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You're going to love this.

This is a podcast that I accidentally stumbled upon and it is the happiest accident to ever happen. I'm a huge Marvel fan and the most common fight I get into with my brothers is who would beat who in a fight. And these guys, though biased in their own way, give us the best possible answer and do it in the most entertaining way possible. Whether you are a Marvel fan, a DC fan, or somewhere in between, you are going to love this podcast and look forward to every single episode.

I listen regularly!

I enjoy your content! This is one of my favorites in the genre. Hope you get to 200 soon!


I discovered this podcast about a week ago on social media and decided to start at episode #1. I have been binge listening at work and I'm already caught up. The concept is great and I love that they use actual stats to determine which superheroes will win. Now I can actually tell my friends that they are wrong when we have these debates because the facts are within these episodes. Also, DC rules!

Nerd like me

I’m 40, what am I doing listening to 2 guys argue about comic book characters like there is an answer other than “depends on who is writing it”? I’ll tell you what I’m doing, laughing, arguing, and LOVING this podcast. Keep up the good work.

Keep my day going

Thank you guys for all the efforts you put into this podcast. Keep up the awesome work!!!!

DC rules

Thanks for making this awesome podcast and shoutout for Johnny DC

Organized, thought out and funny

I’ve listened for a few months now and this is the best VS. podcast out there if your a Marvel(for life) or DC fan you found your home.

A dope superhero podcast!

I stole my girlfriends phone just to leave a review for this podcast I’ve been listening to forever. Shout out to marvelous joe for repping the superior marvel brand. ✊🏾✊🏾

Awesome and Intriguing!!

I would consider myself and comic book fan (mostly Marvel) but these guys answer the questions you all want to know and also gives you information you had no idea about! Me and my Wife always debate who we think would win before we listen to the episode! GREAT JOB GUYS!

Love it!!

Great podcast very entertaining

Great deep dive into the world of comics!

Joe and Johnny have a great dynamic and I could listen to them talk for days. With a combination of the super hero fights we debated as kids and keeping us updated on news from upcoming TV shows and movies, this is the definitive super hero podcast!

Great mix of fandom and stats

Love this podcast, the banter is always awesome. Enjoy all of the reviews and duels!

Love you guys

Been listening about a 8 months now. You guys save me from long days at work an free laughs an legitimate knowledge with a humble twist. After listening to 2 episodes I was hooked went back all the way to episode one an now almost 10 episodes from catching up! Keep it up. And here’s that 5 star!

I love these guys

Johnny and Joe do an awesome job picking battles and explaining the origins of the characters. They also do a great job keeping up to do date with the news and reporting it back weekly. I listen at work every week and it makes the time fly by! Keep it up guys

Duel Review

The brothers of the Dynamic Duel. Are funny, informative and extremely entertaining.

Very good podcast

The two opposing opinions presented provide great insight. Very humorous hosts. I really like the review podcasts!

best genre podcast

title says it all


This podcasts is the best guy for a in-depth, fun and new way to learn not only marvel and DC(👎🏽) character but news on each fandom... keep up the good work guys.

Pure awesomeness

This podcast is one of my faves right now.👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾

This show is killer

The fact that they break down the stats and figure how the battle would go is pretty cool and intuitive no theoretical situation just what would happen it’s great !!!

This Show Is Outstanding!!

I started listening to this show about a week ago and immediately waxs drawn in, the opening theme is attention grabbing and awesome and then the two hosts introduced themselves and i come to find out they are brothers which immediately sold the show, to me family is everything and the fact that these two guys are not only close but they found a fun creative hobby to enjoy together!! These guys definetely know nerd knowledge and are cleaver and lighthearted, id definetely give this show a listen and HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

Knowledge center of super hero’s!

These dudes are killer and very entertaining!

Love Marvel and DC!

Great podcast! I've loved Marvel ever since I was a kid, but Johnny DC is slowly pulling me toward the middle. I love the banter between the two brothers. The characters they pick for the duels are fun and their reviews I think are insightful.


I've never been a big comic book reader, but I love going to the see the movies. Not only do these two brothers make it easier to appreciate the movies (I really appreciated their profile on Black Panther before I saw the movie), but their conversations and back-and-forth banter are hilarious!! 🤣

Love it!

These guys are so funny and obviously passionate! Keep it up! 🤓

Fun Nerding Out!

Marvelous Joe and Jonny DC do a great job of filling me in on the latest comic related news. The episodes are fun and engaging. I'm a big fan of the duel segments, though I love to hear their reviews too. These brothers put out a quality cast, and I'll be listening for as long as they continue to do so.

Entertaining and educational

These guys are fantastic. Very knowledgeable and compliment each other well. Hard to tell them apart sometimes but they are brothers. They are very passionate about their podcast. I have learned so much about some of my favorite DC and Marvel characters from these guys. From movie news to comic book reviews they have it covered. The battles are fun and interesting to listen to. Keep up the good work on the podcast.

Look forward to every episode!

As a non-comic book reader Johnny & Joe explain everything clearly and are easy to follow. They are very passionate & knowledgeable about there favorite comic book charatcers. I move each episode to the top of my list when they come out. Keep up the great work!

Dynamic Duel is one of my favorite comic based podcasts out there. I love their commentary on the news they do each episode. When they do their versus episodes I find myself conflicted and wanting to argue with the results at times, but always have to admire the way they get to them.

Very entertaining!

Always fun to listen to and both hosts are very knowledgeable of their respective comic book allegiances.