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Jan. 5, 2021

Best of DC & Marvel 2000-2009 Brothers Awards

Best of DC & Marvel 2000-2009 Brothers Awards

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraiser, here are your Kelex and HERBIE digital art downloads!
• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:35 - No-Prize Time • 0:06:27 - DC to ramp up production, annually release...

Thank you to everyone who participated in our fundraiser, here are your Kelex and HERBIE digital art downloads!

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:35 - No-Prize Time • 0:06:27 - DC to ramp up production, annually release four theatrical films, two HBO Max films and series spinoffs • 0:12:37 - Question of the Week • 0:13:24 - 2000-2009 Brothers Awards Intro • 0:17:01 - Best Trailer 2000-2009 • 0:26:16 - Best Original Music 2000-2009 • 0:34:54 - Best Home Media 2000-2009 • 0:41:17 - Best New On-Screen Character 2000-2009 • 0:46:18 - Best Villain 2000-2009 • 0:51:09 - Best Hero 2000-2009 • 0:55:56 - Best Moment 2000-2009 • 1:02:59 - Best Actress 2000-2009 • 1:08:41 - Best Actor 2000-2009 • 1:12:43 - Best Motion Picture 2000-2009 • 1:18:35 - Sign off

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[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m marvelous joe and i’m his twin brother johnny dc and guys we made it through 2020. we did it nothing but sunny skies and rainbows and smiles from here on out uh hopefully our darkest days are behind us and hopefully this upcoming year is amazing we definitely have a lot to look forward to for marvel in dc in 2021 usually at the end of each year jonathan and i host the brothers awards that celebrates the best that marvel and dc put out that year in terms of television shows and movies of course in 2020 those releases were far and few between in fact marvel only had one theatrical release in new mutants and one television show in hellstrom so you can’t really do an award show when there’s not that much content so we decided to change it up this year if you remember from our awards show last year we did what we called the golden brothers awards where we talked about the best and worst of the 2010s decade well we’re gonna do the same thing for this episode but we’re gonna go back all the way between  great comic book films from that decade yeah it’s when superhero movies were really starting to hit their stride so we have a lot to discuss i’m really excited to throw it back kind of like our favorite retro podcasts like blast from our past podcast or ready to retro we’re gonna dive deep into the nostalgia decades past yeah yeah it’s gonna be fun and we’re gonna save all the content and media that came out in 2020 for the 2021 end of year awards before we get into our awards though we’re going to break down the comic book movie news from the past week of which there was just one news item in that there was a new york times piece on the head of dc films walter hamada and how he talked about how dc was going to ramp up their productions so that’s pretty exciting news if you’re into that kind of stuff oh yeah yeah i am as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic if you guys remember over the past few weeks the show held a fundraiser where we’re raising money for the pop culture classroom non-profit organization and jonathan and i pledged to donate a dollar for each rating that we received on now our goal was to raise  in grand total we got 34 ratings which was not our goal but we are still hugely thankful for everyone who was able to go on to podcaster and not only support this show but support the kids who participate in the pop culture classroom lucky for us a few of our listeners were generous enough to donate monetarily to our facebook fundraiser bringing our total up to 100 yeah so we were able to meet our goal and the fundraiser has ended so 100 will be going to pop culture classroom through facebook thank you very much to ken johnson and to lydia suarez for your monetary support that actually really came through in a big way for us you guys are the best to everyone who participated you could find links to your helix and herbie digital art downloads within the show notes we also want to give a big thank you to bd mitchell who raided us on itunes yeah thank you very much for the kind words uh as always guys please don’t forget to share subscribe rate and review our show on whatever platform you happen to be listening to us on whether it’s itunes or podchaser or whatever and a huge thanks to everyone who does that and with that out of the way quick to the no prize i don’t know what that means holy cow that was man who bennett oh that’s the guy who played deathstroke in the arrow show how cool of him to stop by the podcast that was courtesy of one of our producers john strarovsky it was a christmas gift and it was just freaking awesome to get that message from deathstroke himself yeah thanks a lot swarovski in regards to the no prize a no prize is an award marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award we post on social media that we personally draw for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was in regards to the latest one division trailer that had come out in which vision expressed surprise that wanda was so pregnant which led us to question exactly how that happened so we asked in the disney plush show where do wandas and visions babies come from and we’re expecting to get a lot of hilarious answers we did we did get some answers from people just explaining to us what happened in the comics but it’s like dudes we know like we went over that in our scarlet witch versus tana episode and our vision versus martian manhunter episode so we were more interested in seeing how hilarious you guys could be let’s run down our honorable mentions as well as our no prize winner our first honorable mention goes to richard mcgrew who explained that you know when an android and which love each other very much they go into an alternate reality wherein a demon adds to the confusion by planting a seed into the witch’s brain that she is pregnant despite the android being built like a ken doll through pure willpower and a touch of magic an immaculate conception occurs and two twins are born twins will they start a podcast that is yet to be seen we’ll sue their asses yeah but richard mcgregor did add that vision suspects the milkman our next honorable mention goes to caleb albers who said that he didn’t think he would have to explain this to us but when an artificial man loves a non-artificial witch he uploads a small virus from his hardware into her software oh dang and then nine months later the witch exports the fully formed virus maybe sooner not sure how magic affects the fetus then from there the ai and witch download programs into the children and then troubleshoot the problems until the viruses grow up and create more viruses and that dear friends is the magic of childbirth so that’s how it works i wasn’t sure yeah you’ve been doing it all wrong you’ve been you’ve been getting freaky apparently geez our final honorable mention goes to avmail who said let’s just say wanda says the line oh is that as solid as it gets uh and if you know vision’s powers i shouldn’t have to explain that one to you guys but solid joke really solid i love that one before we name who won the no prize let’s give a quick shout out to everyone who gave us an answer this week we really appreciate you guys interacting with us so special thank you to rachel bernadowicz al gustafsson mickey madden gehen calvin mims irani gami robert leblanc brandon estergaard and ezra garcia and also to corey wuton thank you guys for taking the time to reach out to us but the winner of this week’s snow prize is michael hagerty who said well boys when wanda and envision really love each other they engage in what us adults call love making but since vision is technically an android vision screws in a cybernetic stark industries phallus called simp which stands for systematic injectable male phallus it was created by tony stark before his death as an anniversary present for wanda and vision this sounds like a dirty fanfic which is why i love it so much also he got pretty clever with the acronym because we all know stark loves his acronyms what is a simp you don’t know what a simp is a simp is someone who is schwipped but is not necessarily getting anything out of it oh so it’s like a guy who gets friend zoned yeah yeah pretty much congrats again to michael hagerty for winning this week’s snow prize if you the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news that was my best man who bennett i can’t do it [Music] okay so the new york times recently released a report where they interviewed the head of dc films walter hamada and he had a few things to say about the upcoming schedule for dc films which is really exciting he said that starting in 2022 dc plans on releasing four major theatrical films every year going forward as well as two additional dc films exclusively on hbo max which is a ton of dc films and content it’s it’s too much it’s honestly it’s awesome it’s perfect it’s just the right amount [Laughter] it was cool because he was also talking about how each theatrical release they’re going to examine whether or not they could do like a spin-off tv series for hbo max to coincide with it you know the way that they’re doing the gotham police department show to tie into the batman and they’re doing the peacemaker show that ties into the suicide squad so it seems like every movie may be getting its own tv series as well we are going to have so many reviews to do just this whole show is going to be nothing but reviews between the dc spin-offs between the dc hbo max shows and the theatrical releases and all the disney plus marvel shows and all the marvel theatrical releases it’s going to be a lot well i mean this past year we did a ton of like throwback reviews you know i’m not saying we’re running out of those but uh we may not have to do any of those like starting in 2022 because there’s going to be so much content that gets released yeah it’s going to be nuts but it’s going to be a whole lot of fun this is certainly a great time to be both a marvel and dc fan yeah in regards to like the smaller films that are hbo max exclusives walter hamada mentioned both batgirl and static shock as examples of those types of films something a little bit more riskier and we know from earlier last year that michael b jordan has signed on to produce a static shock film christina hodson is apparently writing bad girl there was a little bit of controversy in that he referred to zack snyder’s justice league hbo max series and that section of the the cinematic universe in general as a cul-de-sac a road that leads to nowhere as the new york times described it and that’s a little bit confusing because it seems like that is the dc eu you know that’s supposedly earth one according to hamada in the article something like robert pattinson’s batman he said that was earth 2. so are they going to number all of these earths i don’t know i i wonder what earth is the joker film is that like earth 3 is that earth 2 is this all leading to like one big crisis on infinite earth’s event i think ultimately that’s that’s sort of like the flashpoint movie maybe they’ll have like so many different like versions of the characters and if they ever need to reboot they could do a crisis on infinite earths and just start refresh now the cw shows recently did their own crisis on infinite earths and that was pretty huge all the different cameos and participants they were able to get in that they even got ezra miller from the justice league movie in there right so you would think that a theatrical release along those same lines would be like twice as large and could potentially out epic avengers end game i would love to believe that if marvel wasn’t doing the exact same thing with their films you know introducing the multiverse and everything [ __ ] copycats hey don’t hate the comic book movie players hit the comic book movie game you know i’ll hate the players kevin feige do you think audiences will be confused by the dc multiverse uh walter hamada doesn’t think so uh he actually said in the article he thinks that audiences are sophisticated enough to understand i think the fact that both universes are doing it you know people will catch on now do you think the fact that in a multiverse where any number of batman’s can exist does that make some of them feel expendable it does honestly and you know that’s sort of what they explored in the comics after the new 52 reboot with the earth 2 comic that comic starts off with superman wonder woman and batman dying and then you know seeing what other heroes kind of take up their mantle so i think you can still tell interesting stories you know as long as batman exists in one universe and he’s being done well i don’t really see a problem with that you know think back to like justice league dark apocalypse war the entire universe ended and how interesting was that story that was a great story it allows you to tell stories that you couldn’t normally tell that’s absolutely true it’ll be an interesting few years really looking forward to what 22 and beyond brings us of course there’s still a lot to look forward to in 2021 now that a majority of 2020’s release dates have been pushed into this year and we’re just going to be jam-packed with reviews from here on out it seems like and that brings us to our question of the week what marvel or dc live action film are you looking forward to the most in 2021 morbius zack snyder’s justice league black widow venom 2 shang chi the suicide squad the eternals spider-man 3 and maybe black adam yeah we still don’t know when that one’s coming out but hopefully this year and although justice league is not technically going to be a film we’re going to treat it as such i guess for the purposes of this question post your answer to our instagram twitter facebook or email us at dynamicduelpodcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person in a dynamic duel no price that will post to social media be sure to answer before january 10th and it looks like that does it for all the news for this week so let’s go ahead and get into our main event guys where we countdown the best that the 2000s decade had to offer in marvel and dc we’re rolling out the red carpet we’re putting on our fancy tuxes and our ties from that’s right and all the listeners are out there dressed to the nines let’s get this award show started and hand out our two thousands brothers awards okay i’m so excited to count down the best that the 2000s decade had to offer 2000 to 2009 were really where superhero films were starting to become viable as a popular film genre yeah i sort of see it like the silver age of comics you know dc was around first and we had some really great films and then marvel showed up and then they started becoming more and more popular like the year 2000 was the start of the silver age of superhero cinema yeah and i guess you could categorize the golden age as being prior to the year 2000 going back to the 70s with richard donner superman and the keaton batman films and blade things like that yeah it’s actually a great analogy now why do we call these the brothers awards well for starters you know jonathan and i are twin brothers but there was also a set of cosmic twin brothers in the 1990s marvel vs dc crossover miniseries in which each universe marvel and dc were represented by a cosmic brother that pit their heroes against each other and after a fashion that’s kind of what we do on this podcast and so we thought it was an apt name for the awards that we hand out if you guys check out our instagram or any of our social media accounts you’ll see that we actually create images for these awards and the award statues are in the shape of those cosmic brothers it’s pretty cool you should check it out if you don’t follow us on social media someday it will get that 3d printed because that would be a dope statue to have oh my god that would be amazing i got to talk to some people just a quick reminder as to what films came out during that decade on the dc end you have catwoman constantine batman begins superman returns v for vendetta the dark knight and watchmen and that’s just on the theatrical end there were quite a few animated films that came out direct to video as well including batman beyond return of the joker superman doomsday justice league new frontier and wonder woman to name a few did dc have any television series to come out in that decade uh there were only two smallville and birds of prey on the live-action end oh gotcha well uh marvel had quite a few more films eligible for these awards are x-men blade 2 spider-man daredevil x2 x-men united hulk the punisher spider-man 2 blade trinity elektra fantastic four x-men the last stand ghost rider spider-man 3 fantastic four rise of the silver surfer iron man the incredible hulk punisher war zone and x-men origins wolverine holy [ __ ] marvel just hit the ground running when it came to films that decade and they just never stopped in terms of home media that was eligible for these awards we had played the series there was the man thing sci-fi film which was supposed to be released theatrically but ended up just going straight to sci-fi and then there was the show called mutant x and that’s everything that’s in the running the awards that we’re going to be handing out are best trailer best original music best home media and that’s any television show or direct-to-video movie best new on-screen character best villain best hero best moment best actress best actor and best motion picture so it’s 10 awards total we have a lot to get through so let’s go ahead and get to it starting off with best trailer now this is an important award that really celebrates the marketing of a film and we give these awards to those films that we feel got us the most hyped regardless of the film’s eventual quality or not by the way guys we’ll be including links to all these trailers uh within our show notes if you want to watch them let’s start with dc if i had to guess what your best trailer was for the 2000s decade i assumed that it would involve the dark knight probably the teaser trailer where basically it was just the characters talking while the batman logo formed ooh close that actually is my runner-up and that was an amazing teaser i’ll get into that a little bit later but the actual award goes to watchmen for their teaser trailer that’s right watchmen had some amazing trailers all of their trails amazing so great any trailer for any zack snyder film is automatically like the best trailer that’s ever been made largely because he’s such a visual director oh yeah the visuals throughout the entire trailer are just spectacular like every frame is just breathtaking honestly and i think it was a lot of fun recognizing the frames from the actual graphic novel because the nature of the watchmen story is so particular that you can’t really get too loose with the adaptation you know so zack snyder stuck pretty close to the comics and so it was fun to actually point out those visuals from what you recognize and i think that’s why this is my favorite of the decade because the watchman graphic novel is so dear and beloved to me the trailer event says that it’s the most celebrated graphic novel of all time right and just seeing those panels recreated just blew me away and it was just edited so perfectly along with the music from the smashing pumpkins it’s their song the end is the beginning is the end perfect choice thematically and the whole thing was just so well put together i loved seeing dr manhattan for the first time i love seeing silk spectre i loved hearing rorschach’s voice and then like the glass structure on mars at the very end it just looked like it was going to be so perfect i loved that movie and i loved this trailer and your runner up was the dark knight teaser yeah yeah the dark knight had such an incredibly good marketing campaign i still think it’s like the best marketing campaign of any film not just superhero films any film that i’ve ever seen the way they had audiences solve these mysteries online and put together these clues and everything to reveal their marketing material was just brilliant and that was how i first saw this teaser trailer but i also still remember seeing it for the first time in theaters i knew what the trailer was right after the bat i wasn’t expecting it but the way the whole theater just reacted to not only the batman logo just being revealed with like these flashes of blue light but also the joker card at the very end when the bat logo exploded the whole theater just erupted and it was just such a magical moment because it was like yes everyone loves dc well they were certainly excited for this movie i think they were mostly excited just to hear heath ledger’s voice yes because we hadn’t heard anything from him up until this point and i know a lot of people were anxious to hear it there was a lot of kind of controversy surrounding his casting because he didn’t really seem like the joker type and to hear his voice done so well i think just got people pumped oh yeah definitely me just did not disappoint so what was your worst trailer of that decade um i think it’s probably gonna come as no surprise that it was the trailer for catwoman the movie was awful that trailer was awful specifically the official trailer it starts off with the main character patience phillips being yelled at by her boss and you know she’s really set up as this really timid character but then of course you know she becomes catwoman and then she starts hissing at dogs it was like from this trailer i knew that it was gonna be just so bad like the jokes didn’t work it was just like overly sexualized or they were trying to make it so from the costume to like the banter between benjamin brett and halle berry it was just awful yeah it’s funny because the cuts in a trailer are so quick just due to the nature of trailers themselves you know they have a lot of visuals to get through within a minute or so time period but little did we know that the catwoman film itself actually did make a cut in editing like every second in the movie uh it was like nauseating i have a feeling that catwoman is gonna get a lot of your worst awards oh yeah it’s gonna get quite a few honestly the film is just embarrassing now if i had to guess what the best marvel trailer was for the 2000s decade i’m going to say it was probably the original spider-man teaser trailer the one where the helicopter got caught in the webs holy [ __ ] how did you guess that how did you know that i usually suck at this how did you get a guess i don’t know that was an incredible trailer it was so tragic that they had to pull it because of 9 11. yeah you know understandably so the 911 tragedy was a horrible event in our nation’s history and you just can’t show that so soon after a tragedy of that magnitude now that we’ve had about 20 years time from it now i think it’s nice to actually look back on the images of the twin towers with a little bit of bittersweet fondness for how things used to be back then and the image of a helicopter being stuck in a giant web between the towers is quite iconic now the trailer starts off very much unlike your standard trailer it seems to be telling a story of a bank robbery and you’re not really quite sure where it’s going these guys rob the bank they escape in the helicopter they’re getting away when i saw this trailer in the theaters for the first time it was with the final fantasy movie i was just confused i didn’t know what to think i was just going along for the ride and their helicopter started getting pulled and it didn’t even register with my brain that it was being pulled by a line of webbing and it wasn’t until we see the shot of the helicopter stuck in the web that i realized holy [ __ ] this is for the upcoming spider-man movie and then you see his face and his costume is perfect and he does the thing with his hands and he shoots out a web from his hands and it sounds and looks exactly how you always thought it would from reading those comic books and you see him web swing for the first time yeah everything about this blew my mind and my heart was just racing at what to expect from the superhero genre in the years and decades ahead yeah the web swinging was amazing it was so much cooler than i thought it would be you know just imagining it from the comics yeah i got vertigo on that shot the first time i saw in theaters i was like whoa this camera is like high up in the middle of the cityscape but it’s like upside down and it’s like tracking his movement and the song that they put it to for this trailer was from the matrix it was that lunatic calm song such a cool song yeah it’s called leave you far behind and it’s aft that the first line in that song is i want to take you on a roller coaster because that’s what the camera motion was like it’s such a great trailer if you guys haven’t seen it definitely check it out in the link in our show notes my runner-up award goes to the iron man teaser trailer it was the very first trailer that we got for the iron man film and uh i just remember being blown away by it at that point it was still kind of unclear as to whether or not marvel would be able to produce films of quality because this was their first time doing it they weren’t a movie studio in their own right so i think a lot of people were questioning whether or not these films would be any good and this trailer not only proved that these movies were going to be good but it proved that they were going to be better than most of what we were seeing be produced by other studios i had a plus talent in robert downey jr and this was the first we got to see of his performance and it was quirky and hilarious like how he didn’t like to be called the da vinci of our time but he liked the nickname merchant of death yeah that was funny we got great music in it there was uh the filter song came and i shot and there was of course black sabbath’s iron man which for some reason i didn’t think that they would ever get the licensing rights to but obviously they did and it worked out so well you could really tell that marvel was just bringing their a game in a way that other studios weren’t and i remember at the time like iron man wasn’t the most popular character you know he definitely wasn’t like wolverine or spider-man or the hulk you know so i thought they did a really good job of establishing his origin for audiences who weren’t familiar with him and they just made him come across as like the coolest superhero ever they did such a good job with this my worst trailer goes to the punisher teaser trailer now this is for the movie that came out in  the teaser was filmed very early in production before thomas jane had even dyed his hair so the quick glimpse that we see of him within this preview he’s blonde which i remember confused a lot of fans but my issue with it is it’s brevity and seeming cheapness i guess yeah it’s a very simple teaser yeah it’s just basically the camera going over some guns and the punisher is at the end of the table looking at his arsenal basically and he’s saying the quotes from the comics where vengeance is not a valid motive and this is punishment right and thomas jane he’s wearing a punisher t-shirt but of course the logo on that shirt does not match the logo for the film yeah like i said it was very early made i do like the music though the music is like dark and nasty a good guitar riff i really like it but you know there weren’t too many bad trailers for any of these films i thought so i would never claim that this teaser is bad just not as good as any of the others i think that does it for the trailer category let’s move on to best original music of the 2000s decade this award will go to any musical piece that was originally written for a dc or marvel film or television show now if i had to guess what marvel’s best music was for the 2000s decade i would say it was probably the x-men 2 score no actually i’m giving it to danny elfman’s spider-man song called main title it was the main theme for the spider-man movie it was a fascinating bit of work that danny elfman did for the spider-man movie the score was simultaneously heroic yet mysterious and a lot of the instruments and the way they were played i think evoked the movements of a spider from a spider crawling to a spider swinging i think it’s just a brilliantly composed piece of work yeah it’s definitely the best spider-man theme of all of his theatrical appearances yes if they do bring back toby maguire to the mcu i i would love it if they brought back that score in the same way that like i hope they bring back you know the denny elfman batman theme to the flash movie since michael keaton will be in that one yeah that would be really cool now you did guess correctly my runner up award which i am giving to x2 x-men united the song that kind of compiles all of the themes from that movie is called sweet from x2 it’s written by john ottman now i think this score blew away the theme from the previous x-men film this score i think comes close to meeting the coolness of the 90s television theme song the one that i went yeah yeah this one does seem a little evocative of that because it’s like done so there’s some similarities there but ultimately i think that’s a good thing because it made you think a little bit of the cartoon yeah when i think of the music of the x-men films i think of that score like i don’t even remember the score for the first x-men film i just think of that one because it was the best one and it was the most memorable of all of them yeah and there was a period of time where we went without that theme for a while and they brought it back for x-men days of future past and i had forgotten just how much i missed it being associated with the x-men it’s just a great piece of music now what would you say is the worst piece of music from the 2000s decade for marvel that without a doubt goes to the song from the 2004 punisher movie called the skull it was the main theme from that movie like what the [ __ ] is that [Music] like after that great like hard rock angry sounding music that we got for the trailer this is what we get for the actual movie that does not fit the punisher at all i remember it it was composed by some italian composer who did like a lot of westerns yeah his name was carlos silioto and i just don’t think that he really understood the vibe that the character was supposed to give off i think he was trying to go for like this tragically heroic kind of theme but it wasn’t the punisher no yeah it’s definitely off-brand yeah so much so that it actually took me back in theaters a little bit i was like is this the right movie but um the song to its credit does swell and build and add a lot more percussive layers as it goes on but it doesn’t leave the best first impression and overall the song again is just off for both the tone of the movie and the tone of the character now let’s move on to the dc music awards if i had to guess the best piece of music from a dc film in the  i’m gonna guess that it was composed by hans zimmer for batman begins i forget the names of those songs that he did but i know that the main theme for batman from batman begins was really cool piece of music yeah the main theme for batman begins was called molasses which i guess is the word for bat in another language but that was not my top choice my top choice actually went to the dark knight for the score piece called why so serious by hans zimmer so you were close but not [Music] [Music] there the score from this film just sounded so different from anything else that was being produced in film at the time hans zimmer is just a creative master of his craft and i think the themes he made for the joker specifically were so unique particularly why so serious it just starts off with these two notes and they just keep getting more and more shrill the whole piece is just very nasty and unnerving yeah i think it would have been a great theme for the punisher honestly you wish it was the punishers it’s the i do i think it just brought this like tension and this feeling of being unsettled anytime the joker was on screen it just added to the performance i think so i thought that made it the best of the 2000s decade what was your runner up my runner-up goes to evie reborn from the film v for vendetta composed by daario [Music] marianelli that is such a good song it is it is unbelievably good and i know it’s been used in other trailers for other films since this film came out likewise so serious it builds and it builds continuously but instead of being unsettling or unnerving this one is just so passionate the swelling of this one is just so moving like deeply it always takes me back to the scene where it plays where natalie portman is out there in the rain accepting her strength it’s an emotional moment and an emotional song yeah that scene is very very cathartic and and the film really makes you feel everything that evie is feeling at that time it’s honestly one of my favorite scores ever not just for a superhero film but like of all film it was a very very close second to hans zimmer’s why so serious and what about the worst song you could probably guess what film it’s going to come from catwoman yes specifically the end credits song that was composed by klaus bodell [Music] that’s horrible uh are those there are vocals to this song yeah what are they saying yeah there’s like background singers i can’t tell what they’re saying they’re saying something like oh oh and then it’s like that’s my manamena i don’t i don’t know what it is but it doesn’t fit it sounds like it’s from the 90s honestly it was so completely different from any other score piece on that soundtrack which honestly if there’s one good thing about the catwoman movie the score was not the worst i would have to say that song was however it was played during the end credits obviously because that’s the name of the song when catwoman is like just strutting across the rooftop just doing her catwalk leaping off into the distance it was just such a corny moment it was a horrible way to end the film she’s just like sometimes i’m good and then sometimes i’m bad but only as bad as i want to be as the song was playing in the in the background it’s bad memories any time anytime you hear that i don’t hear it often thank goodness so just well you did hear it twice in theaters why are you ragging on me again because i saw this twice in theaters i just have to remind everyone listening that if they don’t already know jonathan did see catwoman twice in theaters because he’s that much of a dc fanboy yeah i convinced our good friend curtis to to see it with me just because i was trying to convince him that you know dc was better that wasn’t the best way to do that no not at all so with that let’s go ahead and move into our best home media brothers award for the 2000s decade now this award goes out to any television show or direct to video movie basically any type of media that you would watch at home as opposed to the theater and we’ll start off with the dc side if i had to guess the best dc home media i would think that it would probably be the batman beyond direct-to-video film the return of the joker oh no that was good but the award actually goes to the 2009 animated film wonder woman really yeah oh for the longest time i couldn’t figure out how they would ever do a wonder woman movie that was better than that and they managed to but man that is a really good introduction to the character okay yeah i’ve never seen it what you haven’t nope it’s a really good origin story for her it starts off on themyscira just like the you know live-action film with steve trevor crashing down on there ares is the villain and this one as well except in this film aries is actually better than he was in the live-action and this one he like summons like this undead army from hades and it’s just a much more epic like lord of the rings style battle at the end between the amazons and the undead yes yeah very cool really really awesome and very mature like it was a very mature take on wonder woman she wasn’t afraid to like get her hands dirty and like slice some undead fools up if you haven’t seen it i definitely recommend watching it i think we’ll probably get around to reviewing it at some point now for my runner up you did guess correctly it was batman beyond return of the joker i haven’t seen that one either but i have heard good things it’s very dark it’s very sad i don’t want to spoil it but there is a twist that definitely cuts deep for any fan of batman babe and beyond itself was just such an amazing show and so that’s in part why i wanted to give it the runner up i’ve always been like a fan of like dc elseworlds and in terms of what you could do with old batman there’s a ton of great stories like the dark knight returns but also batman beyond seeing a futuristic take on the character was just really exciting when i saw the show as a kid it had such a cool vibe and tone to it and the greatest story that they told in that show was the return of the joker the worst home media to come out in the  was also batman related it was batman mystery of the batwoman a direct-to-video animated film that was completely pointless and never went anywhere it’s just horrible don’t even bother is it the same batwoman is it uh kate kane no they hadn’t brought batwoman back in the comics when this film came out they created an original character for batwoman and her costume is just horrible it’s almost like they wanted to do batman beyond like mixed with like spider-man’s eyes i don’t know it was just really bad interesting the film was called mystery of the batwoman but it wasn’t really a mystery like you were able to tell pretty early on who batwoman really was and surprise it was like the new female character that they introduced just horrible horrible well that’s kind of what they did with mask of the phantasm yes exactly they pulled another one of those but not as good moving on to marvel’s best home media of the 2000s decade what do you think i’m giving the best award to i have no clue like marvel does not put out good home media stuff not really well that’s all going to change with disney plus but i would say that the exception to that rule would be blade the series that came out in about 2006 i believe i thought that show was horrible that’s like why it got cancelled so early no it got cancelled because it was expensive and spike tv couldn’t afford it the show was actually pretty decent it was a lot better than blade trinity it started a rapper called sticky fingers from the rap group onix and he did a decent job considering that all you need to do to play blade is act tough the production value on the show is actually pretty decent and it was actually written by david goyer and jeff johns i didn’t even know that yeah if you love blade and you love blade 2 and you were horribly disappointed by blade trinity i would suggest picking up blade the series and checking those 13 episodes out my runner-up now this is actually a controversial choice because i had two other options and they both sucked but one of them i enjoyed a little bit more than the other so the runner-up award for best home media for marvel goes to the sci-fi movie man thing really you’ve always said that you’ve hated that i do hate that movie it is a horrible god-awful movie but i give it the runner-up for two reasons first reason being that it has boobs and the second reason being that the character design of the man thing creature was actually pretty freaking awesome he looked really really good and there’s a horror film right yeah it’s a horror film so for those two reasons i give it runner-up and those two reasons only because everything else about that movie really sucked in terms of the story and its faithfulness to the source material the worst home media goes to a television show called mutant x which was this kind of x-men spin-off it was tangentially related to the x-men but only marginally so even though it was produced by marvel television and aviarad they actually kind of gotten a lot of [ __ ] for it because it’s fox studios that owned the television rights to use the x-men and that’s why this show only lasted like a couple of seasons but it started a bunch of horrible no-name actors doing their best to look as ridiculous as possible using their cheesy powers one of them could shoot lightning one of them could alter their density one of them could turn into like a cat kind of had cat powers and the other one was a telepath i remember seeing like a few episodes of this and i didn’t think it was that bad to me a lot of the early 2000s shows like this reminded me of the cheese factor of like hercules legendary journeys or baywatch or something like that yeah that’s what this was like yeah it wasn’t like a smallville level of quality where things were kind of cheesy but for the most part they took themselves seriously and they tried to be as cool as possible with their easter eggs this is just [ __ ] and an attempt to cash in on the x-men movie franchise that had just started wait so the characters you described those were original creations those weren’t characters from the comic correct yeah they were original what the hell yeah it was bad but that does it for best home media let’s go ahead and move on to the best new on-screen character that was introduced in the 2000s decade this is going to be a hard one to do because most if not all of the characters involved in the qualifying material it was introduced between 2000 and 2009. yeah basically everyone except for batman and superman and blade so taking that into consideration i’m gonna say that your new on-screen character award for marvel will probably go to wolverine that is correct i mean there are a lot of options here but only so many that stand out you know there’s wolverine there’s spider-man there’s iron man i could have given it to any of them but in the end i went with wolverine because a hugh jackman’s wolverine helped kick off the whole superhero movie genre in this decade and b he was the longest lasting making films up until 2017’s logan i just thought he was tremendously portrayed he was so cool such a great character i liked his portrayal even more than toby maguire’s portrayal of peter parker spider-man so i decided to give it to wolverine yeah i would agree with that i think he’s really like on par with robert downey jr as iron man funny that you should mention iron man because he’s the one that gets my runner-up award since iron man came out in the year 2008 toward the end of the decade he didn’t leave as lasting an impression within this timeframe but obviously robert downey jr just exemplified tony stark in a way that surpassed all of our expectations and became the new face of a new franchise in much the same way that hugh jackman did can i guess what your worst one was sure it was a toe for grace’s venom no no no no it was ryan reynolds as deadpool oh um now i’m not talking about the new series of movies that came out uh starting in 2016. i’m talking about deadpool as he was first portrayed by ryan reynolds in the x-men origins wolverine movie where he looked more like baraka you know with the swords that came out of his wrists and he had the optic blasts and he just looked like an idiot it was not deadpool it was the most horrible rendition of deadpool that you could think of and they still make fun of that in the deadpool movies about how bad that was yeah it’s a true feat how they were able to like 180 that how they were able to make ryan reynolds deadpool cool after that abomination yeah or as adam spees referred to him as an abortion in our review of x-men origins wolverine which we did with our special guests john and adam from the blast from our past podcast you guys should definitely listen to our review of that movie if you want to have a good laugh moving on to dc i think the best new on-screen character for dc in the 2000s decade probably was batman as portrayed by christian bale no since we’re talking about new on-screen characters i didn’t consider batman since i’ve seen him in prior decades played by michael keaton and adam west that’s right you had mentioned that earlier yeah yeah and so because of that i’m giving the award to v as in v for vendetta played by hugo weaving he’s such a cool character like he’s almost as cool as batman and he left i think such an impact on society that you know his mask his guy fox mask is now like this anonymous symbol of freedom like around the world and the interwebs and it doesn’t hurt that the movie was was really really good i felt it didn’t set up like any kind of franchise or anything like that or any opportunities for a sequel it was just a standalone story but the character is kind of lasting in in a way that kind of goes beyond the story of the film good point yeah my runner up is actually dr manhattan from the film watchman oh i know why what what [Laughter] no i was most looking forward to seeing him in the film just because of his display of powers like he’s like the only character in the story that really has any kind of visually impressive abilities what did you think was the most visually impressive dude do not project onto me what you’re thinking all right i’m talking about like the blue skin and the light and just yeah yeah oh my gosh am i gonna be able to get through this [Laughter] i have no idea anyway just you know being able to see him on screen was just really cool along with all the other characters from watchmen it was a hard decision to make for all of them because they’re all great in their own way but dr manhattan i think was the most visually impressive which part do you think impressed you the most [Laughter] the worst new on-screen character i thought was catwoman obviously now i know we’ve seen her before in batman returns but i made an exception for this version of catwoman because it really is catwoman and name only it’s not selena kyle from the comics it’s patience phillips it’s a new character and she sucked it was really bad really poorly done just a horrible take on the character that you saw twice in theaters oh my gosh all right moving on let’s give out the awards to our best villain of the 2000s decade for dc and marvel starting off with dc who’s your best villain i’m guessing it’s going to be the joker of course i mean not only is the joker the best villain of the 2000s decade he may very well be the best villain of all time in cinema he’s definitely like in the top three he was just so sinister and so unpredictable just really a force of nature within the dark knight film and his presence and his actions you know had ramifications that were even carried on into the sequel even though he wasn’t a part of it yeah definitely a unique take on the character of the joker one that we had never really seen before but ultimately one that will never be forgotten yeah yeah he just defied all conventions like we didn’t know anything about his history he didn’t seem to have any kind of like purpose he just wanted to create chaos and he made it very personal in his attacks on batman just a perfect villain who’s your runner-up my runner-up was also from the dark knight uh two-face oh harvey dent was really the heart of that film and his story is just so tragic i thought the combination of both him and the joker was a really good one and i thought two-face was almost as frightening as the joker i thought christopher nolan did a fantastic job with the villains in the dark knight film who is the worst villain the worst villain comes from the film you guessed it catwoman it was sharon stone’s character a laurel heder she was a makeup mogul and model and it was just really freaking stupid that’s right the makeup made her skin like rock hard and that was her superpower right yeah like marbleized her skin and that was like killing people but like she kept using it so she just ended up like with super durable strong powers super stupid [Laughter] she wasn’t even from the comics like she was an original villain that they made up for the movie along with patience phillips i don’t know why that movie exists it’s horrible worst villain now when it comes to marvel for their best villain of the 2000s decade it’s probably nothing from the mcu because all of their early villains kind of sucked i wouldn’t say that so i’m probably going to go with dr octopus from spider-man 2. actually it’s going to magneto who was a lasting presence in all the x-men films especially in x-men 1 and x-men 2. he was so great in x-men 2. x-men 3 he was ok that whole movie had a lot of issues which we break down in our review of that movie but ian mckellen was just great and he was a force to be reckoned with and it was charismatic and somewhat sympathetic due to his troubled backstory you could see where he was coming from in his actions magneto has always been one of the most contemptible yet yet understandable of all antagonists yeah ian mckellen is great as the character so is doc ock your runner up yes he is yep dr octopus played by alfred molina in spider-man 2 was an amazing villain from the character design to molina’s performance to the action scenes everything about the character was just amazing yeah i’m really excited to see his return in the mcu he absolutely is too good to just stay in one film yeah absolutely and uh we may be doing a duel with dr octopus here soon maybe within the next couple of weeks maybe two weeks exactly who knows maybe we’ll see the worst villain for the 2000s decade i’m giving to howard saint who is portrayed by john travolta in the 2004 punisher movie now i do feel a little bit bad coming down so frequently on 2004’s punisher film i do think that while thomas jane was a great frank castle everything else about the movie was just kind of crap including howard saint i can’t remember was he a character from the comics no he was an original character made for the movie and he was just so generic that it hurt especially when you’re used to punisher writers like garth ennis where the punisher is always going after like these crazy eccentric human beings to get someone who’s pretty much a standard mob boss in howard saint and kind of a cheesy one at that it wasn’t travolta’s best performance it just served to remind me how more interesting the punisher could be now maybe they went a little bit too far in the other direction with punisher warzone in that movie’s portrayal of jigsaw but i think they found the right balance within the punisher netflix television series oh yeah yeah for sure i remember being like really unimpressed by howard saint in the film like when his cuban allies came and just like started pushing him around in the movie i was like what the heck is this isn’t this guy supposed to be like the ruthless like main villain of the movie right it was just a really weak character yeah but enough about the villain award let’s go ahead and move on to our best hero award where we celebrate the most heroic characters of the 2000s decade what makes the hero well sacrifice perseverance bravery all that stuff and with that in mind i would probably say that your best hero of the 2000s is probably iron man nope i’m giving it to spider-man dig i knew i should have gone with my gut spider-man portrayed by tobey maguire in the first three spider-man films i think showed a lot of heart i think he was really put through the ringer in all of his films and still managed to come out on top and save the girl and save the day and i thought he was a great inspiration and heroic in a way that a lot of the other characters from this decade weren’t iron man again was a great hero but i did give iron man the award for the  that’s right so he couldn’t get it twice again his movie came out so late within the 2000s that i didn’t think his movie had as much of an impression overall through those years specifically mainly his influence was toward the next decade therefore do you know who my runner-up is wolverine yep that’s correct wolverine even though 2009 closed out with probably the worst superhero movie of all time x-men origins wolverine uh we won’t hold that against him because the character of wolverine’s arc in x-men one two and three i thought we’re all pretty solid yeah he’s definitely the standout hero of the entire x-men franchise which is no surprise i thought the worst hero was and i hate to do this it was the punisher as portrayed by thomas jane dang and again i do think that thomas jane played a good frank castle but his version of the character was tremendously neutered by the script the majority of the film’s run time had him go on this really strange blackmail scheme which is so uncharacteristic of the punisher like he’s looking around this fake fire hydrant for half the movie when he should have just been taking guns to the saint family the same way guns were taken to the castle family yeah yeah it’s way more efficient yeah punisher is way too efficient to be hiding earrings and [ __ ] you know yeah i was really disappointed with how they portrayed the character in that story again i was not disappointed with thomas jane’s portrayal of the character at all but when i look at the list of all the hero characters that were in these movies he was the most unlike the version from the comics than all the others plus blackmailing people isn’t very heroic yeah it wasn’t even really clever moving on to dc i’m gonna guess that your best hero was batman that’s right yeah we really saw him progress as a hero through the 2000s decade you know starting with the batman begins you know witnessing the origin of him as a hero which was just unbelievably well done christian bale did a fantastic job with the role and then you know just like how spider-man suffered through his films we saw bruce wayne really suffer in the dark knight sequel you know not only losing the love of his life to the joker but also you know his confidante and friend harvey dent when he became two-face the fact at the very end that he sort of like took the fall for everything horrible that harvey had done just to protect his city he was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of his reputation and later on in the third film of his life just to protect the citizens of gotham i think he’s absolutely dc’s best hero of the 2000s he also won the award for the 2010s yes he did give someone else a chance jeez bam it’s just awesome dude it’s just awesome the runner-up for this award was actually kind of a challenge to figure out i was thinking of giving it to one of the watchmen characters but the whole hero villain dynamic in that story is pretty complicated so i ended up going with none of those characters and going with constantine oh i think you’re gonna say superman no now with constantine you know keanu reeves take is a very different one than the character in the comics but what they did get right is that you know he’s a reluctant hero and by the end of the film you know the fact that he managed to pull off like the ultimate con job on the devil himself and he made the ultimate sacrifice in the end you know by sacrificing his life to to save humanity yeah and it may not have been like heroic in the sense that he was trying to get something out of that but uh it was definitely interesting and who was the worst for you my worst hero award goes to ozymandias from watchmen which might be controversial because i know there’s some debate again as to which characters are heroes and villains but uh you know ozzy medius wanted to be a superhero you know he was a superhero but superheroes don’t kill millions of people he just failed miserably he’s definitely a villain who presents himself as a hero who also saved the planet yeah hmm very interesting all right let’s move on to our best moment award which is a moment or scene from a marvel and dc film that had us standing in our seats clapping for joy or maybe had our jaws drop open the whitest just any most memorable thing that happened within the course of these films for dc i’m going to guess that you’re giving your best moment award to probably one of the scenes with the joker maybe the interrogation scene where batman’s interrogating him man you’re good i didn’t think you’re gonna get it but yes the dark knights uh interrogation scene gets my award for the best dc moment in the 2000s it was such a complex powerful scene just really a mind game between batman and the joker and the way it just like all completely just turned horribly wrong when batman just started beating the crap out of the joker which you know was kind of deserved it is the joker after all but the joker just kind of proved in that moment that with all batman’s strength and fighting prowess and physicality could not save his loved ones such a powerful scene yeah absolutely so memorable and operates on so many different levels you can rewatch that scene again and again and again and get something new from it each time yeah it’s definitely a scene that will probably be studied for years to come in like film classes my runner up for best moment actually goes to superman returns specifically the scene where he saves the shuttle now this was the first time we saw superman on screen in decades and the plane rescue scene was definitely an upgrade from you know like the helicopter scene in superman one it was something we always wanted to see superman do it’s definitely a superman level conflict and at the very end when he set the plane down in that baseball stadium just hearing the crowd like that was me too i was just cheering i was like yeah superman the movie wasn’t that great but that scene specifically was really cool and it was the most superman superman was in the entire film yeah that was a great action scene for sure and just really fun i could definitely also re-watch that one again and again but for different reasons from the dark knight now the worst moment in dc films for the 2000s decade unsurprisingly goes to catwoman specifically the basketball scene oh no oh my god i had completely stripped that from my mind as existing and he just brought it all flooding back the way she like shakes her ass in front of him yeah and the way she like freaking dunks the ball so stupid that was oh my god it’s so bad she does so many weird things in that scene from like jumping off of walls and just like when she first gets the ball she’s just like batting it back and forth between her arms and it’s supposed to be like impressive and cool it’s just a horrible scene it’s the worst scene in that film i wish they would have just cut it it’s not funny or neat in any way it’s just like the whole film embarrassing it’s not just the worst moment for dc it’s the worst moment for all time in movies outside of movies just all time it was worse than the bubonic plague yeah there’s no way you’re gonna be able to top that worst moment with marvel yeah i’m gonna need some mind bleach again for that just bringing that back up that being said i’m certainly gonna try with my worst moment but my best moment is can you guess i’m guessing it’s probably gonna be tony stark’s escape from the cave no it is going to the end web swinging moment in the spider-man movie um at the very end of spider-man uh when he tells the camera that he is spider-man and we see him swing through the city swing in between traffic go around cranes around buildings and end up on the american flag it was a moment that was not only great as an american um you know coming off the tragedy of 9 11 the year prior it was a moment that was also great as a comic book fan um seeing something that was kind of so abstract in the comic books in the static pages of the comics seeing your favorite characters swing around the city how it was brought to life within this final moment was so awe-inspiring and made you believe that we can now pretty much do anything with movies whereas before we were always kind of hampered with visual effects this movie was kind of ahead of its time in how realistic it presented the hero yeah yeah definitely like you know how superman the movie made you believe a man could fly this movie and this specific scene definitely made me believe that a man could swing across the city and it was just majestic and it’s just so enviable too because i know that i’ll never be able to do it and i really really want to so bad you have no idea how bad i want to web swing but um this is as close as most of us will get outside of like the video game you know so yeah best moment for me my runner-up goes to the iron man film when tony stark said i am iron man at the end of that movie i thought it was an incredibly bold decision on behalf of marvel studios to kind of forego a lot of the tropes that we had seen in previous superhero franchises not only did they make a film that far surpassed the works of their studio peers they made a film that was ballsy and willing to venture into territory that no other films had done before i thought that last final moment was such a shocker especially considering that tony stark had only recently revealed his secret identity to the world just a few years prior to that movie coming out so it was quite a recent development in the comic books and the fact that they went there i thought was really cool it’s funny that your top two moments are like at the end of the film with the characters saying like who they are like who am i i’m spider-man i am iron man it’s like the same moment yeah and it’s kind of like a neat little way to book into the decade that’s cool that’s true what’s your worst moment though it definitely competes with catwoman’s basketball scene this is the what i call the baraka pool scene from x-men origins wolverine where we see this mysterious antagonistic character emerge from the shadows to fight against wolverine and we realize that it’s freaking deadpool and he shunts these blades out of his arms and his mouth is sewn shut and he’s half naked and hairless with a bunch of lines drawn on his body it was [ __ ] ridiculous it was so bad i need mind bleach for that one too thank god we already reviewed that movie so i don’t ever have to talk about it ever again i mean but luckily for you like that scene was also kind of retconned out of existence thanks to deadpool 2. yeah that was hilarious no one’s retconing the catwoman basketball scene out of existence that just exists you know nothing you could do with that nothing that can be done maybe the flash will in flash point like he’ll be traveling through time then he comes across patience phillips playing basketball and then he takes it away from her and says no and then runs away we could only hope okay moving on to the final three awards starting with best actress this of course goes to the best female actor within a marvel or dc film in the 2000s decade starting things off with marvel if i had to guess who the best actress was i would probably say jennifer connolly from anglia’s hulk i did not give it to her because i didn’t think she had a large enough role i gave the award to famke janssen for her portrayal of jean grey i won’t hold x-men 3 against her because like with thomas jane’s punisher i think she was a victim of the weak story that being said i do think that she did turn in a good performance within x-men 3 especially where she was like seducing wolverine in one moment and then asking him to kill her and the next i thought that was pretty powerful performance at the end of x-men 2 when she sacrifices herself to raise the jet out of the water above alkali lake i thought that was another great acting moment i just think that famka jensen is an amazing actress and i think she did a really good job in this role i wish that she had been given more to do within these films because she would have knocked it out of the park i mean she did have a pretty big role in x-men 3. yeah but in the third act she was kind of regulated to lady who stands around and looks menacing that’s that’s very true what about your runner-up my runner-up goes to this was a hard one jennifer garner as elektra now electro was a [ __ ] movie it was just really bad but i do think that jennifer garner is a quality actress who again was done no favors by the weak ass story that being said i think she did exactly what the role called for her to do and she did an amazing job physically within that role her action scenes were top-notch she was in impeccable shape in the course of that film this is a really bizarre choice i do not understand this choice was it like the playground scene that sold you or was it like when she got killed early on tragically i well this mainly comes from the electric movie not from the daredevil movie oh even worse is it though i just think that out of all the actresses that i had available to me within this decade she definitely handled the action the best like bar none and she handled her performance well all right i mean you’re the marvel guy that’s right i am don’t question me i am marble guy the worst actress i think of the 2000s decade was jessica alba primarily for her performance in the first fantastic four movie that came out in 2005 i did think she had a markedly improved performance in the rise of the silver surfer film but anytime she said anything any line delivery within the 2005 fantastic four film i thought it was cringe inducing she is tremendous to look at she is very attractive but for a while there it was really hard to watch her thank god that she did improve yeah you can learn more about our thoughts on the fantastic four films from the 2000s decade in our reviews of those films who do you think was better jennifer garner or jessica alba like obviously jennifer garner at least she didn’t give a cringe-inducing performance i mean you’re probably right giving it to jessica alba i would not have given the runner up to jennifer garner i would have given that to jennifer connolly it’s hard it’s hard to judge jennifer connolly’s performance considering that you know her role is damsel in distress and love interest you know i think a lot of actors can do that it’s another thing altogether to put on the tights do you think jennifer garner can’t play damsel in distress and love interest just as well the role doesn’t require much that’s fair that’s fair moving on to dc which actors would you say gave the best performance halle berry by far in catwoman what oh why could you put on tights i’m trying to think of another dc actress uh so you’re probably gonna have to give it to a supporting role uh my guess is it’s gonna go to natalie portman in v for vendetta no i’m actually giving it to rachel vice for constantine she was like the one actress in the dc films of that decade that had a role that was as substantive as the title character that’s true yeah and she did great yeah she’s a great actress she was a really good actress and her performance and her character really moved the narrative along in a nice way in a substantial way in that film yeah going from like a skeptic to a full-blown psychic to even being demon possessed uh she had a lot to do on that movie and i think she gave a great performance the runner-up for best actress goes to natalie portman who also had a substantial role in her film v for vendetta alongside hugo weaving in a way even though she wasn’t the title character of the film she was the main character she was the protagonist yeah and she definitely had the most powerful scenes in that movie but uh i’ll agree that she gets the runner up just because her british accent was pretty off yeah it was off but hey she also had to shave her head like in real life yeah that that’s major points right there yep the worst actress goes to halle berry yep who embarrassingly just came off of her oscar win from monsters ball to star on this film that’s right because she was holding her oscar as she accepted her raspberry oh really i didn’t know that yeah and it was a well-deserved razzie as well i don’t know what she was thinking with that role it kind of really hurt her career in her next film she had to go topless just to try and salvage her career so in a way maybe we should be grateful for catwoman no it wasn’t worth it damn and that says it all that’s how bad that this catwoman role was right the fact that jonathan’s not even willing to look on the bright side of things just highlights the awfulness of patience phillips character it doesn’t get worse and with that let’s move on to our best actor award celebrating the best male performances within these films now as far as best dc actor i probably gotta give it to hugo weaving who portrayed b uh no it’s going to heath ledger for his oscar-winning performance dammit what the heck i’m stupid i don’t have anything i’m just dumb that was a total brain fart on my part as the joker it was just a master work the oscar was absolutely deserved it was so tragic that was you know given posthumously but uh he was just unrecognizable in the role i couldn’t recognize his voice i could barely recognize his mannerisms he completely transformed himself for the joker in a way that was almost scary you know hearing the backstories of how you know he spent time in a hotel just really getting into the character’s mindset speaks volumes to the level of dedication that he put into the role but the runner-up is hugo weaving for v right so i wanted to give him the runner-up i did think he did a fantastic job acting through the mask and with that in mind i realized that there was another performance behind a mask that was equally as good and that was jackie earl haley as rorschach he gets my runner-up reward oh not only was he good with the mask you could see every emotion he was feeling but without the mask when he was in prison his performance was no less powerful even more so he’s one of the most underrated actors i think in hollywood yeah i’d like to see him take on more work uh but i know he’s incredibly selective with his roles good choice good choice for sure for some reason i didn’t even consider the watchman stuff but i think they all gave great performances in that film except for matthew good who gets my award for the worst actor oh really okay yeah i think ultimately he was too young for the role and he just frankly gave a lazy performance as ozzy medius yeah it was a little um it was a little off he didn’t quite strike me as a character from the comic books maybe a little bit too pompous even though that’s one of the defining traits of the character he really took that trait and ran with it you’re right i didn’t think matthew good was a good match uh performance wise or physicality wise you know he was just a little bit too scrawny for a guy who was supposed to be at like peak physical condition yeah but that’s the best and worst from dc in the 2000s for marvel i think that the best male performance was given by robert denny jr uh you may be right but i’m giving the award to hugh jackman mainly because robert downey jr got the award for the 2010s decade oh gosh and i wanted to give it to hugh jackman because i do think that hugh gave just a solid of a performance but that his performance was more influential within these early superhero movie years that’s fair i mean even in x-men origins wolverine he gave a great performance yeah he was definitely the best part of that movie so it kind of swapped it so for the 2010s brothers awards robert downey jr got the best actor and hugh jackman got the best runner up and now it’s hugh jackman gets the best actor and rdj gets runner-up the worst actor goes to wes bentley who played black heart in the 2007 ghost rider film oh yeah i totally forgot about him that’s crazy cause wes bentley is a good actor yeah he is i really liked him in a beautiful mind and he’s been good in a lot of things but in this movie he was just [ __ ] horrible holy [ __ ] like i wanted to give this award initially to nicholas cage but then the more i thought about it wes bentley was way worse like nicolas cage was interesting to say the least but wes bentley was cringe-inducing he was just horribly miscast i think you know he couldn’t pull off sirius and brooding he couldn’t pull off like darkly playful he couldn’t pull off the idea that he was possessed by hundreds of evil people it’s just he’s gonna pull off anything it was really bad but yeah so now time for our last award of the evening or morning or whatever time of day it is when you’re listening to this podcast the best picture award is an important award especially when you’re considering the entire decade picking the best picture or best of anything within the course of a year is fairly simple but when you’re thinking of 10 years you have so many more choices to pull from and therefore it’s harder for any film to get this prize it’s a big deal is what i’m trying to say yeah it’s a very prestigious award way better than an oscar way better now marvel had so many films to come out in the 2000s decade to choose the best one is no small feat but i’m gonna have to say it would be spider-man 2 and you would be correct really i mean obviously it came down to either spider-man 2 x-men 2 or iron man right out of those 3 i think spider-man 2 was more influential to the genre was the most emotionally resonant and had the best villain it was such an enjoyable film from start to finish and yeah we went through that whole thing where peter parker loses his powers and walks to sink into the rain but i felt like that sort of dorky jokey humor was very much in keeping with the spirit of peter parker they definitely took that too far in the subsequent film when he’s like dancing down the sidewalk and in the jazz club for sure but um in this movie i thought it was charming i thought everything about spider-man 2 was charming yeah that’s a great way to describe the film i think as tragic as the story was the fact that they made everything so charming it was just a testament to the filmmakers of the performances i think absolutely was the best film for marvel in that decade so yeah it definitely deserves the award my runner-up goes to x2 x-men united i was really torn between giving it to x2 or to iron man and in the end i chose x2 simply because i think it helped define the decade more than iron man did x2 had great action had an amazing story just an incredible story probably still the best x-men film story to date telling a tale that felt both relevant and thrilling and villain wise freaking brian cox crushed it as william striker i just love everything about that movie yeah both of your choices i think definitely set a standard for superhero cinema like in terms of action for x2 and in terms of just like emotionality for spider-man 2. those are really good choices i think thanks now the worst award for marvel for the 2000s decade shouldn’t come as much surprise there are quite a few franchises and films that came out that i haven’t even touched on within these awards mainly because they weren’t horrible enough or spectacular enough to deserve the best or the worst like the blade franchise or the hulk films or punisher war zone ultimately i think that the worst movie was x-men origins wolverine primarily because the way it butchered the wolverine origin story just how nonsensical the plot was the visual effects were atrocious a lot of it was not only just bad it was also disrespectful to the source material i mean i didn’t think it was that bad what the hell man are you saying that during the review and i’ll yeah you john and adam just pouncing on me for that yeah a lot of [ __ ] i agree it was definitely the worst and there were a lot of bad marvel films during that decade like daredevil like ghost rider like blake trinity or elektra um but yeah that one probably definitely takes the cake moving on to dc for best picture i don’t think it’s any surprise you could probably guess it right off the bat dark knight yes absolutely the dark knight is in my opinion one of the best superhero movies ever made if not the best superhero movie ever made and one of the best movies in general not just in the genre it changed cinema and definitely superhero films going forward after that any other superhero film that was not of quality was definitely even more frowned upon because it just showed what you could do within the genre of superhero films absolutely i think the level of [ __ ] that we were accepting prior to the dark knight films like elektra films like catwoman we absolutely were not going to have any more of that after the dark knight it raised the bar everything in terms of its performances to the direction to the cinematography to the score just put it at such a completely different level above anything else that had come prior to it and it’s seen as a highly prestigious film nowadays you know uh just recently being accepted into the national archive for example yeah that’s huge yeah dc has two films in there how many does marvel have exactly we can’t hear you above all the billions of dollars that we’re making now it was obvious that the dark knight was going to be your number one and we even rated that film five stars in our review what i don’t know is what your runner-up is gonna be because i find it impossible to choose between watchmen and v for vendetta or batman begins three oh yeah were really really great films yeah ultimately i went with v for vendetta because watchmen is semi-controversial um and i think vfr vendetta is just a standalone film that gets better every time i watch it it’s still relevant to this day and it’s cast is just a who’s who of like the best of british actors yeah it was so good i’m always blown away by it and the worst movie was catwoman it’s [ __ ] stupid not much more to say about it that’s the end of the show people i can’t wait to review that movie we’ve said before that that will be the very last episode of this podcast that why because i don’t want to review it i don’t even want to watch it but you watched it twice in theaters oh my gosh oh so good will i ever live it down no you won’t alright guys that does it for this episode’s brothers awards we hope you had a good time with us counting down the best and worst of the years 2000 to 2009 again sorry that we didn’t review the year 2020 but i’m sure you guys can all understand why considering that there wasn’t enough content on marvel’s end on dc’s end there was a lot of content you had two theatrical releases jealous no because it was wonder woman  and birds of prey and both of those movies weren’t great so all right yeah yeah don’t hit the player hit the game uh all right guys let us know what you guys thought about our rewards by writing to us at dynamicdullpodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter you can find links to all of our accounts by visiting our website and on our site you can also find a link to our patreon page where we offer bonus content and our very own marvel vs dc card game called dynamic duel war check 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