mutants • 0:27:32 - First trailer for The Gifted on Fox • 0:37:05 - First trailer for Black Lightning on the CW • 0:42:38 - Thoughts on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 4 • 0:50:10 - Wonder Woman vs Thor intro • 0:51:55 - Wonder Woman profile and powers • 1:06:49 - Thor profile and powers • 1:21:58 - Fight speculation • 1:38:29 - Duel results • 1:45:20 - Sign off

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[Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast where we discuss all things DC and Marvel related we review superhero films and we debate who would win in Marvel vs. DC matchups I’m Johnny DC and I was twin brother marvelous Joe welcome to the main event of the year probably so far so far so far as a podcast this is definitely like our highest profile duel match episode Wonder Woman versus Thor to a listers they both have movies coming out this year it’s going to be awesome mythological badasses right right right yeah like I’ve always liked this matchup a lot of people like to pick Superman against Thor I’ve always preferred one room interest because they’re like there’s two mythical weapon wielders and like it it’s always like like your amusement I was gonna say image older yes I used to pronounce it what if my older is like this unstoppable force then you know one Romans braces are like this unbreakable object so what happens we’re going to find out later on from Yahoo and the way we find out is similar to the old Deadliest Warrior television show that was on Spike by DVD we said it’s a probabilistic model basically called the Monte Carlo method where we set up standard deviation among the character stats right though that’s how we decide things it’s scientists science it’s not fan vote no no fan votes here no opinion their opinions are moot its statistics yes so look forward to that later on in this episode right before that we’re going to get into the news some exciting news broke these past few weeks the biggest probably is Tom Hardy has signed on to play Eddie Brock in Sony’s new venom movie which is huge great actor great director looking forward to that Dwayne Johnson has made some comments about who he wants to fight in the DC Cinematic Universe and who he wants to place his am with like comments actor comments aren’t really news but because it’s dwayne johnson plate it is it’s a big deal we’re going to get into the casting news or a new meeting Anna Taylor joy and maybe Williams have been which and I think it’s just perfect casting so actually honestly excited for that and then we’re gonna get him some television trailers for the gifted for Black Lightning and then wrap up the news section with Joseph’s socks on agents of shield season four yeah the agents of shield had their season finale this past week and I don’t want to get into spoiler territory or anything but I want to talk about it just a little bit yeah so before we get into the news though as always it’s given to our trivia question congratulations to Jules Finch yah who correctly answered last week’s trivia question does this is a second time yeah anyone was correct yeah so last weeks or less the episodes trivia question was there are three film composers who are tied for scoring the most Marvel and DC superhero movies name those composers and he correctly answered with Danny Elfman who has composed six Marvel movies are not Marvelous Marvin L again that’s a Batman Batman Returns spider-man Hulk spider-man 2 and Avengers age of Ultron so six tie and with him is John Othman who has scored x2 Fantastic Four Superman Returns Fantastic Four revenge revenge right Silver Surfer an excellent Days of Future past and excellent apocalypse and the last one you guys may already know it’s it’s Hans Zimmer who scored Batman Begins The Dark Knight The Dark Knight Rises Man of Steel amazing spider-man 2 and Batman vs Superman so they all scored 6 movies and Jules Finch got it right so that means Jules you get a no pride no prize a dynamic duel no prize and it basically is just a drawing that Jonathan draws for you and it says no price on it it’s basically the coolest JPEG that anyone could ever be quick to someone else we posted on our social media channels including our Facebook and our Instagram and our Twitter and you can find us there by searching for dynamic dope podcast and you should be able to find us we’re also on Facebook now yes we’re on Facebook so that’s if you’re on Facebook and we know you are we’re know we know you’re not lying listen online good go ahead and search for dynamic duel DC verse Marvel and yes find us like our Twitter we post news there like all the time we’ve Prakasham barrage of news yeah if you like news then if you like I feel like a news about comic books and comic book movies yeah if you definitely new definitely like us then still like us maybe you could just don’t follow us I don’t know if you just want to be cool if you’re you want to be cool go ahead you know if you don’t want to be cool I guess don’t but but that’s on you okay so this episode’s trivia question is it’s kind of like a history lesson but in 1984 DC offered to sell Marvel the publishing rights to DC characters what ultimately caused Marvel to back away from DC’s deal so again so you submit your answer to to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or you can email us at dynamic duel podcast at now a random person who gets the answer correct before the next episode before the next before we release the next up yeah so as long as this is the latest episode the one that you’re listening to this one as long as it’s the latest episode you could still answer yeah so yeah try to win that no prize and later on in this episode we will be giving a hint for that question great so stay tuned um all right top of the list Tom Hardy is venom yeah this was announced just yesterday yeah as we’re recording on Saturday he is now Eddie Brock in the Sony spider-man spin-off venom movie it’s not going to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but it would suck it but what is good is that the Ruben Fleischer who directed Zombieland yeah that he was announced as the director I really liked Zombieland I’m not familiar with really any of his other work but I liked his ambulance so I’m gonna end with a fantastic movie I think this is great news don’t general like I was like I remember oK we’ve talked about this whole Sony venom thing before and each time we’ve talked about it we just talked about how it was a bad idea worst idea ever I think I think though actually the last time we talked about it we referenced the Logan movie and how Logan kind of stands apart income from continuity and it again can like the own thing was allowed to be its own thing basically and at that point I was like well maybe it’s a de vente movie is at least good I don’t mind that it’s not part of this cinematic universe that being said if I had my way I would still wanted to be part of yes I was Marvel right now I’d be like you Sears to got Tom Hardy for this um let’s rethink this because that is HUGE yes I mean it might be a fantastic actor yes but if they can make it really well done you know if it’s a great movie I’d like to maybe maybe see them revisit the idea of him joining the Cinematic Universe and meeting up with against Tom Hollands spider-man yeah why not I mean not that Suicide Squad is the the best example of this but like there’s there’s precedents for kind of setting up villains in a movie beforehand before you you know yeah debut them in a larger universe I guess right um so I think it could be done and and really I think that’s what they should consider doing if venom is a hit why not connect it yeah and Tom Hardy is a huge guy you know like he he looks like Eddie Brock you know he could totally kick the [ __ ] out of Tom : Bonita it’s just what you want Eddie Brock to look like you know yeah so the first thing it was a movie he was in he played like this um like a prisoner hey I don’t know I don’t know anything he was big in that movie he was huge I mean I big so I you know give Tom Holland his spider-man me like it’s a trilogy you know by that point he’ll be like in you know college age where he already is kind of college but in in the film universe he’ll be you know probably late college who probably getting his first job at the Daily Bugle he’ll meet Tom Hardy there who’s already an established photographer and that you know just set up that whole story yeah I mean you’ll definitely have to DV from the whole you know like the symbiote originated on Peter Parker with a whole black suit you know spider-man aspect but I mean that’s I I don’t mind there was a rumor that that Peter Parker was going to get the symbiote suit in infinity war when he goes off planet oh he does that would make so much sense because of what was a secret Wars that was the first time he got that is so the people had suspected that because during the interviews like the press promotional interviews yeah Tom Holland was wearing a jacket over his costume so they’re like why are they hiding the costume I don’t have the answer for that but some people had suspected that maybe it’s because he was wearing the black suit like a full length to the floor jacket no nobody babies because they dance they didn’t really shown below the waist on the camera so you know if i remember that correctly interest anyway so yeah that would be a great way to introduce it but this is another okay way again just just bring it into the Marvel Universe because this the talent so far that has been announced for this film is too good to have it just stand alone forever I think I agree yeah I mean if you see a Bennet movie you’re gonna be like oh oh and you know if it’s good which I think it will be just because of the talent then you’re going to want it to be a book you’re gonna want to see those characters interact yeah it makes me it’s it book Tom Holland and Ruben Fleischer signed on it makes me think that the script is pretty good you mean Tom Hardy Tom Hardy what did I say Tom Holland so Hardy kudos to Tom Hardy you got to play Bane and venom what a badass yeah that’s not fair how does anybody what to compete venom is way better than bein but yeah what do you think ruben fleischer brings to this job as the director of Zebulun um I remember a zombie line having like just like you know it was a comedy but also had you know some scary moments you had a good eerie atmosphere to it yeah lets us know that he’ll be good with the horror elements of venom yeah the venom should be a scary scary figure you know right very um I don’t want to too much humor in this honestly I don’t really see I mean one is Tom Hardy done humor has he never has he ever done he like now he’s very dramatic yeah I mean the next movie is in is is what um I don’t know it’s the Christopher Nolan film of the title escapes me now Dunkirk yeah he’s in Dunkirk yeah he’s and Duncan other so I mean he’s a like a legit serious you know dramatic actor yeah so and Fletcher will also bring the the brutality of it kind of because I’ll be land was they had some brutal moments you know it’s not only my favorite like zombie film next to Shaun of the Dead but my favorite sannin properties are all the funny one comedy yeah my they’re makin sex nighters date was it daily did Dawn of the Dead town of the death that’s my favorite zombie movie that was a good one post owned up to that just because they ran and that one yeah it’s pretty awesome the other nothing one more scary so uh looking forward to it I guess we obviously won’t get a trailer for like a long time because they just announced the casting but the movies supposed to come out actually they haven’t oh they have released any idiot for release information but if they’re making announcements now I expect this film to come out like late next year late next year or maybe literally sometimes and you’re thinking I imagine it’s not going to be that big a budget of a film maybe yeah I probably sooner rather than later if it doesn’t have do you think it’ll be rated R zombie Lando’s rated R oh that’s a good question yeah yeah I hope honestly I hope it’s rated R they might be going the Logan Deadpool route yeah exactly yeah this is this yeah Sony is going to experiment in the r-rated arena essentially I think speculation I hope again I hope it’s right it are I think it would be better that way but still bring it into the Marvel Cinematic Universe who is the villain of a venom movie it would have to be carnage that would be totally rated R yes oh man I didn’t even think about that yeah carnage make him you know like you could just find a totally rated R and then bring venom into the Marvel Cinematic Universe really get like you know like little squeaky Tom Holland just see how those two personalities kind of clashes if it is right it art do you think you could still have a bee part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe I think you can I mean you’ll have to tone them down a little bit when he does go into those movies but if venom is a Venom’s less violent than carnage so yeah yeah I think you could do it I’m going to okay I’m going to say I wanted to be rated R but if it’s going to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and write it our our writing would hinder that I don’t want it to be rated R I think it’ll be fine I think like for example I think you could put Deadpool in the pg-13 x-men universe I think you could do that I don’t think Deadpool has to just be relegated to our rated films that’s sure there’s a way to make it work you just got a bleep them leave his cuss words and everyone yeah yeah maybe x-force one that they get around to that are we surprised that was rated R yeah me too I think and Wolverine kind of proved how you could do have this violent character and put him down for pg-13 yeah yes sure anyway I think that’s it for that news yeah next up Dwayne Johnson has said he wants Arne hammer to play Shazam I think you can actually like literally explicitly say Armie Hammer said The Lone Ranger yeah he’s doing he’s doing good press right now for for I know what they watch and you know he said I’m not he didn’t want to say specifically who he wants what he’s going to say what two words Lone Ranger which is Arnie hammer yeah which Arnie hammer has been rumored to be part of the DCE you for like a long time now and people have always been you know suspecting that he’s playing how Jordan but you know if Dwayne Johnson is saying this I almost wonder if like Arnie hammer was cast a while ago a Shazam they just haven’t released the news yet because there have been too many rumors for that to be a coincidence I mean they’ve oddly definitely met I don’t know about that well they will they different definitely met and that’s how he got that inclination toward Arnie hammer you think that overly he’s a big guy yeah yeah huge I mean you think that by now they would have you know at least auditioned for Shazam you know and I think whoever they’re gonna audition for Shazam is doing Johnson is probably going to be involved in the audition problem why would they audition for Shazaam so soon when his ember he isn’t even supposed to come out until after a Black Adam movie we’re just still dumb in my mind I don’t know just you know forward thinking hopefully I mean how think of someone like like Amber Heard who has had the mera role for like years already and same thing with Jason Momoa before that like they can’t seize things pretty early yeah I guess maybe as they’re building up the universe they’re just trying to plan ahead because joint Johnson in these interviews has also said like he has you know there’s something secret like he’s like really excited about how they’re going to like introduce or when he’s going to appear in the Cinematic Universe which only makes me wonder if he’s going to appear like Justice League like Emmitt credits end of credits scene or something like it’s possible that he could even show up in Wonder Woman um well that’s a good question I mean the character has Egyptian roots and that’s not too far off from worth the mascara supposed to be like in the Mediterranean Sea yeah like patty Jenkins has said that’s sort hurt that mascara is good um I think um Mako it would make sense like if supply is after credits scene or something yeah the movie is released did BBS have an after credit scene no they’re after credits scene it was actually the jesse eisenberg communing with Steppenwolf okay a Warner Brothers it was like oh were DC we don’t do actor credits scenes Regis release seems after the movie but it was like huh and people who were confused as to whether or not it was now like officially continuity and I’m still kind of confused I mean it was in the ultimate earth edition of the film yeah I mean how many people have seen that so um I I don’t know how I feel about Arnie hammer a Shazam because like Shazam is supposed to be like childlike I don’t think I’ve ever seen Arnie hammer like be like really like I don’t act like a kid act like a kid I guess you know I always wanted to see I think I’ve ever mentioned this a few times Joe Manganiello but he’s going to be Deathstroke so well who knows if he said he doesn’t know if he’s still gonna be Deathstroke honestly he said that in interviews oh really yeah know that Matt Reeves has taken over I’d rather have Joe Manganiello as Shazaam and arne hammer as Hal Jordan I think um yeah I would have definitely wouldn’t mind ernie hammer as a tell Jordan um honestly I would probably prefer him as hell Jordan the Chism but I mean if Who am I to argue with the rock you know he would kick my ass if I tried so if it happens I’m not going to complain I think I think it’ll be good do you think he’ll keep his brown slash blondish hair for the role that way he’s not compared to Superman too much thank you I could see them going with that rationality honestly um that would make sense I think I don’t know why hair play such a big deal for me in the casting of these characters it’s like it doesn’t really matter to know I also learned just like you when I was reading up on the set I guess they are ish originally offered the role of Shazam to Dwayne Johnson well you should have taken it you’d be perfect for that when he turned him down why because he was more interested in Black Adam why because he played The Scorpion King he was like those characters like the Scorpion King I don’t know he would have made a gracious am honestly um it’s I don’t know he didn’t want to do it or what she did play both roles I don’t know so he also did confirmed that black Adam and Superman are going to file yeah apparently they’ve had discussions about that which cool I mean it’s the same thing as odd I don’t like it what the only difference at a few black Adam and Zod is that black Adam could shoot lightning alright it’s gonna feel so much like the Superman’s on fight I think um yeah it’s farther gonna look like that here was an all-black suit and everything - it’s just except you know there’s a bigger political element in it because he’s the ruler of a nation you know Black Adam is that the route that they’re going to go with this though I imagine I would be surprised if they didn’t I think that’s the whole point of him having his own movie is to establish like you know and if you do that how are you going to make your Shazam verse black Adam your Suzanne movie where he fights against like I know how you’re going to make that appealing or basic we’ve already seen it in the Superman blackout play hi aha I got you I think it’s still gonna be appealing I think any time you see these these huge characters super-powered characters clash it’s going to be entertaining I don’t like the idea of you know you have the Superman’s that fight now you’re going to Superman Black Adam fight which going to be similar to the Superman’s on fight and then you can have the Shazam blackout fight which is going to be similar to the Superman Black Adam fight which is similar to the Superman and Zod playing it’s it’s going to be all very similar I believe so I don’t know how I feel about that I’m sure they’ll find new ways to do it we’ll see we’ll see they always do it means Hollywood is constantly trying to one-up itself in terms of action spectacle and what you could show on screen constantly getting better at it I mean I guess so man you don’t think so I guess and then I see we like Green Lantern or whatever you know all right is that what that news um yeah yeah I mean I’m not sure where Black Adam is going up here you could be able to run it could be Justice League I’m not sure where Superman is going to appear with black Adam could be the Black Adam movie maybe they were there waiting for event to Divya and the Shazam movie because they had that cartoon it was like DC showcase where where Billy it was like the origin story for Billy Batson but Superman was involved yeah and then you know Superman also fought black Adam and they actually the Tim Miller directed like opening segment for the DC universe online multiplayer game they fought and that was cool so I want to see it unlike you either say I’m excited to see it I can’t wait to see it because you’ll just take anything that DC will throw at you I’ll take anything I’ll get I just I just remembered venom does have a release date it’s October 5th 2018 so so yeah next year end up next year I didn’t know that Yeah right like kind of olala wean so make him make a horrifying please yes that’d be cool alright um New Mutants so this new mutants movie has been we’ve been talking about up for a while now it’s supposed to come out April of next year in the last episode we announced that that release date and we’re like they have an unannounced they haven’t announced a cast for this yet and we’re like oh they better do that soon long rumored to be playing magic and Wolfsbane were Enya Taylor joy who was in split and she was in Davos that doesn’t have a siren oh the wish which povitch is what I call it um she was great in both those films I’m afraid to see the witch it’s not that scary I I don’t know I mean I remember seeing that Exorcist and it’s disturbing but I want to say it’s scary yeah I don’t like I don’t like disturbing I don’t work scary - the circle yeah yeah but she she was she was great in that film though I think that’s her debut role but she was fantastic - yes she’s gonna be one of those ours that wins an Oscar Young’s kind of like Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence I bet on that um Maisie Williams who people may know from Game of Thrones yeah she plays one of the stars I think yeah I don’t know which one I don’t want Game of Thrones she’s a good actress yes this is this is exciting she’s an actress who like isn’t afraid to I think like get down and dirty she is you know like a lot of fight scenes and I think like she’s not afraid to like go full makeup yeah with little Spain and which is what you’ll have to do right and not get like I think other actresses of like oh no don’t cover my face but I think she’s willing to go all-in which which is good that’s commendable yeah show me she is she’s the cute actress and everything but yeah the fact that she’s well I guess quote ugly it up I think is commendable yeah you don’t see a lot of young actresses wanting to do that engine you know she she would make the perfect pulse when she looks a lot like the character she’s feisty I see her character super feisty yeah and in Game of Thrones and onion Taylor joy I mean I the first time you guys saw her no [ __ ] the only movie I’ve seen her in a split but she was so good in that movie she just has a really unique look to her I could totally see her like playing just this magical character that’s it she’s magic as a mutant right doesn’t mean yes but she has like but she’s the ruler of limbo and she’s Colossus his sister right she has this magic sword that it’s like super big like think like cloud from Final Fantasy 7 big in some representations we cool to see her will that I wonder if Colossus is going to make an appearance in this film and if so is it going to be the one from Deadpool or the other better be the one day I don’t want a different Colossus I want that Colossus yeah and you know it would make sense that that he’d be in the film just because of their relationship I mean if they didn’t do that I’d be like where the F was Colossus yeah I mean even with the Cameo I think last episode we said that the movie doesn’t have a director but well I was mistaken then as well apparently I don’t know anything but Josh a guy named Josh Boone is actually directing this film he’s that he directed some romance movies basically he directed The Fault in Our Stars which I did not saw I saw that you saw that movie yes my wife was watching and I was like I’m a computer I wasn’t really watching it but I started to watch a dinner was a good no I didn’t really care for it really so like he’s never directed action movies is the thing so I’m wondering if if you know this will be his first foray into action which is fine because you know like the Russo brothers didn’t do action before they did Winter Soldier and they did fantastic so I’m not judging his previous work on how this movie will turn out but it makes me think that he’s definitely going to nail like them more emotional I want to say young adults but I feel like I used that term too much what am I trying to say I don’t know young adult aspect of this Phil I was gonna say I mean take a look at petit Jenkins you know she didn’t really do action you know she did monster yeah but we still don’t know how one Romans action is gonna turn out it’s gonna be fantastic don’t you worry best you can’t quite use that comparison yet the Twitter reactions are off the hook hey manage your notification now all right yeah that’s pretty much all I say about new units I’m looking forward to it I got really excited by this casting honestly because it is the perfect casting and you know it’s the casting that has been rumored for a long time yeah a year is oh thank you almost feel like validated it’s like yes I knew it it’s like the actors I specifically wanted for these roles have been cast this is a great week were from marble casting with with Tom party and not these two yeah or couple weeks I should say so go marble all right moving on to making of x-men related news but gifted that was a better segue the gifted a trailer came out it’s going to be on Fox there are quite a few mutants that we know from the x-men universe that are going to be in this film and it looks interesting I won’t say it looks I’m not as impressed by this trailer as it was by the trailer for Legion and honestly I got to say I don’t think this will be as good of course you know that I loved Legion I gave it five stars our very first five star review yeah but this one looks just a little bit more generic I think I’m not the acting doesn’t really sell me no it doesn’t so basically it’s the story of it looks like this government officials who rounds up mutants he it turns out that his two high school-aged kids are mutants and now they’re being hunted by the government and they’re on the run it’s very much like heroes do you ever watch the show I never watched heroes so there is a character called the man with horn-rimmed glasses or something like that but he was a government entity who like rounded up people with special abilities and then his daughter ended up she was the cheerleader character constructible yeah um this reminded me oh just like from a story like premise exactly of that really this mascara come on yeah but maybe that’s why I got the green light because they figured I know it’s like heroes but it said in maximum universe which everybody loves well I think like one of the more interesting aspects of sort of like in x-men wuzzle you know like sitting down with the family and you know is the persecution that they they face you know there there’s a lot of connections to be made to lead you know like persecution that people face today ya know so I think I think the concept is going to sell I don’t know if the actors are going to sell it though yes I think the to kid actors are I’m not entirely convinced I mean we’ve only seen snippets of their acting right but it’s a little and then even like when I was watching it seems like like everyone has the same power there’s like four versions of the same power telekinesis yeah well yeah well you we see we do see Lorna Dane who is the Pelorus the daughter of magneto she has magnetism powers just like him she’s like having bullets yeah she’s seven bullets she’s slumming you know officers against the wall so stuff it looks like telekinesis though and then you see this daughter this girl and she’s able to like move a bag of chips out of a vending machine with her mind but she was also able to create a force field no well she’s able to like it looks like she’s able to compress water and air molecules okay okay when you’re an offence in the form of telekinesis kind of yeah these are these are original characters like why not all the two young ones are you dumb and the young boy he has like freakout mode where he like it looks like telekinesis again he’s acting metal bending metal and the walls and everything it’s like magneto like the first scene in in the first x-men movie where you see Megan you know like bend the metal fence you know yeah so this kid bends showers well he also torn apart what I think are sentinels yet has Dylan I heard that sentinels were going to be in this show which got me really excited because I thought it was going to be like an upgraded version of the Sentinels that we saw from Days of Future pandas are so cool yeah those are the Sentinels I always wanted to see these sentinels look more like the the robots from the matrix combined with minority robotics from Minority Report yes yes yeah yeah yeah so I think that this show takes place if we’re talking like timeline White’s because they said that this does take place in x-men timeline main universe my as you know when we reviewed the Logan film my hypothesis is that the original  take place in one x-men timeline and first class pock apocalypse and Days of Future past take place in a separate x-men timeline so the question is which timeline assuming that’s true which timeline does this this gifted show take place in well I mean that’s your theory the no one’s like explicitly said that if it all is all one timeline this probably takes place well after the last stand after after the last stand like before Logan somewhere in there yes I would guess that’s this what this feels like so the same time as the Wolverine fell and in that second line we did we haven’t seen sentinels yeah we’ve only seen them like in a dating room exercise right so sorry next m3 yes yes yeah the other sentinels were part of what I call the other timeline the first class timeline right so I mean it’s disappointing not to see the big tall humanoid robots I think when you think of sentinels you want to see those Sen Tian’s it’s an interesting take but it’s not what I want to see again and if they were going to upgrade the Sentinels like I mean and they’ve done that in the comics outer brothers scene like those versions yeah you know I this is foreign to me I don’t I mean it’s not what I think of as a sentinel yeah it looks cool I guess does it also reminds me of like the Phantom Menace those droid baths I like roll around yeah kind of has its how they rolled yeah anything spidery kind of freaks me out so I mean in that regard I guess they’re successful because they’re probably meant to freak you out like anything like a face hugger or I don’t know I don’t like it and so when they’re rolling it’s like oh that but again I I don’t want to call them sentinels I don’t want to do it even though they are I’m sure in terms of other popular mutants that we see in it in in addition to Polaris it looks like we see blink you rumored to be in the show yeah and it’s a different actress that’s why I still think this is you know that first timeline because we haven’t seen a blank blank in the original x-men timeline yet she creates a portal that we see it looks very similar to the one that was used in Days of Future past though so I was the the portal action that was a Days of Future past were one of the best aspects of that film I think so it would be exciting if they can totally reminded me of the videogame and I love the videogame I think we see Thunderbird I think that’s Thunderbird oh it’s actually is kind of a Native American looking mutant that might be him although I have I heard any confirmation or at least yeah why not you’re diving used him before yeah get up get some some known names there’s another guy who’s like we don’t even know if the x-men or the Brotherhood still exist he looks to be a mutant but I don’t know who he is and I couldn’t venture a guess either because you know we’re just you know right offhand he doesn’t he’s not wearing a costume or anything it seems like he wants to know about Polaris though because the dad is like I’ll tell you everything I know about what the training at Lorna Lorna if you see an anchor might have akhirin Lorna has to be a couple but I don’t think you’d be oh no I don’t think it’d know if they just got done killing havoc in the movie timeline in the apocalypse so the music for the trailer was pretty somber it looks like it’s very much trying to take itself seriously I just don’t know how seriously I can take it there’s parts to this that honestly look like the old Mew and X TV show I don’t know if you remember that oh yeah yes parts parts of this remind me of that so just like with people like looking angry and using their powers throwing their hands out and like a beam shoots out they’re like yeah I’m a superhero directors like alright so make it look like you’re trying to take a huge [ __ ] hit a huge painful [ __ ] go and that’s the face that music oh they rip apart Sentinel yeah we’ll see how it goes I mean I do like the actor that’s playing the dead I forget what else I’ve seen him in but he’s a popular TV actor and he’s he looks good in this yeah but it Fox’s a Gotham show was renewed for another season so now there have it Marvel and DC show Gotham can get renewed for its like fourth season whatever yeah then this show should be fine I think because I think it looks better than Gotham well I mean I hate and kind of always I feel bad like later on at the end of the year when we do like our brothers award episode like I don’t Gotham is still on so it must not be terrible and I’m not watching it so like how can I make any kind of award for best DC show when I’m not watching all the DC shows and even right now with just like the four that I am watching it’s so hard to watch all of them yeah you know it’s legends of tomorrow is over but you know I don’t envy you that you have yet another show to watch because I know how hard it is yeah I didn’t actually even think about that when this is coming out in the fall yeah yeah well luckily I know agents of shield we got pushed back to next year next year yeah Inhumans begin is going to take over its lot for the default fall season but it’s only eight episodes so they’re going to introduce the next season of agents of shield during that like what would be the mid-season break right of agents of shield Sun right I’ll have a little bit of a reprieve although I’ll be watching Inhumans so no I won’t so never mind a lot of TV watching yeah it’s hard it’s for a good cause though so I don’t mind all right so making of new shows to watch Black Lightning and I’m not sure if it’s debuting this year is the fall because I looked at CW’s lineup any but it is slight lightning wasn’t on that lineup thought I read it on Entertainment Weekly it’s coming out this fall okay I didn’t see a lineup but I guess it is it is so yeah I guess I have to watch it um and you know sound excited it doesn’t it i heard it’s not part of like the air over snow but neither was Supergirl when it first came out so I’m sure they’ll find a way to make the flash have a cameo it’s like oh another one of the you know the multiverse worlds you know so I don’t I didn’t like it I don’t like the trailer it reminded me a little bit of Luke Cage with the music yeah I think maybe they were trying to go that direction but I don’t know if it was just like the narration the narration kind of really threw me off [ __ ] whoever’s narrating I’m sure assuming it’s one of Jefferson Pierce’s daughters she has a southern accent but she’s the only one who does so she’s like black lightning and then everyone else you know doesn’t have that southern accent um I did I don’t know there’s a disconnected it hard to place the geography of the shows that we were complaining about yeah okay yeah I don’t know where it takes place they good 100 gangs it looks like it takes place like in California maybe or maybe like New York but I can’t tell you know we talked a little bit about Black Lightning when they released the promotional image for this show and then you had mentioned that he has his original powers were like it was like a magnetic electrical electromagnetic force field that would repel polat’s yeah from Annandale like and then they kind of like he absorbed the electric powers he internalized that like electric power and then he became like you know able to turn into electricity and shoot electricity and stuff like that I have to say that the costume looks a lot better in stills than it does in action you think I thought the custom was fine I like how it lights up it seemed kind of cheap looking to me he has two costumes in this trailer he had the one from 2005 and then the one that he has now and he they really aged that much I noticed but like he grew a beard and that’s it the one in 2005 the customers because if I looked less techy yeah yeah yeah the one he has now it makes me wonder like does he have those powers or does he get the electricity from his suit so I’m wondering the same thing because he’s not a tech I mean other he has a tech belt so I guess he started off as like a tech superhero but once he internalized those powers like he became a metahuman and it kind of seems like he’s going like fool tech which like why because a in the flat tract like you see him like standing I’m not sure where he is like in this hallway when there’s like lightning all around him and he seemed like to be more powerful like BEC Zen than he does now it is in the news too because you know he’s doing martial arts and the action looks pretty good yeah but why would you do martial arts if you shoot lightning bolts I don’t see that was another disconnect for me I was like no dude you’re doing it wrong because it’s just that messes up your black lightning your black lightning that’s him and it makes it like so he has a lot of tech on his suit requesting white because it looks like his daughters are metahumans they these daughters have powers right they’re manifesting these powers we see a little hint of it but they don’t have any technology on them no so yeah the tech on this right exactly um honestly I think the tech is just going to be used as a way to make the character less powerful like if his text cat gets damaged oh you know now he’s in a situation where he has to fight his way out without using relying on his tech powers or like in like in the center like he needs to recharge it’s like well okay use my powers right now because my my tech is drained of power or something like that you know it’s just I don’t want to see that I just want I want to see the black lightning I know yeah you know and from the comics just it almost seems label in the old in the flash back in from 2005 it seemed like he didn’t have a lot of tech on issue so it was a natural innate of electricity controlling power yeah and then maybe he gets hurt and loses the power because we seem like like bleeding in the bathtub and honestly that scene of him in the bathtub like full of blood I was like oh [ __ ] did he slit his wrists in the bathtub Ursula no it was like I was like this is dark I thought the same thing so he’s trying to commit suicide or something like that’s what it turns out he was just shot he was shot yeah and so they make him or his wife makes him quit being a superhero yeah and then in 2015 the whole premise is that he comes back right so to protect his daughters yes so but you’re gonna watch it you’re gonna get a shot yeah I’m definitely gonna give it a shot I gave powerless a shot I watched all of those episodes on actually yeah I can’t say I’m surprised to that show got canceled I’m kind of sad they didn’t aired the last two episodes they probably will let you know goes to streaming or whatever look when it comes out on every on streaming on Hulu oh well I mean like like digit like iTunes kind of Amazon I’ll kind of streaming I add an uh Hydra maybe so alright and to wrap up the TV news agents of shield had its season finale this is by far the best season of agents of shield like that’s good too hot by far like I think the first season was had really horrible episodes but it got pretty good at the end of that first season so I gave it three stars which means it was just okay like five stars means I loved it four stars means I liked it three stars means that that was okay two stars means I disliked it one star means I hated it sorry but he starts thought it was okay second season and third season I thought we’re both a little bit better than okay I give them three and a half stars but this season I’m giving four stars oh really yes I think it was a four star season feel like you liked it as much as guardians of the galaxy or yes you know anything else we’ve gotten four stars ant-man III think four if you compare what it is to compare to what it could be I think that yeah this is comparable to those movies agents of shield I think the main difference that happened this season was that they compartmentalized the the whole season into three separate story arcs so I start off with Ghost Rider yeah when you do that you’ll have any you don’t have any filler episodes it was like three seasons and one basically so that’s a good of pro yet like what’s annoying about like the last season’s is that you know you have good episodes but you have to work your way toward them you know you would have like these filler episodes that weren’t quite as exciting but with this one there was there were no wasted episodes not a single wasted episode to this whole season because of the three smaller stories that were going on the first story being Ghost Rider and that’s where they they find the Darkhold and ghost riders uncle is trying to use it for nefarious purposes in this in the second part of the season that was all about LMDS and for me personally I thought that was the best the best arc life model decoys yeah the life model decoys which is a popular component of like this front book shield the shield comics were these at Coulson and lmd no he’s not I thought because he died in in the Avengers movie no he died in their vintage movie but they brought him back to life using science and Kree blood in stuff bait they managed to put him in stasis in basic barn back to life by opening up his brain and tinkering with it and infusing him with Kree blood and things like that but that all that stuff that chemical was destroyed so you can’t ever do that again no of course so anyway so we get an oldie but the LMD season it was like it was like the themes of like Blade Runner with like the tension of ex machina it was really well done you didn’t know who was reeling exactly yes it played mind games with you it was really twisted and really exciting and kind of bad parts like nerve-wracking it wasn’t the third part Hydra the third part was basically they go into the matrix but yeah so it’s called they call it the framework and it was it was set up as a virtual reality by one of the original lmd her name is Ada and she set it up and they she traps them inside of it and she in that reality she is Madame Hydra and in that reality they are all agents of Hydra as opposed to agents of shield but only Daisy and Simmons and know the truth and so they try to get everybody out of the matrix basically but the the whole framework is created using that you know the Darkhold is managed in the dark cold earlier it’s it’s a it’s a book of black magic in the Marvel Universe it was in possession by Johnny Blaze in age of the agents of shield show it was in his basement Johnny Blaze or Kate Johnny Blaze ray winstone Johnny Blaze because he had his carnival poster up in the basement so that’s where they find the dark hold its bait so have you ever heard of the vishanti in the duck change yeah come to like by the by the vishanti so like these these magical deities basically and ate the book of the vishanti is like the book of good magic and the dark hold is like the book of black magic and no matter how good your intentions are you can’t use the magic that’s in that book for good purposes like the ring from Lord of the Rings yes exactly yeah everything always ends up turning bad so that’s kind of what happened with this like a was man a Padre she turned bad and then she ended up using the dark hole to create herself or real body to become a real person as opposed to a net being Android and they fight like Ghost Rider fights her and everything gets he comes back at the end of the season it was a really well done season I really hope they take this approach in future seasons because again those filler episodes are they can kill a show almost yeah if you don’t have enough to do that’s what I really liked about like legends of tomorrow I think I gave that like four stars or four and a half fingers four stars there is a shorter season so there’s no filler episodes whereas like shows like you know like Iron Fist definitely had filler you know so yeah you’re right I definitely see how and it’s almost like like the comic the way you’re describing it you know it’s serialized yeah and it doesn’t necessarily need to be serialized buying it the entire length of a season is and this is somewhat of a spoiler but it doesn’t have any bearing on the plot for the season but at the end of the fourth season they end up in space and it makes me think that for the next season they’re going to be in space and they’re going to be working with sword do you know whose sword is in the comics it’s an acronym it’s a it’s an offshoot of shield and it’s basically like shield in space like there’s the shield the the alien division of shield it stands for sense and sentient sentient world o observation and response sentient world observation and response Department didn’t just we didn’t create that yes he did so that’s pretty cool because jagweeds and his brothers running the show right yeah I think it was rumors that maybe sort the rights to sword belong to Fox but this is a TV show so I don’t think those rules apply I wouldn’t I would almost bet paper folding money that this is going to be sword biggest rent space so what a shield stand for again can you do you know strategic homeland intervention and espionage division lately changed therefore the the for the film universe you were close its enforcement and logistics division of enforcement Olympus okay anyway I hope next season it was my version aversion from the comics no you’re the version from the comics was strategic hazardous intervention espionage and logistics Directorate alright mister L logistics and then I think that the original one was like supreme headquarters international espionage Law Enforcement Division I think I got that right I might have got that wrong don’t tweet at me there I got anyway alright so I think that does it for all the news though yes so are you ready to get into the main event yeah one room versus are you ready for Wonder Woman to go down I was about to say no all right let’s do it [Music] all right Wonder Woman versus Thor so this is your first time listening to us again the way we do this is before we get into the battle or even you know get into those statistics we like to give profile backgrounds on the characters and kind of break down their histories and you know what their power sets are just to give those who aren’t familiar with the characters a little bit more information and then we speculate on how the fight would go it has no bearing really on how we calculate our stats or calculate the results or anything like that but it’s just fun kind of conjecture on our part on how we think the battle would go so we talk about that and then and then we get into the stat results yeah and so what we do there is we basically run a thousand simulations and whoever wins the most out of those thousand battles is that’s the person we declare the winner right right because you don’t want to just run one simulation of it which i think is what a lot of other people do it’s it’s it’s a thousand and so no one wins like  know a percentage so for our purposes again whoever went to majority of those we declared the winner yes and just a disclaimer if you hear a there’s like a chainsaw noise in the background I don’t know it’s been on the whole podcast I don’t know it’s being picked up in the microphone but I just ignore that it’s like my neighbors like chopping down a tree or maybe or people or just killing it I don’t know what he’s doing with the chainsaw but you feel some sort of chains on it’s annoying but just try to ignore it ignore it all right okay so starting things off with Wonder Woman yeah tell us about Wonder Woman so right now Wonder Woman’s origin is sort of in a state of flux I’m just going to get that out of the way right away and I really I shouldn’t say her origin it’s like she’s always been the Amazon princess daughter of Queen Hippolyta diplomat Paulito the pollicis Kapoeta of Paradise Island that’s a mascara but the source of her powers is what’s in flux right now and it’s it’s kind of political and maybe controversial given that she’s like was a feminist and LGBT icon now um was in the past like six seven years she’s got through two reboots or I guess rebirth of sort and I’m going to attempt to touch on both sides of her story and they think like those that subscribe to one version of the character or the other have good and valid reasons for interpreting the character the way they do and ultimately I have no idea what reversion DC is going to ultimately settle with in the comics if they even decide to or what versions are going to go with in the movie because usually the movie kind of puts a nut like a bets with the definitive version yeah that was Superman like when they did the Richard Donner version that kind of helps some men like what his power set was because in the comics he had everything from like super vanilla quiz them to like these ridiculous powers yeah and I mean they kind of picked it up again you know with like the super kiss and I guess in super meant to with you know the whole excel a famed shield like he threw but it did help cement his powers to an extent yeah I think the owner of one will definitely do the same thing because it’s so mainstream but and I’ve speculation as to what they’re going to settle on we’ll see ultimately when it comes out but comics wise quick background on the creation of the character Wonder Woman was the creation of dr. William Moulton Marston in 1941 dr. Marston drew inspiration for the character at that time from feminists of the day and has live in like bondage fetishizing mistress she wore bracelets and that’s where he got that from Marston was a psychologist you may know who was credited with the invention of the polygraph or lie detector test machine which I always thought was a really cool aspect of the one woman character the less of truthful yeah the whole less of true thing and then mentor was the polygraph inventor so I dr. Marston was a big proponent of the potential of comics as a medium even before he started writing them and he had this idea for a superhero that defeated evil was passivism and love rather than force and his wife suggested that his character be a woman would be like the first woman’s superhero the one of this Wonder Woman to be strong alluring female figure that was just as capable as Superman or Batman but with the sense to use violence as a last resort like passive one was a huge huge thing so the Wonder Woman Wonder one was always intended to be this like alternative hero and she became this feminist icon later on appearing on the front cover of the first issue of glory assignment Miss magazine I think feminists especially the ones who consider like man to be the worst thing that ever happened to women are really attracted to not only this idea of a powerful female superhero but also one that’s like untouched unfledged and that way story-wise uncreated by man being that Diana Wonder Woman in the comics was was molded from clay by her mother again Hippolyta and she was given life by the Greek gods like her in the trailer and they feel like well what about your father and she’s like oh I have no father I think that’s a really attractive idea to some people so the Amazon from cells were created the same way that Wonder Woman was originally created from clay depending on who’s writing the story either Aphrodite Artemis or Athena created the fully grown Amazon warrior race from the ground from Gaia mother nature herself it was mixed they mix the clay with the souls of the women who had died from the hands of men like in history they were these mythic defenders of mankind who retract into slavery by Hercules eventually they were freed with the help of the gods but they became disillusioned with living in man’s world and they escaped to hidden island paradise known as the mascara to live peaceful ageless to live as peaceful ageless immortals forever wearing the silver bracelets that they were shackled in as slaves which served as a constant reminder of the dangers of men but they were still women who longed for family and children Hippolyta the Queen especially when dot when Diana was brought to life from clay she was the only child Amazon to have ever existed and all the women of the mysterious a mascara essentially had a hand in raising her diana was trained in combat growing up primarily by her aunt in pap she’s played by robin wright in the film i think that’s how you pronounce it I always said aunt I opened my head but in top-7 officia p and she was always warned about the world of man with which she always had a fascination about growing up eventually diana came face to face with man when fighter pilot Steve Trevor crash-landed on the famous Karen shores with their kennel air like eternal grudge against men Steve was unwelcome on the island but his sudden appearance was also seen as a sign that was decided the contest would be held to find the bravest the the bravest was capable Amazon to leave the mascara returned Steve back to man’s world and ultimately serve as their ambassador Dana was actually forbidden from participating in the contest by her mom she didn’t want her to but she did it anyway in disguise she won and was thus tagged with the god-gifted two artifacts like the lasso of truth which was woven from woman from guys golden girdle and it compels anyone ensnared it to only express and perceive the truth as well as her new silver bracelets that were forged from indestructible shields from from Zeus that that shield has been as the aegis yep I’m not sure that’s the correct pronunciation either I believe so now that’s why she got her crime-fighting equipment but as we all know one room and also his powers like super-strength and flight so initially initially it was told that she got her powers when the Greek gods brought her date they brought her infant clay form to life beds of the new 52 which came I think in 2011 it was revealed that Diana was actually conceived from a union between Zeus and Hippolyta and therefore she got her strength from being a demigod like Hercules which as fan of Greek mythology growing up like that totally made sense to me what did they do they keep it a secret because they wanted to keep their their reunion from Hera yeah yeah she was um Hippolyta kept a secret because everyone knows a pear is wrath you know it’s like though in Greek mythology Zeus was always having a having affairs and like you know how hath no fury like a woman scorned Hera was always punishing people yeah all the time in the ingress mythology so I I just loved that origin so much feed the daughter of Zeus yeah yeah it’s cool she’s a semi gun right exactly right like Hercules it was also revealed that growing up she was secretly trained in combat by Ares but not even her mom knew aerosol within her the potential to be the greatest warrior to ever exist now given the fact that Ares has always been depicted as water moments like greatest supervillain it added this like really interesting relationship dynamic between these two characters I also really liked mm-hmm miss you even took the mantle of the God of War when she was forced to kill Ares like later on in the story Wonder Woman silver bracelets were now revealed as a gift from her father specifically for her and there were now capable of channeling his lightning now that she was fully aware of her true connection to him channeling him how like lightning punches and she’s actually like wheeled Thunderbolts like generate Thunderbolts she shoot lightning from her bracelets she could like generate weaponry like like a like a like a lightning like spear okay the Thunderbolt that’s weird I thought it was cool I think it’s cool um so apparently the bracelets also served as parent power dampeners to prevent her from going like into full god mode like destroying anything she touches didn’t make sense well they like they were always seen as like the subjugation kind of elements for the Amazon you know they were a symbol of their slavery ever these about are these aren’t those same bracelets he said they were made from de luces Aegis armor right right so it doesn’t yeah but like well I was kind of that’s right or stupidity right there yeah I think but I think that’s like Superman always like has to be like really careful like it because he’s so strong like it was like the slightest thing like picking I’m wonder when we can do that well no but like it kind of gives like a better explanation for how she’s able to control damage power I thought I think anyway that makes it seem like Zeus would be P powered in his Ages armor no it’s it’s a symbol of subjugation they’re dampeners to prevent her from going on to the full god mode of stuff and she’s always been a strongest Superman but she was suddenly capable of being looked much more powerful if he removed her bracelets it’s how she was able to defeat in the comics Artemis that way she was like [ __ ] please and took off her bracelets and beat the crap out of her just like her eyes were glowing and it was like awesome it was really cool like yeah it’s just right her stupidity No so for the first time because of all these cool interesting changes I was buying order room and comics regularly but there were a lot of people who didn’t like these new character revelations they didn’t like the fact that she had a father that she had interacted with a man Ares before the introduction of Steve Trevor honestly like a lot of people never like to feed Trevor if you’re raised on an island of only women as a woman you’d probably have a certain viewpoint when it comes to romantic relationships so why would you fall in love with the first man you ever saw a guy whose language you don’t even speak you know I thought they spoke like all languages or something that was on a not in the new comics they definitely there was different language barrier when Steve showed up on the island okay there’s also some like major controversy about how they retcons the Amazons the new 52 there were no longer ageless immortals but a race of warrior women who maintains their population by going on these ripe slash of murder sprees once a decade or something like [ __ ] yes honestly that didn’t like bother me that much it bothered people who sort of like bought got the idea but when actually being able to rape a man but as a reverse that’s not even clear as to whether diana is the daughter of Zeus apparently she now received her powers after bringing Steve back to America and getting jailed at customs she was visited in jail by the Greek goddesses an animal form who gave her her powers who helped her cope in man’s world those powers of course are super strength super speed flight 9 boner ability she’s also you know very proficient and very wise and when it comes to battle strategy she you know was like she took up the mantle of goddess of war god of war and she’s been described as Batman as being the best melee fighter ever which is pretty cool what does that mean she’s the best two melee fighter ever what does that mean she’s just like that she’s the best martial artist yes yeah ever yeah best martial artist yeah in DC Comics dumb better than legacy vus yeah that’s what that meant is so without her strength you think she would be able to beat Lady Shiva in a hand-to-hand fight for a lot well like for a period of time actually when Miss magazine first came out she didn’t have her powers she was just a martial artist and Gloria Steinem actually like sort of protested against that insolent that’s why she put one woman like in her old costume on the cover and like there was this like essay about Wonder Woman and stuff like that she’s capable enough to do that to beat Lady Shiva it will she would be like a black in area without the canary crying anyway hey anyway in addition to wearing her silver bracelets which act as these indestructible reflective shield she also carried the divine shield and sword for fans of mythology and her parentage she can also build a resume sparrin tidge she could also wields Thunderbolts like I mentioned earlier which are capable of decimating mountains and she again can go into god mode that makes her just insane strong and by wielding Thunderbolts you mean holding lightning Spears holding lightning bolt yeah but we don’t even know if that’s still one of her powers it hasn’t been said that it isn’t yet but has it been channel rebirth is like exactly one year old now I think so I mean there’s you know I hasn’t been shown yet I don’t think I haven’t been reading it seems like I don’t know it seems like a dumb power for her to have she’s had it for like the past seven years weird anyway so yeah if you’re a fan of the mythology that’s cool if if you’re you know a pacifist feminist you know a fan or fans of her creators original interpretation not as a warrior but as an ambassador her greatest powers are probably her unwavering honor Grace and commitment to peace so what I’m trying to say in my own way is that she can totally wield Thor’s hammer and will destroy him no she can’t wield Thor’s hammer oh excuse me there is precedent in the comics for her wielding Thor’s hammer there is also precedent for her getting killed by storm oh [ __ ] that’s dumb sort of the x-men I mean right right this was all in Thea the DC versus Morrow Marvel comic that they came out with in the 90s yeah she picks up Thor’s hammer then for some reason she was like I’m gonna let this hammer go to fight storm and then for some reason fan boat thought that storm would be Wonderman just total [ __ ] happen total [ __ ] happen total [ __ ] so if you want to say that happen I can say that happen today anyway is that it for Wonder Woman yes yeah yeah okay so you did kind of like a different profiles and what we typically do typically we like go through the characters history but I like what you did there but my Thor profile is a little bit more traditional I guess so let me go into his history so so a Thor Thor Odinson god of thunder he’s a sign of Asgard the puncher of the face of Wonder Woman Oh usually I’m against violence against women but in this case they know Wonder can more than handle her around so even even against someone as powerful as floor so Thor is the son of Odin who is the all-father of the Asgardians and he’s the son of Gaia Gaia Gaia Gaia Gaia who would wake goddess of the earth realm was a Gaia Greek yeah yeah so they’re both kind of like in a way children of Gaia I guess not anymore anyway you both look like children of the the king of the gods for their Pantheon basically um like it well in the movies he’s the son of Frigga yeah that’s right but in the comics he’s he was raised by Frigga but he’s actually the biological son of Gaia because Odin wanted to have a kid who could draw upon the power of asgard and midgard but anyway so his earliest years are mostly lost to myth because there have actually been many Thor’s throughout history see Thor and the Asgardians are constantly reincarnated in the Ragnarok cycle of death and rebirth or rather they used to be the case but in in this cycle in the Marvel Universe when Odin cast Thor to earth to live as a man in a lesson in humility it introduced a sort of like wildcard element the node like like the influence of mankind kind of as it were but many of the stories of Thor’s life before his time as the mortal Donald Blake tell of a life full of adventure and heroism as he tried to become worthy of wielding Mjolnir um Yola is Thor’s guru hammer and it’s his primary weapon Odin had put an enchantment on it that only lets those who are worthy be able to lift it so during his flesh woman so during his pre Marvel time like he battled frost giants he thought of his jealous brother Loki he was the god of mischief he even visited earth centuries ago and was worshipped by the Vikings but in the comics we first meet Thor as the moral dr. Donald Blake who was a physically handicapped physician who require - cane to walk odin transforms victory and order Odin transformed the arrogance or into Blake to teach him the lesson in humility but as Blake he had no recollection of his true identity as the god of thunder nor did he have Milner because Odin hid it away in a cave in Norway it wasn’t the staff Mueller who came later he could so so he while he was on vacation in Norway he stumbled upon the hammer and regained his godly powers as Thor he chose to stay on earth having developed an affinity for earth and he had also fallen in love with his nurse named Jane Foster how was he drugged to the cave so oh he just through mystical influence kind of huh so whenever Thor wanted to transform into Donald Blake he would strike me owner’s hand pendel on the ground and it would transform into Donald Lakes walking cane and you’d become Donald Blake and when he wanted to transform back into Thor he would strike the walking cane on the ground and it would turn into Mueller and he become thoughts so as soon after he discovered rediscovered his hammer and who he was he helped found the Avengers alongside Iron Man ant-man wasp and Hulk eventually he abandoned his Donald Blake persona and he and Jane Foster drifted apart and he started dividing his time more between earth and Asgard where he would fight Asgardian villains like The Enchantress and Ella and Surtur so during jumping ahead like 30 years but yeah during the appearance of onslaught and the whole heroes reborn saga Odin transformed all of the Asgardians except for Thor into mortals to live on earth in an effort to trick the world tree under mispronounces mispronounces Yggdrasil judicial yeah just so yeah into thinking that Ragnarok had already taken place because it was coming up soon Odin’s plan being that one day four would restore them from their mortal flesh problem was Thor wasn’t in on the plan having sacrificed himself to a pocket dimension while battling onslaught and eventually all the heroes that did that they they came back to her they returned here one yeah heroes return and and Thor was pretty confused for a while because he didn’t know where everybody was but he eventually he was able to find his people and restore the golden realm a little later after that Odin fell in a battle against searcher the fire demon and Thor became the new king of Asgard reluctantly I met my add he’s never really seen himself as a ruler but during this time he moved as a arch to the skies of New York City but it was like considered a reckless move that kind of earned the contempt of Earth’s citizens and roars a fellow superhero colleagues he was kind of a dick gonna at this point in his history but he eventually learned the error and arrogance of his ways and returned Asgard to its own realm with Odin still gone Ragnarok the follow the gods happened this is my favorite Thor story Loki found the forge that we’ve used to create milner and created super powerful weapons for all of Asgard’s enemies weapons I went up dick weapons as powerful as the older that I ended up smashing Thor’s hammer to pieces Thor’s friend Balder was killed which that’s when you know she has really hit the fan because in mythology Boulder’s death was the ultimate signal of the coming of Ragnarok and eventually most Authority l2 Loki and court including Hogan Fandral and Valkyrie Thor in his search for wisdom took out one of his eyes like his father did because in mythology Odin removed one of his eyes for wisdom right so Thor did that accurate looking a well yes yeah and but but a manifestation of the odinforce told Thor that you know your father already did that and for the answer on how to stop Ragnarok you have to sacrifice more baby so can I ask a question real quick sure he explained the odinforce to me what is that it’s just a goblet force it’s it’s the source of their power basically okay in the god force okay but it audience is the most powerful so it allows them to you know do all the powerful things that he can do anyway so is the odinforce told them that in order to get the answer on how to stop Ragnarok he had to sacrifice more so Thor took out his other eye but still nothing so he had to sacrifice even more so he ended up hanging himself from you Kisel the World Tree and he went to hell wait it wasn’t did that in mythology hung himself and he hung himself on a tree sort of looking at christ-like fashion sacrificed himself to himself anyway so Thor did any and he went to help HDL not a chi double hockey sticks right hell is the Asgardian realm of the dead and you go there no matter what so their store was reunited with Odin where he learned it was his destiny to end status guardian cycle of death and rebirth and he was granted the full power of the odinforce and with it he straight-up curb-stomped loki and destroyed the loom of the fates and the Yggdrasil tree essentially ending the cycle ending all of the nine realms except for Earth and sending all the life in those realms to eternal slumber [ __ ] I was gonna say because IV destroy you Giselle aren’t like isn’t it like the the anchor for all the realm yes you’re destroying all of existence yes but they were all going to die anyway in Ragnarok but the thing is that he no longer wanted to play the games of the those who live above and shadow who basically feed off of their cycle of birth and death so it was like this time we’re just going to Satan we’re not dead but eternal slumber kind like he’s arresting program he was gone for a long time like for about three years eventually Donald Blake who it turns out was a real physician it was just a host for Thor’s essence summon Thor back from the void with his walking cane and tore rebuilt Asgard and the nine realms and eventually was able to bring back Odin now Odin’s brother called Boursin he was known as the serpent and he’s the god of fear he was freed at one point and made the claim that he was actually the rightful father of Asgard and he was be served and sealed away by Odin who is the same thing as the Midgard serpent no he’s not the Midgard serpent that serpent okay call attacked earth and spread fear across the planet consuming the fear and becoming all-powerful Thor was able to stop them but died in the process because it’s it’s like it’s like a Norse prophecy kind of part of the mythology that sword dies in battle battling the a serpent like is the Midgard serpent but they kind of reckoned in this to be the serpent was this the fear itself storyline yes okay yep good one he was resurrected by Loki after that happened - despite causing so much mischief for Thor just does love his brother very deeply and after the original sin story arc Thor learns that he had a sister named Angela who was in fact an angel from heaven spelled h-e-b en % which was the secret tenth realm Angela actually comes from image comics and made her first appearance I think she was a comics created by Neil Gaiman thanks for image yeah yeah so that’s that’s pretty much it for you know traditional Thor at the end of the original story arc II became unworthy to wield Mjolnir and now uses his old battle-ax a yarn born but a real now he’s gonna get me on her back one day in fact I think he’s going to get it back he’s pretty soon with Marvel generations I think yeah so yeah so powers and abilities basically you’re screwed he’s one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe and the physically strongest of all II as guardians and strong enough to hold pieces of the moon together and strong enough to lift the Midgard serpent who’s about as big as the earth basically millions of times he’s durable enough to survive blast from Celestials and can withstand the heat at the center of the Sun he moves fast enough to block bullets and blasts using his hammer and he can throw me honor and fly at several times the speed of light okay that’s [ __ ] you had me up until that because I don’t like it a merman could do all that to but she could throw me older faster and he could fly faster than the speed of light oh yeah he could fly as fast as he can throw me over because that’s how he flies by throwing it and and just holding on to it so dumb so dumb that’s dumb faster than this guy I never said never seen it yeah well if you don’t read a lot for a comic now I don’t have a girlfriend with Milner he can channel his ability to control storms which includes lightning rain wind kale thunder all to like a vast extent this means he can create hurricanes tornados blizzards tidal waves etc like on a planetary scale his powers bad weather okay and he can even create it in non atmospheric locations such as space he can even create volcanoes by striking the earth hard enough to crack it open and release the magma inside when he spins Milner he can create portals for teleportation and impenetrable barriers for defense all of this power comes from a lifeforce energy called the gut Force which I mentioned earlier and when push comes to shove he can channel channel his God force from his body or through my ulnar for a blast so powerful that I can crack a celestial armor it can damage Galactus and force him to flee it’s called the God blast though when he used it last it when he uses it instantly renders him comatose for quite a while until he can restore his lifeforce energies in addition to his power he’s a proficient hand-to-hand combatant and has an indomitable will Adama table will gamma table will I guess that’s a power yes it means he doesn’t give up no matter what the others wonder Owen yeah but this shields with God blast she could remove her bracelet she can reflect the God blast she could reflect the Omega beams she can reflect the Omega beam yeah that’s weird that’s stupid all right so basically this is gonna be a good fight they’re both insanely powerful only powerful storm or so so so when it when it comes to these battles hmm we take no stats for the environment right obviously impairment plays a role in any battle like like this that takes place but since we don’t take steps for the environment the environment does not play a factor in these fights because it certain characters can win in one environment and in another and because the environment is so variable we just still account for it in anyway right um so when we describe when we you know speculate on how we think these fights would go just imagine no environment like just no plants just like there’s a floor and their sky and it’s and it’s stretches out to infinity I suppose yeah yeah I like to think of it like they’re fighting in humor with the Matrix movie window the loading room the loading room yeah that’s where I think they’re loading Boyd I don’t know it’s not a room I don’t know so so yeah so how does this fight start so usually they start about 50 yards apart yeah in the non environment place huh we’ll call it the void she would come up with a name for it the void they fight in the void but it has a floor sure okay sure so you can’t see I guess I don’t know so yeah nervous no no you look a little nervous you look a little more like smiling the whole time I was going over Thor’s powers so I think you’re a little nervous no no I just find it humorous that you think that that’s powerful compared to wonder one because one arm I could do all of that you’re like you have this notion that there is superior but he’s not and especially when she removed her bracelets which I’m sure this will get down to she’s gonna yeah she removes her bracelets and guess what happens when she gets blasted with the God blast and guess what happened she can’t reflect it because guess what she did she remove the bracelets okay she’s gonna leave her bracelets on then you just give away your strategy Punk all right um that’s Sammy okay so this fight starts off with you know one one room and she’s a pacifist she’s in this unknown location but she sees a man who she’s received as a threat she probably you know so she was uses her lasso right away and then the fight is over because once he has ensnared this is jack [ __ ] he can do what he does is he spins and basically he like pulls her toward him and she in as she’s coming toward him you know he is he’s spending with me like Millburn out like at a ninety degree angle and sheeps max right to the hammer it was flying and the hammer let’s go to the lip lasso and it loosens around him so that he can get out of the lasso well no no no because when you’re inserted in the lasso like your will is not your own and ya know I’ve seen people attracted by the lasso who spin and get out of the laughs I’ve seen it on multiple occasions and there he is yeah so that’s what he does okay some extra way I was gonna have her like asking like what’s your weakness no I don’t know any good he doesn’t want to hurt her though because she’s so beautiful so he hits her she gets knocked away and she’s like oh [ __ ] that hurt and he was like I’m at sea and he throws Mjolnir faster than she can block no okay so she doesn’t block it she grabs it out of the air okay grabs it out of the air yeah and then she goes to town on him pummeling the [ __ ] out of him okay but so she can hold me older yeah so then she can also be destroyed by lightning just like she did in Marvel vs. DC No so even energies when the owner keeps calling down lightening upon her because he doesn’t need me on earth to control the lightning so then she dies from the lightning you and she like won’t give up but then he frees up Clary sister this is all reference to the comic in case you’re not catching her but no she can’t hold me over in this fight why because I said so no like she’s like if anyone in the DC Comics universe can do it like she can like she can’t hold Mueller in this fight why because I said so um how dare you sir shengcún she doesn’t know that she can tell it okay okay so she’s like a Mueller and then Thor picks up the last of the truth I was at his feet and he last was Miller and brings it back to him then I’m known there again okay all right um but she no but the last with like recoil on its own like back up to her so and he can call real nerve back to him when he wants it yeah uh-huh uh-huh and then so and then he twirls his hammer and then he calls down the wind of a thousand planets and just it just spins her to the ground because it’s so strong no because she’s so strong and she could fly so she just flies right through that wind and goes to town on him with her sword shield blocking any attack that he made with her attacks with his hammer from her from her from her sword she has a much greater reach with her doesn’t matter you still block it with it she’ll wrap him up in her lasso so that she can’t bite and then how she can use her last one which is a sword in one hand and a shield on the other she had two sheets the sword was the shield to the thing that she has like ultimate control on how this thing moves so she could hold it and hurt her shield hand and still has a sword in her other hand so she wrapped him up and then beats the [ __ ] out of him soaring around again and that she flies into a camera again she didn’t learn her lesson no no though when she has two black guys and then he called down a blizzard of just a pure color than been absolute zero cold that freezes her does it hurt him no no what makes you think it’s gonna hurt her because he’s directing it at her is he’s not directing it at him if it was directed at him yet he’d get frozen but he’s directing it at her she flies through it she just flies right through it towards him and she fujita-san ran the freezes she breaks through the ice champ flying through she breaks it through the ice okay and why can’t she pleasure be frozen for at least a second in order to break out of the ice I mean said to be trapped in ice right and so she wasn’t friendly sucking okay guess what happens at that point what do you hug it hits her in the face with his hammer and she is not out okay so she goes flying but then she comes back she’s left out Nash is that knock desk she’s she’s in a coma no she’s near instructable yeah strong she is the electron store that Thor could lift millions of tons so can she okay so she was less trying right big deal so she goes Minh the sing where Thor keeps spinning around with a lot so yeah you keep trying to use the less oh yeah well like yeah she she could grab the left so she could grab me older with her lasso lasso can’t lift me on there why big it because the last is not worthy what there yes it is no stun okay so while she freezes her in then he hits the ground and it opens a fissure and she falls onto the lava she can fly there’s no environment also she’s trapped in ice she breaks out of the ice ice is not gonna stop Wonder Woman with him I mean when I was a lil yeah exactly that’s dumb jealous when he could lift millions of tons being frozen by ice it’s not gonna be a problem to break at it okay so she breaks out of the ice she flies away from the magma and that’s when Thor calls upon all the lightning striking from every direction then she pulls out her own lightning bolt - okay and then she’s attacking him just beating connect really absorbing her landing but with his hammer okay okay so a peak absorb lightning with his hammers and she could absorb his laning with her with her gauntlets and reflected back but she can only do one lightning bolt at a time she can’t like call it on from all sides like Thor camp he’s like lightning like from every direction and she can’t stop all of that with her bracelet she she can’t be omnidirectional with our bracelets because they’re just two bracelets no she’s that good no yeah absolutely Vanessa can do you know what if she’s that good she’s going to spend all of her time just trying to block these lightning bolts coming from every direction she’s gonna leave ourselves vulnerable to it hit in the face with a fist where she also blocks which is this make any sense because if she’s blocking everything and I said why not watch all the laning and his fists Fisher may I be able to block all the lightning which she’s just going to get lightning blesses but it’s 11 you’re just beating she’s a daughter of Zeus she’s a daughter of Zeus if she gets hit by tough lightning it’s gonna weaken her if he gets hit by enough of her fists it’s gonna weaken him but how is even how even gonna hate him she’s an expert she’s a way better fighter than his if she manages to get around my ulnar and it comes under like gente Han I could see like that going her way like her we can’t get past him you older before he could get past your bracelets I guarantee you that she’s a way better fighter when he spent and she’s way more defensive like a greatest like a big shield when he spends it and that’s only one direction you he could blow her back but I mean it covers enough marine Diaz knocking her has the weather is not going to hurt her this is strong wind bad weather okay it’s not just bad weather it’s it’s the wind of a thousand planets it’s Howard look it’s a powerful force she could reflect anything that comes at her to even wind Oh Hillman any salient she reflects anything you never explained how she gets out of getting punched in the face after she’s blocking all those lightning bolts coming at her from every angle at the speed of light or electricity might I add she might take a few punches and this I’m not like trying to block every punch but I know she can take it because she’s that durable she’s like she’s Superman you know it Thor Thor yeah but but you know is she okay she can block anything that’s our can dish but she also is incredibly offensive as well with with her sword with all of her weapons she isn’t yet to go on the offensive the men it was right there he was there sort of [ __ ] Thank You Hildegard because because I keep blitzing you right yeah that’s what swords gonna do a blitz I feel like she’s gonna be put on the defensive this whole time cuz Thor has some ways so many more he has a bigger bag of tricks basically no no no way if she’s on the defensive that’s you know that’s when she has tools like the lasso like she is she she used her tiara as a boomerang you know she’s not never short of any kind of like bag of tricks or you know anything like that what does the terror going to do was it made out of she’s going to bounce off the floor it’s just you know define dividing range weapon kind of thing can I cut through my older you can’t cut through my older but a her sword can cut him is remember her sort of telling her territory to get Superman cut well that’s good Superman’s weak to magic she says no defensive anything I didn’t want to mention this but Thor is not weak to magic if anything he can negate other people’s magic abilities just like he did to juggernaut who wields the crimson bands of cyttorak not unlike the silver bracelets no they’re nothing alike even was able to negate those so that juggernaut was not able to defend against his attacks well what’s the difference between mythic something that’s mythically powered and something that’s magically powered it’s the aegis magically powered no yeah no it’s the same thing in comics man no to that pretty sure it is there’s like sorcery and then there’s you know just like God power you know one Romans bracelets on all of her weapon are here like God powered you know if you say so many see you keep blitzing her yeah but yeah is it she’s gonna find a way because she’s a clever strategist okay I’m not a clever strategy I’m trying to think of something bind you should use her lasso it’s like grab his feet then like pull him up just yank him up and like he’s disoriented and then that’s when she goes in for her move you know she you know bashes him and just pummel templates her sword she was cutting the [ __ ] out of him do his you’re saying his foot is trapped by the lasso yes that’s when he creates a portal only with the door and he teleports away from the lesson or he teleporter into the portal and then Weiser in a different dimension while he comes back I’m pretty sure in a few episodes ago you said that teleporting someone away from battle is the same as running away yeah but I punched her in the face as he does it that’s sure there’s no fling there’s no flame the environment great he still do it though okay so all this is going down I said she wasn’t going to remove her bracelets I guess what dude gives what she already left millions of tons without the bracelet so or with the bracelet so with that said let me know what she removes the bracelets let me know when okay right now Oh God blast guess what shoot Dan no because she’s so insanely powerful she was like oh she’s not more powerful than Galactus she’s not more powerful than a celestial okay she was already more it way crazy she’s it like as strongest or with the bracelets on so let’s say she is as powerful as collectives with her bracelets off guess what he did to Galactus what made him flee in order to save his life with the god bless plan she keeps her bracelets on thank you I’m a feeling okay whoever loses this fight there’s going to be some butter involved no matter what there’s gonna be some brokenhearted fly loser or if you lose it and yeah I’m going on the offensive and blitzing you and you’re having a hard time struggling struggling against the US might that is Thor but we still don’t know how the stats are going to go great honestly for as hard as he may hit one woman is going to take a really long time she could give a ginger of him too he can give it just as good as he’s giving you know yeah oh you took that to a dirty I was like that at all um it’s going to take a long time for either of these guys to win basically I think that very durable here’s the thing again she can block anything that he throws at her and she has some extra offensive capability but he has no defense against if he’s busy trying to bash her with his hammer it’s going to bounce off her shield and she’s going to be cutting the [ __ ] out of him with her sword or having me ensnared with her with her Lansing’s they doesn’t bounce off a shield it returns to him he has like telekinesis over it’s not like anything I’m saying it’s still in his hand close quarters combat uh-oh she’s superior Martin Allen saw her shield it would like slap into her shield and and you know the shield would bear the force of it but it won’t balance it would bounce off her bracelets because those reflect anything okay yeah he hits her two bucks with a bracelet and the forces the the his swank makes me older just like fly off into like the horizon and then he’s asked can she drown drown yes she could hold her breath for a really long time like I’ve seen her gone to space and to Atlantis because I’m an artist on it and what a store someone’s a rainstorm that is so heavy that she’s not able to breathe well where is he during this is he under water - no it’s just it’s like a personal rain cloud for her she she’s in close quarters combat and then he’s going to get affected by it as well unless she’s making out with him it’s not going to be the case her face is in a different location if so he could direct it to like centimeters yes he has complete control over the storm she has complete control over warriors as the God of War yeah a lot of war that was her power she anyone any like soldier in her vicinity she could like mentally command he is a warrior but she’s in Oregon where right here she is the god of goddess of war she’s not the Gaza war right here why not what up well okay then Odin been Thor has the odinforce well then she takes up four bracelets in she’s a huge badass what so he like me for hours and he was like infinite god bless and he probably won’t go come to us with bye he has with autumn with the full power of the odinforce he had the power to create recreate all the nine realms it’s way too powerful for her oh he created some realms yeah that’s gonna hurt her no I’m just saying how the extent of his power is very powerful you can’t say like oh this is oh oh I forgot to mention this is goddess of war Wonder Woman not just Nolan I think she controls him she doesn’t control him she he’s a soldier and she control those shoulders you’re reaching people are going to disrespect you I reaching so far she can decimate mountains with her bracelets on with them off yeah I see there’s nothing she’s like as powerful as OOOs I mean yeah it’s purple as a celestial as powerful as Galactus I can’t soar defeat Odin um that’s a good question I mean if you used all his gods last I don’t know that’s a good question because the other like Otis Odin you know he’s like defeated by sugar and everything like that you know yeah he’s not his Thor more powerful done no wait he’s physically stronger I don’t think one over being powerful than Zeus but sure you become as powerful as him with her bracelets off I think we see someone’s all of his godly energy to blast Odin with the god blaster would be it would absolutely be enough to not go to now but you know Thor would knock himself out too but and vice-versa - oh if Odin did that to him yeah this is going nowhere it’s it’s taken to the status we’re going to take it to the stat machine folks we’ll be we’ll run a thousand simulations and be right back let the butthurt begin now that that could be applied to either one so I don’t know the anti machine is giving a hint that nowhere is gonna win this one no and I know it could be applied to Wonder Woman as well all right um well got the results here from the machine after putting in all the stats they kind of went tit for tat like Wonder Woman was better at a couple things in Thor she was better was better at a couple of going she was a better fighter - but her friend she’s smarter basically traditionally depicted as smarter than Thor yeah Thor definitely I think is faster he’s faster and stronger stronger I don’t know they’re strike not necessarily strike he’s it’s his damage level yes greater feel able to do cause more damage in the shorter time span basically yanil droven so and a lot of things actually they tied on such as like strength and like range and things like that durability things are about the same so it was a tough one it’s it’s fairly close are you ready for the butthurt no this is like one of those matches where it’s like let’s just talk about it and not what I wanna know there is I mean this is yeah this is one of the Trinity like this is like I was super upset like when Superman lost to doomsday I guess I was boiler or Doctor Doom I meant he uh times day tune oh yeah so I don’t almost want especially with like all the goodwill that Wonder Woman is having right now like I don’t want her to lose and I’m not convinced either way like whether just I mean with all the stats so just rip the band-aid dude enough or I do it okay and this is you know this is for all the money this is so much this status in stone for so when everybody asks for you who ran in put fight between one room in authority in the eye and you say Wonder Woman oh yeah yeah [ __ ] you yeah no gosh me oh no I did okay all right that’s awesome you Venus means anything yes yes I wonder if the [ __ ] out of you in real life [Music] yeah me bro Quran II so what do didn’t wonder when I didn’t Wow okay yeah it was very close with the last duel episodes results she won fifty nine point three percent of the matches nice nice so so close match yeah but Wow yeah okay I meant Marvel’s just been taking a pounding these past few months I feel like boiler alert yeah I want to I want to rerun all of these simulations again I’m sure you’ve done but other thousand matches is what I want to do but you know can’t can’t win them all I guess is I think it’s just a there’s a string of bad luck there gonna be some really bit like angry angry sore sins out there you know um yeah because a lot of people I feel like no more Marvel characters more than DC just because of like you know the market but wonderment you know there’s in terms of like feats of strength she’s done equal Matt to Thor in terms of Street and everything what the steps seem to imply is that like I put you on the defensive in our in our speculation right so much that you didn’t really get to show off on Romans hand-to-hand prowl I kept trying to do that and you’re like oh no doesn’t but according to the stats that played a bigger role in this then then then our little simulation things seem to suggest our speculation yeah yeah our speculation so uh yeah her her contained combat ability with her her and her weapons and I’m feeling like that does play you just kind of sucked as a whole our whole speculation I kept trying getting close you didn’t do her justice apparently because but like it’s throwing a thing that she’s throwing a punch is it as impressive as as you say like oh he’s so much this the planetary wind or something [ __ ] yeah so in that regard Thor really is still the best that’s what I choose to take away from all that and with what know why the water was the victor here because I did so well in the speculation she earned this she earned this this is awesome is it though yeah alright yeah yeah sure boot this means her movies going to do really well in the Bostock I hope remove your fails now gal gadot can beat Chris Hemsworth that’s that’s what this means and I guess yeah I think I think that’s real right this this podcast is dumb-looking to a different one alright this is awesome but holy crap anyway I was like really nervous well now you’ll be even happier going into the movie one woman that comes out in a couple weeks yeah that yeah movie that we’re going to be reviewing it’s our next step there in the next episode and she’ll be in two weeks I think it I think it’s going to do better than what people have been saying it’s going to do I will be surprised if we’re break if it breaks a hundred domestically in it so pomian yeah I’d be surprised too but some people are saying like 65 I think it’s gonna do a lot better than that I think should you be like eighty ninety I’m gonna get seventy I’m gonna say eighty ninety i mean above seventy actually honestly well I think one of the reasons it’s I think it’ll be well globally two is I originally learned the name of the movie like in in Latin markets and Spanish markets you know what it is no mujer what is it mujer Marvel OSA marvelous woman or Marvel marvel yeah system with like marble um so I think there might be some confusion they do that on purpose just rather you know I just don’t think there’s a word for Marvel and for wonder yeah I think that’s the word for there is the wonder like one throw so or something like that I may or completely made that up I ever maybe I maybe see a literation at a nice big finish okay alright that does it for this episode the hint for the trivia question that which was in 1984 DC offer to sell marble the publishing rights to all of DC’s characters will ultimately cause Marvel to back away from DC’s deal and the hint is the reason Marvel ultimately backed away from the deal has nothing to do with the quality of DC’s characters so if you google it that’s probably be the first thing you read about and that’s you’re gonna see prism that go deeper um you know again you can write into us through email dynamic duel podcast at you can find us on Instagram dynamic duel pod con podcast you can find us on twitter at dynamic duel dynamic underscore duel yeah you can find this on facebook by searching for dynamic Dule : DC verse marble yeah where else can we find us we have a painter honestly you find us on Pinterest excite us on Google+ now we’re kind of everywhere just you just do a searching - because why you keep your death threats to yourself I know you’re upset about 36 you could also reach out to us on soundcloud which is where we host these audio files right if you have a soundcloud account definitely check us out because that’s where we post all of the album artwork yeah if you listen to us on iTunes go ahead and give it a review oh yes please and let’s you’re really upset right now that are just nonsense and then just wait a few weeks listen to maybe a few more episodes before you make any judgment um and then write us right yeah once you hate us all right we will see you guys in two weeks yes Wonder Woman yeah it’s gonna be long as two weeks check your expectations no no see you guys in two weeks up up and away true believers