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Nov. 19, 2019

Titans vs X-Men

Titans vs X-Men

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:04:10 - No-Prize Time • 0:11:50 - Joker becomes the first R-Rated film to surpass $1 billion • 0:13:46 - Question of the Week • 0:14:15 - Disney+ first impressions • 0:17:27 - New Harley Quinn “Full Trailer” • 0:20:09 - Titan...

• 0:00:00 - Introduction • 0:04:10 - No-Prize Time • 0:11:50 - Joker becomes the first R-Rated film to surpass $1 billion • 0:13:46 - Question of the Week • 0:14:15 - Disney+ first impressions • 0:17:27 - New Harley Quinn “Full Trailer” • 0:20:09 - Titans vs X-Men intro • 0:23:25 - Titans profile and roster • 0:32:38 - X-Men profile and roster • 0:42:55 - Fight speculation • 1:02:48 - Duel results • 1:07:09 - Sign off








Executive producers: John Speas and Boto Winter

Miami Nights, The Whip, Clash Defiant, Take a Chance by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License #SCFirst


[Music] hi and welcome to the dynamic dual podcast a weekly show where we review superhero films and debate the superiority between Marvel and DC by comparing their characters and stat based battle simulations I’m Johnny DC and I’m his twin brother marvelous Joe and this is episode 150 Congrats to you sir and congrats to you as well what makes this episode awesome we were pitting the Titans against the x-men yeah it’s a big team vs team duel episode if you remember from episode 100 from last year we pit the Justice League against the Avengers yeah that was a lot of fun hopefully this episode is just as good as that one because I was a big fan of that it’s a lot to live up to what’ll make this episode amazing is if you just break down into tears at the end why would I do that from losing this duel oh that’s not gonna happen you’re underestimated ends okay yeah okay yeah we’ll see the plan right now is to do a big team duel episode every  seven-on-seven team not like a two-on-two we’ve done those in the past right we pick seven-on-seven because that’s generally the number that Jonathan and I can handle considering that a big team matchup adds a whole lot more math to the simulations that we run for these matches oh yeah we started running the simulations days ago yeah it’s matrices of data that you have to compare as opposed to just sets of data so yeah I hope you guys appreciate it we’ll get them to that matchup later on this episode before that we’re gonna be going over the comic book movie news from the past week that’s right we’ll be talking about how the Joker has become the first r-rated film to surpass 1 billion dollars and the worldwide box office huh somebody owes me $20 $20 I think was the bet right ok then give me the doll hairs I don’t have any dolls but you better get a quick [ __ ] we’re also gonna be talking about our first impressions of Disney Plus and the new trailer for the animated Harley Quinn series on DC Universe as always you can see the segment times in our episode description so go ahead and jump to whatever topic you want to hear the most a reminder that you only have a few more weeks left to participate in our comic book giveaway contest that we have going on right now Jonathan and I are giving away the four issue Marvel vs. DC miniseries that came out in the  they’re bagged and boarded ready to ship out to one lucky winner that we draw at random amongst a pool of those who post a link to their favorite episode of this podcast on social media Facebook Instagram or Twitter and tag us in that post all right so once again post to social media a link to your favorite episode of our podcast and tag us Facebook is a little bit screwy if you can’t tag us on that post be sure to send a message to us so we can get you added to our pool remember that Jonathan and I will be announcing the winner on Thanksgiving Day 2019 so make sure to get your post in before that real quick last week we mentioned that we had 169 ratings on Apple podcasts as you may know we’re trying to get to 200 ratings ideally before the end of this year because once we hit that number we will have met all of the criteria set by Rotten Tomatoes to become a eligible critic on their platform and have our film ratings count towards their tomato meter this week we still have 169 ratings crickets we have one job and that is to provide you with quality Marvel and DC entertainment every week and your job is to rate the podcast on a whole podcast or iTunes or at least to force your friends to yeah for some like grab their hands and as they’re questioning what you’re doing just like make them swipe through their phones to iTunes and then hit the five star button don’t do that but definitely encourage people to rate us on Apple podcasts verbally with threats geez now that that’s done quick to no prize a no prize is an award Marvel used to give out up until the 90s to fans our version the dynamic dual no prize is a digital award that we post on social media that Jonathan personally draws for those who we feel gave the best answer to our question of the week last week’s question was who should play Firefly in the upcoming Batman film right that’s the big major villain that hasn’t been cast that’s gonna be in Matt Reeves Batman film right and I mentioned last week it’s kind of a throwaway question I didn’t actually care because Firefly wears a mask and he’s not like a big Batman villain I was actually surprised by the quality answers we got in this one yeah people actually cared more than you did and it made a really really tough to choose an answer yeah so many great character actors I think for sure for sure so before we give away the winner we want to give an honorable mention to Jeremy or who gave the answer of John Malkovich I could totally see that for a long time I wanted John Malkovich to play the vulture in the spider-man film and I kind of see them doing Firefly in a similar way to the vulture right that’s what Harrison Fox said who also gets honorable mention for his answer of Michael Keaton citing that vulture similarity the depiction of the vulture in the spider-man film is pretty close to the depiction of Firefly in the arkham knight video game oh really yeah they both were like these pilot masks and they have like these mechanical wings interesting honorable mention goes to boto winter who gave the answer of Charlize Theron so he gender bent the role and if you’re gonna gender bend the role I think Charlize Theron is pretty high up there in actresses I would consider for this part yeah he posted a drawing that I think he came from a Gotham tie-in comic uh-huh in which Firefly was female okay yeah I could totally see that I would not mind if they gender bent the role yet cuz Charlize Theron is a badass exactly you know polling gave the answer of Anthony Anderson or Donnie Yen and those are interesting answers Anthony Anderson is primarily a comedy actor yeah he’s on blackish and he has played serious roles like in The Departed and stuff I have a hard time viewing him in this role though the other answer Donnie Yen I see a little bit more in this role but only if he gets to do sweet martial arts action too with the flamethrower yes please that’d be cool maybe cool Darien Sykes give the answer of walton goggins and that was the actor who played Sonny Burch in ant-man and the wasp and I would really love to see him redeem himself because I was the hugest fan of his work in the ant-man movie as you guys know if you listen to that review but I do think that he’s a phenomenal actor yeah I think you could pull off crazy pretty well like maniacal yeah honorable mention goes to irani gommi from instagram who gave the answer of Daniel Craig and even went so far as to write kind of like a backstory for the character citing that this version of Firefly is actually like a rival billionaire so someone that you could almost see playing Batman but who takes a different approach to his costume and tech that would almost make sense because you would have to imagine that the Firefly tech is pretty expensive it’s like a Firefly could have that tech why doesn’t Batman the flight tech yeah right that was a good answer I liked it I like the idea behind it mm-hmm Sena Fargo mod gave the answer of Dane DeHaan yeah and that was the actor that played Harry Osborne in the amazing spider-man  films that I enjoyed like Chronicle he was in velaryon in the city of a thousand planets yeah he’s a really good actor I like him yeah I thought he was a better Harry Osborne than he was Green Goblin but I think he could also redeem himself with this role as well he just has like a darkness about him that he brings to his roles mm-hmm honorable mention goes to Salvador Martinez who gave the answer of Tessa Thompson and she’s the actress who plays Valkyrie in the Thor movies and the Avengers movies yeah she’s pretty charming yeah yeah you know if she played a bad guy she would just be super likable I think she our leaves would overall be better honorable mention goes to Adam Spees who gave the answer of Ben Foster course Ben Foster he played Warren Worthington the third in x-men 3 as well as Spectre Dave in the Thomas Jane Punisher movie he’s a great character actor even in a lot of great movies and I think he would be absolutely perfect for this role honestly I’d be hard-pressed to find a better actor Sean Spees Adams brother and co-host of the blast from our past podcast check it out gave the answer of alan tudyk and yes cast him in everything of course is mr. nobody in the Doom Patrol series and he’s voicing the Joker in Harley Quinn animated series as well and he had a role in the DC powerless show that was on air a couple years ago for like eight episodes yeah it was too short too short honorable mention goes to Calvin John della Merced for his answer of Nicolas Cage I [ __ ] love this answer like I know a lot of people that hate Nicolas Cage I don’t personally hate him I don’t think he’s the greatest actor in the world because he tries a little bit too hard that’s kind of what I like about him you don’t see a whole lot of actors doing what he does and when you have a role like this Firefly or you can kind of go over the top with it I think he suits that vibe pretty well yeah I mean to be a pyromaniac like Firefly you have to be kind of out there yeah so why not Nicolas Cage and Calvin even mentioned that Nicolas Cage can accidentally lay his skull ablaze in homage to his Johnny Blaze role yeah that’s that Caleb Albers gave the answer of Doug Jones or Hugo Weaving because both of them can really deliver a performance behind a mask oh yeah which of course fire Flight probably most likely will be wearing yeah and Hugo Weaving proved to that with his performance in V for Vendetta playing the character of E and Doug Jones did the performance work for Abe Sapien and the Hellboy films and he also played the Silver Surfer and Rises the silver right I totally forgot about that yeah now he didn’t do the voice work in those but he did the physical performance right Bryan Reynolds gave the answer of will Poulter he played in he was in mid-summer most recently he was in we’re the Millers he was the son in that movie he’s kind of a brilliant actor actually in the stuff that I’ve seen him in he’s young but he also has that like slightly crazy vibe going about him yeah yeah and the final honorable mention goes to Shannon Sanderson who gave the answer of Shia LaBeouf and I kind of loved the answer that’s like my number two answer cuz he’s kind of making a comeback now huh yeah there’s like a LaBeouf innocence is that what they’re saying I don’t know thinking now I really liked him in fury I heard that the peanut butter Falcon movie that just came out is really good I heard honey boy it was good he’s grown beyond you know the Transformers years yeah but I also think he would sort of bring the intensity needed for this role as well mm-hmm but not as much as the winning cancer which was given by Robert Marlowe his choice for Firefly was Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad I just want to hear him call Batman a [ __ ] I love del camino’ if you guys haven’t seen an El Camino on Netflix yet I mean I haven’t seen it see the entirety of Breaking Bad first right because then you’re not gonna get it but then watch El Camino it was a really good film yeah he played the main bad guy in Central Intelligence and I thought he did a pretty decent job in that movie and while the character of Firefly wouldn’t be nearly as comedic I think Aaron Paul can pretty much nail all the traits that are required for that character exactly I know I totally want to see him go toe to toe with Robert pants and spammin I think there’d be like super intense please let it be Aaron Paul these are really great answers all of these yeah yeah they all could have won the award but congratulations to Robert Marlowe fantastic answer job well done for beating all these other amazing answers you win this week’s no prize if you the listener want to win your own no prize go ahead and stay tuned to later on this episode when we ask another question of the week with that out of the way onto the news [Music] so Friday of last week the Joker officially became the first r-rated movie in history to earn over 1 billion dollars at the global box office damn inflation well yeah but also that’s it’s an impressive feat it’s the most profitable comic book film ever made now I know a lot of fans are like what is an end game like the most profitable film ever made well it made more in terms of profit but I think what a lot of people don’t realize is the way Studios calculate profit is their return on investment they spend money to make money and in the case of the Joker for every dollar they spent as of right now they make over $16 now when it came to Avengers endgame of course they filmed that back to back with infinity war but the estimated budget for the film was  it may have actually been higher than that but that means that for every dollar Disney spent they got back just over $7 hey I’ll take it I’d rather make a movie like Avengers endgame than a movie like The Joker just because it’s like fun because it was [ __ ] awesome and Joker was I wouldn’t call it [ __ ] awesome I would just say you know oh that’s an interesting art house film a [ __ ] masterpiece let’s go with that okay whatever’s I’d rather make the masterpiece to each his own this makes it the fourth DC film to cross the billion dollar mark now I know that’s not a lot compared to Marvel Man but I guarantee you this means that they’re talking about a sequel for the Joker yeah this past week both Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix have both kind of said yeah totally I would totally make a sequel now well how would you do it considering that they’re gonna start filming the Batman here soon and you’ll have competing Batman universes this all brings us to our question of the week what would a sequel to The Joker be about and would it tie into a larger DC Universe we should get some interesting answers for this one go ahead and post your answer to our Instagram Twitter Facebook or email us at dynamic dual podcast at we’ll pick our favorite answer and draw that person at dynamic duel no prize that we’ll post to social media yeah definitely looking forward to your answers on this one in other news the Disney Plus app launched last Tuesday and I’ve been binging it almost every day I think I’m an addict this is my first step admitting it to you guys a lot of people have been saying that they’re overwhelmed by it it is a ridiculous amount of fantastic content to watch kind of thinking about getting rid of Netflix because honestly I don’t really need it anymore I don’t think now that I have all this stuff open to me on Disney Plus and it’s not just the marble content you know the Star Wars the National Geographic that Pixar stuff the Disney movies it’s all there I definitely won’t be getting rid of who though because I’ve heard that Marvel’s planning on putting their r-rated content on that platform like the Deadpool movies and anything else that they come out that’s mature that’s smart since there is no adult content on Disney Plus right right now I own all the Marvel movies already so that was a little bit redundant but I’m really excited to see that all the Marvel cartoons are on the platform including the nineties x-men cartoon the nineties spider-man cartoon the 90s Fantastic Four cartoon the nineties Iron Man cartoon the 90 Silver Surfer cartoon all the Damned cartoons are on there it sounds like DC Universe yeah kind of if you were to take just that channel within the Disney Plus app and pair it with the Marvel unlimited app you would have DC Universe essentially and I think that’s what DC is gonna end up doing with their HBO Mac stuff I think they’re gonna convert DC Universe to just a comic book application and put all their other video content on HBO max I kind of hope they don’t do that because DC Universe is kind of expensive for just a comic subscription platform on its own they would probably lower that price and then bundle it with an HBO max for interested buyers I would be down for that absolutely and of course that’s all just speculation on my part but it would make sense for them to do that now Disney Plus there’s no new Marvel content on there yet right well they did have one exclusive deleted scene for Avengers endgame and it’s a scene where Tony Stark meets his daughter I think in the soulstone which doesn’t really make sense to me how that works out because his daughter’s not dead because his daughter’s not dead she wasn’t sucked into the soul stone it also makes me wonder why the Hulk wasn’t able to speak to like Natasha when he snapped his fingers to bring everybody back from the original blip that is weird my original idea was that Thanos got to speak to Gamora because her soul was taken by the soul stone and that’s how he acquired it and really I’m just assuming that it is the soul stone that they’re speaking into in Soul world because it’s orange right it’s orange it would make sense otherwise I have no idea what the hell’s going on but if it is the soul stone which I highly suspect it is I’m not clear why the daughter is there also was a huge fan of the scene in general like the dialogue was just a little lame a little bit slow and it would have really bogged the movie down I wasn’t even really a huge fan of their performances in either there’s a reason why this scene was not in the movie and while it was touching to see Robert Downey jr. and the role one last time ultimately I think that was the only thing I enjoyed about it I heard people like cry and after those people are babies I’ll have to check it out I have your password so I’ve just been watching all the Disney stuff because I have daughters they stay clear of the Marvel stuff they know better just set up parental controls so they can’t see the marbles we got a new trailer for the Harley Quinn animated series and I believe this is the last trailer because the show debuts at the end of this month on November 29th now the trailer itself sets up a little bit more of the story I think of the season then past trailers the other trailers have been just like kind of frenzied action and comedy bits but this one unit kind of explains how Harley Quinn is out to prove herself better than the Joker and it’s a good premise it’s you know it’s the press that a Harley Quinn animated series should have I just don’t think it was as interesting as the previous trailers the trailer starts off with Joker and Harley Quinn fighting Batman and we gotta hear Allen - dicks Joker voice which I mean it’s no Mark Hamill but it’s good it’s decent I’m still a pretty big fan of Kellie Coco’s take on Harley Quinn it sounds like she’s gonna do a really good job with that character then I Sina involves Franck the plant who’s being voiced by j.b smoove and the guys funny I just didn’t think this plant was funny there’s no way Saint Bernard is gonna take a crap on this massive plant how could he the plant is massive but it looks like Frank the plants poison ivy dr. psycho who calls wonderful men the c-word in this trailer Clayface and King shark are all gonna be a part of like Harley’s villain Squad just a group of like rejects that no one likes and no one wants to work with it sounds like a funny premise and apparently they try to join the Legion of Doom oh I thought it was the Legion of dildos that doesn’t make sense I know I didn’t get the joke either in the trailer that’s what poison ivy says I don’t know Bane is in the trailer someone’s doing a pretty good impression of Tom Hardy’s Bane voice from The Dark Knight Rises that was pretty I thought that was good Joker’s like you know she has HPV and pains like most sexually active adults knew that was the best joke of the whole trailer I agree I agree there’s a whole lot of ass-kicking a whole lot of blood the trailer ends with Harley talking about her logo which I didn’t think was sold as well as the very first Comic Con teaser that we got I think last year I don’t even think it’s that great of a logo you know it’s just a type treatment why do they keep talking about the logo exactly this week Titan season two ends and Harley Quinn it picks up next week and I got to say I’m looking forward to it definitely be watching it day one it needs to be funny otherwise it’s not gonna survive it looks funny to its credit but again these are just snippets that we’ve seen so far on these trailers oh yeah absolutely I mean the only show that’s been renewed is Doom Patrol and actually in Titans times was renewed this past week for season 3 oh nice yeah so that’s that’s good news to hear but I think that does it for all the news this episode let’s go ahead and get into our main event where we find out who would win in a fight between the Titans and the x-men [Music] all right so let’s get into our big episode 150 team match titans versus the x-men we knew we wanted to do an x-men match for episode 150 because next to the Avengers Marvel’s next biggest team is probably the x-men oh yeah absolutely and when I came time to deciding who I was gonna pick against the x-men it was always the Titans because in the 80s the Teen Titans and the excellent books pretty much went head-to-head for a long time as the best-selling comic book of that era right right they even had a crossover event where the Titans fought alongside the x-men against Darkseid and the Dark Phoenix and Deathstroke and the teams if you look at them like stats wise are pretty comparable in terms of their power levels you know they’re not the most powerful heroes out there but they certainly can pack a punch especially when they work together as a unit and that’s sort of the magic of these teams I think you know where characters on the Justice League are like all-powerful they could do all these things the Titans of the x-men are definitely like specialized each one of them and they have to work together like you mentioned as a cohesive unit as a team to get stuff done yeah so I think it’ll be a great matchup if you guys have never listened to one of our dual episodes before the way we find out who would win in a fight is through statistics now we take statistics for each character based off of the Marvel Power Rankings grid from which we add a few other stats just to make a more robust simulation and we use that criteria to extrapolate the DC characters stats and we run those numbers through what’s called a Monte Carlo simulation which treats the stat number as an actual average of their possible stats it randomizes the number along a bell curve so you get variations on the stat number with rare deviations happening the further you get away from that base stat and that accounts for all the different variables these characters will undergo in these battle simulations right normally we just run sets of data cuz this two characters facing off against each other and we compare them a thousand times this time though we account for every character fighting against every other character fight against every other character so it’s matrices of data that we pull an average and from there we get a percentage of wins for each team as a whole right so there’s no fan votes no uncharacteristic feats of strength it’s just all stats it’s a very mathematical approach because we figured that was the best way to eliminate any bias in determining who would win Jonathan and I are both very heavily biased for our respective allegiances and this is the only way we could prevent ourselves from coming to blows over these questions yeah it was inspired by the old spike television series Deadliest Warrior in which they also used the Monte Carlo method to figure who would win between ancient warrior cultures like ninjas and Spartans before we run the simulations we like to give a breakdown of each character’s history and powers just in case anyone’s not familiar with them and the case of these team episodes we break down the history of the teams themselves and then reveal which roster we’ll be using right right so I think it’s your turn to go first so go ahead and let us know all about the history of the Titans so in 1940 DC Comics introduced comics first teenage sidekick in Robin real name Dick Grayson who you can learn more about in our Nightwing vs daredevil episode the introduction of the character attracted new younger readers to Batman titles but it wasn’t until the Silver Age of comics when DC caught on and started making new sidekicks for some of their other popular superheroes two of these other sidekicks Kid Flash aka Wally West and Aqualad first joined forces with Robin in a 1964 issue of The Brave and the bold to take on the weather manipulating villain mr. twister upon mr. twisters defeat the three sidekicks decided they should form their own super team like the Justice League an idea which their three mentors Batman the flash and Aquaman supported the sidekicks were joined in their next adventure by Wonder Woman’s Protege Wonder Girl aka Donna Troy who you can learn more about in our Donna Troy vs. she-hulk episode Donna was the one who gave them the team name of the Teen Titans which soon attracted another sidekick speedy the teen Archer mentored by Green Arrow and who is only a part-time member of the team initially eventually the Teen Titans established headquarters in a former Wayne Enterprises storage warehouse which they dubbed the Titans lair during their adventures the team met of millionaire industrialist named Lauren Jupiter funded the team under a government training program designed to help teenage metahumans while working for Jupiter his psychic assistant Lilith and a boxer named Mel Duncan each of whom would later be known as omen and Foxx respectively joined the Teen Titans along with the heroes Hawk and Dove as well as the time displaced cave man named narc well it’s narc Dick Grayson was the lone Titan to not join Jupiter’s program as he left the team to attend college around the same time Aqualad took a leave of absence from the team though he occasionally joined them later on missions with his girlfriend Aquagirl despite the team’s growing ranks including the addition of bumblebee Batgirl and the Golden Eagle as well as a West Coast offshoot dubbed Titans West the team’s disbanded after the original members felt they had outgrown the team and went their separate ways it wasn’t until 1980 and the introduction of the character Raven who you can learn more about in our Raven vs Phoenix episode that brought some of the original Teen Titans members back together specifically Kid Flash Robin and Wonder Girl with the new characters of cyborg and Starfire and the dew patrols Beast Boy all of whom you can learn more about in their respective duel episodes Raven brought the team together to battle the oncoming threat of her father the powerful demon Trigon though the team would also face villains such as Deathstroke dr. light and brother blood as well as face the betrayal of their teammate Terra in the Judas contract storyline Terra was the psychopathic and illegitimate daughter of the king of markovia she had the powers of geo Kinesis allowing her to manipulate the ground and was taken in by Deathstroke after she could no longer stay in her country unbeknownst to the Teen Titans Deathstroke used Terra over the years to infiltrate the team as part of a contract with the villainous organization hive Terra’s eventual membership to the Teen Titans came easily after she won the heart of Beast Boy who was actually called changeling at the time she filled in the spot left by Dick Grayson recently given up his Robin identity and resigned from the team after stealing all of the intelligence from the team’s Titans Tower headquarters in New York City Terra delivered it to Deathstroke who used it to systematically kidnap each of the Titans individually safer Dick Grayson who stumbled on Deathstroke’s past plot and Terra’s betrayal realizing he could never truly retire from super heroics it was during this storyline that Dick Grayson first donned the Nightwing costume and mantle Nightwing led Deathstroke son Joey and the rescue of his teammates from hives rocky mountain base Joey a mute was newly christened as the hero Jericho capable of possessing others through eye contact an ability he used against his father in the rescue Terra in a fit of rage caused an avalanche and an attempt to kill everyone including herself despite Beast Boy trying to save her as he believed she wasn’t psychotic but rather brainwashed by Deathstroke Terra was the only one who died in the debris Tara’s body was given to her half-brother the superhero Prince of markovia known as geo force who was told by the Teen Titans that Terra died heroically against hive Jericho joined the team replacing Wally West who had retired the Jericho’s tenure wasn’t long during the Titans hunt storyline he became possessed by the demonically tainted spirits of Azeroth when they couldn’t possess Raven and Deathstroke was forced to kill his son cyborg was destroyed and Raven also died during the Titans hunter storyline while Deathstroke surprisingly joined the Teen Titans speedy also returned to the team under his new mantle of Arsenal with the eventual departure of Nightwing Arsenal took over leadership of the Teen Titans which operated out of its Liberty Island headquarters and acted under the direction of the US government’s Arsenal’s team roster included the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner and Supergirl when the JLA called upon their former sidekicks to help during the tecna’s imperative storyline Nightwing Donna Troy Arsenal aqua now known as Tempest the flash starfire Beast Boy and a rebuilt cyborg formed a new team known as the Titans along with the newer heroes damage and argent the hero Jesse quick soon replaced flash on the team while a new generation of sidekicks consisting of Tim Drake the new Robin Superboy impulse and the new Wonder Girl formed a new teen team known as Young Justice I won’t talk too much about these characters since in my opinion Young Justice is very much a separate team from the Titans and I may talk about them in a future team duel episode okay sounds good we could put them against like younger ventures or something exactly exactly both the Titans and Young Justice teams came to an end during the graduation day crossover storyline in which Donna Troy and omen both died at the hands of a Brainiac avatar known as indigo cyborg Starfire and Beast Boy went on to mentor former Young Justice team members in the New Teen Titans team while Nightwing and Arsenal formed a new incarnation of Batman’s old clandestine team the outsiders Raven was resurrected by brother blood not long after and was rescued by the Teen Titans in 2008 Nightwing the flash Donna Troy Beast Boy cyborg Raven Starfire and Arsenal now known as red arrow reformed the Titans to fight the sons of Trigon and eventually Raven herself after she succumbed to her father’s evil influence Jericho also returned during this time in the body of a Superboy clone and fought the team after the new 52 reboot the Titans team reformed with night link Donna Troy arsenal tempest Lilith bumblebee and the newly resurrected Wally West as the flash as they investigated the alterations to the rebooted timeline Raven Beast Boy and Miss Martian Steele Natasha irons not her Uncle John Henry irons okay from our episode with war machine and the Green Lantern Kyle Rayner also recently joined the Titans team now for this match the roster I’m using is essentially the adults Titan versions of the New Teen Titans team from 1980 see that 5 times fast namely Nightwing Donna Troy Wally West as the flash Beast Boy Raven cyborg and Starfire most of them have been Titans off and on since the 80s and it honestly never felt like a Titans team without these characters you could maybe substitute the flash with Arsenal or Tempest but the flash was not only a founding Teen Titans member who stayed with the team for a while but with the return of Barry Allen this is the team while he West belongs on and one he has consistently been a member of since Barry Allen’s and his resurrections yeah that definitely says Titans to me I feel like you had a much easier time picking your team than I did picking mine Oh probably hands down there are way more than just 7 core x-men characters out there so hopefully people are pleased with it but let me go ahead and get into the x-men backstory the x-men are a unique superhero team in that despite the fact that they are heroes who have saved the earth time and again they are not adored admired or respected by the public in fact they are more often than not victims a prejudice by the population at large hated and feared by the people they fight to protect it’s a tragic set of circumstances for mutants in the Marvel Universe but their tenacity to continue fighting for peaceful coexistence with humans makes the x-men perhaps the most honorable team in comic books is so much more than just martyrs for their cause the x-men’s guiding principles were instilled by the team’s founder Professor Charles Xavier a mutant with the secret power to read and control minds an Oxford graduate and lifelong philanthropist he eventually stumbled upon another mutant his friend Erik Lehnsherr whom you can learn more about in our Sinestro vs. magneto episode the two work together at a psychiatric hospital for Holocaust survivors and contemplated the effects of the evolving human race having suffered his whole life by others for being different Erik foresaw war and death more idealistic Xavier hoped for a future of peaceful coexistence but after a later encounter with a destructive power hungry mutant called The Shadow King Xavier knew he was going to have to fight to protect his cause he turned his family estate into an institute for young mutants Xavier school for gifted youngsters where he would teach protect and guide students in the use of their burgeoning abilities he instilled in his students his dream of human and mutant peace and called them x-men for their extra abilities his first students and team were a group of teenagers codenamed Cyclops who was the team leader Marvel Girl whose real name was Jean Grey beast Iceman and Angel they trained extensively in the school’s Danger Room which taught them how to use their powers to deal with powerful threats in their first field mission the team fought against Xavier Szold friend Eric now known as magneto who had assembled his own group called the Brotherhood of mutants to commit acts of terrorism against humans and fight for mutant superiority through the years they protected people from villains such as the juggernaut who’s Xavier stepbrother the Sentinels which were giant mutant hunting robots and the Savage Land mutates who were indigenous people from a tropical Antarctic jungle that were experimented on the x-men fought alongside and earned the respect of other superheroes such as the Avengers the Fantastic Four and spider-man though not the respect of the human population at large eventually the team discovered an island called krakoa that had gained sentience through radioactivity from nuclear testing it captured the original team except for Cyclops who escaped to recruit new mutants with Professor X to rescue them this new team consisted of international mutants Wolverine storm Colossus Nightcrawler Thunderbird banshee and Sunfire this new team succeeded in rescuing the originals and the x-men’s ranks grew after a mission to an orbiting space station the team thought Jean Grey died from radiation exposure however she was actually placed into a healing stasis and replaced on the team by a powerful cosmic entity called the Phoenix force who shared a bond with Jean and took on her appearance after the apparent death of Cyclops at the hands of the elite group called Hellfire Club the Phoenix force went insane and destroyed an alien solar system the x-men had to defend whom they thought was Jean in a battle against the Shiar alien race that ended with the Phoenix force destroyed you can learn much more about this in our raven vs Phoenix duel episode after Kitty Pryde joined the team alias shadow cat the x-men were abducted by a parasitic alien race known as the brood believing the team to be dead Xavier recruited a new team of mutants known as the new mutants with members such as magic cannonball Wolfsbane sunspot and Mirage upon the Brutes defeat and the x-men’s returned home their ranks continued growing with the addition of the former Brotherhood member rogue and even magneto who for a time had a change of heart the mutants havoc forge long shot Destler and psylocke took the place of some members of the team after a battle against the Marauders led by mr. sinister took a heavy toll on the team gambit also joined after meeting storm the team eventually divided itself into a blue squad primarily consisting of the original team led by Cyclops and a Gold squad led by storm they joined together to fight against the likes of The Shadow King cable’s clone strife the ancient mutant apocalypse and the psychic entity known as onslaught who was a manifestation of Magneto’s hatred and Xavier suppressed negativity for that fight the x-men were joined by the rest of Marvel’s heroes in order to save the planet after the battle anti-mutant hysteria was at an all-time high due to the supposed death of many of Earth’s heroes but the x-men continued growing their ranks adding Bishop and the fight against newly advanced prime sentinels Mystique’s Brotherhood of mutants and even Professor X’s twin sister Cassandra Nova who was thought to be deceased she managed to inhabit her brother’s mind and reveal the status of the Xavier Institute as a mutant school and training facility to the world at large she was defeated and Xavier used the publicity to create the X corporation an organization with headquarters around the world that would provide resources to mutants in need with the school publicly open to any and all mutants a crop of bad students such as Kid Omega and Zorn started causing trouble for the x-men including killing Jean Grey with the student uprising suppressed Cyclops reformed the team as the astonishing x-men with an eye for improving mutants public image however it didn’t last long as the events of end day when the manipulated and mad Scarlet Witch wiped out the powers of a vast majority of Earth’s mutant population with the mutant race nearly extinct all hell broke loose when first me after M Day was born with some groups looking to study her some to kill her and some including the x-men to protect her cable ended up taking the child into the future to raise her and named her Hope Summers she and cable returned to the present and hope used the power of the return to Phoenix force to restore the powers of mutants around the world with the help of the rehabilitated Scarlet Witch at the end of The Avengers vs. x-men storyline by this point the x-men had relocated from the destroyed Xavier mansion to a base off the coast of San Francisco called utopia the reactivation of the Sentinel program by the United Nations caused Cyclops to become increasingly frustrated with the treatment of mutants around the world and adopted a more extreme activist philosophy this led to a schism within the x-men were half the team sided with Cyclops and half sided with Wolverine who relocated his faction to the rebuilt X mansion which he renamed Jean Grey school for higher learning during an attack by Thanos on the inhuman base of Adeline the inhuman King Black Bolt released the transformative Terrigen mists into Earth’s atmosphere in an attempt to awaken the powers of the planets potential in humans you can learn more about this inner Shazam vs. Black Bolt episode these mists proved to be hazardous to mutants however and started inflicting mutants around the world with a fatal disease dubbed M pox this led to the x-men vs. Inhumans war which ended with the destruction of the Terrigen cloud by the inhuman Queen Medusa in the aftermath of the war the team reformed and relocated to a new base in Central Park and then to their current location on the sentient island of krakoa which is currently being explored in the x-men comics that’s their history for this duel I wanted to go with 7 x-men characters that are mainstays of the team and represent several of the generations that have come along this was definitely harder than picking my Avengers team because there are so many x-men which is why it often has to be split up into blue and gold factions and read recently yeah red 2 obviously I started with Cyclops an original x-men and often its leader I also chose the original member Jean Grey whom I’ll call Phoenix during this match we’ll have the powers of the Phoenix force gesture telepathy and telekinesis which she had in our Raven vs Phoenix duel episode with those two pillars in place I added storm and Wolverine who were part of the second generation of x-men and I have often been team leaders themselves rogue came later to the team chronologically but she’s also led the x-men and I consider her quintessential and a powerful wildcard for this matchup yes she’s probably the one I’m most afraid of yeah you should be the final two spots were hard to fill I considered beast but felt that Colossus offered a similar but more powerful power set and lastly I went with Nightcrawler because I think his speed and transportational ability will serve useful in the battle it was a hard choice and like the Justice League versus Avengers duel if or when we revisit this match I can easily form a B team with the characters I didn’t use here because there are so many great x-men characters like gambit Iceman Archangel beast Psylocke shadow cat a whole bunch of them I think both of the teams that we chose our fairly representative of the overall teams at large oh absolutely and I think they pair up pretty well in terms of their power levels so I think it’ll be a pretty well-balanced fight yeah I think so I hope so we don’t want you to get trounced too badly so we went over the histories of the teams but you can find out the histories of each character that we’re using in this match in a previous duel episode now before we run the simulations Jonathan and I like to go over a kind of an improvised speculative battle detailing how we think a matchup between the teams would actually go yeah  gonna run we don’t set any rules for these matches other than the fact that the characters don’t know anything about each other going into this battle they only know that the other side is a threat that they need to put down right and they can use whatever means necessary to do so and in that regard sometimes these characters come off as a little bit more lethal than they probably would in the comics but you know they’re fighting for their survival here so they often resort to drastic measures another rule is that the environment does not play a factor in the speculation or stats in any way right because the environment can give an advantage to certain characters over others and we don’t account for the environment within the statistics we have to say that each character has to win on their own merits without any outside environmental help right it’s just a nondescript battlefield location that they’re fighting in right alright let’s go ahead and get into it then the teams meet on opposite sides of the battlefield about 50 yards apart the groups are there they face each other they’re ready to get down to business who goes first Nightcrawler why because you we all know that you’re gonna say the fastest one goes first exactly we’ve already been through this I’m gonna say Nightcrawler goes first this time okay so what Nightcrawler does is he grabs Cyclops and he teleports on the opposite side of the Titans team and Cyclops lets loose a huge optic blast like a big wide beam that shoots every member of the Titans in the back and just like scatters them across the field okay so the whole team is pretty much stunned from the attack they just went through so the flesh will react first obviously because he’s the fastest so he’s gonna run really fast over to Cyclops and just rip off his visor because that’s probably where he thinks the power comes from okay I was gonna say how would he know to rip off the visor but yeah he might think he’s like a cyborg and that’s his power source or something like that right okay [ __ ] alright so Cyclops can’t really use his optic blast safely at this point because he might you know injure one of his own teammates right so his eyes are closed and he communicates with Jean through his mental link that he is now blinded and Phoenix communicates to Nightcrawler that he needs to get that damn visor back so as the flash is zipping around whatever he’s doing Nightcrawler is chasing him trying to get the visor back okay okay meanwhile I think Starfire she’s pretty hot headed right she’s gonna fly up and circle around the x-men team in the air and just start blasting them with her star bolts alright so the x-men group is like dodging these laser beams that are being fired at them by Starfire storm retaliates by flying up into the air and blasting Starfire with lightning okay so she probably knocked Starfire out of the air that’s the price you get for being high headed so storm zaps are again and just electrocute sir okay while the storm was busy blasting Starfire on the ground Donna Troy jumps in and blocks the lightning with her bracelets so meanwhile that’s happening Phoenix is doing a mental scan of all the Titans on the field getting read outs what their powers are and everything like that and she’s feeding that information to the x-men okay but Raven senses that her team is being scanned mentally by a telepath and realizes that there’s another psychic on the field okay so she recognizes that that’s coming from Phoenix uh-huh so she sends her soul self into Phoenix and just fills her with like all the psychic anguish okay okay so Phoenix is like undergoing this psychic turmoil from this demonic entity pretty much yeah so she kind of like faints to the ground and just tries to fight back against the psychic attack meanwhile the x-men have pretty much you know all the info they need about the Titans at this point cuz Phoenix was able to get it to them in time Wolverine jumps up into Colossus as arms classes reaches back and hurls Wolverine in a fast ball special directly a cyborg okay but know as like Wolverine is approaching through the air cyborg is like calculating the trajectory and the velocity and stuff like that he fires up his cannon and he fires just enough amount of sonic energy which causes will rain to fall just short of his goal he lands right down in front of cyborg at which point cyborg follows up with a punch right to the back of his head all right so Wolverines face gets smashed into the ground yeah but with cyborg didn’t see is that as soon as classes fastball special Wolverine rogue picked up Colossus and fastball special to him right behind Wolverine so cyborg slammed Wolverine down to the ground looks up and then POW gets slammed by Colossus okay he got to fastball specials thrown at him cyborg just goes flying back on his ass okay but Nightwing saw this whole thing like happen in front of him high seas that Colossus and Wolverine are right next to each other so he figures he could take out two birds with one stone uh-huh so he takes out like a sticky explosive wingding his Batarang okay and he hurls it over to classes his back and it just explodes sending Colossus and Wolverine flying apart from each other I don’t think an explosive wingding would do a whole lot of damage to Colossus like it’ll push him forward a little bit will Raina might do a little bit more damage but you know he’s gonna heal from that uh-huh meanwhile storm is still fighting Starfire and Dinah Tori what she does is she creates this massive tornado in the battlefield she just sucks Donna Troy and Starfire up in it so they’re spinning around okay the flat she’s still running around the stage trying to like evade Nightcrawler yeah he sees what’s going on with the tornado so he just zips over to it and starts running in the opposite direction of the tornado spin preventing it from like fully forming so Donna Troy and Starfire you know back in the air flying and that’s when they both fly straight towards storm and just punch her at the same time but right before they could punch her its Nightcrawler who’s been following the flash this whole time yeah sees what’s going on he saw the flash stop the tornado he sees that storm was about to get hit so he teleports and rescues her right before Starfire and done a 20 make contact they get I don’t think I’ve done anything with a beast boy yet no I don’t think you have so he sees Cyclops like walking around with his hands in front of so he’s a rhino and he’s just charging towards Cyclops and Cyclops is like is that a sound of a rhino charging and right when he says that pow he gets trampled by the Rhino right before the Rhino makes contact with Scott yeah the Rhino stops dead in its tracks because rogue is pulling its tail from behind she saw what was about to happen and she saved Scott from getting impaled and trampled oh geez and she throws the Rhino beast boy up into the air and tells Cyclops to pool basically like look up and shoot so he looks up and he fires and you know he just blessed the Rhino hook while he’s in the air sending him flying backward awesome alright and I should have mentioned that as rogue was holding up the beast boy’s tail she was kind of draining him of some of his power energy oh [ __ ] so rogue now has the ability to change into an animal yeah for like five seconds and more like five minutes if she held on for five seconds okay but during this time cyborg has been doing like technical scans of all the x-men on the battlefield okay okay and he’s communicating the vitals and stats of the x-men to his team okay and what do they get from that information well one of the things is that Wolverine has a metal skeleton okay so that when he takes advantage of that again and he hurls an electric winged ink into Wolverine like electrocuting him adamantium as a conductor he hasn’t done [ __ ] this whole match he just keeps getting sonic cannon didn’t explode electrocuted alright but now Phoenix has done like purging the psychic attack that she was going through huh and she gets a quick read of the situation on the field again and the first thing that she does is she stops flash from running around dead in his tracks okay and she telekinetically grabs the visor from his hand and she sends it over to Cyclops putting it back onto his face uh-huh and as soon as Cyclops heads back on the Ruby courts he aims for Raven since he now knows that she was the one that telepathically attacked Phoenix uh-huh so he blasts Raven and just like knocks her away okay by this time Beast Boy has flown back into like the field of play okay really fast as the peregrine falcon they fly really fast uh-huh and he sees storm so he like dive-bombs hurt like really fast just like uses his like razor sharp talons to scratch the [ __ ] out of her okay so storm I mean it’s a bird she starts like using her winds to blow him away and she starts like shooting lightning blasts at him trying to blast him out of the air okay but as she starts with the lightning he transforms into an electric eel all right and just lands on her and then uses her own electricity that he’s absorbed as an eel on her and they’ll electrocutes the [ __ ] out of her can heels do that I think so can they even breathe out of water long enough yes all right okay so storm was electrocuted and as she’s stunned he turns into like this long gasps like python snake wraps around her and pythons are poisonous right I don’t think so okay well he turns into a big-ass snake that is poisonous and then he bites her like right in the neck okay so she’s poisoned now yep she can’t do [ __ ] about it either only again dude what we say in our beast boy versus beast duel that like the strongest animal poison still takes like 15 minutes to an hour to go through the human bloodstream well Black Mamba by only takes like 20 minutes and that’s like the most poisonous snake so yeah that’s what he was he was a black mamba alright so she’s not feeling great she’s gonna do her best to do as much as she can while she’s still around she better so she knows that she has to make her last few minutes count black mambas aren’t big enough to bind anyone she freakin picks the thing up and she throws it she’s just [ __ ] her and she decides that she’s gonna create like one of the biggest storms that she’s ever created we’re talking like hurricane-force winds with these massive hailstones and just starts like pelting the field okay well she’s hitting her own team then to know cuz Jean is putting a telekinetic force field around each member of her team okay yeah so it’s the Titans that are getting pelted by these winds and this rain and this hail and they’re just not having a great time I don’t think that I’ll do much against like Donna Troy or cyborg okay but you know still annoying and I’m pretty sure like flash just like weaves in between all the hailstones but that might slow them down for a little bit so as all of these hailstones are falling all of a sudden they freeze in midair okay and they’re like enveloped in this black energy Raven has captured almost all of them telekinetically okay all right and she hurls them at storm just like pretty much killing her I’m pretty sure wait a storm out of this now think that’s a safe bet all right well I mean she was on her way out anyway okay all right so storm is the first to fall that’s weird but rogue saw this happening she saw Raven doing this so as soon as storm falls rogues hands are on Raven and she’s draining her of her energy oh geez rogue was like the one person I was afraid of in this entire match yeah like she has Raven in a headlock and she’s just absorbing all of her power and memories she’s a lot stronger than Raven yeah okay but as Raven is being trained she like calls out to her other teammates like psychically in anguish just in pain and Donna Troy answers the call okay as rogas draining Raven a lasso wraps around her neck and she just gets yanked really hard by Donna Troy and she’s just slammed into the ground good save that was a pretty good save meanwhile Wolverines stabbing the [ __ ] out of Nightwing what why because he can because he was pissed off because he electrocuted him earlier that’s right I mean that wake is super agile Wolverine is trying to stab him okay yeah yeah okay so they’re fighting and Nightwing probably pulls out his bo staff and tries to parry will range the text but Wolverines claws just go right through that bo staff okay but they won’t go through a sonica grenade that Nightwing pulls out all of sonic grenade is gonna do against will rain is just piss him the [ __ ] off so now you just put them into berserker rage mode and he just freakin stabs and destroys that sonic grenade and now Nightwing is just really [ __ ] the [ __ ] I’m not sure how long he can touch you Oliver he’s just like but luckily knowings friends with the flash who rescues him sure run away oh hey it’s like you do well that’s going on Starfire is probably chasing Nightcrawler because she’s pretty fast too and she was just trying to blast him with her star bolt and eventually she gets him alright so Nightcrawler gets blasted he’s probably pretty hurt she’s probably gonna press the attack and laser him again so he teleports away and the way he retaliates against Starfire is he teleports over to Colossus and teleports Colossus directly above Starfire’s head uh-huh and uses him like an anvil basically yeah and Colossus drops onto Starfire slamming her into the ground and just starts wailing on her with his fists geez and the star bolts aren’t gonna hurt Colossus cuz you know he’s like immune to high temperatures that might take Starfire out of this man I’m pretty sure it does I’m pretty sure it does start fires gun yeah fine whatever Starfire is gone meanwhile cyborg is blasting Cyclops okay you mean Cyclops and cyborg are firing at each other and having their beams cancel each other out because they’re both forces right and Cyclops is turning up the power on his visor and cyborg is turning up the power on his sonic cannon okay but as they’re blasting each other cyborg ejects to like little mini drones to go around the blasts and like dive into Cyclops and explode boom drone shard is just like dropping like flies now or what so Cyclops is probably out of this match that’s right Booya well Phoenix sees this and she just like telekinetically grabs cyborg and just starts ripping off his metal pieces his cybernetic hands until he’s nothing left but just like what human parts are there of him left like his heart in his brain yeah that’s all that’s left at this point you freakin gets annihilated that’s cold-blooded that is like super harsh it’s borderline evil but you know what she was the Dark Phoenix once so okay well that just happened meanwhile Beast Boy is going up against Wolverine as an actual Wolverine it’s like the one thing I wanted to do in this match actual Wolverine animal would get annihilated by Wolverine you know scary those things are Wolverine knows that to [ __ ] around with Wolverine his claws are way too sharp for that to even be a fair match okay well then he goes up against him as a t-rex and he just like eats him okay well Wolverine heals from the t-rex bite marks while in the t-rex his mouth and starts slashing at the t-rex while inside his head oh [ __ ] okay Beast Boy transforms into an octopus which is regenerative okay okay and he also like wraps around Wolverines arms and like legs like stretches and mousey you can’t do anything that’s like restraining will reign over he’s just like ah and while Wolverine is restrained Raven you know she’s gained enough of her power back to like calm will rain down and takes away all of his anger really he’s like a little puppy dog now at which point beast white transforms into a grizzly bear and just starts like tearing Wolverine to shreds okay but even though Wolverines not angry he’s just not gonna let himself be torn to shreds and he has a healing factor so you know the bear scratches are not really gonna do that much against him you know you’re going up against a guy who has Sabretooth as an enemy so he just freakin cuts this grizzly bears head off dick why beast boy’s dead now yeah I don’t think there is anything I could have done with Beast Boy against Wolverine probably not that is a bad decision and Colossus sees what Raven did to Wolverine calmed him down so classes runs over to Raven and just Cole clucks her right in the side of the head okay but I mean like Raven can sense him coming and like right as he’s swinging his punch and it’s about to hit her she opens like a portal and his fist goes into the portal and they and then the other end opens right by Phoenix its Colossus just like punches Phoenix like right in the head that takes her out this sucks that’s like scoring a goal against yourself so Phoenix is out of the match now she got taken out by Colossus yeah there’s no way she could have seen that coming telepathically and then right after that Raven expands the portal and just like sucks closets and entirely so like he’s gone from the match to accept that Nightcrawler teleports into the Dark Dimension and brings it back to the field my color did have help with rogues new powers too by the way from Raven yeah when he comes back he teleports behind Raven and teleports her head clean off what he can’t do that he can’t she’s dead yeah he’s done too like robots before he could focus what he teleports along with him my colors a badass it’s always kind of fitting that the priest would take out the demon there you go okay well with all this teleporting there’s like a lot of brimstone smoke all around okay alright so Nightwing uses that darkness to his advantage wait Nightwing still alive yeah dude how did he make it this one whatever so that week uses the darkness to his advantage to sneak up on Nightcrawler to like inject him with this sedative that like stops him from teleporting and then like I thought he just snaps his neck for fun what so so much for that no-kill policy huh this is no-holds-barred action man okay all right now Ian killed Nightcrawler and is a killer and he feels guilty about it barely barely well Colossus was nearby so he saw this and he just grabs Nightwing and breaks his back over his knee Bane style I don’t know if he’s dead or not but he’s certainly paralyzed and no longer effective in this battle I think I only have two guys left like flashing Donna Troy how many do you have left at Wolverine Brogan Colossus still alive like the three hardest people to kill I’m pretty sure Donna Troy like choked out rogue a long time ago no cuz rogue was able to escape the lasso of truth by using her newfound telekinesis powers from Raven okay so Donna Troy is probably still going up against a rogue but rogue was a holy God to Raven that long so by the time Nightcrawler comes back rogues Raven powers are pretty much depleted fair enough okay so now it’s mano-a-mano Donna Troy against rogue okay so rogue just reaches out and grabs Donna Troy and starts draining her power okay you think it’s that easy yeah yeah she’s not drank her power through her gauntlets what yeah anytime rogue reaches for her she’s just gonna block it with her gauntlet so okay so rogue keeps trying to grab Donna Troy but her hands keep getting knocked aside by the silver bracelets if Donna Troy is fast enough to deflect the bullets she’s fast enough to deflect hands reaching for her all right okay whatever now Donna also uses her like expert martial arts skills to pull out her lasso again and as rogue is like trying to reach for her Donna Troy like ties her hands up using her lasso and rogue he can’t break out of this cuz it’s magic and then uses like the remaining rope to like go behind her and get her and just choke her out damn it I really wanted a rogue to take down a Troy’s powers too alright I mean it’s too bad she didn’t have beast boy’s powers anymore because she could have just shrunk down out of that yeah too bad alright I shouldn’t have agreed to the last of those powers okay well it’s gonna take a while for Donna Troy to choke out rogue and as that’s happening guess who gets stabbed in the back by adamantium claws Donna Troy play Wolverine stabbed a woman in the back okay so now it’s two against one Wolverine and Colossus against flash what are you gonna do about that besides you know evade for all eternity well there’s that option there’s also the option of like flash saw Wolverine killed Donna Troy so he just like plows into him at super speed knocking him back alright that didn’t really hurt him but okay and then the flash just runs around Wolverine in this barrage of punches and kicks yeah and then he runs into Wolverines claws when will rein reaches out and slashes him except that as the claws are about to touch flash he goes intangible and the claws just go right through him what and as Wolverine is like stumbling forward with his slash that’s when the flash vibrates his hand plunges it into Wolverines brain just like scrambles it and disables his healing factor so the flash killed Wolverine I thought well reasons gonna be like the last man standing nope but I guess it’s Colossus alright so Colossus goes out to the flash good look at that he moves so slow but all he needs to do is get in one good hit on the flash and flash is down for the count how do I see that happening the flesh could just do the same thing in two classes that he did to Wolverine except that a colossus his whole body is osmium steel so I don’t think the flash could really rattle that around too much because it’s so durable his brain is steel his heart is still everything is organic steel his organs are steel right exactly okay well I mean the flesh realizes this at SuperSpeed I’m honestly not sure what he’s gonna do I don’t know what classes is gonna do either so it looks like we have a stalemate but what we can do is go ahead and run the simulations on this team battle and find out stat wise which of these teams came out on top let’s do it all right hopefully that was sufficiently as epic as their Justice League versus Avengers matchup I think it was I think it went pretty well it’s always hard to keep track of so many different characters yeah yeah I couldn’t do it it was just it was really hard but it was fun yeah yeah so what do we learn by running the statistics I think the first thing that I was surprised by is the huge variance in power levels between members of each team characters like Phoenix Raven and rogue are so much more powerful than characters like Beast Boy and Nightcrawler yes surprisingly Beast Boy consistently lost against every other character he only won 18% of all of his matches where as rogue surprisingly came out as the strongest yes she totally annihilated these fools she wants seventy eight point seven percent of her matches and the way we determined her stats since they are variable is the same way that we did it in her match against Superboy where we kind of averaged her starting stats with the peaks test of the character she’s going up against yeah it just has like a baseline of her potential exactly because rogue had insane potential throughout this entire match because she’s gonna go against some insanely powerful characters like Starfire like Donna Troy like Raven right right overall just looking at the numbers a lot of these totals are adding up to be comparable so I still have no idea who’s gonna win yeah no this is definitely gonna be a coin toss match yeah because like Cyclops was comparable to Nightwing Phoenix was comparable to Raven over een was comparable to be boy storm was comparable to Starfire Colossus was comparable to cyborg Nightcrawler to flash and rogue to Donna Troy these rosters actually really paired nicely with each other yeah there are a lot of people that are like Oh x-men are way too powerful and they may be the case for the entire x-men team but for these seven characters that we chose respectively were pretty on point yeah a few people mentioned that to us we ran polls on Twitter and Instagram asking people which team they thought was going to win and 80 percent of people on Twitter said x-men and 72 percent of people said x-men would win on Instagram to which I have to respond what he’s doing I was expecting something closer to 50 percent and think would be that skewed in the x-men’s favor well those polls are kind of a popularity contest and the x-men are just so much cooler than the Titans like to say you don’t even know how cool the Titans are oh I know obviously I just heard you tell me how not cool they were well the next time clean your ears all right you get are you ready to get the final results I actually really excited to learn who won okay all right so we ran the simulations got the final figures actually before I give you the winner oh my gosh I’m gonna give you the percentage of wins that the winning team won by okay okay so the winning percentage was fifty point eight okay whoa it was insanely close it means that this team won five hundred eight battles over the other team who won 492 it was pretty much a coin toss it was insanely close okay the winner is the x-men momma wins levels the best DC loses forever don’t forget who went against the Avengers [ __ ] oh I haven’t forgotten today’s the day I got my revenge even though you know it’s not as much revenge as I would have liked because I think the disparity between the Avengers and Justice League winning percentages was a lot greater right this is still a win for the x-men Oh congratulations thanks man I needed this one I needed it I don’t think I could have handled two team losses and been okay for the next 50 episodes I would have been horribly depressed as you must feel right now yeah yeah I’m just going to wait fifty more weeks to kick your ass I think our next big team episode for episode 200 is going to pit the JSA against Fantastic Four yeah Fantastic Four and Friends I should say yeah that’s the plan right now we’ll see if that changes and maybe Doom Patrol against Fantastic Four not sure yet yeah we’ll see how it all plays out go ahead and write in and let us know what you guys thought about this x-men vs. Titans episode by reaching out to us on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or you can email us at dynamic dual podcast at you can find links to all of our social media accounts on our website dynamic duo comm where you can also find a link to our merchandise store where we sell t-shirts and mugs and phone cases and pillows and all the things you could ever want with Jonathan’s no prize artwork on them I think for this episode I’m gonna be drying cyborg because the x-men won and I’m bitter but also he’s like the only one I haven’t drawn yet in our next episode it will be another dual episode into which we pits an x-men character who wasn’t able to be in this match Archangel were pitting him against the angelic character on DC called surreal now why are we putting these two against each other because we’re starting the Christmas spirit early and since angels are associated with Christmas with that this is the perfect time to pit these characters against each other I mean technically this episode will be premiering before Thanksgiving but that’s only because Thanksgiving is coming late this year it’s never too early to get in the Christmas spirit though I’m already listening to Christmas music please share this podcast with your friends and family subscribe to it if you haven’t already and if possible rate us on Apple podcasts and iTunes again we’re trying to get to 200 ratings on that platform to join Rotten Tomatoes for realsies guys yeah big thanks to our executive producers of the show Jon Spees and boto winter we’ll talk to you guys next week with episode 151 I’ll poop it away true believers