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Best podcast ever!

This stuff is AWESOME! These guys are SO funny. They keep me up to date on everything marvel and DC involved! P.S. marvelous Joe is correct! Marvel is better! Sssshhhhh.


Awesome, if you like marvel or dc do not hesitate, you will have a blast with the hosts weather they’re talking about Batman or Spider-Man it’s SUPER (get it) fun P.S. dc sucks, marvel rocks


Teen titans go!!!! Is always better

Perfect balance of debate, humor, and insight.

The two hosts personify their respective fandoms perfectly, leading to interesting debate and some pretty hilarious banter. Would highly recommend. Also you guys need to get Blast from our past for a good movie. I don’t forget.

Best podcast ever!

This stuff is AWESOME! These guys are SO funny. They keep me up to date on everything marvel and DC involved! P.S. marvelous Joe is correct! Marvel is better! Sssshhhhh.

Best Comic and Film Superhero Podcast!

Hwy guys, been listening to your podcast every week for about 2 years now! You guys have been one of my inspiration to start getting into podcasts! I love the news segments you do and also I can now officially say I've listened to every podcast you guys have made! They've helped me so much when I've had a stressful day at work and just needed something to relax and distract my mind! I love the knowledge you two have about DC and Marvel and you guys have me so interested in both topics now! Although I will say DC is better than Marvel haha! Thank you guys!

Love you guys

Been listening about a 8 months now. You guys save me from long days at work an free laughs an legitimate knowledge with a humble twist. After listening to 2 episodes I was hooked went back all the way to episode one an now almost 10 episodes from catching up! Keep it up. And here’s that 5 star! Guess this didnt go through when i tried to send it about 3 years ago but saved the draft? Lol Same feeling great show.

Well done

It's a great balance that informs me about the uniqueness of Marvel and DC and their universes. I love hearing new info on familiar characters and new info on unfamiliar characters. Its a podcast that's unlike any other superhero podcast, and I'm here for it. Great job guys!

Great podcast

Thank you

I believe this podcast is amazing, and you have saved me from many boring car rides with your entertainment's, all my friends are stupid marvel fans so it's nice to hear another DC supporter, I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone, every Tuesday release is the high light of my week, keep up the good work. DC will be the final victor!

Awesome podcast

These guys are funny. Love to hear their discussions on comic characters.

Podcast for the Comic Book Inclined

I was following this show for a while with Google. After my PS5 & YouTube accounts were shaken down for all there worth I had to find the goods here on iTunes. This is a definite go to for any lover of Marvel, DC or both (even though great biased convo is part of the show depending on who’s on the mic) Thanks for the goods!

Avenue's review

I love the podcast 😍


This podcast is the only thing that gets me through my labor intensive job. I’m a new listener so i’m able to listen to multiple of the older episodes and it makes my day. Highly recommend this podcast!!!


The best podcast I’ve ever listened too! I would highly recommend this podcast GO DC!!!! Oh my god!! Thanks for the shoutout!

These guys are the best

Quality Marvel and DC topics, reviews, and BATTLES?!?! These guys truly are the best at what they do, and what they do isn't just nice, its Incredible! It's Fantsastic! It's Astonishing! All comic tie-ins aside, Joe and Johnny are great hosts, and so knowledgeable in the worlds of Marvel and DC, both in comic and televised media! Definitelly a top shelf podcast!

The brothers are awesome and have a good deal of solid interaction...though Johnny can be blinded by his love of DC.

These guys are great. Their very enthusiastic about marvel and DC (some more than most) and are very entertaining. If I had to pick something to listen to for the rest of my life, this is it. Love Jon, love Joe, love that Jon called me a little shit, 10s across the board.

DC rules Marvel drools


Wowza wowza wowza I absolutely LOVE this podcast! It helps me learn the backgrounds of my favorite DC and Marvel characters and then WHO WOULD WIN! This podcast gives us a beautiful example of what superhero crossovers SHOULD BE ABOUT! THANOS V DARKSEID! THAT ALONE SHOULD MAKE YOU WANT TO LISTEN! This is the perfect podcast for both Marvel AND DC fans, and it’s sure not to disappoint.


This podcast is amazing amazing amazing I am I love this I am a nerd and I just love hearing these back stories and seeing perspectives on reviews in movies it’s just an all-around amazing podcast five stars

The best podcast EVER

I found this podcast from a recommendation from my dad. I started listening, because I was curious, from the first episode I listened to, I was HOOKED. I love how much detail you guys put into in the fights. (My favorite part) whenever I see a new episode I want to listen right away. When I listen, nothing can distract me. you guys go into so much detail on the characters backstory and I think your ideas for which characters you choose to pit against each other is fabulous! I would definitely recommend this to friends, and can very truthfully say that this is the best podcast that has ever been created. Keep up the great work! (Go DC!) (P.S, my favorite episode is hellcat v catwoman. Funniest one yet! :)

But dat backflip doe

Sinister Six plus one versus Legion of Doom. That includes Professor Zoom, Lex Luthor, Solomon Grundy, Deathstroke, Cheetah and Malcolm Merlyn and Black Manta

Dynamic duel

Podcast is amazing.

Entertaining and engrossing

You can never get bored listening, whether you’re finding out more about characters or enjoying the rival banter between the brothers’ opposing Marvel and DC views. Easily favourite podcast as a comic book heroes and villains fan.

Amazing Podcast people for all Marvel and DC Fans Alike

As an obsessive marvel and DC stan who watches and keeps track with all Marvel and DC Films, Shows and Comics every week this podcast is just brilliance. The matchups selected are great and the reviews are must-hear. Overall, it is a show that I listen to every week and enjoy. My love for this podcast is increasing every episode. the music during the history's for each character is very good. What's not to like. P.S. :- the team matchups are one in a kind

Fun and informative

As a superhero movie fan it’s wonderful to learn backgrounds on my favorite characters and ones that I don’t know either. The duels are a blast and I love the banter between the hosts!

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can!

Director Hayward versus Jim Gordon

It works!!!!!!

Apple podcast subscription works! My happiness is immeasurable!