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Awesome podcast with great news and entertainment. Exactly what I was looking for since I enjoy both DC and Marvel I get all the news and get to cheer for my favorite characters on both sides as they pit them against each other.

Absolutely love these guys! Best segment has to be “question of the week”. It’s so engaging and makes the audience feel like part of the show.

They’re funny and entertaining! Their show has a great mix of Superhero news, movie reviews, and updates, and of course their scientific method battle simulations. Great show! Well done!

Finally, a podcast that covers Marvel and DC

The Dynamic Duel Podcast is the perfect show for fans of Marvel and DC Comics, or movies. The hosts are both great, and have a perfect format for the show. (DC forever)

This is my favorite podcast!

It is good to listen to on breaks. It keeps you up to date on current marvel and dc news, and gives good in-depth descriptions. They also have a fun dynamic and are very funny.

Just pure fun

I’ve now listened to every duel episode since they started (thank you pandemic), and I so appreciate what these guys do. Everything about the podcast is fun, professional, fun, compelling, and most of all fun. While they play up the Marvel/ DC animosity, both brothers clearly love superheroes in all their forms, and that enthusiasm comes out in their work. Keep up the great work!


The best podcast I’ve ever listened too! I would highly recommend this podcast GO DC!!!! Oh my god!! Thanks for the shoutout!


I love this podcast I tried to get my twin brother and myself to do something similar then I found you guys great show and great idea

Worth your time

I am 12 years old and I love this podcast so much. I have never seen or heard two comic book fans talk about the thing that they love the way they have. And when you do it like the way Joe and Jon do you get the best out of rivals. The thing I love best is the humor intertwined with the content be all know and love. I want to buy all of your (Marvel) merch. My two characters I want to see, not against each other but just in general are Gambit and the Shazam family (Maybe you should do Shazam family vs Fantastic Four). Gambit is the best. My favorite episode is all of them. I wish you guys would come out with an episode every day. I can’t recommend it enough. Up, up, and away. True believers. GO MARVEL

Omega Level Showdowns

This show just happened to be one of the first 3 podcast subscriptions I found when I started listening to podcasts. Wanting to pass time at work I found Dynamic Duels, a great premise that blew away my expectations. In depth knowledge of both sides sets the stage for some great Speculative Matches with backstory that helps you care about the characters in question. Having gone through 75% of all episodes I can tell you there isn’t a bad one yet.

The best podcast EVER

I found this podcast from a recommendation from my dad. I started listening, because I was curious, from the first episode I listened to, I was HOOKED. I love how much detail you guys put into in the fights. (My favorite part) whenever I see a new episode I want to listen right away. When I listen, nothing can distract me. you guys go into so much detail on the characters backstory and I think your ideas for which characters you choose to pit against each other is fabulous! I would definitely recommend this to friends, and can very truthfully say that this is the best podcast that has ever been created. Keep up the great work! (Go DC!) (P.S, my favorite episode is hellcat v catwoman. Funniest one yet! :)

Best Comic Book Podcast

I’ve been looking for an accessible podcast to listen to for Marvel/ DC movies from the past and present. Then I came across this show on Spotify and couldn’t believe how entertaining this really is, not only you guys drop some knowledge and reasonable opinions on the super hero media, but you cover up news that I can easily catch up on regarding the comic book universe. Not to mention the fascinating duel battles between Marvel and DC, I would totally recommend this podcast to my friends and anyone else who are into movies and tv shows based on comic book heroes. Keep up the great work.

Simply the best!!!

It’s beats out all other comic/pop culture pods in my opinion. Finally answering questions I’ve argued countlessly with my friends at diners at 2 am. Good guys, with knowledge and comedy to boot. P.S. DC FOREVER!!!!!!!

Such a great podcast

I started listening a few weeks ago and I got to say, I’m hooked. Love the content, the battles and the best part may be how these brothers are competitive for their side but they really know how to laugh. They are so enthusiastic for their side but know how to take a joke and to not take anything too seriously. That is refreshing. I listen pretty much every day on my drive to work and just want to thank you both for making life a little more fun these days (I work at a hospital). I’m a loyal fan now and plan to support the pod and look forward to the latest content! Up up and away True Believers!

Great Show

As an avid comic book fan bored of scrolling threads on comic vine I have been searching for a podcast just like this. The hosts are the perfect blend of knowledgeable and witty. I could not stop laughing when I listened to magneto vs sinestro play by play which at one point became magneto using the metal on sinestro’s ring to force him to punch himself while Sinestro simultaneously using magneto’s severed hand to slap himself in the face multiple times.

Great podcast. So glad I found

My son, who is 12, and I found this podcast and love it! We listen every night before bed and learn a lot and love to hear the battles. Thanks guys, has become a real bonding time for us!

Good stuff guys!!

I am kind of new to podcasts, but I am really interested in superhero’s and I was trying to find a solid podcast to listen to while driving to and from work. I listened to this podcast a few times and started to like it a lot! Now I’ve been listening for the past month and I am hooked! You guys have really done a great job. I’m a semi-nerd when it comes to superhero’s I grew up watching and reading more of the marvel characters but with this podcast it gives me the opportunity to learn more about the DC side of things. Only issue I have with DC it seems to me every one of their hero’s is OP in their skills. A lot of the characters on the DC side seem to have a lot more abilities per character. I leave on this, I do love the podcast now and I do appreciate the in depth analysis of both universes! Keep up the good work fellas! For future reference a duel cast between a couple of characters would be nice to listen to are Punisher vs Red Hood Lex Luthor vs Iron Man Batman vs Black Panther Ghost rider Vs Constantine Bullseye Vs Green arrow (I know you’ve already done a couple of casts with these characters but still be interesting to see) Also it’s be fun to see/hear a tournament between the two universes through your podcast and see who would be the ultimate champion between the two!

Learn something new every listen!!!

This is a great, well researched show!!!

all love

been listening for awhile now and kove the show! finally got an apple device to leave my review! congrats on getting the 200 reviews and happy new year!

Luv Podcast

You guys have a great podcast, and I especially love the duel episodes


Got a work phone! Second rating

Stole my Wife’s Phone

Hey boys! Darion Sykes here jacked my wife’s phone so I could help you get the 200 goal! You guys deserve it all! Excelsior True Believers!

Perfect for fellow geeks

Love this podcast and can’t wait to catch the next episode.

Fun Podcast

Great fun podcast. Love the duels. Go DC!

Great Comic Podcast!

These guys are great! Very funny and knowledgeable about all things Marvel and DC. I love the backgrounds and histories they give for each character in the duel episodes. Their movie reviews are thorough and professional and offer good insight and perspective. I highly recommend this podcast if you are a MARVEL (me) or DC fan (me also, but more Marvel--sorry Johnny)!

Good good times

I love it!



Love it

These dudes kill it!

Pornstar names

You guys probably get this a lot but marvelous joe and Johnny dc sound like pornstar the podcast tho.


Great podcast with knowledgeable hosts.