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You guys are awesome I love dc and also marvel to some extent you guys really talk about the things I wanna hear👍🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻🥷🏻

So well spoken and nicely build. Like both tur reviews and duels. Keep up guys. Up up and away true believers.

Love this podcast. They know their Marvel and DC characters.

Love the nerdy content

Love the detailed breakdown and this show is a unique idea.

This is my favorite light content podcast. I really enjoy learning about all of my favorite characters from my youth. Particularly as they all are finding a place on screen. The chemistry between the brothers is fantastic. They love each other but constantly are jabbing each other. It’s just plain fun. ( and keeps me ahead of everyone on DC/Marvel knowledge) Not to mention the business tidbits that I use to help make investment decisions.

Great podcast. A weekly listen for sure.

Awesome podcast. Very well researched and the battles are pretty dang close. Keep it up guys! From your pals at Nerds United.

Been listening to these guys for some time, the podcasts are hilarious, fun and very enjoyable. You can tell these two are true fans.

Great podcast, I really love the duel episodes.

I've been listening to this podcast for almost 3 years. They've become a weekly staple. I've learned so much about the comic book world, and get to hear fantastic speculative duels between beloved characters. Awesome show. Highly recommend!

Awesome show with great hosts! It's like checking in with two friends each week!

This podcast has become a weekly ritual, new episodes drop on Tuesdays, but I listen to it the following day. I have yet to be disappointed in an episode, to be so consistent with their content is a feat that rivals Thor or Superman. If you want insight on superhero news that comes from a couple of dudes that holster some serious knowledge look no further. If you want history on your favorite DC or Marvel comics Characters and then listen to them compete in a no holds barred fight to the death this is the podcast for you. Keep them coming gentlemen and I'll keep listening.

What do I think of this Podcast? I think these 2 very well versed brothers have something special here. They bring to us weekly reviews, news, battles, and fun banter that is unmatched. They give us, the comic fans, that What If? Scenario that no one else can do in the way that they do. What do I think of this Podcast? I think that they are the ONLY podcast that provides there brand of entertainment, and I listen to it daily. YOU SHOULD TOO.

I have no complaints with this podcast if you love superheroes and superhero movies and series’s this is the best podcast ever the witty banter and creativity during duel episodes is fun to listen to and imagine and review episodes give accurate ratings and arguments.

Dynamic duel is an amazing podcast. I've been listening for almost 2 years now and I haven't missed a week. Their movie reviews and battle simulations are super entertaining and their news segment is informative and funny. I highly recommend this podcast.

Excellent podcast. Been a long time listener and started my podcast really because I loved how much fun the hosts have

Such a great podcast! Have been listening for quite some time, and figured they’re due for a review. I love the rivalry between them, and love how they don’t take into account “uncharacteristic feats of strength”. Their episode format is also very nice, and sound quality is great too!

Amazing show!

Great podcast! A lot of fun to listen to, while learning all about your favorite and new favorite comic book characters!

Fun, educational, often hilarious.. genuinely a quality show pitting Marvel and DC characters against each other in mock battles. Also love the film and TV reviews.


A great podcast for fans of Marvel, DC, or geekdom in general.

This podcast is perfect for any comic book movie fan- Marvel or DC. They are great to show you new and interesting characters and movies you may have never heard of before.

Awesome podcast with great news and entertainment. Exactly what I was looking for since I enjoy both DC and Marvel I get all the news and get to cheer for my favorite characters on both sides as they pit them against each other.

Absolutely love these guys! Best segment has to be “question of the week”. It’s so engaging and makes the audience feel like part of the show.

They’re funny and entertaining! Their show has a great mix of Superhero news, movie reviews, and updates, and of course their scientific method battle simulations. Great show! Well done!

Finally, a podcast that covers Marvel and DC

The Dynamic Duel Podcast is the perfect show for fans of Marvel and DC Comics, or movies. The hosts are both great, and have a perfect format for the show. (DC forever)

This is my favorite podcast!

It is good to listen to on breaks. It keeps you up to date on current marvel and dc news, and gives good in-depth descriptions. They also have a fun dynamic and are very funny.

Just pure fun

I’ve now listened to every duel episode since they started (thank you pandemic), and I so appreciate what these guys do. Everything about the podcast is fun, professional, fun, compelling, and most of all fun. While they play up the Marvel/ DC animosity, both brothers clearly love superheroes in all their forms, and that enthusiasm comes out in their work. Keep up the great work!


The best podcast I’ve ever listened too! I would highly recommend this podcast GO DC!!!! Oh my god!! Thanks for the shoutout!