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Sept. 3, 2018

Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch

Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:03 - No-Prize Time • 0:05:57 - Alec Baldwin drops Thomas Wayne role in The Joker • 0:08:08 - DC Universe release date and news • 0:12:35 - Doom Patrol casting and leaked set photos • 0:16:48 - Question of the Week • 0:17:2...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:03 - No-Prize Time • 0:05:57 - Alec Baldwin drops Thomas Wayne role in The Joker • 0:08:08 - DC Universe release date and news • 0:12:35 - Doom Patrol casting and leaked set photos • 0:16:48 - Question of the Week • 0:17:26 - Zatanna vs Scarlet Witch intro • 0:19:59 - Zatanna profile and powers • 0:28:04 - Scarlet Witch profile and powers • 0:35:49 - Fight speculation • 0:44:38 - Duel results • 0:46:49 - Sign off

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Groove Grove, For Originz, Clash Defiant, Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I a marvelous Joe and that was twin brother Johnny DC and in this episode we will be discussing who would win a fight between Zatanna and scarlet which is well there’s like classic Marvel vs. DC matches that you’ve always wanted to see that people have always put these two characters against each other I’m really looking forward to this right yeah exactly yeah it’s a classic Marvel vs. DC match and now we finally get to find out who would actually win in the fight we’re gonna get the definitive answer yeah we are and it’s gonna be Scarlet Witch really you really think that yeah I think so if you’re new to the podcast what we do with our duel episodes is we take a character from Marvel and DC compiled their stats together and run a thousand simulations to find out who would actually be the winner so look forward to that later on in this episode before we get into that main events we’re gonna go ahead and discuss the comic book movie news over the past week again there’s been no Marvel news it has been a Marvel drought I am so surprised that we haven’t gotten anything from Captain Marvel or we’re supposed to be getting the trailer for Captain Marvel shortly here and watch it happen like on Labor Day because full disclosure we’re actually recording this a day before Labor Day so jeez you’re right yeah of course so if that happens then I apologize and we’ll be discussing the trailer in the subsequent episode but yeah there needs to be some Marvel news coming through the pipeline soon you would think well what are we talking about well we’ll be talking about Alec Baldwin dropping out of the Joker movie which is ridiculous yeah cuz we just talked about that last week even really a news item there’s not much to say about it just other than Alec Baldwin was cast and then two days later he was like nah nah but I’m not cast so also the DC Universe release date has been announced and we have some more news regarding that upcoming streaming service we also got some casting news for the Doom Patrol show that’s going to premiere on the DC Universe streaming app as well as some behind the scenes first looks at some characters from the team and yeah that’s pretty much it and then we’ll go ahead and get into the main event just a heads up that’s on patreon we are current Liyana hiatus so there will be no bonus episode this Thursday right we are currently working on a top-secret projects that we can’t talk to you guys about just yet but will at a later date so yeah yes you’ll hear about it when we’re done yeah one of the goals that we have for our patreon is to get to 25 patrons so that we can start printing out physical copies of our dynamic duel no prize that we award each episode and mail these copies out to the winners not there yet but we’re getting closer day-by-day yep yep so yeah definitely check us out at slash dynamic duel to help us out with that and speaking of no prizes it’s a no prize time so no prize is an award that Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that I personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was what do you think is the best film score for a Marvel or DC film and just remember that we are recording this episode a day earlier than what we normally do so if you sent us an answer and you’re not listed on this honorable mention list then we apologize and you are special so honorable mention goes to joel Seagrave for his answer guardians of the galaxy and deadpool to both composed by Tyler Bates actually yeah he’s a fantastic composer he’s done a lot of great superhero work including a lot of super girls I really love his guardians of the galaxy score and joel was right in saying that he loves how it popped up in the infinity war as their theme it’s just a fantastic theme and Deadpool - I think that is in specific reference to the parental advisory that came along with that score with the juggernaut song yeah you can’t stop him it was such a great score so yeah I love that answer thank you very much joel Seagrave yeah also congrats to Mitchell Phipps gave the answer Captain America Winter Soldier those really good and tylerjacobsen who gave the answer of V for Vendetta which is really great I love that score our other honorable mention goes to Dan Baker for his answer of  epically included prints along with Danny Elfman’s just awesome amazing score well that is part of the score but was part of the soundtrack right yes but no I really wanted to give it to him for the winner because I loved that score ultimately though we are giving the no prize to both Tim Brown and John Spees for their answer of the Superman the movie score by John Williams the classic superhero score absolutely in some ways it has yet to be improved upon it’s it’s rather timeless I always just remember Richard Donner the director of the Superman that would be his first reaction to listening to it they just heard the words Superman in the theme and now when I listen to I can’t not hear that right yeah it’s just a great score and you know John Spees of course is a friend of the podcast he hosts his own podcast called the blast from our past podcast and he’s actually a music teacher so got to take him at his word if he says the Superman the movie original music score is the best then it’s probably the best yeah I agree it’s Superman it’s Superman it’s the best yeah no he’s not the best but congrats again it’s the best congrats to Tim Brown and John Spees and you guys want to weigh in ain’t no prize go ahead and listen to later on this episode when we give another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news [Music] okay so as we mentioned alec baldwin has dropped out of playing thomas wayne in the joker film and it was so stupid yeah it hot off the news that he was even set to join the cast right all right I was so excited about it last week and I talked it out and then like a day later way to go Alec Baldwin you made us look like idiots way to go and I don’t like being made to look like an idiot Alec Baldwin you should have just stayed as Thomas Wayne it would have been perfect for you scheduling conflicts really Roy you’re too busy doing Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live to do a movie yeah what the hell what else is he doing I can’t think of any I don’t I mean I’m not pulling his career that closely but come on it was a great role well some people are speculating that the role is a little bit too smarmy and he’s kind of like done playing that character or he doesn’t necessarily want that type of role to continue defining his career I guess I guess I could see that but again I think he would have been fantastic in the role he would have since since then actually I’ve heard Michael Keaton being rumored that would be so bizarre Batman playing Batman’s dead interesting although you know you could totally say that Joaquin Phoenix is Michael Keaton’s son and I would believe that yeah they both have like this intensity about them right that’s going off the rumor that the film is going to insinuate that Thomas Wayne is the Joker’s illegitimate father right I can see that that would work for me at Michael Keane he’s just such a fantastic actor absolutely so like I could totally see him in this role I mean it’s just I think I hope it’s not just fan speculation but I’m not sure who else they would cast right now Michael Keane is sort of my dream Jon Hamm him too that’s also my dream yeah because you know he was you know he played a good kind of smarmy role in Mad Men so that’s very true very true and he was also said to be Batman for a while you know it was rumored that he was really heavily courting Matt Reeves to play the Batman character so if he didn’t get that if he missed out on that because Matt Reeves is apparently looking for a younger Batman yeah I totally get him to play Thomas Wayne yeah that would be fantastic another DC news DC Universe had this big it felt like seven hours special last Thursday hosted by Kevin Smith oh the live one yeah yeah yeah and it should not have been live there there are quite a few mistakes I didn’t watch it I I watched the whole thing they made mistakes they did it was not the best produced it should not have been life like I remembered Kevin Smith he just was talking with Jim Lee then I’ll something he looks at the teleprompter again and he’s just like I don’t I don’t know what to do the the thing well so what this is life folks the teleprompter okay okay yeah here we go so then he started talking I was like oh my gosh oh [ __ ] but yeah and then like things got like you know it’s Kevin Smith and he’s kind of dirty humored so things got dirty and I’m sure like the Warner Brothers executives and the DC executives were just like oh my gosh why are you guys talking about that talking about what they’re equating like binge-watching to masturbating really yes but we did get some news items out of it the release date for DC Universe is set for September 15th which is less than just a couple of weeks away weeks away yeah that’s exciting yeah it’s super cool I guess the beta was already released and we weren’t a part of that don’t know why but I’m still looking forward to it on September 15 that’s gonna be great the Titans is not going to debut with it no no the Titans are gonna come a month later October 15th but they’re gonna have their premiere at the New York Comic Con on October 3rd so we’re gonna get like our first impressions long before it debuts oh really yeah the episodes will be released weekly not whoa what yes so we’re not going to be reviewing so we don’t get to binge masturbate no I really wish I remember the word that they used it was kind of hilarious well okay I guess that means that we will also be doing a review on this show right right we only do that for TV series who released all the episode simultaneously and that’s just Netflix really well they’re doing it for the new runaway season oh god oh no you know we’re not gonna do that no well those who have listened to this podcast know that I wasn’t a big fan of season one I guess there is potential in season two for them to actually be runaways but I don’t know if we will be reviewing that or not I’ll check out the first few episodes of runaway season 2 and see if it’s worth reviewing the the other cool thing about that live special was they’re gonna have a daily DC news segment called DC daily uh-huh and the hosts that they have for that not only does it include Kevin Smith but also includes John Barrowman who’s an actor on arrow Sam Humphreys who was one of the actors on Freaks and Geeks Kevin Smith’s daughter Harley Quinn Smith is gonna be one of the hosts I guess it’s her first job it was kind of funny yeah but it’s like they got this like insane cast of like not only normal like webseries hosts but legit actors talking about DC related news yeah yeah from the comics from the movies from the TV shows anything DC related they’ll be talking about and they’ll be dropping news daily and how long is this show supposed to be I don’t know that’s a good question you think they couldn’t possibly be that much news on a daily basis to discuss for that long I mean I have a news feed that feeds in comic book news all the time and I mean we post that to Twitter we post that to Facebook that happens every day sure there’s always something to talk about so that was cool that was really the only interesting thing that came out of it other than like this star girl logo no real news came out of it I was kind of surprised well I mean are you even excited for this app now that you know that the Tansy’s isn’t even going to debut with it oh my gosh dude I cannot wait to start reading comics on my television Oh for that alone yeah absolutely excited for it well I guess you’re getting access to the whole backlog of DC movies and cartoons and stuff like that so yeah I mean my daughter has never seen Batman  original they’re gonna be launching with the debut of this so I mean there’s definitely gonna be content to hold me over until that show comes out that’s true and even then like I’m gonna watch like an hour episode of that every week I mean I’m not buying this just for that show okay so very cool I wish Marvel had something like that yeah jealous as hell yeah you do moving in also speaking of DC Universe this news didn’t drop with that live special but Alan Tudyk has been cast as mr. nobody and the do patrol show which is fantastic I love Alan Tudyk he is a great hilarious actor yeah he’s done a lot of fan work do they give the release date for the Doom Patrol show no we don’t know any of the release dates of any of the other shows other than Titans really yeah hmm well if they’re just filming it now you would think that easily they’re not gonna release Doom Patrol until next year yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s a fair assumption yeah but I guess Alan Tudyk as mr. nobody will be the main villain of I guess the first season for Doom Patrol it’s cool that he gets to come back to a DC television show after the flop that was was the name of that show perilous powerless yeah yeah it was on NBC right he was Bruce Wayne’s cousin yeah van Wayne I think his name was and he’s still kind of missed that show that honestly it wasn’t that bad of a show I thought I laughed at it but yeah it’s great to see him back in DC company and what does he do mr. nobody uh he does he have powers yeah he does he’s like this two dimensional kind of shadow creature he was like experimented on like the hukman villain shadow thief right sort of it looks more like like a piece of like art he has an interesting look I’m not sure how they’re gonna depict it on screen it definitely has to be CG well that’s his power is to cause people who are near him to go insane interesting yeah well I mean if his appearance is anything like the rest of the cast his appearance it’s going to be fairly faithful to the comic books oh yeah so there were behind the scenes leaked set photos of the Doom Patrol team members and the whole thing was like really comic accurate from- man we got to see Elastigirl we got to see crazy Jane we got like a brief glimpse of robot man yeah that was cool and even that with a brief little glimpse it’s such a good look the costuming on this is fantastic well we were talking a few weeks ago about how Brendan Fraser has been cast to voice robot man right and so I was really excited we had talked about how the role is probably going to be CG it’s gonna be a CG character but judging from these photos it’s not CG it’s all prosthetic and I have to say that he looks a little bit like the thing from the first fantastic four movies yeah kind of you know well he’s like this orange kind of broad brutish hulking character yeah but for a robots he shouldn’t look foamy I guess I don’t think it looks funny I think he looks like beat-up metal he looks like metal in as much as the thing looked like rock I think in the fantastic four movies Michael Chiklis his suit looked a little bit foamy and I think you could kind of make the same argument here I’m not making that argument I think it looks fantastic it does look hot as hell whatever it’s made out of if you want to see these photos they were released by just Jarrod calm I don’t think I mentioned that earlier but you could judge for yourself I don’t think it looks bad at all I think it looks pretty fantastic the design is great the material I mean I’m always for practical effects when they look right I’ll make that statement a hundred percent of the time when compared to CGI work but if it doesn’t look right then it could look a little bit Muppet II know I think this looks great okay it’s definitely not being played by Brendan Fraser because you can see like the stunt guy walking around without the helmet on right but everyone else honestly I’m not sure who’s playing negative man he looks really cool he’s all you know bandaged up with what the sunglasses yeah he straight out of the comics yeah crazy Jane looks like she’s straight out of the comics Elastigirl she’s not wearing any kind of super suit she’s well she was I think she was an actress in the comics so she looks kind of you know she’s wearing a pearl necklace she looks very dainty in a dress yeah yeah I’m really looking forward to this series now I think I’m more looking forward to this than I am Titans really yeah I could see that especially after that first Titans trailer well don’t get me started I don’t know but yeah this looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun yes these are very interesting characters finally getting there long overdue do ya I remember for the longest time they said they were gonna be making a Doom Patrol movie like that was like 10 years ago over ten years ago and I got so excited so it’s finally great to see them in live-action yeah exciting stuff yeah but all of this kind of brings us to our question of the week what’s your favorite superhero team that has yet to star in their own film or TV show and needs to there are a lot of super arrow teams out there that I have yet to make an appearance live-action wise and yeah we want to hear what you guys think would make the best film or television show with a team of characters post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us a dynamic duel podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person a dynamic duel no prize that will post to social media yeah and I think that does it for all the news this episode so with that out of the way let’s go ahead and get into the main event where we find out who would win in a fight between Zatanna and Scarlet Witch bring it up [Music] [Music] all right Satanic Verses Scarlet Witch we’re doing this particular matchup at this point in time because as you know we always like to pair our duel episodes with our review episodes yeah if we can in our last episode we reviewed Avengers age of Ultron which was the first film appearance of Scarlet Witch and in our next episode we were going to be reviewing Justice League dark so this is kind of like a nice sandwich duel in between those two reviews that involves characters from each film right because the 10 is in Justice League dark correct I’m really excited for this matchup I really love Scarlet Witch as a character she’s been through some [ __ ] over the years but she’s really fascinating to me a little bit tragic but uh her powers and her look are just so cool oh you think Scarlet Witch she’s been through some [ __ ] yeah here buddy Tana okay Zatanna Zuck is kind of too easy I think you know she’s just she’s a stage magician right Oh as opposed to like the Gypsy look not being so money Oh sir okay terms right that’s 2018 she’s alright so as I mentioned briefly at the start of this episode what we do here is we take the two characters that were pitting you against each other and go through their histories and their powers from that point we go ahead and kind of develop a scenario in our minds of how we think that fight would go we speculate on how one of the simulations that we run later would pan outs so then we run the simulation then we run the simulations right it’s a thousand simulations and it’s all based off of their stats which derive from the official Marvel Power Rankings grid and from there extrapolate the DC stats and then we throw an additional stats as well depending on the matchup and what we think is important and what is likely to determine the outcome of a battle right we run a probabilistic model using the Monte Carlo method for these battle simulations basically what it does is it takes their base stat and plot it on a random point along a bell curve which represents the variables that will inevitably come throughout any of these battles yeah it’s a good way to kind of account for that randomness and battle so yeah let’s get to it I think I start this time yeah let’s go ahead and get into the history of Zatanna cool so Zatanna Zatara was the daughter of famed stage magician and hero sorcerer Giovanni Zatara and a woman named sandela who was of the Homo Magi race a race genetically gifted with magical abilities having believed that her mother died in a car accident shortly after her birth Zatanna was raised by her globe-trotting father and was trained in stage magic and sleight of hand when she was 18 satanís father Giovanni managed to trap an evil witch named Elora within a sword but he was cursed in the process and made unable to have any kind of direct or indirect contact with his daughter lest she die he left our realm for another called karma to protect his daughter Giovanni a Golden Age hero known as Satara was an accomplished spell writer and descendant of Leonardo da Vinci from whom he developed a method of spell casting known as logo man see in which he recites spells backwards eventually Zatanna found one of his Diaries and discovered her own innate magical ability adopting her father’s spell casting method and creating a stage act for herself Zatanna travelled the world looking for her father developing her magic abilities as she came across other magicians and heroes such as John Constantine who she dated for a time she eventually came across the sword that Elora was trapped inside and was tricked into freeing her Satana learned of her father’s whereabouts and with the help of the Justice League was able to reach Rapa Laura and undo her spell allowing her to be reunited with her father once more Zatanna continued her stage magician career and aided or guided the Justice League several times before she was brought on as a full member her first mission as an official Justice League member was actually to locate her mother sandela whom Zatanna learned hadn’t died in a car accident but was abducted by other homo magi and taken to a secret city of the hidden ones in Turkey with the aid of her father Zatanna found her mother who she learned was the chosen one of her generation to possess the medulla jewel a psychic magic energy she emanated the other humma Magi fed off of it wasn’t an actual jewel their reunion was short-lived however as sandela used her powerful magic against the hidden ones sacrificing herself knowing that her daughter would have been the next chosen one a protecting her from that fate joining the Justice League in their adventures exhausted the tennis magical abilities over time allowing her only able to manipulate elemental magic sure he turned to her stage career to build up her magical abilities and it wasn’t long before she was contacted by John Constantine who asked for her and other sorcerers help in stopping the great evil beast who as constantine explained was the great darkness that existed before God said let there be light and had been awakened during the recent crisis on Infinite Earths event though he wasn’t invited Giovanni Zatara tagged along with a group as he didn’t trust John Constantine especially after he learned about the tantric rituals Constantine taught his daughter Zatanna well more powerful magic entities such as the Phantom Stranger and the spectre father gray evil beasts directly in hell the group of sorcerers helped through a seance that Giovanni was forced to partake in along with his daughter several of the sorcerers died in the process being consumed by flames and just as the Tana was about to succumb next her father shifted the flames to him instead sacrificing himself and making Constantine promise to watch over his daughter the great evil beast was defeated and Zatanna ended up blaming Constantine for her father’s death later in the identity crisis storyline it was revealed that Satana during her time in the Justice League and at the seeker behest of other league members was responsible for magically mind wiping and altering the personality of numerous Justice League villains throughout the years after one villain dr. light discovered their secret identities and raped the wife of one of the heroes Batman walked in on Zatanna and the leaguers performing the procedure and in a rage at their unethical and immoral actions began to attack them forcing the league members to subdue and Mindwipe him Zatanna and Bruce Wayne had been childhood friends as her father Giovanni trained Bruce in escape artistry but the missing gap in his memory made Batman distrust his Atena and their relationship deteriorated Zatanna attempted at one point a magic ritual with a small group of up-and-coming sorcerers to recover her father’s lost tomes but the ritual ended with the emergence of a shape-shifting being who ended up killing everyone else in the group guilt-stricken over this and the prior Mindwipe Suellen the Justice League Zatanna lost her confidence and her powers but regained them over time and thanks to the assistance she provided to a group of Time Guardians she was granted one final audience with her father before his death who revealed to her that all the magic spells he had ever written were written within her very being she being his greatest spell and gift to the world huh I don’t know it was just a think it’s a grant Morrison don’t question it he wrote the spells in her because she is his great I said don’t question it okay she returns to the Justice League as a reserve member to help against mystical threats should they arise in the new 52 continuity reboot Zatanna was a founding member of the Justice League dark along with fellow members Constantine and dead man who came together to stop the Enchantress from destroying reality power wise Zatanna is one of Earth’s foremost magic users as well as a master illusionist hypnotist and sleight of hand as a homo magi her innate magical ability consists of elemental control but she can also perform spells for telekinesis telepathy teleportation transformation healing and energy manipulation among other things there may very well be no limit to what she’s able to affect so long as she can say it backwards but that may very well be her one weakness as her magic is dependent on her voice though there have been several instances like when the Joker shot her in the throat when she’s been able to successfully write a magic spell using her magic blood weird explain one thing to me okay during this story there’s something that stood out to me in that she had at one point exhausted her magical abilities and was only able to perform elemental magic yeah but then was able to kind of like recharge those magical energies through performing stage magic explain that to me so she was exhausting her magic so she has like a magic meter it’s like a muscle if you over uses it it gets tired but if she rests she regains her magical abilities so why is she only limited to elemental magic that’s a great question I think it was sort of a writer’s attempt to depower her mm-hmm his elemental magic rationalized as base magic I think it was her innate Homo Magi ability okay yeah understandable all right all I know is that during this fight she’s gonna run out of her magic meter no God [ __ ] this was like over a long period of time okay all right well yeah that’s a pretty interesting story I almost forgot that she was the daughter of another superhero yes tarah who was a Golden Age hero yes yeah interesting yeah he had a pretty good death too a lot of Heroes sort of like got rebooted in the Silver Age in DC like the flash like Green Lantern but it was kind of interesting and how they made zatara’s reboot his daughter yeah that was interesting let’s go ahead and get into the Scarlet Witch then so eons ago an elder god of chaos named Cathan ruled to the earth with reality altering power called chaos magic his reign was ended by the sorcerers of earth who imprisoned kathan in wundagore mountain and erased all existence and memory okay magic eons later Wanda and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff were born there early past is still somewhat of a mystery it was long suspected that the two were the children of Magneto and his wife Magda however they were really born to Natalya maximov and an unknown father in Serbia an evil scientist called the High Evolutionary kidnapped them as babies and performed genetic experiments on them at his base on wundagore mountain the same location where Cathan was secretly imprisoned gathon reached out and influenced baby Wanda with a fraction of his chaos magic power quietly affecting the high evolutionary’s experiments on her he granted Wanda and Pietro each special abilities that would be unlocked later in life but the High Evolutionary was displeased with his results and gave the children to their aunt and uncle Django and Mariah maksimov it was later made to look like they were Magneto’s kids when Magneto’s wife Magda wrongly believed she gave birth to them in a fabrication during her grief over losing her real daughter Anya it’s complicated and really just Marvel’s convoluted way to legitimize their origins and the MCU we’re mutants aren’t currently a thing though you never know strucker’s experiments with the mine stone could be read conned into awakening their mutant genes now that Marvel has the x-men rights back anyway the story is that according to the High Evolutionary Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are actually masquerading as mutants when in reality they are the results of genetic experimentation they grew up with their aunt and uncle in a Romani camp that traveled the Serbian transient border times were tough for them and led to Pietro stealing food for them to survive enraged villagers attacked their camp and Wanda unable to control her powers at the time accidentally started a fire that burned everything down and killed their family that raised them traumatized the twins fled the area and wandered Central Europe mentally blocking out much of what happened in their early childhood they were later discovered by magneto who defended them from an angry mob who suspected them of being witches Wanda and her brother joined Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with the villain named Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver they fought together on multiple occasions against the x-men however they never truly believed in Magneto’s dream of mutant superiority they left the team and were inducted with former villain turned hero Hawkeye into the second generation of Avengers after the initial team disbanded while Quicksilver eventually left the team Wanda stayed on becoming an Avengers mainstay she eventually began studying magic under a sorceress named Agatha Harkness finding that she could use spells to affect the results of her probability altering powers which up to that point had been largely unpredictable during the kree-skrull war she and vision a synthetic Android on the team expressed romantic feelings for each other those feelings blossomed into a relationship and eventually marriage through the use of Wanda’s Chaos magic and probability hexes they were able to conceive twin sons Thomas and William though a short while later vision was abducted and dismantled by rogue agents of the US government he was rebuilt but became a shell of who he once was devoid of color and emotion his relationship with Wanda and their twins was strained and it was revealed that the magical energy used to create their children unknowingly came from the demon Mephisto who redrew his energy and ended their kids existence Wanda was driven insane by the loss of her children and her husband’s identity her memory of the twins was magically erased by a spell from Agatha Harkness she and visions separated shortly after wanto later began a romantic relationship with her Avengers teammate Wonder Man who died but whose ionic energy body she was able to bring back to life during a battle with Morgan la Fey not long after however the memory of visions and Wanda’s lost twins drove the Scarlet Witch into a mental breakdown and she lost control of her reality altering powers her unstable nature resulted in a series of deadly incidents in which vision ant-man and Hawkeye were killed the Avengers mansion was destroyed and the Avengers were disassembled Wanda’s mental illness was attempted to be treated by Professor X and Doctor Strange but with Knorr her brother Pietro convinced her to create a reality in which everyone was happy and thus the House of M reality was formed where mutants were the populations majority humans were the minority and her twins Thomas and William were alive again the tearing down of this reality however resulted in the decimation event where a vast majority of mutants lost their powers Wanda exiled herself from the rest of the world but was eventually discovered in Liberia by the young Avengers team he was manipulated by dr. doom to be engaged to him and it was revealed that he was the cause of her breakdown through his attempts to help her bring back her children he stole her powers and fought the Avengers and Young Avengers though his powers overloaded the Young Avengers helped restore Wanda’s mind by taking her back in time to the day of her mental breakdown and it was revealed that young Avengers team members wicken and speed were reincarnated versions of the souls of her twin children what was Doctor Doom interested in them dr. doom was interested in the twins but he was interested in basically manipulating Wanda into becoming a conduit for the life force to bring people back from the dead which would also include his dead mother okay so during the Avengers vs. x-men event Wanda and hope Sommers use the power of the Phoenix force which had returned to earth to restore the powers of mutants around the world she then joined the Avengers unity division a team comprised of x-men and Avengers to fight for peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants Wanda’s power is given to her by the high evolutionary’s experiments were theorized to be basic probability altering energies however those abilities were influenced by the demon god Cathars chaos magic to develop into broad reality-warping powers Wanda can alter the state of energy and matter around her for a variety of phenomena that can result in the Constitution reconstitution transmutation transference through physical space via telekinesis or teleportation etc really she can manifest her magic energies through bolts orbs and waves and even generate magical force fields Wanda can cast illusions as part of her reality warping and is capable of repelling psychic intrusion even at Professor X’s level she has some fight training from Captain America and has an expert knowledge of sorcery and witchcraft the end what do you think about that I think satanic could basically do anything Scarlet Witch can do I mean she has a fight some fight training from her father as well who was a trained fighter uh-huh I don’t think I mentioned that but she does oh yeah just making [ __ ] up now know along the way no okay all right so now that we got into the histories and powers of each character we’re gonna go ahead and go into this speculative scenario on how we think the fight would go what we the rules that we like to set up for the match is that the characters start off about 50 yards apart from each other and they don’t know anything about each other other than that each other are threats and they need to be taken down right and another rule is that they fight in a non environment or an environment that has no bearing on the battle whatsoever because we don’t take stats for environment it’s too big of a variable right and it can affect the outcome of the battle too much all right let’s go ahead and get into it all right they start 50 yards apart who makes the first move that’s a good question this will be a tough one because they can literally almost do anything so we’re just mostly constrained by our imaginations at this point so to that end I imagine that Scarlet Witch goes first and she’s gonna shoot a hex bolt at Zatanna and it’s gonna be mostly kind of like a probing shot it’s gonna see how powerful she is and it’s just mainly gonna be primarily a force blast that will knock her back okay so she shoots that and then Zatanna says to kill fur I have this like reverse text generator up okay which is reflect backwards so the hex bolt reflects away from Zatanna and hits Scarlet Witch okay so she gets blasted with her own hex bolt yeah that was pretty much just kind of like a love tap okay just to test to see how powerful she was so like it hits her and she’s like oh okay so she’s got some magical abilities what I’m gonna do is no no lieutenant goes next and she says semi-funny sir Oh what was that me burst into flames okay so I guess she busts Wanda yes Wow that’s pretty good so one does like freaking out she’s like oh my god so she kind of like flies upward and like shoots the flame outward away from her away from her body and she conjures all of that fire together in a ball that she sends her Ling back as a Tana and that’s when the satanís says ruff snart on knee drib which means transform into birds okay and the flames just kind of turn into birds and fly like doves or something yeah so and then Wanda casts spells on each of the birds so that they turn into like tiny dragons and they all start swarming around the ten and breathing fire at her that’s once the tennis says guitar guitar Rui red Sam which is attack your master so she’s gonna direct these creations essentially of the Scarlet Witch this spell doesn’t play with me why that would work why because then then Scarlet Witch would just you know command them to go back and attack her no it was a hypnotic magical spell that made them attack Scarlet Witch instead okay and Scarlet Witch just reverses realities that they’re attacking her again what yours doesn’t make any sense we just spelled ourselves into a corner so eventually the Dragons confused about what to do they just kind of explode in their own fiery bursts okay yeah too much magic overload yeah then scarlet which alters reality so that the floor that is a tennis standing on turns it to quicksand and she falls into the floor okay so then the tennis says and while she’s thinking about what to say typing on her computer no that’s when the tennis says xxx which is teleport and she teleports behind Wanda and then grabs her mind because she doesn’t know that she’s resistant to magic and she says lock peeled saw which is fall asleep okay so then Wanda falls asleep she falls into like a coma and falls asleep okay and the ten is watching her fall asleep and then she kicks her in the stomach and the tenant goes to kick one in the stomach and finds out that her foot goes right through Wanda’s body you know why was when she grabbed her to perform the spell before she could get the words out Wanda created a hex illusion in which she thought she was touching the Scarlet Witch but in fact she was just touching an illusion so the spell was not cast on Wanda Zatanna realizes that she has kicked in an incorporeal illusion and at that point it finds herself with a hex bubble around her whole head like a fishbowl okay uh-huh okay doing what oh you’ll find out I think I know where you’re going with this you do all right then okay so the tennis says evimer re you ever really screw up uh-huh which means remove your powers she’s trying to deep our Scarlet Witch okay so what she doesn’t realize is that the hex bubble that the Scarlet Witch put around her head is actually a reverse hex so anything that is a tenant says anything that comes out of her mouth the reversal that actually happens so at that point Scarlet Witch becomes like super powerful and she’s like like coursing with chaos energies like radiating from her and she she uses that to kind of like just wrapped as a tent up and like these entanglements of like red energies like the crimson bands of cetera yeah kind of but she doesn’t have that ability so but it’s just these red energies that she’s in snaring Satana in does she still have the orb around her head yes okay so the tent is like she’s figured out what’s going on with this hex sphere yeah the reverse hex spell yes so then she says a meet dry Road drunk Charo I mean fast forward time her time fast forward so they okay starts rewinding time to when she first got the hex fear on her head mhm and she says buoy Mackies which is you can see oh so she blinds Wanda yes okay Oh interesting all right and then right away after that she says take seat mad get know you day okay get this damn thing off my head no get this damn thing on my head so then it dissipates okay the heck still one is blind and Zatanna is no longer bound by the the reverse hex fear that’s over her head right but why did is annoying okay I can’t see it but so one doesn’t know what’s going on so she puts up a magic shield around her to protect herself and she emanates this chaos magic wave that spreads out away from her transforming reality into a huge set of like mirrors like a mirror funhouse hiding herself so that she can restore her eyesight and the ten is essentially lost and this mirror maze kind of thing okay so that’s when the tennis says sighing rat us which is glass shatter so it’s no longer a barrier for her okay see what Scarlet Witch is doing so the glass shatters and falls to the ground and Wanda conjures up this huge glass monster from it with this big like huge glass mace that starts attacking Zatanna oh geez okay so that’s when the Tana says nut Utne t-bar which is turning to a rabbit alright so the glass monster turns into a rabbit yes and while Zatanna was preoccupied with dealing with the glass monster uh-huh that’s when Wanda with her eyesight restored shoots a hex bolt right as a tennis mouth that seals it shut so she actually no longer has a mouth of course I knew I should have give you her weakness but I guess she would have deduced it by now oh yeah and then the  she doesn’t have a mouth and no she’s not free tonight she’s been in the situation before she has sort of okay okay so that’s when she grabs the rabbit and she like kills it no oh God what are you going in there he’s the rabbits blood wait a spell no it’s her blood her blood is magic okay so does she sticks her finger in its mouth so it bites her uh-huh then she uses that Torreya her spell [Applause] arrow Sturm hit oom which is restore my mouth okay how many characters is a particular spell because while she’s writing the spell out with her blood at that point Scarlet Witch goes in with like twin Chaos magic scimitars and just whoop decapitate her or slices her larynx matches over 16 characters yeah there’s too many characters to write out that fast okay okay okay she’s gonna say four characters odd new which is undo like command Z yeah yeah yeah exactly is that it for this match I don’t know it’s just gonna keep going back and forth they they can really do anything so I think the only true determiner of who would win this match would be through the stats let’s go ahead and see how they compare run the simulations and come out with a victor cool okay so you remember when we were saying that this could be decided by stats well it turns out that they have the same exact stats we have not this happened since the green arrow Hawkeye fight right yeah here they’re so kind of ill-defined their power sets are so vague that their feats are comparable and their stats are also comparable I would say they’re they’re different in that as a tenant needs her voice to be able to perform her magic although she’s been known to use sign language I’ve since learned of the performer her stats but I mean they could both basically do anything right exactly it’s gonna be a coin toss but we still ran the simulations and we did still come up with a definitive winner for our sake for our sakes so you put this little debate to bed right so now whenever you bring it up again I remember the episode this is who won yeah yep all right so the winner between these at Anna Scarlet Witch battle is you’re too happy I already know just give it to me Scarlet Witch whenever it comes down to these coin tosses you always get the win it’s just a matter of probability yes do I I should have put on my poker face just a little bit more than oh yeah I totally telegraphed that one huh Scarlet Witch out of a thousand battles Scarlet Witch won 514 matches whereas is Atena only one 486 but again since it’s a coin toss we could run the simulations again and give it different results so Scarlet Witch 151 point four percent of the matches yes yeah yeah again could go any which way this is one of those battles like the green arrow Hawkeye fight that really just can’t be determined and it’s you know whatever the writer is feeling that day yeah there kind of is no definitive answer here the characters are too similar they’re too ill-defined oh there’s an answer Scarlet Witch one  and that does it for this episode so yeah take that to the bank and cash that check yep so yeah let us know what you guys thought about this episode by writing in to us on Facebook Twitter or Instagram or you can email us at dynamic duel podcast at you can find links to all of what I just said right there by visiting dynamic duel come and on that site you could also find a link to our merch store where we sell lots of cool marble and DC related items right it’s all fan art you’ll also find on our website dynamic duel comm a link to our patreon page which if you sign up now you won’t be charged to this month because once again we are on hiatus right but we’re gonna come back next month with a vengeance so look forward to that and also look forward to next week’s episode when we 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