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Best podcast out! Everyone would enjoy this

Love the podcast!

Amazing podcast that’s filled with heartbreak and laughter! The show contains new and exciting news, good in depth character backgrounds, and entertaining showdowns between Marvel and DC. I also love the Monte Carlo battle stat simulations that show who wins how many fights out of 1000.

Fun for all

Fun podcast for all. Not sure how DC is supposed to hold its own against Marvel, but every hero needs a nemesis. Go MCU!

Awesome show

This podcast is great for people that are not that knowledgeable in the comic book world! They cover both DC And Marvel also the twins are freaking hilarious! Really enjoy the show! Oh I’m all marvel!!!!

Very fun show for someone who just recently got into Superheroes

Not only is it funny but it's genuinely informative. There are A LOT of superheroes in both the universes and this show goes into their background, powers, and general knowledge of each of their universes. This show has introduced me to so many different heroes. I definitely recommend the show!

Very Cool!

Really cool podcast by two guys who clearly know their stuff. The best part is the background and storytelling of each individual character before the duel. Let’s get these guys to 200! Need some real fans in the Rotten Tomatoes gang!

Awesome podcast!

Hells yeah!

Amazing podcast

I’m a huge DC fan but I also enjoy Marvel. This podcast has put to rest many arguments I have had with my friends over the years. No matter what side you are Marvel or DC, I will guarantee that you will enjoy this podcast.


Amazing podcast! Helps me get through the work days!

Should be waaaay bigger

I love this podcast so much and it deserves the much more attention for how good it is!

Great podcast

I love this podcast, and how it goes into the histories of each character. Highly recommended!


It is good. Very good. I love it

These guys

Wow is all I can say. These guys are both on the same level as some of my others podcasts and review shows. Keep up the good work Thanks Mike G

Love the show

Great listen, love the real reviews. It’s not just some fan boy stuff

Love this podcast!

This is my favorite podcast right now! I love how knowledgeable they guys are about the comics. I’m actually reading comics now because of this podcast. Thanks guy!

Great podcast

This is actually the first Marvel/DC/Superhero podcast I listened to and still one of my favorites. They have a great rapport and keep me engaged throughout the entire episode, highly recommend.

Very cool and amazing

I am 17 years old and even now I think this podcast is amazing it’s the best thing I’ve ever found and I think that my favorite part is actually listening the the detailed backrounds of all these heroes and villains. I constantly listen to this even when I’m working or walking or anything! Amazing fight would be Onslaught the evil mutant created from Magneto and Professor Xavier vs. the anti-monitor the DC villian in infinite earths crisis.

This show is amazing!!!

Hi I’m 13 years old and a HUGE fan of superhero movies. One of the biggest reasons that I love your podcast so much is that I’m always arguing with my friends over who would in fights and I always are comparing Marvel heroes to DC heroes. I have this thing where I always have too much energy to fall asleep, and it was very stressful to my family and I, but ever since I started listening to your podcast, it has calmed me down enough to get to sleep, and I thank you for that. (And even though DC is awesome, I still would choose Marvel over it 😄😄).

Great show

Great fan interaction Great news Great reviews Great battles

Great Podcast!

My boyfriend and I stumbled on this podcast on a 14 hour drive. It’s been making the drive go by so much faster and it’s interesting to listen to!! Definitely recommend.

The Best!

You guys are Awesome! I can’t wait to go to work to get my dose of comic news, Marvel getting whooped by DC, and delightful banter between brothers!! Keep it up, keep digging for odd heroes to battle, and continue to keep us in the loop!! Up, Up and Away, True Believers!!

Love The Show

Finally A Dhow for Comic Love!

Never miss an episode

I love this show. Occasionally I have to push off listening to episodes that are spoiler reviews when I haven’t had a chance to see movies yet. The duals are hilarious! Go DC!

Great podcast

This is one of the few podcasts I listen to religiously. The twins do a fantastic job of keeping you up to date with marvel/dc info; also, the battle episodes are fun as hell!

Fun podcast

Really enjoy show keep it up guys!!!!


I am so psyched to have just found this podcast. You know it’s good when you pinch the last 10 episodes in one day.


Best podcast ever really enjoy, ps you should do more duel episode


There’s not nearly enough superhero related content in my life and this podcast certainly filled the hole. They are absolutely hilarious and charming, love their dynamic. This podcast deserves a way bigger audience!

Best Supahero show online!

I always listen to these guys as soon as their new episode comes out. So interesting to hear their often contrasting but knowledgeable perspectives on all things Marvel & DC. I love both comic houses though, so I enjoy their friendly rivalry has humorous commentary. If you like comics, comic animation or films, this show is meant for you! 👍🏽💯

Great podcast!

You guys give me my fix of both Marvel and DC with no bias