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April 20, 2021

Rick Flag vs Nick Fury

Rick Flag vs Nick Fury

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:13 - No-Prize Time • 0:08:48 - Lucy Liu joins Shazam: Fury of the Gods as villain Calypso and Pilou Asbaek cast in Aquaman 2 • 0:10:56 - Question of the Week • 0:11:54 - Rick Flag vs Nick Fury intro • 0:14:47 - Nick Fury p...

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• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:03:13 - No-Prize Time • 0:08:48 - Lucy Liu joins Shazam: Fury of the Gods as villain Calypso and Pilou Asbaek cast in Aquaman 2 • 0:10:56 - Question of the Week • 0:11:54 - Rick Flag vs Nick Fury intro • 0:14:47 - Nick Fury profile and powers • 0:23:10 - Rick Flag profile and powers • 0:33:51 - Fight speculation • 0:41:11 - Duel results • 0:44:20 - Sign off

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Executive producers: John Speas, Jace Crump, Ken Johnson, Zachary Hepburn, John Starosky and John Bechinina

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 [Music] hi welcome to the dynamic duel podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between marvel and dc by comparing their characters in stat based battle simulations i’m johnny dc and i’m his twin brother marvelous joe and after a couple of reviews we’re getting back to a duel episode this time repeating rick flag against nick fury rick vs nick both of these characters are like spy characters they’re actually i think pretty similar and we’ll find out more about them later on in the episode when we break down the characters histories before running stat simulations to find out who would win in a fight yeah this will be more of a bare bones fight even though both characters have access to awesome gadgets but compared to like the kilowog beta ray bill fight this will be much more down to earth yeah and of course this episode is coming off of our last episode in which we reviewed iron man 2 in which nick fury is a character and it’s also a lead up to our upcoming suicide squad versus defenders episode which would have been next episode but we’re reviewing falcon and the winter soldier instead and then after that we’re gonna do the big team battle and of course rick flag is a key member of suicide squad yeah before we get into the matchup we’re gonna break down the comic book movie news items from the past week of which there wasn’t a lot of news no slow news week yeah the big thing really is some dc casting news with lucy liu joining shazam fury of the gods and pilu aspic joining aquaman 2. as always we list our segment times in our episode description so feel free to check out the show notes if you want to skip ahead to a particular topic remember guys if you want to support the show there are three ways that you can do it first way is you can follow us on social media particularly instagram because we’re trying to get to 1 000 followers there and once we do that we have a special surprise for you guys you can also rate or review us on your platform of choice whether it be apple podcasts or podchaser that really helps and you can also join us on patreon where jonathan and i have a discord set up with our patrons where we get to shoot the [ __ ] all the time you know get into arguments with each other and then you know everybody else gets to see jonathan and i arguing it’s a good time but you also get access to bonus content such as blooper reels and our monthly bracket brawl tournament duels thanks to everyone who supports the show we see you guys and we love you i mean are we at that point in our relationship where we could freely say that i feel comfortable with it it’s been like five years why not but with that out of the way quick to the no prize [Music] a no prize is an award marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic duel no prize is a digital award we post on social media that jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was coming off of the new loki trailer and the batman the long halloween part 1 trailer that’s the dc animated film that’s coming out this summer both projects are coming out around the same time and we asked you guys which trailer got you most pumped we’ve got a few answers i have a few honorable mentions to get through and then we’ll announce the no prize winner our first honorable mention goes to santa faruman who said i’d say the uh long halloween trailer but just narrowly because i really like seeing jensen ackles and i wanted him to be batman and cw which they obviously went in a different direction unfortunately but yeah i think it’s cool that he at least gets his he gets what he deserves animated he would be a pretty cool red hood though uh and i’m santa farland cheers yeah of course justin eckles did the voice for red hood in the really popular under the red hood animated film he was fan cast in a lot of like batman family related roles throughout the years and he never really got the opportunity to pick any of those roles up in live action which is a shame because his cosplays that he does for halloween of like the red hood and batman they’re insanely cool yeah they are really good he’s a great cosplayer we mentioned in our breakdown of the trailer last week that you thought jensen echols had a really good batman voice and i was like to me he sounds like red hood yeah no honestly i wasn’t even thinking about the cast ink when i heard the trailer i was just so excited that this long halloween film is going to exist you know i always thought jensen eckles would make the perfect hal jordan though he’d also make like a good nightwing he’d make a good he’s too old for nightwing now that’s true he’s a good batman age though so this role works for him yeah our next honorable mention goes to nate who said i’m looking forward to loki over batman long halloween but the long halloween trailer was definitely very intrigued concept of batman letting damien go out trick or treating for the first time and staying pastor’s curfew that’s going to cause some tension between the father-son relationship plus batman dresses up as ivy that’s insane by the way this is nate who doesn’t watch trailers that’s right if you remember from our one division review we asked you guys do you watch all the trailers for a given film or project and nate was the one who didn’t watch any trailers because he didn’t want anything to get spoiled so nice call back nate that being said you forgot to mention the part of this trailer where tim drake goes teeping and nightwing and batgirl throw a raging halloween kegger and they’re like this is a long halloween you remember that i don’t remember any of this from the trailer you know what i’d still watch this hell yeah great answer always appreciate the funny ones and still respect the heck out of nate’s commitment to not watching trailers our final honorable mention goes to zack hepburn who said hey guys zach hepburn here and i have to say i definitely enjoyed the batman long halloween trailer way more than the loki one because i’ve been waiting forever for them to make a long halloween movie and dc rules of marvel sucks so i mean obviously the batman trailer oh dropping them lie bombs those not truth bombs i don’t know i think it’s pretty spot-on marvel’s way better first of all but as i understand it the long halloween is a quintessential batman story that fans have been clamoring for a animated or live-action adaptation of for a long time yeah absolutely you know it’s the birth of of harvey dent as twoface and it’s just a really really compelling interesting story that uses a ton of batman’s rogues it’s everything you would want in a batman story and again i love the fact that not only are they making this film but it seems to be hopefully in continuity with the larger dc animated universe the new one that they’re establishing fingers crossed there yeah and hopefully they take their time at building this new universe i want like each character to get their own solo film before we see the justice league so we’ve had superman getting batman we’re getting the wonder woman movie slash justice society film yeah hopefully we get to see green lantern and the flash in their own animated films in this universe before they all team up and aquaman and aquaman before we announce the no prize winner we want to give a special thank you to mickey madden gehen who also took the time to go onto our website hit that record button and share his views with us thank you so much to everyone who does that we love hearing from you guys whether you make it onto the episode or not but the winner of this week’s no prize is patrick jeffries who said hey guys this is patrick from tennessee big fan i just got through watching the loki trailer and the batman trailer both of them look pretty good but i gotta say the loki trailer really blew me out of the water we’ve been waiting for his redemption arc for so long it looks like they stayed true to his character he’s still got a little sinister side and owen wilson is there come on in a semi-serious role i love that and i’m excited to see what’s going to come out of it the way he said owen wilson’s there come on makes me think that this actually was owen wilson responding under the guise of patrick jeffries but uh no owen wilson he has such just like a lovable quirky charm to him he easily straddles the line between comedy and drama in a way that few other actors can so i’m looking forward to it and i’m looking forward to loki’s new redemption arc we know that he kind of had one within the events of the movies thor the dark world thor ragnarok and avengers infinity war the loki that’s in the show is a variant on that loki so it’ll be interesting to see what kind of parallels we find between these two redemption stories yeah the show just looks like it’s it’s going to be amazing i’m actually looking forward to it even as a dc fan can’t wait to see it that said i do have to point out that although the winner of this week’s no prize went to someone who gave the answer of loki we did get more answers for the long halloween quality over quantity what can i tell you but congrats again to patrick jeffries aka owen wilson for winning this week’s no prize if you the listener want a shot at winning your own no prize stay tuned to later on this episode when we’ll be asking another question of the week and now that that’s done on to the news so we learned this past week that lucy liu has been cast as one of the villains in the shazam sequel fury of the gods right she’ll be playing the role of calypso who is one of the daughters of atlas alongside helen mirren who’s playing caspera and possibly rachel ziegler though we don’t know the name of her character yet rachel zegler is a newcomer i think this is only her second film that she’s ever done she’s gonna be maria in steven spielberg’s west side story and she’s colombian so you’re gonna have a latina actress with an asian american and an english woman as the villains it’s a pretty diverse villainous cast there well just like the shazam family for sure for sure it’s been a while since we’ve seen lucy lou i don’t think i’ve seen her in anything since kill bill because i never watched elementary yeah i think you’re right i don’t think i’ve seen her in anything else you know in the theaters at least she’s a talented actress yeah but she’s also a talented director i do know that she did direct some episodes of the luke cage netflix show what really in season two yeah i don’t remember that that’s cool yeah she’s talented and so is helen mirren it’s always great when you see talent coming on board a project because if talent is attracted to it it’s gotta be good yeah looking forward to seeing like what their costumes look like and how this whole shazam film turns out another talented actor joined dc this past week pilu aspect has been cast in the aquaman 2 film although we have no idea who he’s playing if you’re not familiar with his name he played euron greyjoy in game of thrones he’s also been in some other films like overlord he was also in the live-action ghost in the shell yeah he’s a danish actor he’s super talented love to hate him in game of thrones he was only on that show for like the last couple of seasons which had a shorter episode account but he became such a force of nature within that show yeah he has quite the range his performance as euron greyjoy was pretty unhinged and yet in ghost in the shell he was really subdued and calm but it was still a noteworthy performance because he had to wear these things over his eyes and he still had to act through that i always thought he’d make a good lobo oh he totally would that’s right who do you think he’s playing in this movie honestly i have no idea that’s a great question is it a great enough question for the question of the week as a matter of fact it is this week’s question of the week who do you hope pilu aspic will play in aquaman 2 gotta dig down deep i feel like this is gonna be a hard question for most people because aquaman doesn’t have the greatest rogues gallery rogues gallery who says he’s gonna be rogue he may be an ally that’s true but you have to know your aquaman characters regardless so maybe go listen to our aquaman versus submariner episode to get the backstory on him yeah i think that was a reduel episode yeah and record your answer at by clicking on the red microphone button in the bottom right hand corner which will prompt you to leave us a voicemail your message can be up to 30 seconds long and don’t forget to leave your name in case we include you on the podcast we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media be sure to answer before april 24th but i think that does it for all the news for this episode again it was a slow news week guys but now we’re gonna get into the main event of this episode where we find out who would win in a fight between rick flagg and nick fury so let’s do it okay rick flag versus nick fury one leads the suicide squad and the other leads the shield organization and they both have four letter f word last names but not that four letter f word we’re talking about the flag versus the fury now i think most people would think that a good match-up for nick fury would actually be amanda waller considering she’s really the head of the suicide squad organizations and you know she’s a government agent and everything like that but she’s not a field operative in the same way that nick fury is right right so i thought rick flagg was a good substitute considering he’s amanda waller’s right hand man and a soldier yeah both characters are proficient in armed and unarmed combat they both have legacies established with nick fury senior and nick fury jr and rick flag senior rick flag jr right they have a lot in common yeah this should be a good duel if you’ve never listened to one of our duel episodes before the way we determine a winner between these two characters is by running 1 000 monte carlo simulations using their statistics now monte carlo simulation is a probabilistic model used to determine outcomes through random sampling and in our case it randomizes statistics along a normal distribution which is a bell curve as a way to simulate the many variables that can occur during battle the stat parameters we use are based on the official marvel power grid and we use that criteria to extrapolate the dc characters stats we’ve included some additional stat categories of our own including range damage potential versatility and perception in order to create a more complete and robust simulation now running these 1000 simulations gives us a percentage of wins for each character and we declare the one with the higher percentage to be the ultimate victor considering that they’re more likely to win any given battle now no character ever wins 100 of the time comics have shown that there’s always a way for batman to defeat superman we feel our method falls in line with the precedents that have been established in the comic book stories and we use this method because it was the least subjective most unbiased way to determine who would win of course we’re both heavily biased toward our respective allegiances and instead of debating these matches forever we just let the math decide for us so there’s no fan votes here and no relying on just feats before we run the simulations however we like to break down each character’s histories and abilities before improvising a scenario on how we imagine one of the 1000 simulations we run would play out beat for beat and i think it’s my turn to go first this episode with the backstory of nick fury so let me go ahead and tell you all about him now nicholas joseph fury was born in 1920s new york city to world war one veteran jack fury growing up in the poor rough neighborhood of hell’s kitchen nick became an amateur boxer training with the new york city police athletic league nick traveled overseas to fight alongside european troops against the growing nazi threat prior to world war ii he trained with british commandos where he was discovered to be a crack shot and was recruited to a mission in holland where he met his best friend dumb dumb dugan a former circus strongman nick returned home to enlist in the us army where after basic training he was stationed at show field barracks in hawaii which was tasked with helping protect the us navy base pearl harbor nick swore revenge on the axis forces after the japanese attack on the base and joined the army rangers where he was promoted to sergeant nick fury and was assigned a unit of specially trained soldiers they took on some of the most dangerous missions of the war primarily across europe and were nicknamed the howling commandos for their wahoo battle cry they would shout before kicking all kinds of nazi ass nick and his commandos were the rock stars of allied battlefronts gruff unpredictable yet highly effective in completing missions they occasionally teamed up with other heroes of the era such as captain america and bucky whom you can learn more about in our commander steel vs captain america episode and our robin vs winter soldier episode respectively the howling commandos were regularly successful in stopping baron wolfgang von strucker and his personal military force called hydra nick and baron von strucker became mortal enemies during the war and beyond and hydra would prove to be a threat for outlasting its nazi roots toward the end of the war nick lost his left eye from shrapnel caused from a grenade blast that resulted in his optic nerve being severed he wore his trademark eye patch from then forward after the fall of the third reich nick began working for the office of strategic services which was a precursor to the central intelligence agency while in france he was severely injured by a landmine to save his life he was injected with an experimental serum known as the infinity formula which would from then on drastically slow his aging process nick then served as an espionage agent for the cia against communist forces rising through the agency’s ranks to colonel nick fury and later acting as a liaison to exchange pertinent data with relevant costumed superheroes against supervillain threats across the world this led him to work with other heroes such as the fantastic four the avengers doctor strange and more his experience in fighting global terror resulted in his appointment as the director of the strategic homeland intervention enforcement and logistics division aka shield an international law enforcement and intelligence agency sanctioned by the united nations and led by the world security council nick recruited many of his former helen commandos including dum dum dugan as well as new recruits including contessa valentina allegra de la fontaine who is nick’s longtime love interest together that’s a mouthful that’s what she said together the organization stopped and assisted other heroes against worldwide threats particularly hydra that war with hydra resulted in a weapons technology race with shield engineers working around the clock to provide agents with the latest weapons gadgets and gear to compete against baron von strucker and his evil army one of the most advanced technologies shield employed was the life model decoy robot aka and lmd which would be designed and programmed to resemble agents in the field for purposes of deception over time as shield grew into a large organization nick realized that many of his friends within shield had been killed and replaced by these lmd’s who had become sentient and tried to take over disillusioned and not knowing who to trust nick disbanded the agency and restarted shield from the ground up later a shield investigation uncovered that many low-level tech-based supervillains in america were secretly equipped by the eastern european nation of latveria which dr doom ruled over nick presented this evidence to the us government who declined to take official action sensing an imminent threat nick fury went rogue and covertly banded a group of superheroes together to topple the liberian government when liberia launched a destructive counter-attack on u.s soil the truth of nick’s actions came out and he was forced to resign from shield and go into hiding to avoid persecution was this the secret war yes agent maria hill then took over as the director of shield while in hiding nick learned of the impending scroll invasion of earth and assembled an incognito team of anonymous heroes to stop it including former shield agent daisy johnson also known as quake nick and his secret warriors helped repel the invasion as well as put an end to norman osborn’s takeover of shield which had been renamed to hammer at the time meanwhile an army ranger named marcus johnson came home from a tour in afghanistan after learning his mother nia had passed away while at home he came across blood and a russian bullet casing discovering that his mother had actually been murdered marcus was then ambushed by the villain taskmaster but was rescued by none other than nick fury who had come out of hiding and revealed that he was marcus’s father and that his mom nia used to be a former cia agent who changed her name after she retired from espionage marcus’s birth name was actually nick fury jr in the confusion about this revelation both nick and nick jr were captured by an evil organization called leviathan who had killed nia in order to draw nick fury jr out so they could access the age-halting infinity formula in his blood that he inherited from his father leviathan cut out nick jr’s left eyeball to scan it for the formula while nick slipped his restraints and helped his son escape nick was captured and drained of the infinity formula to restore leviathan’s leader to a youthful state a process which horribly aged nick fury nick jr enlisted the help of his friend phil coulson to save his father and kill leviathan’s leader with nick now aged to nearly 100 years old nick jr and phil coulson joined shield where they became top operatives under director maria hill nick in one of his last acts investigated the removal of one of the eyes of the watcher the watcher being a passive alien observer who lived on the moon recording all the events on earth realizing the only way to know who took the watcher’s eye would be to take his other eye nick killed the watcher and then helped earth’s heroes stop a villain called the orb from using his now infinite knowledge to take over the world the heck the watchers of the other worlds then punished nick for killing earth’s observer by turning nick into a watcher himself oh wow forced to see the events of earth but never interfere now known as the unseen this included watching his son nick jr continue the never ending fight against the ever-present hydra for this matchup i’ll be going with nick fury jr over nick senior since he’s the current active shield official and plus he’s the one most people are probably familiar with since nick fury jr has the likeness resembling samuel l jackson but abilities wise nick fury jr is comparable with nick fury in his prime that is fury is an experienced armed and unarmed combat expert with his training as an army ranger and year serving in the line of duty the infinity formula in his body keeps him from aging and keeps him in perfect physical condition he employs various high powered firearms including a 15 caliber  needles yes shoots needles okay a 60 round automatic machine pistol with spent uranium cores and a plasma beam handgun effective up to 30 meters with a power pack that allows up to 95 seconds of usage he carries several throwing knives grenades and a few other tricks fury’s shield uniform is made of nine ply kevlar and has three modes regular stealth mode which scrambles any surveillance directed at him and kill mode which injects adrenaline and beta blockers into his bloodstream slightly increasing his strength and speed finally fury is highly intelligent and has a near unparalleled strategic mind and that’s nick fury nick here actually has a really cool arc in the comics yeah yeah i liked it and i like how they incorporated his son into a story and everything like that yeah it totally works that’s great it’s great to see a character written so well yeah yeah rick flagg of course is not as popular or prevalent as nick fury in the dc universe but i think his history is pretty interesting as well let me get into that now during world war ii u.s air force captain richard montgomery flag senior and his squadron successfully sank a japanese aircraft carrier captain flagg aka rick was the only surviving member of his team as the others had sacrificed themselves to protect his plane and allow it to drop the primary bomb that destroyed the ship deeply affected by their heroism and sacrifice flag vowed to honor their memory and protect the lives of other soldiers his dedication and drive inspired other soldiers and garnered the attention of his military superiors who hand-picked him to lead squadron s a military unit composed of unruly soldiers disobedient alienated psychotic expendable to the military brass and yet under the leadership of captain flag squadron s aka the suicide squadron became an elite unit in the war successful in seemingly impossible missions is that a retcon or the suicide squad really have its origins in world war ii suicide squad has its origins just after world war ii this is a post-crisis retcon but they did exist before task force acts fascinating most of squadron s survived the war thanks to captain flag who went on to marry sharon rice the cousin of one of his old soldier friends jeb stewart squadron s was reactivated during the korean war with captain flag once again leading the team but after the house of un-american activities committee forced the jsa into retirement in the 1950s which you can learn more about in our jsa versus fantastic four episode president harry s truman was still forced to deal with supervillains and international threats so he created task force x a pair of covert government units one civilian and one military charged with maintaining meta-human crises domestic and abroad jeb stewart oversaw the military branch and pulled captain flack and his soldiers out of korea to serve under task force x around this time flag and his wife had a son rick flagg jr in whom captain flag instilled the same values that he instilled in his soldiers courage duty and sacrifice these same values were exemplified by rick jr’s mom sharon when she was hit and killed by a car that was going to hit rick jr until she pushed him out of the way rick jr was only eight years old when his mom died and rick senior was never the same afterward two years later when a night unstoppable nazi war wheel emerged on american shores captain rick sacrificed himself crashing his plane into the war machine destroying it just before it reached a major city his last words were for his men to tell his son to carry on for him which rick jr vowed to do at his father’s funeral orphaned rick jr was taken in by jeb stewart who raised rick with heroic tales of his father when he was old enough rick went into military academy and graduated at the top of his class he later went to flight school and became a top-rated pilot after which he began training as an astronaut during this training rick met a woman named karen grace the two fell in love with each other but before rick could propose marriage he received a letter from jeb requesting that he lead the newly reactivated suicide squad now primarily a civilian unit composed of four members rick the soldier a physicist named jess bright the astronomer dr hugh evans and karen grace whom rick brought along with him as the team’s medic though the two agreed to hide their relationship the team went public with their exploits battling everything from dinosaurs to kaiju to aliens and gangsters over time both bright and dr evans also fell in love with karen though the two were later killed by a yeti while the team was on a mission in cambodia oh how convenient me thinks foul play no no they sacrificed themselves to save karen and their deaths drove a wedge between her and rick task force x was disbanded afterward rick worked as a government freelancer helping king faraday and the central bureau of intelligence during one mission to rescue their lost agent ben turner aka the bronze tiger who you can learn more about in our bronze tiger vs white tiger episode everything changed years later when a government official named amanda waller came up with the idea to create a new task force x composed of super villains a covert expendable team that gave the government built-in deniability if they were ever caught waller brought on rick to lead the team who in turn chose bronze tiger to be his right hand man during the team’s first initial missions the super villains learned quickly that task force x was a suicide squad and that they were being used for their expendability several team members died during their early missions though one rick was forced to abandon during a mission in soviet russia the villain nemesis waller relieved rick of his command duty upon the team’s return to the states putting bronze tiger in charge instead not long after rick was betrayed by his former sweetheart karen grace to an android army known as the man hunters she had a last minute change of heart however as she sacrificed herself to save rick confessing her continued love to him before she died waller eventually reinstated rick as the suicide squad’s leader after which he brought the team on an unauthorized mission to rescue nemesis from soviet captivity president ronald reagan sent to the justice league international to intervene and rick fought batman nearly to a standstill until batman got the upper hand and put rick in the hospital nonetheless the two teams ended up joining forces to complete rick’s mission and rescue nemesis occasionally the squad ran into a terrorist organization known as jihad a group rick’s father also combated during world war ii after rick discovered he and karen had a son rick flag iii jihad kidnapped the boy though he was later rescued by nemesis and given to an adoptive family on a solo mission rick snuck into jihad’s lair to destroy a prototype nazi atomic bomb that they had gotten a hold of and rick seemingly died when he was attacked by jihad’s leader the villain rustam just before the base exploded in reality rustam teleported himself and rick accidentally to a planet named skarterus using his size scimitar just before the bomb went off there rick managed to kill rustam and use his scimitar to escape back to earth where he was captured and imprisoned for years by the nation of kurak before amanda waller learned of his presence and sent bronze tiger in to rescue him placed in charge of the suicide squad once again rick flagg learned from the squad’s newest recruit a monstrous villain named general wade island that rick flagg’s senior never had a son and that general island brainwashed rick whose real name was anthony miller into believing he was the world war ii hero’s son what using his prior brainwashing to control rick general eilink nearly succeeded in detonating a bomb within amanda waller’s head but it turned out rick flagg was wearing earplugs all along and only pretended to be under the general’s control and he detonated the general’s head bomb instead given the option to resume his past life as anthony miller rick decided to remain on the squad as rick flagg jr flag re-emerged in the comics during the rebirth continuity shift where it was revealed his absence post-flashpoint was the result of him being in a military prison after he refused orders as a colonel that would have gotten his men killed his men were forced to handcuff him and follow through on the orders each one of them dying living with that guilt rick accepted an offer from amanda waller to get out of prison and lead her team of supervillains in an effort to save lives after leading the suicide squad on several successful missions including one against the justice league which they won it was revealed that the intelligence used for the mission that got rick’s men killed years ago was falsified by amanda waller knowing rick would reject the orders and get imprisoned and knowing his men would die all because she profiled him as the best suited to lead the suicide squad team she had planned oh [ __ ] upon learning this rick was given the opportunity by the zombie-like return of his men to blow up waller’s head with a bomb implant an offer he ultimately rejected as he still blamed himself for their death as their team leader together he and the suicide squad defeated the zombies despite rick having to once again see them die colonel rick flag jr has no superhuman powers to speak of though he is in peak physical condition his greatest trait however is his leadership and strategic intelligence he basically has a leadership superpower he’s an expert hand-to-hand combatant having mastered all military forms of combat and he’s able to hold his own against some of the best fighters in the world including batman and bronze tiger nick has fought captain america before just saying not impressed on missions rick is often equipped with body armor and a wide array of military equipment including duel semi-automatic beretta m9 pistols an automatic rifle a shotgun knives tear gas etc he also carries explosives and a detonator in case one of the suicide squad members gets out of line occasionally his missions have also brought him across various alien and magic weaponry most notably the seismitar which he stole from the villain burst dom it’s a flaming mystic scimitar that can cut portals through space-time that rick used before the new 52 reboot so what he can teleport with it yeah it’s how he escaped the planet of skarterus okay i’m sure shield has some kind of like teleportation technology it’s fine i don’t imagine the scimitar will come into play too much because he doesn’t use it that often in the comics i just knew i was gonna need some backup for all of nick fury’s weird gadgetry that you’re probably gonna bust out hell yeah you are now you said that uh he has duel berettas but we learned from our executive producer ken johnson who’s in the army that no one duel wields because you need to aim unless you’re rick flag okay and you’re a badass all right well you know what both these characters have great backstories i’ve learned they’re both fascinating and well written yeah i agree but now that we’ve gotten their histories and abilities out of the way let’s speculate on how one of the 1000 simulated matches will go the winner is determined by simulations not this speculation but it’s fun to imagine how this fight could play out now we don’t set any rules for this match other than the characters don’t know anything about each other going in except that the other guy is a threat that needs to be put down and we say they start off about 50 meters apart in an environment that has no bearing on the match itself because we don’t take stats for the environment plus certain characters have advantages in some environments over others and we want these characters to win on their own merit so let’s get into it the characters meet on the battlefield who goes first i want to say that nick fury goes first why because why not he pulls out his needle gun and he quickly fires a volley of needles at rick flag quick draw style and now flag’s chest looks like a porcupine needles this needle gun kills me like that is useless no it’s not i mean for one thing that’s just like getting a vaccine or something like people get shot with needles all the time and the other flag wears body armor so that’s just gonna stop the needles from penetrating into his skin so flag’s just gonna pull out his beretta m9 and fire back boom bullets trump needles but rockets trump bullets because nick fury he’s gonna like reach into his jacket as he’s dodging rick flag’s beretta fire and he’s gonna pull out this like collapsible mini rocket launcher and he’s gonna aim it and he’s gonna fire it right at rick flag’s feet creating this massive explosion that just rocks him okay right when flag sees this missile being aimed right at him he just runs okay and you know the explosion probably sends him flying he’s hurt but like he’ll survive he’s a soldier you could survive that right i mean if you get enough distance away from it probably yeah yeah so he’s been knocked to the ground but while he’s there he’s gonna hurl a flashbang right back at fury that blinds him all right and while fury is like he only has to close one eye to avoid getting blinded and he didn’t do it in time okay so while fury is dazed and confused that’s when flag is just gonna snipe him from a distance boom headshot no because as soon as fury was blinded he knew that he needed to protect himself so he activated the uh magnetic repel function on his watch like deflects any metallic objects being fired at him so the sniper bullet actually goes off course because of the magnetic watch and it just goes like into his shoulder somewhere non-vital so fury drops his needle gun but then he busts out his automatic machine pistol and he’s just like fires it in flag’s direction because his eyesight is starting to come back now okay but flag sees through a scope that fury has drawn a new gun okay so right when he points it into flag’s direction flag just dives out of the way expertly shoots fury’s gun out of his hand with his own gun he shoots it out of his hand from that distance i mean it’s still a sniper rifle well it’s a good thing that nick fury has guns to spare in fact now he pulls out this like grapple gun and he fires a line at brick flag and it wraps around his leg and fury just reels him in and yanks him into close range and as he draws flags in he pulls out his plasma pistol okay but before nick fury could get any kind of shot off with that as flag is getting reeled in he just grabs a knife and severs the line when he’s about like five meters away okay the line gets severed but flag could get shot with the plasma handgun which just melts the body armor on flag’s chest what just useless okay i don’t know i think it’ll take a while to like melt that much so as that’s happening rick flag is just gonna plot a shotgun and just blast nick fury no because nick fury sees him pull out the shotgun and then he activates this dial on his plasma handgun which increases the spread of the plasma shot and so the shotgun shot gets melted midair by the plasma what and then nick fury shoots his plasma gun at the shotgun barrel which melts the barrel oh my gosh didn’t the thing have like a charge limit to it like 90 seconds yeah something like that i’m pretty sure this thing’s depleted so now flag leaps to his feet and ignites his scimitar okay like a lightsaber and he swings at fury no wait so what does this size scimitar look like because i’m imagining cable’s scimitar when i think of this thing which is like a psychic lance no the seismitar is a flaming scimitar actually it’s just a handle but someone with warrior blood in them can ignite a scimitar blade that’s flaming like a magic lightsaber exactly yeah okay well at this point nick fury activates his suits kill mode which jackson full of adrenaline you know he’s hyper-aware and enhanced physically and he’s just dodging these sword slashes from rick flag’s scimitar and then he busts out a taser and just freaking tases rick flagg causing him to drop his sword which nick fury picks up and now he has the psy symmetar okay even if he could activate the flame which he could he wouldn’t know how to use it okay so i’m gonna say that when fury tries to slash at rick he’s just gonna accidentally open up a portal okay so flag is gonna like tuck and roll and maneuver behind fury really quickly and just kick him through the portal eliminating him from the match this weapon is stupid so nick fury is gonna dodge the kick he’s not gonna fall through the portal but the sword is gonna get kicked out of his hand and the sword is gonna fall through the portal and so the sword is just no more there’s no more magic lightsaber sword in this match well that sucks [Laughter] so the portal closes sword’s gone and now that they’re in close nick fury pulls out one of his big knives and he and rick flag start having a knife fight i’m gonna say flag doesn’t pull out a knife he’s gonna pull out his bomb injector okay this is like a syringe sort of it has like an injector feature on one end and like a trigger button on the other okay okay so as fury is trying to stab him flag is gonna get him in like a reverse headlock and he manages to inject a bomb in the base of fury’s neck what [Laughter] to which he now has the detonator well fury is like what the hell did you just inject me with and then he stabs flag like right in the arm which allows him to rest rick flag’s detonator from his possession so now fury has the detonator but rick flag’s just going to take fury’s knife that’s sticking out of his arm and hurl it right a fury right into his good eye what now he’s blinded in both eyes and that lets flag get back his detonator which he detonates blowing fury’s head off didn’t see that one coming literally that’s kind of hard to counteract against when he is freaking blind in both eyes but fortunately for fury flag just blew off the head of an lmd it wasn’t really nick fury it was a life model decoy how did fury get an lmd into this match that’s classified but the real nick fury was using his shield stealth suit to hide from rick flagg so with the lmd gone the real nick fury just steps out of the shadows and shoots rig flag right in his face there is no point at this match where nick fury would have had an opportunity to hide i told you it’s classified it’s been rejected from the report need to know basis only that’s how espionage works if i told you i’d have to kill you which nick fury just did i’m going to call total [ __ ] and if here he’s dead all right well we’ll call it there either nick fury got his head blown off or it was an lmd let’s go ahead and run the results of this match using our duel simulator and we’ll find out which scenario happened when we get back [Music] this is a pretty fun match it’s always kind of hard when you just have guys with guns without like cover yeah yeah this had a few fun surprises what wasn’t surprising were the stats these guys were pretty dang comparable on almost every stat category yeah we did give the evasiveness edge to nick fury considering he’s a little bit more stealthy than rick flag and he has his magnetic repel watch right and we also gave him an edge when it came to durability considering he wears like a full body suit and her flag usually just wears a tactical vest over a yellow shirt yeah but rick flag did get a slight edge in terms of perception given that you know he has two eyes yeah no blind spots there honestly i’m not even sure how nick fury is such a good shot considering he doesn’t have depth perception that’s a valid question [Laughter] i think in reality he was like always aiming for rick’s head but kept hitting his best finally the one other area they did differ was versatility we said that nick fury has access to more resources a few more gadgets so he’s slightly more versatile than rick flagg it does appear that nick fury comes ahead in the stats but isn’t enough to give him a considerable leg up in the simulations and give him the win well our instagram followers think that it does because by a whopping 85 majority in our polls they think that nick fury will beat rick flack i’m gonna chalk that up to uh people just not liking the suicide squad film cause rick flag is every bit as much of a badass as nick fury i mean if you say so you’re biased so we’re instagram followers apparently this is why we don’t determine who wins by poll because marvel would always win they usually win anyway that’s not true the winner of the fight between nick fury and rick flagg is nick fury mother flirkin but it was pretty close fury won 572 matches out of the 1000 battles rick flagg only won 428 so 57.2 percent to 42.8 percent that’s not too far off i i was hoping it was going to be closer than that though i kind of went into this kind of figuring that rick flag was going to lose mainly because of the whole body armor situation but uh thought it was gonna be closer to like  i totally wish yeah absolutely well keep on wishing because marvel wins this one dc loses yet again again yeah i mean we’ve won before you know it works okay in the end nick fury basically just had so many more tricks up his sleeve than rick flagg with his armor and his gadgets i do think though that joel kidman could totally stomp samuel l jackson no samuel jackson would just slap the [ __ ] out of joel kinnaman and be like [ __ ] isn’t sam jackson like 70 now doesn’t matter man he’s he’s that tough i personally think that the suicide squad could totally take over shield if they wanted to if that was their mission absolutely i doubt that but we’ll never know because we’re gonna put this suicide squad against the defenders the defender street team consisting of daredevil iron fist luke cage and other marvel street heroes that’s gonna be our next duel episode in two weeks it’s gonna be a big one seven characters versus seven characters yeah it’s always kind of daunting during these team matches because we’re comparing matrices of data instead of just one-to-one matches yeah but we’ve done jsa versus the fantastic four titans vs x-men and justice league versus the avengers before in the past we’ve done our team matches like every 50th episode or so but we’ve started doing them every 25th episode instead because there’s so many teams out there that we want to see pitted against each other and plus it’ll give us two team matches a year which is cool our next episode is actually episode 225 but we have to review the falcon and the winter soldier next so we’re gonna do that in our next episode and then we’re gonna get into suicide squad versus the defenders so we’ve got some great shows for you coming up be sure to tune in in the coming weeks but i think that does it for this duel let us know what you thought about the results by writing to us at dynamicdulpodcast or by visiting us on facebook instagram or twitter you can find links to all of our accounts by visiting our website and remember guys we’re particularly looking for followers on instagram because once we hit 1000 followers we have a special surprise for you guys 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in person is also a big help for us and that does it for this episode guys we want to give a big thanks to our executive producers ken johnson jace krump john swarovski john spees john betcha nina zachary hepburn thanks to all you guys for making this podcast possible and we’ll talk to everyone next week up up and away true believers