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Excellent podcast

If you like comic books this is a great podcast. They stay true to the characters and provide a great outlet to your favorite superhero stories. Give it a listen

A Great Podcast

I have listened to the Dynamic Duel Podcast for a while now and I felt I needed to write a review. The dynamic duel podcast is voiced by Marvelous Joe and Johnny D.C, the two share the news about Marvel and D.C. their personal opinions of events going on or in the future and other things aswell. It’s a great listen if you like Marvel or D.C. I look forward to keep listening on in the future, let’s get to 200 ratings!

Wonderful podcast

Great job guys!

Get these guys to 200 reviews!

Very fun and informative podcast! Very indepth. These guys are trying to get to 200 reviews so their movie reviews will count on Rotten Tomatoes. They bust their butts to research every week, so the least we can do to "pay" for the free podcast is to take a minute or two to write a review. I'm a Marvel fan so it's nice to learn about DC characters too and it's the ultimate fan boy fantasy to imagine Marvel characters stomping DC!

Great work

I’m a big fan of both marvel and dc and this podcast is exactly what I was looking for when I started listening to podcasts. I’ve listened to almost every duel episode in the passed month and they’re so awesome and in depth, involving character matches I never would’ve personally thought of. I’ve been a fan of both companies my entire life and this show is showing me that there’s still things I could learn about the characters. Also I love the use of actual statistics as opposed to assumptions or fan votes. 5/5 stars from me, keep up the good work Johnny and Joe!

Does whatever a spider can...

I love the passion these brothers have for all things comics related. Keep it up!

Love It

Absolutely love the podcast it every dual you ever want

A must have podcast for geeks everywhere

In todays world, everyone can have a podcast. So theres not alot of originality. But Im happy to say that there is nothing out there like Dynamic Duel: DC vs. Marvel. Any geek would love this podcast. I highly recommend it to everyone.

It’s great

I found this podcast on Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights’ podcast reviews, and I’m glad. This podcast has what others don’t; in depth reviews spoken clearly, professionally, and enthusiastically. It makes other comic book and movie podcasts look like amateur hour. My one criticism is that they don’t pronounce the Ts in “mutant.”

Quality discussion of the genre

I’ve tried a bunch of superhero podcasts and Dynamic Duel has quickly become one of my favorites. So far I’ve been catching up on reviews of new Marvel and DC films, but I’m looking forward to digging into the coverage of DC-Marvel matchups. Also, the episodes move at a good clip and the audio quality is excellent. / Update. The duels are excellent. For newcomers, I recommend Brother Voodoo v. Constantine.


This podcast is great and I like that both DC and Marvel are represented. The hosts are likable and reasonably knowledgeable. The duels are a little dorky when they talk out one of the possible scenarios but tolerable. The character backgrounds are really well done and the simulations are pretty interesting. I think it’s cool they went back and re-recorded the backgrounds for be older duels to improve their quality. I also like that they enjoy both the cinematic and comic universes for the companies they each support. I will keep listening.

I kinda absolutely love this show

It’s super hero celebrity death match with a scientific twist among all of the up to date news on all of or super hero’s both Dc and Marvel alike great show

5 Stars!

These guys are great! If you are even remotely into Marvel or DC Comics, there is no reason not to at least check them out. They know their stuff! Their movie reviews really get your thoughts flowing and give you new perspectives on every side. The duel episodes are great because they give detailed back stories of each character and are really fun to listen to. They're twins, so they have great chemistry together and you'll get a good laugh. Highly recommended.

Where have you been all my life?!

I can’t stop listening to these guys. Every time I see anything from Marvel or DC I now literally can’t wait for the Dynamic Duel review episode to come out. Whether you’re a lifetime comic fan or a casual filmgoer, do yourself a favor and give this podcast a listen. I’ve been missing out all this time, but I’m making up for it by listening to several episodes a day.

Fun listen

Listening to these guys remind me of the days of arguing over who would win with my brother and friends. I love that they use timestamps because going through old episodes it’s nice to be able to skip over what’s now old news. I almost like the character breakdowns more than the face offs, it’s a good way to get an overview on characters that I don’t know much about. They’re fights are usually kind of ridiculous, sparking memories of “I shot you no you didn’t I had a shield up ya but I gave an anti shield gun” that devolves into fighting with your siblings, but that’s what makes them fun to listen to!

Good podcast!

Big fan, and love the format!

A truly joyful listen

They may not have insider information, nor be particularly connected to the industry but Mavelous Joe & Johnny DC are a pure delight to listen to. They have the hearts and souls of true fans who love these properties. Their honest opinions are shared thoughtfully each week, and they can deliver criticism when deserved without being snarky or immature. Their archived review of the Dark Knight was one of the best out there, by anyone. Thanks bros, keep up the great work, and looking forward to rocking a custom Tee soon!

Great Comic Book Podcast

I am so glad I found this podcast! I was on a 16 hour road trip and this podcast definitely made my drive more enjoyable. The news is great and very up to date. The battle speculations are so entertaining and fun! I really appreciate how balanced and unbiased the battle result are since the results are science based. Keep it up guys!

One of the best podcasts out there!

A great idea and show! They really take the time to make each episode feel like your hanging out with friends. It’s so good I stole my works Iphone just to rate it. Relax, I’m going to put it back... After I listen to the latest episode! Subscribe now!

Fun Listen

Great podcast! Glad to see it growing in popularity as I’ve been listening to it for a while.

Marvels Better

Who would be a good match from the DC universe for Venom?


Great show!

Get Pod

The guys are always ontime. every week. The duel episodes always hit. I don't always agree with their reviews but always respect their opinions.

Favorite superhero podcast

Best superhero podcast I've found. Started listening for the vs episodes but their reviews episodes have become my favorite. Plus you always stay bought up on current marvel and DC news. Great podcast.


This podcast is fantastic! I look forward to new stuff every week. Thanks guys!!

Top of the Line Casting

Marx1684 here. Finally got my Apple device. This show provides a ton of knowledge on all types of Marvel & DC Comics goodness with a hearty amount of humor. A weekly go to for me that I could easily see fitting in the schedules of many others.

Awesome Pod

Always entertaining and informative! Great chemistry and timing. Their enthusiasm for the Marvel (clearly THE best) and DC universes and characters comes through in EVERY episode.


Listening to Marvelous Joe and Johnny DC argue every week reminds me so much of my own close friend group! In high school the ongoing argument was always Thor vs Hulk (not technically DC vs Marvel), so hearing mathematically-backed outcomes for these fights are great fun! Besides being entertaining you can tell that these two care about their content and about their listeners. Great podcast and I recommend anyone who has ever watched a comic book movie or read a comic book listen to these two!

Smart, funny, informative

These guys crack me up. They have deep knowledge of all things superhero, a funny and engaging style, and sibling rivalry -- not just brothers but TWINS, y'all. This does not happen every day. Check it!

New fan and lovin’ it!

I just started and I’m already a huge fan. It’s like listening to your friends talk, if your friends are awesome comic fans